“Strip for me,” you whisper as you nuzzle my neck.

“What?” I reply breathlessly. I’m sitting on your lap as we kiss.

“Strip for me baby. I want to watch you.”

Raising up a bit on my knees, still straddling you, I slip my top off over my head and let it fall to the floor. My hands disappear behind my back and I unfasten my bra, sliding the straps down my arms, leaning toward you slightly as I take it off. I cup my breasts in my palms mere inches from your face, my hardened nipples begging for your attention.

As you reach for me, I slip off your lap and stand in front of you, turning away from you. I hook my thumbs in the waist of my skirt and panties, bending as I push them down and off. The plump curves of my ass entice you to touch me. One hand on each cheek, you caress me, palms and fingertips sliding smoothly over my skin. Reaching my hips, you pull me closer.

“Spread your legs.”

Your hand moves between them as I do what you asked. Your fingertips brush me, deftly parting my lips and seeking out my clit. Circling it, slowly, lightly, you feel a tremble of pleasure run through me. You lean closer; your fingertips abandon my clit, sliding back just a bit, two digits easily slip inside my wetness. My walls clamp down on you, trying to draw you deeper. With agonizing slowness, you fuck me with your fingers. In, out, my juices coating you… in, out, I can feel you watching as kırklareli escort your fingers disappear inside of me.

“Please,” I beg.

Your fingers leave me. Still bent over, I hear you undress… the soft rustle of your shirt as you slip it off, the rasp of your fly. A shiver of excitement washes over me.

*smack!* Your hand lands on my ass.

“Stand up baby. Turn around.”

You pull me against you, kissing me passionately as your hands travel over my skin.

“Suck me,” you whisper against my mouth.

I drop to my knees in front of you, looking up at you as I lick my lips. Your gorgeous, hard cock strains toward me, and my mouth waters at the sight. Wrapping one hand firmly around the base, I press a kiss to the tip. I part my lips slightly, sucking just the head, my tongue delving into the slit. Your fingers comb through my hair, each hand grabbing a fistful as you cradle my head and watch me. My eyes drift closed as my mouth slides down over you, taking as much of you as I can. Your balls are cupped in my free hand, and I give them a gentle squeeze as my lips work up and down your length. You move my head a bit with your hands, and I let you fuck my mouth. A few strokes, and you pull me back and off of you.

“Come with me.” You grab my hand and lead me to the bedroom…

Standing beside the bed, your lips capture mine afyon escort again, settling in for a deep kiss as our bodies press tight against one another. I can feel the hard length of you nudging at my belly, and my taut nipples are crushed against your chest.

“Sit down.” Your voice is thick with desire as you gently push me away.

I sit on the edge of the bed, my hands clasped between my legs. You kneel in front of me, taking my hands in yours and pressing my knees apart. I’m open to you now, my swollen pink sex displayed at the mattress’ edge.

“Lay back.”

My hot skin hits the cool sheets, and a shiver runs down my spine. Still kneeling on the floor, you lift my feet from the carpet and place them flat on the bed.

Your hands slip under my ass, lifting me slightly as your face delves between my thighs… feathering soft kisses along my inner thighs, the creases where my legs join my torso, the swollen lips of my pussy…

“Lick me.”

I press my hips instinctively toward your mouth, aching for more. Your tongue darts between my folds, circling my clit before dipping into my opening. In, out, fucking me with your tongue… in, out, my juices dripping down your chin…

Back to my clit, laving it gently with that marvelous tongue of yours, soft moans and sighs issuing from my lips as you pleasure me. My hands in your hair pull you amasya escort back a few inches.

“I need you,” I whisper.

Standing up, you run your hands up my torso, cupping my breasts in your palms. I move back, laying fully on the bed, and reach out for you.

“Get on all fours.”

I move onto my hands and knees in the middle of the bed. You climb onto the bed behind me, positioning yourself between my legs. Your hands grip my ass cheeks, your fingertips pressing into my skin. I push back against you, and the tip of your hard length brushes my pussy.

“Please,” I beg.

One hand grips my hip as you position yourself at my entrance… you press in slowly, filling me inch by glorious inch. My walls pulse around you, the delicious feel of you slipping into me almost more than I can take.

You push in all the way… then slowly back out. Both hands tighten their hold on my hips as you ram back into me. My clit throbs wildly as your balls slap against it. Out, in, pulling me tighter against you with every thrust… out, in, my breasts swaying in time.

Your hands slide over my back, my hips, my ass, setting my skin ablaze with your touch. I slip one hand down to where we’re joined, my fingers automatically seeking out my clit. You grip my hips as you thrust into me. Fast, hard. Oh so deep.

We can both feel me tightening around you as I get closer, and my head lowers as my pussy clenches around you.

My cry of pleasure fills your ears, my body shaking under your hands. Your grip on me tightens as you groan and plunge deep, going over the edge with me…

“Holy shit baby,” you manage a few minutes later, sprawled beside me on the rumpled sheets.

I smile into my pillow.