Sissy Chantel, New Reality Ch. 04


Chapter Four: More Sex, Public Humiliation and a Soon to be Turn for My Sissy Life.

8:00am and my alarm clock goes off, I am groggy as I awake but I soon realize I’m about to have another exciting sissy day with Master Camron and Sir Gage. I quickly shower and do myself up as expected in, make up, wig and my black maids dress, black sheer pantyhose and black 5 inch spike heel suede pumps. I have a cup of coffee and a light breakfast. I check my time and see it’s about 9:30am and I look myself over in my full length mirror and am happy at my sissy maid look, throw on a black cotton crop jacket, grab my purse and keys and soon scamper to my car.

By 10:00am I am at Master Camron’s house, scamper to his front door, ring the bell and await my Master for today. Once Master greets me I’m inside and as typical I hang my jacket and purse on the coat rack. Master has me go to the living room where Sir Gage is seated and waits for me as well. I curtsey to him as I greet him too.

“Well today let’s not beat around the bush Chantel, Gage and myself are horny as fuck for your ass so hop on my coffee table and lets get you ready for us to butt fuck you.” Master orders.

I smile and reply, “Oh yes Master, Thank you Master.”

I get on my hands and knees on his coffee table, Master puts a tube of KY Jelly down for me and I proceed to lift my dress, petticoat and pull my pantyhose and panty down. I take a dollop of KY and begin to finger my butt hole. Master gets the video camera ready and both he and Sir Gage, talk very domineering, horny talk about how they are going fuck my ass hard, very hard today. Soon I’m done with lubing my butt hole up and kneeling with my bare ass up in the air, I excitedly say, “I’m ready Master.”

Gage gets up first and he comes to me, pets my head and tells me he is so ready to fuck my sissy ass. He pops open his pants and pulls them along with his briefs down, He is fondling his ever growing cock before my eyes, “Mmmm I’m going to have some good ass fucking fun with you Chantel.”

I look up at him and say, “Oh Yes Sir, I hope you enjoy fucking my sissy ass today, I really want you to do this to me.”

Sir Gage moves to my behind, his two firm hands then grab and knead my sissy butt cheeks and soon pulls them open so that my butt hole is wide open and ready for the penetration of his lovely hard cock. He goes slowly at first as he gets his cock comfortable up and inside my lubed up butt hole. He moans along with me as he gets it going. Soon though he is working into a faster and harder thrusting motion and I feel it, I feel his sexy hot manhood pound my sissy butt hole.

The feeling of a good ass fuck is a most unbelievable thing a person getting fucked can have. A stiff cock probing a prostate is a sexual feeling that builds a lustful desire by me the sissy to have a real man get his soon to be joy of cumming and of course the feeling of a man’s hard cock gripped by the sphincter of a sissy’s butt hole is magic for him as well.

Sir Gage works up his sexual heat as he thrusts deeper and harder up my sissy butt hole. For a man like him the power of fucking a sissy slut like me is so hot. Sissy sluts like me get virtually no respect from our sexual partners and we live to devote our respect to the men who fuck us. This power exchange is our pleasure.

Gage pounds me harder and groans more and more, we act as if we are one sexual unit as I ugh and ahh to each manly thrust. We are both into it so bad as I so want him to cum and begin to beg him too, knowing though that I want it bad but I also want the fucking to not stop. Sir Gage feels it soon to be his orgasm as he grunts and groans, pounds me over and over and over some more. His pounding of my butt hole is now machine like and soon with my moaning, he groans out as he shoots a thick, gooey wad of his jizz up inside my butt hole. We both sigh and our breaths pant away as he pulls out and backs away to then reach down and pull up his briefs and pants.

Instantly though I feel my Master’s firm hands upon my butt cheeks now as Master Camron begins to work his cock on my butt hole and then plunge his hard dick up my ass, “Fuck you feel so nice and tight Chantel.”

“Uhh..uhh..uhh, yes Master, thank you Master.” I cry out.

Master Camron also now gets a good firm rhythm going in my butt hole and he is really working up his sexual heat. I moan and groan as he has his way with my butt hole. I’m thinking, ‘God I can’t believe I am a slut to a Master and his buddy, but jeez Ümraniye Fetiş Escort it feels so good to have a Master pound my ass.’

We do our best to move our bodies in sync with each other as Master Camron, pushes deeper with each thrust. His fucking has my mind wander off into a sexual delirium that is like a drug to me. I fucking love it, I can’t believe I love having my ass fucked by hot and horny men. But Master Camron groans louder as he holds my hips firmly in his hands. We both know as he gets closer and closer that he will ejaculate his hot semen up and inside my butt hole. So we are in wild lust as he groans and he then grunts as he lets out a thick volley of his hot cum inside my sissy butt hole. Oh my God we both must think and he slows down, sighs and soon pulls out, stands back reaching down and pulling up his briefs and pants, “Just stay like that sissy, We want our cum to flow down your rectum.”

I reply, “Yes Master.” as I hold station.

Master goes to another table and picks up something. He comes back to me to show my that it’s a butt plug. He tells me it will be inserted up my butt hole so that the cum stays better inside me. I will do my sissy chores with said butt plug in me. I love it, can’t wait to feel it as I work. Once inserted I am too pull up my panty, pantyhose and fix my petticoat and dress. I then get of the coffee table, curtsey with gratitude.

Master and Sir Gage have me now move down stairs my grab my jacket and purse as we are now about to go out, I will be doing another public humiliation outing, I am excited and scared but soon we are all in Master Camron’s Grand Cherokee and on our way.

We drive a few minutes and I see Master Camron pulls into a local restaurant and parks. It looks like we may be going for lunch inside. Well that was what I thought, until Master Camron tells me what will happen.

“Chantel, myself and Gage will be enjoying a nice leisurely lunch here, but you won’t. You sissy girl will be driving my vehicle up the road a bit to a manual car wash.” Master smiles and adds, “While we enjoy lunch you in your sissy maid glory will be publicly washing my vehicle. It should be quite interesting and fun for you Chantel.”

I say, “Oh yes Master, I’m very nervous at such but as your sissy maid I will do as I’m told.”


They step out and I do as well as I walk around to get in the driver’s side and I drive off in Master Camron’s SUV. I’m very nervous, being out in public as a faggot sissy maid is still very new for me. I drive up to and enter the car wash. I’m going to have to change bills for coins so I will have to walk to the storefront in my maids dress and heels. I’m nervous as I step out from Master Camron’s SUV. I begin to walk towards the store front, people begin to see me and I hear laughing and commentary such as a bit of look at the faggot, look at the sissy comments. I am blushing with humiliation but I also love it. As I enter the store front I see a few other customers and they all begin to see me, they giggle and one lady says, “My, my look at the pretty sissy maid, you look lovely hun.”

I know to curtsey and thank her, this results in even more laughter. I get to the cashier and ask if she can change $5 for coins? To which she smiles and does, I curtsey again to show thanks and I walk out and back to Master’s Grand Cherokee. A couple of men cat call me and say I can clean their houses any time. I smile as I walk by them.

Once I enter the bay where the SUV is I begin to wash it. I’m quite the sight in my black maids dress, black sheer pantyhose and black spike heels. People do watch me, make comments directing some at me as they laugh. I endure like a good sissy should.

It takes me about 10 minutes to wash Master Camron’s SUV and then I drive out of the bay and then hop back out with a set of microfiber towels and then dry it off with more people looking at faggot sissy me at work.

The humiliation is so deep but I so love it too. It’s a weird feeling I have. I carry on and about 15 minutes later I’m done. I step back into the drivers side and drive back to the restaurant where Master Camron and Sir Gage are enjoying a nice early lunch. Once I park the SUV I get out and move back to the second row of seats and sit inside patiently waiting for the men to come back.

I sit for another 10-15 minutes before I see Master Camron and Sir Gage start walking back. They both walk around the SUV and I hear Ümraniye Gecelik Escort them commenting on my car wash job. I hope Master is pleased. They both get inside and I remain quiet, waiting to be spoken too.

“Well, you did a good job Chantel.” Master says.

I say, “Oh thank you Master.”

He adds, “Was it fun? Was it humiliating?”

I reply, “Oh my God Master it was so humiliating but oddly fun. Many people there commented at me, laughed at me, lots of derogatory, faggot and sissy type comments but I endured as a good sissy girl should.”

Master looks back at me and says, “Good I want you to feel that humiliation at your pathetic sissy maid lifestyle.”

Sir Gage adds, “Yes a little faggot maid like you needs to feel that low of humiliation.”

I smile and reply, “Yes Master Camron, Yes Sir Gage.”

They next take me to a local shopping mall, yes, the public will get a good view of this sissy maid. Once we park, Master instructs me to walk through the South side of the mall where we parked all the way to the North side and the large department store anchoring the mall. This will expose me to many people and shall be fun but scary and

humiliating for me. I am to buy a bra and panty set and a few pairs of pantyhose. I’m ordered out of the vehicle, curtsey and am sent off.

Bright sunshine and my click.clocking heels as I get closer to the entrance. People coming and going begin to see me, giggles, laughing and derogatory comments are said to me. I am blushed but I endure as yes I want this too.

As I walk now through the mall a group of four teenage girls come to me and giggle as they use their cell phone camera’s to record me. It’s humiliating.

One girl asks, “Ha..Ha…Ha, why are you dressed like that?”

I smile and reply, “I’m a sissy maid ma’am. I am on a shopping errand.” Calling a young lady less then half my age a ma’am is humiliating too.

Another girl says, “Well you look pretty in your maids dress. I like your high heels.”

I stop curtsey and say, “Thank you ma’am.” They burst out laughing at my curtsey.

First girl says, “Wow a curtsey, that is so cute and submissive, you are quite the sissy, do you have a name?”

As we keep walking I tell them my sissy name, “My name is Chantel, sissy Chantel, ma’am.”

“Cute name.” the third girl says as she makes sure it’s recorded on her cell phone video. She asks, “Where are you going dressed like that?”

I say, “The Department store to buy a bra and panty and a few pairs of pantyhose for myself.”

They all laugh and send me on my way with each having video of faggot me, they all tell me it will go on Youtube.

I get to the department store and quickly to the lingerie section, women see me and giggle, nervously I find a cute black satin and lace bra and panty that should fit me. I carry it a short distance to the pantyhose section. A sales lady comes to me, compliments me for being a pretty sissy maid. I curtsey and thank her.

She asks, “Are you looking for any specific hosiery?”

I reply, “Umm, yes a comfortable, silky, good fitting sheer hose.” I see she is wearing black sheer pantyhose and ask what brand she wears.

She tells me she has Hanes, Silky Sheer pantyhose on and asks, “Do you like them?”

I nod and say, “Oh yes ma’am, they look good on you.”

She says, “Your legs look good in pantyhose too. Would you be interested in Hanes?”

I say, “Yes ma’am, Hanes is a great brand to wear.”

She then helps me pick out a few pairs of Hanes pantyhose, I pay for the pantyhose and the bra and panty at her cash register, curtsey and thank her for the help. I then endure a long humiliating walk back through the mall and to Master’s SUV.

We begin to drive back to Master’s house, for what to follow I don’t know but it surely will be interesting.

Once back at Master’s house we all walk inside and to his living room, I’m on my knees of course. But soon it’s cock sucking time and I am instructed to come to Master and pull his pants and briefs down again. He is sitting in a corner chair and I begin to fondle his cock and balls. He has me kiss his balls and put them in my hungry mouth, hair and ball sack fills my sissy mouth. It feels odd but so turns me on. I do have to stop and spit out some pubic hair but I then proceed.

Soon I’m slobbering up his stiff cock and he moans with growing pleasure. I keep working on his shaft and he tells me to try some more deep Ümraniye Genç Escort throating. I do as I am told and try to slip his cock back into my throat, I gag a bit and pull off. I work and work sucking but try again as his cock slips back I fight a gag and pull off. I want to please him so much, so I try to relax and slip it back into my throat and I get it and hold it for a moment before I pull back up on his shaft. He fucking loves it, “Good girl sissy.” he says.

I go back to slobbering and sucking as he moans. Every so often I do a deep throat and get better at it giving Master his joy from it. He is now working to shoot a load and he pants and groans as I suck, then like joyful magic I feel a wad of his hot jizz spray in my mouth as he grunts. It is a great feeling to have a real man cum in my sissy mouth. I pull off, look up at him and smile to then open my mouth showing I swallowed his cum. He pulls away and does his briefs and pants up.

Gage takes his turn and soon he too sits in chair as I begin to suck his cock and I too swallow his balls in my mouth for a few moments and he loves it. Back to sucking I next go and I bob away on his shaft as I suck and suck, I too do some deep throating of his tool and this makes him very excited. I work away as I sense he too is moving closer to cumming. When I try another deep throat I am going to hold his cock down myth throat for as long as I can before I have to pull up and it was great to have his shaft down my throat for a few seconds.

It’s fucking great and we work as a team to bring him to cum. Before I know it I feel that warm goo fill my mouth and my pride is high as I please like a good sissy slut another real man. I pull off his shaft and look at him, then smile as I open my mouth to show him I swallowed his seed too.

Both men are happy and I’m allowed to sit and relax as we all talk about how I am quite a good sissy and look to really enjoy the lifestyle. I’m honest with my pleasure as such to be a sissy maid and a sissy slut. Master tells me that I will be rewarded and I can make myself and them mugs of coffee. To which I get up curtsey and go to the kitchen and prepare three mugs of coffee. Once done I come back serve the men, sit on my knees and am told to enjoy my coffee.

“Oh hey Chantel, I need you to go to the kitchen and get a wash cloth because I spilled a bit of coffee on the table.” Master says.

I get up curtsey and say, “Oh yes Master, and I walk to his kitchen. I am unaware of what they plan next. Master pulls from the corner table a bottle of liquid and he opens it to put a number of drops in my mug of coffee. What it is I shall soon find out.

I come back all happy and wipe up the spill on the table. I am allowed to kneel back down on the floor and we keep drinking our coffee as we chat. Soon though I begin to feel well sort of drowsy.

“What is the matter Chantel?” Master asks.

Yawn, I reply, “I’m not sure, just a little but tired Master.”

Gage suggests, “Drink more coffee it’s a pick me up.”

Yawn again, “Yes Sir.” and I drink more.

I am about to fall asleep and as I drift off in a laying position I say, “Master…I… am.. so… [yawn]… ti…tire…” and I’m out.

Master Camron laughs, “Well it’s on, this faggot sissy’s life is about to change.”

Gage says, “Yep, we lucked out with this sissy. I mean 40 something, divorced, estranged from her wife, no kids, into being a faggot sissy and just a average Joe that can work within our plans.”

Master says, “Yes she is maybe the best of the sissy girls we have recruited to date.”

Gage says, “The Agency is going to love her and we should get maximum pay out for her.”

Master says, “Fuck yeah, Chantel will make a great live in sissy maid and slut for ‘The Agency.” He adds, “I doubt it will take much convincing of her to give into the lifestyle as she really is into this shit.”

Gage says, “Yeah I bet she will be no worse than Trish, Tracy, and Camilla were when we recruited them.”

“Lets get her down stairs into the cellar.” Master says.

So the both of them pick my limp, passed out body up and drag me down stairs into a central cellar/storage type room. It’s about 6 feet x 10 feet and is dimly lit with a bulb on a pull string. Master has a beater mattress and they lay me on it. They take a solid chain and wrap it around my waist and put a pad lock on it.

The chain is bolted to the floor and is unbreakable by a person. They leave me there as such noting I will be out for a couple of hours. They walk out and leave the one dim bulb on.

What lies in store for me will change my life. When I awake I will find a new life for me and I will learn about ‘The Agency.’


Chapter Five to follow shortly.