Sex with my college teacher

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Sex with my college teacherMany years had passed since I had joined my college. I was studying engineering and aimed to be a marine engineer. Many years before, when I had joined the collage I was a very timid person and never used to come near girls but the years of collage experience had made me a very bold person. My favorite hobby was to flirt with the girls of my collage. God had even gifted me with good looks so I rarely used to get slapped. I had done sex with lot of my college girls and was really bored with them. I wanted some change. Fortunately, a new teacher had joined our school and she was indeed quite sexy. I at first thought her to be one of my juniors, so as usual I tried to flirt on her too!!! Quite unexpected to me I really was slapped very hard. To my luck she did not complain about me to the principal. Soon I realized that she was our math teacher. I at first could hardly believe as she looked so young.After all these happenings I went back home. The next day she came to our class for the math lecture. She was really very sexy. She really had very massive boobs and still unmarried. I for the whole lecture imagined her to be nude on my bed waiting for me to fuck her. Suddenly the school bell rang and it was recess time. Everyone went out of the classroom and she too was about to go. I then quickly went to her and apologized for my bad behavior to her the day before. I then said to her that she looked so young that I thought her to be a newly admitted junior. At those quotes of mine she giggled and forgave me. She then told me that she was only thirty one.She then smiled and left the classroom. She thought that I had now changed but I had other plans in my mind. The next day was a Sunday so we had a collage holiday. I just as usual was roaming on the streets when by coincident I found my math teacher roaming around elazığ escort shops too. Then suddenly an idea flashed into my mind. I bought some flowers from a nearby shop and taking them jumped in front of her. I then presented them to her saying “To my beautiful teacher”. She was startled but she did not slap me this time but thanked me instead. She must be in a very jolly mood that day. She then revealed to me that today was her birthday. I then happily wished her.She was so happy that she even invited me on her birthday party. I happily agreed. She then gave me her home address and phone number. When i asked her name she laughingly said that her name was Jessica. She then parted with me and continued her shopping. I then thought of buying a pack of chocolates for her as a birthday present. I then reached her home in the evening right at the time she had told me. When I rang the bell she gladly opened the door and let me in. When i saw her i was amazed. She was wearing a very thin dress which could merely cover her big round boobs. Through her dress i could clearly see her perfect curves. I had expected some relatives of her there but to my surprise no relative was there. When I inquired to her about she said that their car had broken down so they were going to be late. I had become very excited when I realized that only she and I were in the house.There were so many naughty things going through my mind that I suddenly got a boner. I tried to hide it with the box of chocolates but when she saw the box she thanked me and kissed me on my cheek while snatching the box from me. Due to her kiss my cock had become even more harder than before . I then quickly tried to hide it with my hand and to my good luck she had not seen it as she went to the kitchen to keep the chocolates in the freezer. I then asked where her birthday escort elazığ cake was. she then told me that she had kept it in the bedroom. She then asked me whether I wanted to see the cake. I agreed. She then took me to her bedroom. I then looked around in hope to see the birthday cake but to my surprise there was no cake in the room. When I turned back to ask Jessica i saw her locking the room door. She then gently pushed me over the bed and then laughingly said that today was no birthday of hers.She then gently came towards my pant zipper and tried to open it. I then crawled a little back. Seeing this she told me that she knew I liked her body. She then mischievously said that she too wanted to have some fun. Saying this she unzipped my pants and took out my thick big nine inch cock. She was amazed at first to see such a big cock but then she started licking it. I felt so nice that I asked her to suck it. She then like an obedient bitch started sucking the top portion of my cock. Then after some time she made it halfway and soon she was gagging my cock deep into her throat. She sucked it so nicely that I felt as if I was in heaven. For continuous twenty minutes she was gagging my cock while I moaned with pleasure. After another twenty minutes of constant sucking I shot out my big load of cum in her mouth. She drank all my cum and was still sucking. I then took hold of her from her waist and put herself over me.Then I removed her skirt and panties and slid my cock in her tight pussy. As soon as I did that she started moaning with pleasure. I became very excited on hearing her scream and then started banging her vigorously. She made so sexy voices that I could not stop getting wild. When I banged her pussy with my cock the cock slapped it so hard that the whole room was engulfed by those sounds. She moaned and screamed while elazığ escort bayan I drove my cock deep inside her. To fuck her more harder, I laid her on the bed and slammed her pussy while I kept my both hands on her big boobs to maintain grip. When I did this she screamed so loudly that I doubted that the neighbors might hear it. But still I did not care about it and continued to bang her. Soon she had her orgasm and I too shot my blast of cum in her her pussy soon after her orgasm. I was very exhausted by that time but she still pleaded me to fuck her ass.In my while life i had never fucked a girl for so much time. It was midnight till now. I then drank some energy drinks from her fridge and then slid my cock into her ass. She again started to moan. I was really very exhausted but I was determined to give her a most pleasurable night. I then continuously fucked her in the ass while she lay on the bed like a deer facing her ass towards me. I now felt as if she was mine and I could whatever I wanted to do with her. I then made a tight grip on her boobs and banged her ass with all my strength. After a long time I shot out my third blast of hot cum which shot deep inside her ass.I then laid on the bed while my cock pointing to the sky. She then came towards me and we had a passionate kiss for a long time. After that she serviced me my sucking my cock again till I shot out my last thin load of cum all over her face. Doing this she quickly wiped her face and after taking a contraceptive pill she fell over the bed in my arms. She then said “You are really a very good student, if you have any problems from now on, you are welcome at my home. “Saying this she fell asleep in my arms. The next morning we woke up late at eleven. I then quickly wore my clothes and left Jessica’s home after saying bye to her.The next day the same old college life begun but with a change. I had now become studious boy and I paid attention to all subjects, especially math. I always had a doubt in the sums so I always used to go to Jessica’s home to clarify my doubts as well as to have some fun.