More than Friends Ch. 05


Author’s note: Sorry for the long break in this series! I really like Joel and Amanda, and so I don’t want to steer them wrong. All of the feedback—comments, PMs, even emails (and a couple very sexy attachments)—have reminded me that other people like them too. Quick refresher: these former best friends are now lovers. Very foul-mouthed lovers. And both of them are still discovering what they enjoy in the bedroom.


As the morning rays of light streamed through the window I rolled over in bed, reaching my arm across and pulling Amanda towards me as I nuzzled in behind her. She was on her side, knees bent as I spooned her. I kissed her neck and she murmured something indistinguishable in her sleep, while I thought back to the night that had just passed.

I had a lot to think about.

After the previous morning’s debauchery, Mandy and I had spent the remainder of the day hanging out: laughing, talking, playing video games, watching Netflix, screwing each other’s brains out—fucking around in every sense of the phrase. We’d spent most of the day in our underwear or in nothing at all, neither of us wanting the other one to cover up, and when we ordered pizza that evening I’d convinced her to answer the door in just her bra and panties. The delivery boy stood with his mouth agape at my girlfriend’s incredible curves, and right as she started to close the door I came up behind her and squeezed her ass. She’d jumped, and I know the jiggle of her tits would live on in that lucky driver’s mind for years.

When Julia came home an hour later, we had clothes on again and had tried to clean the house up. We were watching an episode of Stranger Things, Mandy curled against me and tucked under my arm. My hand was resting on her breast, but I moved it to the side when I heard the front door open.

“Hey you two,” she smiled. “Did you have a fun day?”

I wondered whether she knew exactly how fun the day had been. Mandy’s comment about her mom being right (about what? Using a dildo? Fucking me? Something benign like me being a nice kid?) had replayed itself in my mind over and over, but I hadn’t asked Amanda what she’d meant. Part of me preferred the mystery.

“We had a great day,” Mandy had answered. “Exactly the break I needed.”

“I’m so glad,” Julia said, sitting down next to us on the couch. She took off her shoes—a sexy pair of heels that there’s no way she taught dance in—and rubbed her calves and the soles of her feet. In the yoga pants and sports bra she wore, a loose flowy tank top thrown over it, it was hard not to notice her tight body and her smooth curves. When she stood up a few minutes later and announced that she needed a shower, my eyes couldn’t help but follow her ass down the hallway. Mandy caught me staring and punched me playfully in the arm.

“Get a good look at my mom’s ass, pervo?” she asked, smiling.

“Sorry,” I said, blushing. “Totally just a caveman reflex.”

She angled her neck towards me and kissed me. “Save your caveman energy for me.” She settled back in, pulling my hand back to her breast. “I get it though. She does have a great ass. I’d be jealous if I hadn’t been compensated in other areas.” She bounced her hand on top of mine, and I felt her the weight of her tit jiggling under my palm.

“You have a great ass too,” I said.

“You’re just saying that because you liked screwing it.”

“Honest to God I’m not,” I said. “I mean, I do, but that’s not all it’s got going for it. It’s round and thick, in the best sense of the word. It’s firm, but somehow soft too. And yeah, my cock feels awesome inside it, but that’s just a bonus. I’d love it even if you didn’t like anal sex.”

“I do though,” she smiled up at me. “I liked it a lot.”

“I know,” I said, kissing her on the nose. “Because you’ve got a dirty slut underneath those innocent eyes. And I love that about you.”

When Julia got out of the shower a little while later, Mandy had asked if she minded if I slept over. We hadn’t discussed it, and my eyes about popped out of my head. I was worried it would be too much for Julia to accept. After all, she knew from catching us our first time just how dirty we could be when we had sex. And most moms weren’t ok with their teen daughter’s boyfriend sleeping over. But she just rolled her eyes and said, “I guess you’re eighteen now, Amanda. You can make your own choices. Just remember that you’re not alone in the house, please.”

She was smiling though.

I sent a quick text home to my mom as well and told her I’d be staying with Mandy. I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction my mom would have either, but she just sent back a short text saying. “OK. Have fun!”

Mandy and I were pretty worn out from the day of raunchy fucking we’d enjoyed, so Julia didn’t need to worry about us being too loud.

Instead, we were tender. It was so different than our usual hardcore, loud and wild fuck sessions, but not in a bad way. Even if we hadn’t been a little more Sivas Escort tired than usual, I wasn’t yet ready to risk pounding Mandy that night, knowing how our filthier sessions made her lose control. It was one thing for Julia to walk in on us when we thought we were alone. It was another to have Mandy screaming that she wanted to get fucked like a whore while her mother was in the room next door. So I focused instead on slowness and gentleness, giving her what I hoped was a luxurious licking of her perfect pussy. My tongue, flat and wide, stroking slowly up and down her pussy lips. My lips, puckered and sucking intently on her clit. Then backing off, letting her energy rise and fall with the tempo.

Her orgasm, when it came, wasn’t like the wild, squirting explosions she usually had.

“It was like waves,” she said as she snuggled in under me; she kissed me on the lips and tasted her pussy juices, licking at my cheeks like a kitten at a saucer. “Gentle waves. Little rises and shivers that just kept coming and coming, rolling up my body like rainbow colored goosebumps.”

“Was it okay?” I asked.

She kissed me again. “It was perfect. It’s . . . it wasn’t fucking. It was making love.”

“Did you prefer that?” I asked. I couldn’t tell if she was disappointed I hadn’t gone wild on her or preferred this softer gentler side of us.

“I loved it! I love you! And I love that we can be tender. But if you’re asking what I prefer?” She smiled at me, and I could see the flames burning in her eyes. “I like it when you turn into an animal for me and fuck me as hard and deep and dirty as we can imagine. Waves are nice, but the hard, all-consuming orgasms you usually give me? That’s my sweet spot.”

She rolled over, wiggling her ass against me as she settled into the bed. “It’s a nice change of pace, though. I wouldn’t have changed a thing tonight. And I don’t think I would have had the energy for more. I hope it happens again! But tomorrow, after we’ve slept well and have a little more energy? You should fuck me like a slut again. Because that’s what I really am—for you.”

“I know you are, babe,” I said. “My own perfect, private whore. That’s why I couldn’t go wild. Who knows what you’d scream for your mother to hear.”

She giggled sleepily. “My mother knows what I am. I told you before, I figured out I like to be loud and dirty when I was masturbating. You think I only did that when I was home alone?”

I laughed. “Well, I guess I underestimated your slutiness. Not even shy around your mother.”

“Not when I’m trying to get off,” she said softly, her voice drifting towards sleep. “After all, where do you think I learned it from?”

My cock sat up at attention, and though Mandy was asleep, my mind had bolted right awake. All these teasing words. Learned what?! How to masturbate? How to talk dirty? How to be a slut? What exactly was Mandy saying about her mother?

I woke up a couple hours later, my cock fully erect. Mandy had rolled away from me, onto her stomach, and though part of me wanted to wake her up right then by sliding the sheet down, spreading her legs, and sliding my cock into her pussy, I knew how tired she was and wanted to let her sleep. If there’s one thing I knew about Mandy even before we started dating, it was that the girl could sleep. Hard.

I threw the covers back on my side of the narrow bed and rolled to the ground. I hadn’t ever slept in Mandy’s bedroom before, but I’d spent enough time at her place to navigate pretty well in the dark. I pulled on my boxer shorts, slipped down the hall toward the bathroom and stepped inside. Mandy’s make-up and other hair supplies were placed neatly across the back of the counter, and I shook my head with a smile. She hadn’t been such a girly girl when I’d left for college almost a year earlier. But then again, she hadn’t been such a woman either.

I pissed and flushed and washed my hands, ready to head back to cuddle again with Mandy. But when I opened the bathroom door I looked down the hall the other way and saw a shaft of light spilling into the hall. I didn’t think it had been there when I’d come down to the bathroom, and something drew me to it like a moth to a flame.

I stopped just outside the doorway because I recognized what was happening before I could see it. Wet, sloppy, sucking sounds that seemed incredibly loud in the silence of the house.

It couldn’t be.

But it definitely was.

I slid back against the opposite wall, just outside of the shaft of light, hoping that I would be hidden in the shadows enough for Julia not to see me. And when I finally looked into the lit bedroom, what I saw took my breath away.

Julia was reclining in her bed—the same bed Mandy and I had fucked like animals in just a few hours earlier, the remnants of Mandy’s juices barely dry— and was totally naked. Her breasts were smaller than her daughter’s, but they were still round and full, more than a handful, and surprisingly perky for a woman in her late Sivas Escort Bayan 30s. Her areolas were pale, practically matching her skin tone, but her nipples were a pinkish brown and long, especially as she pinched one of them between her fingers. Her hair, as raven-dark as Mandy’s, but cut in a short and sleek bob to match her sleeker figure, brushed along her cheeks, a lock of it sticking to the sweat along her face. It was matched by a trimmed and triangular bush between her legs, and though I took in all of her in an instant, it was to that sexy pussy that my eyes were drawn. To the source of the noise.

She was frantically sliding a pink dildo in and out of her cunt. The same dildo that I had helped Amanda fuck herself with earlier in the day. The wet smacking sounds coming hard and fast and without a break.

God, she was gorgeous. The dirty MILF really was sharing a dildo with her slut daughter. And when Julia pulled it out and sucked it into her mouth, tasting her own juices with a satisfying groan, I had to wonder if she knew what else she was tasting, even if just in my fevered and lust-drenched brain.

My hand slid down to my crotch, sliding inside the waistband of my underwear, as I started to stroke my cock, trying to get the same rhythm Julia had. Up and down, up and down, up and down. My cock, which had softened after my piss, was now rock hard again, and I could feel the precum on my fingers as I slid my fist along its length. I pulled my hand out and without thinking spit into my palm, and when I looked up again Julia’s eyes were open.

She was looking toward the doorway—toward me—but she didn’t slow down at all. If anything, her strokes became harder, faster. She fucked herself with abandon, and even from my position I could see the glistening wetness on her thighs, the drops of pussy juice flicking off the dildo each time she pulled it almost out. Her C cup tits were jiggling with every thrust of her arm, and next to Mandy it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in person.

And then she said my name.

“Joel,” she moaned, and whether she knew I was there or not, I had confirmation that she was fantasizing about me. “Fuck me, babe. Fuck me like you fuck my daughter and make me cum like a bitch!” And then the pink dildo was back in her mouth again, and she slapped it on her chest, making her tits bounce and jiggle with the force of the blow before shoving the well-used fake cock back inside her pussy.

“Goddamn bastard! Fill me up! Fill my cunt with your hot, thick, cum! Fuck me, Joel! I want it!”

She hadn’t screamed it. I still couldn’t tell if she knew I was standing outside her bedroom, watching her. She had closed her eyes again to focus on her pending orgasm, but it just couldn’t be that much of a coincidence, could it?

I repositioned my feet, setting my legs a little wider so I could stroke my cock harder, and the creak the floorboards made seemed impossibly loud. Still, Julia’s eyes remained closed, and she didn’t miss a beat. In fact, I thought the sound of me in the hall, if indeed she actually heard it, may have set her over the edge.

She jerked her head back in pleasure as her climax rolled across her body, her cheeks flushing and her mouth a small round O as she held the dildo deep inside. Her stomach, that tight dancer’s body, every muscle from her abs on down to the arches of her feet, seemed to contract and shudder, a shiver making her kick her legs out in an orgasmic spasm. She ripped the dildo from her snatch in a sudden motion, her other hand slapping at her clit, and finally, still not a shout and too quiet to wake up Mandy, but loud enough for me to hear the lust in her voice: “Watch me cum, baby, watch me cum. Ohfuckohfuck OH FUCK!”

She didn’t squirt like her daughter, but the bitch came like a pornstar all the same.

I hadn’t come, but I pulled my hand off my cock as I saw the slow smile spread across her face, her lips puckering to kiss and lick the pink dildo that had given her such pleasure. She slid it down to her pussy again, ran it in and out luxuriously for a few more strokes, then up, the head resting on her skin, tracing over her torso, between her tits, and back in her mouth one last time for a final suck. Then she dropped it to her side, sighing in contentment, the smile on her face warm with the afterglow of her orgasm. If that was how she thanked a fake dick, what would she do with the real thing? Still, it wasn’t my place to find out, and I slid deeper into the shadows, away from the light and toward Mandy, still asleep in her bed.

When I woke up again a few hours later, it all seemed like a dream, but I was sure it wasn’t. I had watched as Amanda’s mom Julia had jilled herself off to a contained but sexy orgasm. It was smoking hot. And now I was feeling totally guilty.

Beside me, Amanda turned and stretched, her hands balled up in fists above her head. The sheet had come down, and since she told me she preferred to sleep naked, her big 36DD breasts were Escort Sivas exposed to the morning light. I cupped one breast in my hand and kissed her neck as she sat up, scooting against the headboard.

“Morning,” I said, sitting up next to her.

“Hi baby,” she said. She gave me a peck on the lips and wrinkled her nose. “Sorry! How bad is my morning breath?”

“It’s not,” I laughed, but she’d already reached to her nightstand and popped a piece of gum in her mouth, handing one to me as well. “You’re good. Give me a real kiss.”

Her tongue slid between my lips, and we kissed hard and deep. I felt a sense of warmth within. Whatever else was going on with me, to wake up like this, with Amanda naked next to me, seemed like the pinnacle of happiness. I pulled her to me, my hand running along the bare skin of her back, down along her legs. The sheet was down in our laps now, my side starting to tent with the hard-on that was sprouting between my legs. My hand slid around to her front and squeezed her breast, the nipple hard against my palm. I bent over and licked gently around the areola.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Keep going.”

My hand slid down her torso, sliding under the sheets, where I found her pussy was already starting to get wet. I didn’t move inside though, just ground my fingertips against her mons pubis, the pressure making her buck her hips in little bursts.

“Goddamn,” she sighed into my neck. She pulled the sheet off my lap and started slowly fisting my cock, up and down. She licked her hand sensually before stroking me again.

We were still doing the same a few moments later when there was a brief knock at the door. Immediately it flew right open to reveal Julia in the doorway, dressed much like she had been the day before, but this time with a crop top over her sports bra and a lower cut to her yoga pants, revealing her taut abs.

To my amazement, Mandy didn’t pull the sheet up to cover her bare tits, though she did stop kissing me. And as for me, I had to grab a pillow from the side of the bed and hold it over my by-this-point raging erection. Still, in my fluster, there’s no way Julia didn’t see my exposed cock.

For the second time.

And this time while it was fully erect.

“Good morning, you two,” Julia said cheerfully. “Sorry to interrupt.”

Sorry to interrupt. Not ‘what the hell are you doing’ or ‘put some clothes on’ or even ‘cover yourself, Mandy.’ She acted totally oblivious to her daughter’s nudity and both of our arousal.

“Joel, did you sleep well?”

She smiled at me, her teeth flashing white, and I nodded. Well, if she didn’t mind Mandy being naked, I wasn’t going to draw attention to it and make it awkward. “I did, thanks.”

“No bad dreams? I thought I heard you up and walking around during the night.” The words were benign, but there was a mischievousness in her eyes that I couldn’t mistake. She knew what I had seen. She had seen me watching her masturbate. No doubt about it.

“No,” I answered slowly. My cock, which had started to wilt when she walked in, came back with a vengeance. I could feel the blood rushing to it, filling it up hard and full. “No bad dreams. Last night was a very very good night.”

“Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. Hopefully it won’t be the last time you . . . sleep over. Amanda, what are your plans for the day?”

Amanda shrugged, causing her tits to bounce succulently. I stared, and then caught myself, looking up quickly. I thought I heard a little sigh of laughter from Julia, but I couldn’t meet her eye.

“Nothing much. Just the day with Joel again.”

“Wasn’t I supposed to plan something for the day?” I remembered.

“Did you?”

“I have some ideas.”

“Well,” Julia interjected. “Whatever the ideas are, I hope you two have lots and lots of fun. You deserve it.”

And with that she disappeared down the hallway, leaving the door open behind her.

“Fuck,” I said. “That was embarrassing!”

“Why?” Amanda asked, laughter in her eyes.

“Why? Because you’re sitting there topless—“

“And bottomless!” she interrupted.

“—and bottomless, talking to your mom! Because I have a fucking hard-on here! Because . . . because it was your mom!”

“Yeah, exactly. It was my mom. She’s seen me naked about a million times. When it’s just the two of us around here it’s not like we have to stay dressed all the time.”

“But . . . but obviously we were making out, getting close to fucking . . .”

“Do you think she doesn’t know what we do? She caught us, remember! And she knew what would happen when you stayed over. I’m sure she was surprised I didn’t wake her up in the night with my screams.”

Amanda was laughing now, but the whole situation worried me still. Plus, I hadn’t told Amanda yet what I had seen during the night. I was afraid she would be disgusted with me. After all, she was fulfilling every fantasy I’d ever had, and yet still there I was last night, jerking off while watching another woman masturbate. And her mother, at that.

I crawled out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts. I didn’t know what to do.

“Where are you going?” she asked. “I’m sorry for laughing. It’s just . . . it’s not a big deal. Mom and I are super open about sex. About everything.”