Erotic Haunted House


“Holy shit,” Kara yelled. “Are you reading this?”

Jo looked at the poster that was the object of Kara’s attention. “Yeah. That sounds awesome!”

The girls, walking home from a day of college classes, had been distracted by the small poster for an adult themed haunted house that was being run by one of the college fraternities as a fund-raiser for a local charity.

“We have to go to this!”

“Go,” replied Kara. “Hell, let’s participate!”

Jo looked at her roommate in surprise. “What are you talking about?”

“It says right here. They’re looking for people to create scenes for the haunted house. And there is a prize for the best scene. I think we should do it!”

“Are you crazy?” asked Jo. “How are we going to put together a whole scene for a haunted house?” She turned and continued to head home.

Kara just laughed as she followed her roommate. “You forget too easily. Remember stupid, my boyfriend works in the theatre department scene shop. Anything we need help with, I’m sure he’ll be able and willing.”

“Like I said, you’re crazy! Let’s talk about this later tonight, ok?”

“That’s fine. Oh, by the way, Josh is coming over in a few minutes. I figured we could do a bit of relaxing with a nice bottle or two of wine.”

Jo smiled at the thought. It had been a long week of classes, and despite the fact that she was the third wheel when Josh visited, the three of them got along famously, and she looked forward to the evening.

Just as the two girls reached their house, they saw Josh walking towards them from the other direction.

Kara beamed as she saw her boyfriend approaching. “Perfect timing, sweetie!”

“Thanks,” Josh replied. “What’s up girls?”

“Jo and I are going to enter a scene in an erotic haunted house and win a prize!”

“We are? I thought we were going to talk about this first,” asked Jo.

“We’re talking about it now. And with Josh here, I’m sure we can come up with something awesome!” Kara headed inside the house.

Josh watched his sexy girlfriend disappear through the front door before turning to Jo. “What crazy idea is she talking about now?”

Jo just smiled. “We saw this poster for an adult themed haunted house. They’re running a contest for people who want to create a scene for it, and there’s some sort of prize.”

“Sounds like that could be fun. What do you think?”

“I’m thinking that it could be fun.”

“I heard that!” Kara appeared on the porch holding three glasses of wine. “Sounds like we’re gonna be in the haunted house!”

“Hey! Let’s make sure there is still room for us,” replied Jo. “Maybe we should call before we get all worked up.” She took a big gulp of wine, already feeling its calming effects on her body.

“Ok, ok! I remember the phone number. Just give me a second.” With the grace that only a theatre major could muster, Kara managed to drink wine while dialing on her cell phone. Moments later, she had the phone to her ear. “Hello…Yes, we’re interested in participating in the haunted house…ok…..ok….and the theme is mystical worlds….yup, I got it…sure….we could do something like that…thanks! Bye!”

“What did they say?”

Kara took another sip of her wine. “First of all, the good news first. They still have openings available and better yet, the winner gets one hundred dollars!”

“That’s sweet,” Josh whistled.

“Ok, now I’m definitely interested,” added Jo. “But, you act like there is bad news.”

“Not bad news, but there are a few restrictions on what we can do for our scene.”

“Like what,” asked Jo.

“First of all, we can’t do any full nudity. Anything below the belt has to be covered.”

“Too bad!” laughed Josh.

Kara smacked him as she continued. “Also, they don’t want any scenes repeated, so they have a list of available scenarios to choose.”

“That’s ok. What’s on the list?” asked Jo.

“That’s the problem,” added Kara. “All that’s left is the dungeon scene or the execution scene.”

Jo frowned. “Either one sounds kinda lame. But, I guess I’d take the execution scene over the dungeon.”

“Too bad,” chuckled Josh. “I’d love to see the two of you locked up in the dungeon, with me having the keys.”

Kara looked at her boyfriend. “You are one kinky bastard, you know that?”

“Yeah,” he relplied. “But, you love it!”

“You’re right,” Kara smiled at Josh.

“Hey you two. Get a room!” Jo was trying to think what they’d do for the haunted house. “Kara, what did you tell them on the phone?”

Kara looked back to her roommate. “Good thing you picked the execution scene, because I told them that’s the one we’d do for the haunted house.”

“Cool! What do you guys want to do?” Josh was looking forward to hearing all the details.

“See, I knew he’d help us,” chuckled Kara. “Ok, let’s brainstorm here. What kinds of executions could we do?”

Josh thought for a moment before replying. “How about the guillotine? It would be easy to build, it’s got all the drama of waiting for the blade to fall, and we could do a realistic scene without having to actually kill anyone!”

“Go porno indir on,” Kara nodded at him.

“So, we set up the killing and right as the blade falls, we hear a scream and all the lights go out. As we say in theatre, less is more.”

“That sounds great!” said Jo. “I can live with a guillotine!”

“Works for me,” added Kara. “But we should have a story to go with it.”

“This is why I hate being a theatre major,” smiled Jo. “We always have to justify everything! But, I agree.”

“Guys, just do the wench that has broken the law thing. A low cut bodice, it’ll be great!”

“That is so cliché,” said Kara. “And anyway, the theme is mystical worlds. You know, unicorns and centaurs and shit like that.”

“So what if it was a mermaid being killed?” asked Jo. “You know…in the darkest of times, bla, bla, bla…people believed that their town was cursed by a mythical mermaid of the sea who brought plague and death to their fishing town. When they finally caught the mermaid, the punishment was death.”

“We could set it up like a short story. With the right lighting and sound effects this could be really cool,” Josh added. “And the mermaid idea is perfect. Erotic, but no full nudity. I love it!”

Kara grinned at her roommate. “Jo, you’re a genius. We’re going to win that prize for sure!”

“And that calls for a celebration!” Josh headed for the house with his now empty wine glass. “Anyone for more wine?”

The girls responded with a chorus of cheers as Josh returned with the bottle. After everyone had their glasses topped off, Josh turned to leave.

“Hey sexy, where are you going?” asked Kara. “We’re just getting started.”

“I know sweetie, but I have some great ideas for the guillotine that I want to sketch out before I forget.” With that, Josh headed inside.

“Men. They are so easily distracted,” smiled Kara.

“At least you have one.”

“You worry too much, girl. You’ll find the right guy soon enough.”

Jo smiled. “Yeah, you’re right. But I certainly could use a little bit of action every once in a while!”

Kara smiled at her friend. “I know what you’re talking about. But, enough about our personal problems. How are we going to make a mermaid?”

“Good question. Any ideas?”

Kara thought for a moment before answering. “At the moment, I’m drawing a blank. But, when one draws a blank, what does one do?”

“Search the internet!” Jo giggled.

Soon the girls were searching every site they could find on making someone into a mermaid. After an hour of fruitless surfing and another few glasses of wine the girls were well on their way to being too drunk to care that they hadn’t found anything.

“I can’t believe we didn’t find anything,” sighed Jo. “I thought you could find anything on the net.”

“Everything that you’re not looking for,” added Kara.

Jo looked back at the screen displaying lists of search results. “Wait a second. We didn’t try this one did we?”

“Nah, but it’s probably just some crazy pay site.” Kara turned from the computer and looked at her almost empty wine glass before heading from the room. “Guess it’s time for a refill!”

Jo clicked on the listing, and watched as the screen loaded. Instantly, she felt a flush of excitement rush through her body as she took in the image that was vividly displayed. On the screen was a petite girl who had been transformed into a mermaid. The girl’s long red hair cascaded over her shoulders framing her beautiful face and caressing her aroused nipples. Jo’s eyes drank in the image, letting her gaze fall down below the girl’s firm breasts to her flat stomach. Just below her stomach, the girl’s body was tightly and smoothly wrapped in shiny, silver duct tape. Her legs were seamlessly joined together, and instead of her feet, there was a large rigid tail, also covered in the shiny tape. Jo could see the look of excitement and desperation in the girl’s eyes as she pondered her fate, and Jo could also feel the wetness building between her legs as she imagined herself in the girl’s situation.

“What did you find?”

Jo quickly tried to close the window displaying the mermaid girl before Kara could notice, minimizing the picture and hoping that Kara didn’t see.

“Nothing really. You were right, just some pay site.”

Kara smiled. “Really? Let’s see.” She reached around Jo and maximized the screen, displaying the mermaid girl once again. “Wow! That looks awesome!”

Jo didn’t respond, instead concentrating on the sensations coursing through her body.

Kara looked at her roommate. “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Jo replied. “Just a little light headed from the wine!”

“Whatever you say,” Kara paused a moment before continuing. “That sure is one hell of a picture, huh? At least we know how we can create our mermaid now. And with a little bit of paint to cover the tape, our scene should look pretty good.”

Jo was trying to concentrate on Kara’s talking. “Yeah, that should look real good.”

“Holy shit. This picture is turning you on!” Kara smiled. “I guess there won’t be a competition rokettube over who gets to be the mermaid, huh?”

The thought of actually being the mermaid for the haunted house brought Jo out of her trance. “What? I don’t think I could expose myself like that!”

“Why not? I’m sure Josh will make sure the lights are dark enough that no one will recognize you. And anyway, you seem to be enjoying the thought of it right now.”

Jo knew she was right. She could feel the dampness growing in her aroused pussy, and she knew without looking that her nipples were drilling holes in her tight sports bra and t-shirt. “Ok, you’re right. But I’m gonna be so nervous.”

“Don’t worry Jo. Josh and I will make sure you have nothing to worry about.”


The week before the haunted house had Josh and Kara getting everything ready while Jo spent most of her time daydreaming about how it would feel to be the mermaid girl in the picture. The day of the haunted house, the three friends gathered to go over the game plan for the rest of the day.

“So, I’ll be at the location loading in the guillotine, and you girls can deal with the costume and makeup here.”

“That should work,” added Kara. “Just make sure you come back with your truck to get us for the haunted house!”

“Yeah. It’s not like I’ll be able to walk there myself!” Jo chuckled.

“I’ll be here to get you, I promise. Now is there anything we’re forgetting?”

“I don’t think so. You have set built and it’s been tested right?”

Josh smiled. “I’ve tested that thing so many times, it’s foolproof. You have the supplies for the mermaid costume?”

“Oh yeah. I hope we got enough duct tape.” Kara laughed, remembering the debate they had at the hardware store about how much tape they would need. In the end, half a dozen rolls of tape came home with them that day.

“And last but not least,” added Josh, “are you ready Jo?”

Jo blushed as she answered. “I think so. All I have to do is act like a mermaid that is gonna be decapitated, right?”

“That’s the gist of things,” replied Kara. “Obviously we’ll have to do your costume last, since once you’re in it won’t be easy to get you out.”

“That’s what I’m worried about. You’ll take care of me, right?”

“Don’t worry, girl. We’ll always be right there.”

Josh looked at his watch. “Shit! I’d better get going if I want to finish everything in time. You girls have fun today. I’ll pick you up about an hour before the haunted house is supposed to open.” Josh ran out the door leaving Kara and Jo to prepare for the haunted house.

Kara looked at her friend. “Are you nervous?”

Jo smiled. “Not really. I know you guys will take care of me. I just hope I’m not too bored with nothing to do all night.”

“I think we can think of something to help you out with that,” replied Kara. “Now, maybe you want to think about visiting the restroom before we start getting you ready. After all, once you’re in, you’re not getting out for a while.”

“I know! I hope its fun,” Jo said.

“If you react to it the way you reacted to that picture online, I think you’ll have the time of your life. Now go pee, we don’t have all day!” Kara laughed as her roommate practically skipped to the bathroom. With Jo gone, she began getting everything ready to transform her roommate into a mermaid.

Soon, Jo was back. “Ok, here I am. Let’s do this!”

“You ready?” asked Kara. “Once I start, we have to finish.”

“Let’s do this,” answered Jo. “What time is Josh coming back for us?”

“6:00, I think.”

“Then let’s go. That only leaves us five hours to get me ready.”

Kara looked at her watch. “You got it. How do we start?”

“Well, I didn’t find too much on the internet about it, but I guess we just tape me up.” Jo bit her lip, thinking about how that would feel. Her breath quickened as the anticipation of the evening began to arouse her.

“Well, if I’m gonna turn you into a mermaid, I need a canvas to work with. Lose the jeans girl.”

“What?” Jo caught her breath.

“You heard me. We don’t have all day.” Kara patiently waited for her friend to undress. She had to admit, Jo had more guts than she would have if she was in the same situation. Kara knew she’d never be able to go through with something like this. She admired her friend’s beautiful long legs, almost wishing they wouldn’t have to be hidden all night.

Nervously Jo unbuttoned her jeans and let them slowly slide to the floor. As she stepped out of the garment, now lying bunched at her feet, she could feel her arousal start to build even more. As she unconsciously brought her hands in front of her, she could feel a small wet spot growing through her cotton panties. She knew the situation would only get worse, and Jo hoped her friend wouldn’t see her building excitement.

“So far so good,” encouraged Kara. “Now let’s lose the panties.”

Jo froze. “You’re kidding me, right?”

“Not for one second,” replied Kara. “I looked at that picture that you found online too, and there was no way there were any panties under that tape. If seks filmi we’re gonna do this, we’re doing it right.”

Jo looked at Kara with desperation. “Please, do I have to?”

“Yes, you have to. And hurry up, we don’t have all day.”

Kara watched with fascination as Jo came to grips with her situation. Slowly, Jo slid one finger underneath each side of her thong. Inch by inch she pulled the thin material down, exposing her shaved pussy, before letting the panties fall from her fingers.

Kara whistled her appreciation. “I didn’t know you shaved down there!”

“This was the first time,” admitted Jo. “I was afraid the tape would stick to the hair.”

“So you wanted to take your panties off! I knew it!”

Jo started blushing furiously. Was it so obvious to her roommate that this was turning her on beyond her wildest dreams?

Kara stared at Jo for a moment before continuing. “Jo, do you trust me?”

“Sure. Why?”

“Because if you do, I have a surprise for you that I think will really make your evening as a mermaid very enjoyable. But you have to trust me and go with the flow of things.”

“I said I trust you. What’s the surprise?”

“I can’t tell you. Hold your hands out to the side, widen your stance, and close your eyes. I’ll be right back.” Kara disappeared into her bedroom, leaving a confused Jo.

“Are your eyes closed?” called Kara.

Reluctantly Jo closed her eyes before answering. “Yeah.”

“Ok, here I come. Now don’t move.”

Jo could hear Kara moving around her, but she couldn’t tell what was happening. Suddenly, without warning, the cool tip of a smooth object brushed across Jo’s clit. Moments later that same object was gently slid into Jo’s wet and willing pussy. Her knees almost buckled as the intruder was pushed home, filling Jo completely.

“Can I open my eyes now?” gasped Jo. “What was that?”

“It’s your surprise,” smiled Kara. “I saw how excited you got about the picture, so I took a chance and got you a little toy to keep you occupied tonight.”

Jo’s body was in overdrive. The combination of the anticipation of being taped up like a mermaid along with the object lodged in her pussy was sending shockwaves of pleasure through her aroused body. And the evening was only beginning. Jo worked to control her breathing as her body became accustomed to the new sensation.

“It’s a remote control vibe and clit stimulator,” explained Kara. “Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it,” moaned Jo.

“Then let’s turn you into a mermaid, before you change your mind.”

Kara picked up a roll of duct tape and admired her roommate before beginning. “Let’s see. I guess we’d better make sure your new toy stays in place.” Kara took a strip of tape and firmly pressed it against Jo’s skin, just above her pussy. She then pulled the tape firmly between Jo’s legs, and up between her ass cheeks, securely lodging the vibe inside of Jo.

“How does that feel?”

Jo just moaned. “I don’t think I can take too much more of this.”

“Don’t worry,” explained Kara. “In a few minutes it will get a bit less stimulating.”

Kara then began to wrap Jo’s most sensitive area with strip after strip of tape. Soon, Jo looked like she was wearing a pair of extreme low-rider boy shorts.

“Ok, mermaid, legs together.”

Jo gently brought her legs closed, forcing the layers of tape to press the vibe even deeper into her wet pussy. With a moan, Jo nodded at Kara to continue.

With the skill of a professional duct taper, Kara proceeded to wrap Jo’s legs together into a single, smooth unit. As she reached her ankles, Kara again looked to Jo. “You doing ok? I can only imagine what this feels like.”

“I’m hanging in there. You were right, though. This part isn’t nearly as stimulating as the first part.”

“Then let’s have you sit down. It’s time to add your fin.”

Kara helped Jo hop over to the bed. As Jo fell onto her back, she could feel the vibe shift again, sending a wave of pleasure through her body. Jo watched with fascination as Kara produced a large mermaid fin and temporarily taped it in place over Jo’s feet.

“Ok, mermaid, point your toes as hard as you can.”

Jo did as she was told, and watched as the fin lowered until it was almost parallel with the bed. She could feel Kara adding pieces of tape, securing fastening the fin to her feet and ankles. More and more pieces of tape were added and Jo’s feet disappeared under layer after layer of tape. Jo experimentally tried to flex her feet, only to discover the tape held her toes in a permanent pointed position. Knowing that she would be unable to stand until Kara released her sent another wave of pleasure through her body. Jo could feel her nipples harden as the realization of her current situation settled in.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Kara admired her handiwork. “Almost like you’re a real mermaid!”

Jo didn’t answer. Instead she explored the limitations of her legs bound in the tape along with the fin that had replaced her feet.

As Jo discovered just how little she could move, Kara approached with more tape. “Sorry dear, but I need to fix a few rough spots. One or two more layers should do it.” Jo could only lie on the bed and watch with rapt attention as Kara began running strips of tape from the end of the tail up the length of Jo’s encased legs. Soon Kara was finished, leaving Jo to admire her new tail.