Escapades of Eva Ch. 72


Giving the audience a slow deliberate wink Mistress Syn and cooed, “Now I know that so many of you strong Masters love to show your Dominance by flaying the tender and sensitive body of a lovely slave with your favorite flogger.” Hearing that many of the men in attendance lifted their heads up high, stood up a little straighter, and took on a masterful air of steely composure and confidence. Some even fingered the flogger that hung from their belts.

Then with a sexy scowl Syn lifted an eyebrow once again and shook her crop at the spectators, and with a wicked giggle she added, “And don’t try to fool any of us slaves by pretending that you are only interested in practicing the art of the whip, because we all know that you really love to do it because it makes your dick hard.” And with that the whole room burst into nervous bawdy laughter. Some of them even smacked a nearby friend on the shoulder with a knowing leer.

With a knowing grin she continued, “And now let me introduce you to Tanya who just loves to be beaten with a nice heavy suede flogger. The heavier the better, and she has even confided to Master and me that she has a secret desire to experience the whip.”

Eva couldn’t resist a little whistle when she saw a big beautiful woman with thick dark auburn curls that hung to the small of her back. She had a solid full-figured body with an hourglass figure, soft delightful curves, and the sweet face and smile of an angel. Eva thought she was the very picture of a romantic model straight from the brush of master painter Reuben. Practically mesmerized, she thought she had rarely ever seen such a beautiful woman in the flesh.

The slave beauty Tanya rose up from her demure countenance to her knees. And as she spread her legs wide, exposing her lovely plump pussy, she put both hands under her hair and lifted it up to the top of her head. Then her sweet look of innocence turned to a smoldering lusty fire as she struck a sexy pose for the men.

Then as the men sucked in their breath her look of passion turned to one of delight and sweetness. And she lowered her eyes and letting her hair fall behind her she kept her hands raised. She crossed her wrists and bowed her head forward letting it fall to her chest in the Gorean position known as KoLar, or the submission position.

Eva saw hands pressing on dicks as an audible, “Ahhhhh!” spread through the gathering. And then precious slave Tanya knelt to the whip as she threw her hair forward and stretched her crossed wrists and torso out on the floor, wordlessly offering the submission of her body to the pleasure of Masters.

“She certainly has a delightful body for flogging and whipping,” Eva mumbled to herself. She was so turned on by the graceful behavior and the beauty of the sweet slave that she had to sneak a quick little diddle of her slick aching clit. She wondered if the reason she felt such deep rapport with this slave was because of her own size and all of her own fantasies of being able to be a slave like Tanya to her beloved sex izle Sir someday.

As the overwhelmed men began to strike their shoulders in appreciation of her beautiful submission Mistress Syn mewled, “And there she is Gentlemen. Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she the very picture of beauty, obedience and compliance? And just look at that firm plush body that submissively awaits your whip, your flogger and your command. She is truly a beauty and a treasure to behold isn’t she?”

Suddenly, Eva saw one man who had been working his way closer to the stage. He was a pleasant looking balding man with the usual graying moustache and goatee that Doms liked. He stepped onto the edge of the stage and looked to the side where Master Blaze was standing. “To hell with waiting to auction this one Blaze.” Eva saw the slave Tanya break form momentarily as she looked quickly at the man who had spoken. With a huge grin on her face she put her forehead back to the floor.

“We know each other already from meeting and talking at your House, and with your permission on the Internet, for several months now. I want her for my own Blaze, and since I don’t like to share I want to bargain right now before anyone else gets his hands on her. In fact, I will give you ten thousand dollars for her right now, and another five thousand for the auction charity,” he blurted out.

All the men murmured their surprise and delight and Master Blaze stepped forward. Stooping down and touching the back of the prostrate slave he said, “Rise my little one.” Slave Tanya then raised herself back up to a kneeling position with her knees wide open and she smiled lovingly at her Master and chanced another quick nervous glance at the man who had spoken.

“First of all, although we have stepped out of order in our auction presentations is there anyone else here who wants to make a better offer for the services of this slave for tonight’s benefit?” When no one spoke he asked, “Dave is five thousand acceptable to you?”

“It is,” Sir Dave said from the sidelines.

Beckoning to the man who spoke to come closer Master Blaze said, “That is a very fair offer Wolf. But, before I release her I need to know something.” he said as he turned to his slave.

“Slave Tanya I will not release or sell any slave of mine without her consent, or if I do not think the pairing is in her best interest. Since you and I both know him I will tell you that I believe he will be a good Master for you. But the choice is totally yours to make without any fear of reprisal.” And then Master Blaze took her hands and helped Tanya to her feet.

Still holding both of her hands he kissed her sweetly and looking deep into her eyes he asked, “Slave Tanya, of your own free will, do you desire Wolf to be your chosen Master?”

Stepping momentarily out of her role of silent elegant submission, a brilliant smile quickly lit up the angelic face as slave Tanya eagerly exclaimed, “Oh yes Master Blaze, I sure do chose him. I choose him sikiş izle a thousand times a thousand.” Chuckles and little moans of disappointment filled the room. And then Tanya kissed the backs of his hands, and with him still holding hers she knelt before him.

And then, through the tears that Eva saw running down her face Tanya looked directly at her Master and replied sweetly, “I love you Master Blaze and I can never repay you sufficiently for all that you have taught me. However, now as you have taught me to do, I beg your permission to be released that I may offer my slavery to my chosen Dominant, Master Wolf.”

As Master Wolf stepped up next to him Master Blaze raised slave Tanya to her knees again and embraced her for a long moment. Then he wiped some stray tears from her cheek and smiled as he said to Master Wolf, “Wolf you have made a wise choice. This slave is one of the finest I have ever known. And she is a natural slave in her heart because I had to teach her very little.”

Then still holding her hands he raised her to her feet again and continued, “Tanya, your Master has given ten thousand dollars for you. It is my practice to take half of a slave’s price to cover her expenses for training in my house. The other half I will put into a bank account should any emergency ever befall you or your Master. That way you will have some security if you ever need to come home. And, it is my wish that should something happen, and you are left alone, that you will indeed come home to the House of Blaze. Will promise me that you will you do that?”

“I will. I promise Master Blaze,” she whispered as she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. “And, thank you. I will always love you Sir.”

Then pulling her hands gently out of Master Blaze’s hands she dropped to her knees and once again crossed her wrists and lifted them up to Master Wolf. With her knees spread wide as she bowed her head forward Eva heard her say, “Master Wolf, I beg your acceptance of me, body, mind and soul as your loving and obedient slave.”

Master Wolf, who seemed to be a bit choked up simply said, “I accept you my precious pet.”

Master Blaze grinned then and grabbed Master Wolf’s hand to shake it. And then he tousled the hair of his now former slave as he said; “I have known for some time that you are in love with him, and he with you. Now go and be happy.” Then as he pulled a leash from under his cape Master Wolf stopped him before he could attach it to Tanya’s collar.

He took the collar from around her neck and handing it to Master Blaze he said, “You won’t need that Blaze.” And then he pulled a lovely intricate gold collar from his pocket and placed it on his kneeling slave. It was about an inch and a half high and was scalloped like lace around the edges. Woven through the middle of the collar was a forest green ribbon. Eva assumed that the gold and green must be the colors of Master Wolf’s House.

Then as he placed the beautiful collar on his slave he locked it shut in türk porno the front with a tiny gold lock. Tanya was beaming and tears of joy were flowing from her eyes as she dropped to her knees and kissed her Master’s feet. And then she returned to a proper slave stance before her new Master.

Eva could not hold back the tears of joy that she felt for a sister slave. She also touched her own bare neck and wondered once again if she would ever wear her Master’s collar there.

“Stand up,” Master Wolf said to Tanya.

“Yes Master,” she answered demurely even though she was not able to wipe the huge smile from her face. She looked behind her at her sister slaves and suddenly she whispered to her Master.

“Yes, you may wish them well my dear,” he said as he stroked her hair, “But hurry now.”

“Thank you Master,” slave Tanya said and she quickly turned around and looked at Syn, who was looking at Master Blaze.

Reading his slaves’ wishes Master Blaze said to the women, “Go ahead.”

And then, all the slaves of Blaze, including Syn, with tears running down their faces, jumped up and embraced their sister in a group hug. They were all kissing Tanya and consoling each other, as they frantically wiped away fresh tears.

Then Mistress Syn said to Tanya, “Go and be happy little one,” as she wiped her own eyes and sniffled.

“Thank you Mistress, and I wish you and all my sisters all the happiness that I feel at this moment. May you all find the wonderful Masters that Master Blaze promised us when it’s finally your turn to leave the House of Blaze,” Tanya said with a happy smile to them all.

Then as Tanya rushed back to stand behind her Master she knelt once again as she looked back and smiled at Mistress Syn, who motioned the other slaves to return to their places around her. Syn smiled back looking back and forth from Tanya to Master Wolf, and winked her approval of Tanya’s choice in masters.

As Tanya looked at her Master with eyes full of love he said, “Let’s go home pet.”

“Yes Master,” she squealed as she jumped up.

Then Master Wolf snapped his fingers and slapped his thigh. He placed his hand at his side with the palm up and facing down. Eva knew that was the leading position but she had never seen it done before. Slave Tanya immediately took a step back and after folding her hands together behind her she bent over at the waist. She flipped her hair forward until it was all hanging down in front of her face. Then Master Wolf, who was grinning from ear to ear, grabbed here hair and with it he led his own lovely naked slave to her new home.

Eva’s tears were flowing freely and she was crying openly now. And as she sniffed Sir Dan, who had quietly let himself in the room, startled her when he reached out from behind her with a tissue. “Sorry Sir,” she blubbered as she took the tissue and wiped her eyes and nose.

Then Sir Dan bent down next to where she was sitting on her slave pillow and kissed her tenderly. “Some day Pet,” he whispered as he looked into her wet red eyes, “Some day.” And without another word he quietly left the room.

“Oh I hope so,” she whispered to herself as she felt her neck again and imagined her own Master’s collar there. “Someday … yes someday.”

… to be continued