The Man Who would be Queen Ch. 05-07


Dear Reader: This story was an attempt to try and create an erotic mystery with a forced feminization backdrop. I was trying to create intrigue and develop characters that were interesting. Not having the effect I was expecting and I did have to edit down Ch. 4 to get it publish because of content. If you like this to continue please let me know.


Chapter Five

“The Charade Begins”

“No, I can’t do this,” Mrs. Wilson cried as she was standing with Sarah just outside the mall doors.

“Mrs. Wilson, please, you have to do it. We have talked this through many time. It’s not going away. Now come with me and I will help you register,” Sarah said leading the crying woman inside.

Mrs. Wilson was crushed. Her husband had been a very influential in the community and this would have never happened while he was alive, at least she believed that. In truth Mrs. Wilson was a very confident woman who could be rather rude at times, but today she was very emotional and couldn’t understand why she had to do this.

An attractive woman in her mid forties she wore a pink dress with a black buttons and a belt and black 4″ high heel shoes. Her nails were immaculate and polished red, and not a curl out of place on her sophisticated platinum coifed hair. Not the kind of woman you normally see here.

“This is Mrs. Wilson and she needs to sign in please,” Sarah said holding her trying to comfort her.

“I need to see some identification,” the uniformed woman said looking at the grieving socialite with no emotion.

“I don’t want to do this,” the woman cried as she pulled the ID from her purse and showed it to the officer.

The paper work was filled out and Mrs. Wilson signed the papers through her tears.

“Please turn around ma’am and put your hands behind your back,” the uniformed woman said. She then handcuffed Mrs. Wilson’s hands behind her back and led her through a door to the prep area.

“Don’t do this to me,” she whined as she was taken further back into the prep room.

Sarah could do nothing at this point to help Mrs. Wilson. Seldom did she have clients have such emotional break downs, but it was an extremely humiliating process she was about to experience. Sarah waited for half an hour, the a door opened and all the subjects that had reported there today for their state ordered penance. They walked in a line chained together all wearing orange jump suits. There was some tears in the eyes of some, but the woman with the big platinum hairdo was taken up first and she squealed as she was put in place.

Sarah walked forcefully toward the exit of the mall, her high heels pounding the concrete floor. She called Clarence on her cell phone as she walked by all the men and women in orange jump suits with their heads and hands locked in individual pillory’s. They each stood on small platforms that were 5′ off the ground and 25′ apart. A leather chin strap was used to hold the head up of the one paying penance so they couldn’t hide their faces from the public as well as a large sign with their name. They all stood in a uniform straight line the length of the main corridor and awaited the shoppers and gawkers that would soon provide the public humiliation they were sentenced to.

At least they were in the middle of the main corridor and it was in such a way that the general public couldn’t actually get too close.

The last person she passed was the grieving Mrs. Wilson, “I want to get down,” the socialite cried to no one there.

“Oh my god,” Sarah said to herself, “She is going to make herself a spectacle and a laughing stock if she doesn’t stop that.”

“Hello,” Clarence said.

“This just makes me sick. It’s absolutely ridiculous, it’s not justice at all,” Sarah said her heels clicking quickly as she hurried to leave.

“You must still be at the mall,” he said recognizing the disgust that she always expressed when seeing this mass public humiliation on display.

“Yes, the pillories are all full and the stores are ready to open for business and they are opening the mall to the general public now. Did you find out anything on the Ferguson case?”

“Some interesting tidbits. Alone they don’t seem to mean much, but it seems there are a lot of coincidental things going on out here.”

“Fine. Not over the phone. Meet me at the office, I need to stop and see Lynn Ferguson first. The EQG still hasn’t come forth with any information on Dexter’s where abouts so I need to reassure her. I’ll call you when I’m headed to the office,”

“I’ll see what else I can find,” Clarence said hanging up the phone.

Sarah entered the parking garage and got her keys from her purse. Just as she was unlocking the door a man seized her from behind tightly covering her mouth with one hand forcing his other hand into her blouse and into the cup of her bra. The man squeezed her breast several times as she fought back. After only moments the man held her firmly and whispered in her ear.

“Sorry to make it look like this, but we are being watched,” the man said softly with a rough voice.

He then released her and xhamster porno disappeared quickly into the shadows.

Sarah was breathing hard trying to regain her composure as she quickly unlocked the car door. She looked about to see if there was anyone that might have seen what had just happened. There was on one. Then she got inside the car and locked it.

Sarah dialed the phone.

“OMG Clarence I was just attacked by a man. He molested me,” she said to Clarence trying to calm her shaking hands.

“Are you ok? Have you called the authorities?”

“Not yet, I’m trying to settle down and get the story together. OMG Clarence, it was so…”

Sarah had been adjusting her groped breast back into it’s bra cup properly when she was startled by something. There was something in the bra.

“Sarah are you all right?” Clarence called out at the sudden silence.

“Yeah I’m fine,” she said sounding almost dismissive and preoccupied.

It was a small business card. One of her own business cards and on the back there was something written.

“I’ll call you back Clarence,” she said hanging up on him before he could reply.

Still trying to settle her rattled nerves, she tried to rationalize what just happened.

“That man put this in my bra,” she pondered now remembering his whisper of what now seemed to be an apology before saying they were being watched.

She looked at the words written on the card again. It was in Latin.

“OMG,” she said out loud recognizing the phrase and it’s meaning.

” Is this about Dexter? If so it appears Dexter is just a pawn in a dangerous chess game,” she thought.

She composed herself as much as possible and reflected for a moment in disbelief but all the little pieces she had scrapped together in the Ferguson case began to make the outrageous thought she was having somehow plausible.

Sarah immediately started the car and headed to see Lynn.

She put the card back in her bra cup for safe keeping.

As she drove the Latin phrase on the card kept playing over and over in her head.

“Jus primae noctis”


“Aaron honey,” Lynn said before he left the house to join his friends.

“Your brother is going to need all the support he can get, especially from you.” Lynn gave him a slight smile.

“What do you want me to do mom? Curl his hair for him?” he asked in a sarcastic way.

“That would be nice. I can teach you how to curl his hair if you like,” she said and then smiled.

“No thanks mom. I’m good.”

“Aaron would you consider wearing a dress in the house sometimes just as a show of support for your brothers transition?” she asked gently.

“No,” Aaron said just looking at her.

“Do it for me? Nobody would ever know you wore dresses a home for your brother accept your sister and I. It would be a kind gesture of support Aaron.”


“Aaron I will expect you to show respect for Dexter’s decision to become a woman,” she said.

“That’s fine. I will do my best to support him, but mom it’s Dexter that wants to be a girl not me, and I shouldn’t have to play dress up with him just to make him feel better about his decision. I will accept him as a girl if that’s what he wants. Why don’t you ask Michelle to play dress up with him,” he said looking at her for an answer.

“Yeah well, be home at a reasonable time.”

She hated when Aaron would out reason her. He may be the youngest, but he was the intellectual in the family.

An hour later Lynn was stunned when Dexter walked in the house. He looked tired and haggered.

“Oh Dexter, I’ve been so worried. Are you all right,” Lynn said hugging him in a strong embrace.

“Yeah,” he said softly.

“Did they harm you,” she asked as she dialed the phone to let Sarah know he was home.

“They shaved me,” he said lowering his eyes. “Down here,” he said pointing to his groin area.

“What?” Lynn said hanging up the phone before Sarah answered.

“They had a doctor looking at me. My legs were in those baby delivery things,” he said without much emotion.

“Stirrups? They had you in stirrups,” Lynn said sounding outraged.

“This woman kept talking with me while I was being examined. She wondered why I didn’t want to slowly transition over a six month period. They drew lines on me. She said they would have gone ahead and done the procedure of removing my penis for me right then, but I had not been examined yet, to see what they needed to do.”

“Oh Dexter,” she said holding him close.

“But she said now I have been examined and they can proceed whenever I’m ready. They’re going to do this aren’t they mom,” he said softly sounding resigned to the fact. “I asked them to please wait and let me come home so I could do this with my family.”

Lynn re dialed Sarah’s number.

“He’s here Sarah, they let him come home.”

“I’m almost there. Try and settle him down. You and I need to talk privately. See you in a few minutes.”

Dexter went yaşlı porno into his room and stripped all his clothes off and pulled back the covers on the bed. He was exhausted and in a stunned state of confusion. Before getting in bed he turned and looked in the mirror moving his penis to one side to see the lines that were drawn where the incisions would be made when his testicles and penis were removed.

There was an odd calm about him as he climbed into bed. He called his girlfriend Angela on the phone. What would he say? How do you tell someone about something like this. All he knew was he needed to hear her voice right now.

“Grant the boy an audience next week. Refer to him in a feminine manner and make it clear that I am expecting a young lady to arrive not a boy. Our records will show he is female already.” the calm female voice spoke.

“Yes ma’am. Could that be due to a clerical error?” another woman asked.

“Yes, for now. Start the paperwork behind the scenes. When he starts filing paperwork he will be much further along this way.”

“Ma’am what about a womb transplant? Should we search for a donor. We now have all the information we need to find a compatible donor.”

“Absolutely! I want him to have it all. Why shouldn’t he.”

“The attorney Sarah Greer has requested and audience tomorrow for issues dealing with some current practices she feels…”

“Yes, yes, I know the routine. Grant her an audience. Let her know it is formal Ball Gown attire only.”

There was a suppressed snicker in the room.

The Man Who Would be Queen Ch 6

“The Man Who Would Be Queen”

Chapter Six


Sarah arrived at the Ferguson house. She was trying to control her thoughts but her mind was racing too fast. Too much information too quickly.

She slipped her purse over her shoulder and walked to the door. She was sharply dressed today wearing her black slacks and matching blazer with a ruffled white blouse. Her shoes were orange, 3″ high heels with gold buckles on the toes, that matched the color of her purse. She never wore a dress to the public shopping mall punishments. She didn’t really have a reason other than it didn’t feel right to her. Made her feel somehow vulnerable.

“Please come in Sarah,” Lynn said opening the door.

“Is he still here?” Sarah asked looking about.

“Yes, he’s in his room. He was exhausted. Doesn’t look like he has slept in days. He said they had him on a table and shaved his pubic area like they were prepping him for the sex change surgery. The doctor even drew lines on him. They said they couldn’t do the surgery today but would have if all the prep work had been in place. They needed more prep information.”

“So they let him go for now,” Sarah said looking at her as if she recognized their intent.


“They are really wanting him to do this on his own,” Sarah said as she walked to the dining room.

“Let me speak to him privately for a moment.” Sarah said walking to the bedroom.

Sarah was in the room with Dexter for half an hour. Lynn listened carefully trying to hear what was being said, but she only could pick up bits and pieces. Finally Sarah came out and closed the door. They went back to the dining room.

“I truly believe they were bluffing Lynn.”

“You really think so?” Lynn said not so sure of Sarah’s quick response.

“It was just a scare tactic, and well done I might add. This is what we are going to do to you for real next time we pick you up if you don’t do it yourself over the next six months. There appears to be something important to this public perception they wish to achieve but I don’t know what it is yet.”

“So you really think it was just a bluff?” Lynn said seemingly more relieved.

“Yes, I do, at least this time it was a bluff.”

“Did you tell him that?”

“No I didn’t”

“I’ll let him know. I’m sure he will be relieved to know that,” Lynn said taking a step toward the bedroom.

“Just hold on a minute Lynn,” Sara said reaching out and catching Lynn’s arm as she was going by, “Maybe we should leave things as they are for now.”

“What? But he thinks they are…”

“Let him think it’s for real. At this point it is buying him six months. They will do the sex change sooner if he doesn’t do it the way they want. At least now he will hopefully be more cooperative and allow us some time to find out more about why the queen secretly wants this done,” Sarah said pulling her gently back to her chair.

“So what do we do next,” Lynn asked quietly.

“I have requested an audience with the queen for myself for tomorrow and one for Dexter next week. I am waiting for an answer, but hopefully some information will reveal itself while I’m there.”

“Ok,” she said.

“We need to talk Lynn. Are the other kids around?”

“No, they are both out for the day.”

“A man snuck up on me today in the parking garage when I was at the mall. He grabbed me and held his hand over my mouth. He put his other hand inside my bra and groped my aldatma porno breast while I was struggling with him.”

“Oh my god Sarah! That’s horrible.”

“It was very unnerving, but he said something very strange that I didn’t understand at the moment he said it.”

“What was that?” Lynn looked puzzled.

“He said, Sorry, We are being watched. Then he ran away quickly. I didn’t see anyone around. When I got back in my car I was shaking and adjusting my bra from his attack and found he had left this in my bra cup.”

Sarah looked Lynn in the eye as she reached in her bra and pulled out the business card. Sarah threw it on the table in front of her.

“I think he did what he did to get me this message. I think it pertains to you Lynn. It’s just a hunch.”

Lynn looked at the card. She saw the words in Latin written on the back. She looked at Sarah.

“I can’t read this. What does it mean?”

“It’s Latin. Jus primae noctis, Right of the first night.” Sarah stared at Lynn for a moment who still seemed to be confused.

“It’s an ancient custom Lynn, or should I say it’s a myth. It is not even known to have ever been used, but the local lord or a member of the royal family was said to have the rights to a woman’s first night of her marriage if he so desired. These so called men felt they had the right if they so desired, of taking a woman’s virginity themselves on her wedding night.”

Lynn’s eyes lowered and she put her hands together on the table. She was teary eyed.

“I was curious as to how you could afford such a nice house and support three children on just the pension of your deceased husband. All this has a lot to do with you doesn’t it Lynn,” Sarah said looking deeper into Lynn’s eyes now.

“I have always done what was required of me to protect the children.”

“And you have done a wonderful job. Your husband Darrell, he was not Dexter’s father though was he.” Sarah said almost certain of herself.

“No,” Lynn said softly now in tears.

“Is he the father of your other children?”

“Yes,” she said nodding her head as she answered.

“Lynn. Are you Dexter’s real mother?”

Lynn looked a little surprised by the question.

“Yes, I am his mother.”

“I’m just getting all the facts straight. Lynn, look at me honey. Were you taken away on your wedding night?” she asked.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Those arrogant bastards,” Sarah hissed, then quickly softened her tone. “It’s ok honey,” Sarah said softly holding her hands now from across the table.

“Was it one of the local government people?’ she asked.


“Was it a member of the royal family then?”

“Yes,” she said crying harder now.

“Do you know which one it was? Was it that young Duke of Paxton at the time? He is a horrible man.”

Lynn shook her head no. She looked Sarah in the eye.

“Please, you can’t tell anyone Sarah. Not a soul, especially Dexter. It is too dangerous,” she said sobbing, “It was the king.”

“WHAT!!” Sarah yelled out in an uncontrolled reaction.

“I would have kept the secret to my grave, but I don’t know why the Queen is doing this to Dexter. Why is she insisting he have a sex change. I don’t understand. I was the one violated. I did my part. I need your help,” she said crying.

Sarah stood straight up. She didn’t know what to say. Dexter was the kings son? “Why aren’t you both dead?” was the obvious question that came to her mind first, but such questions could wait.

“Excuse me for a moment please,” Sarah said stunned almost speechless trying to regain some of her composure as she stepped outside to call Clarence.

Sarah took a couple of deep breaths and regained her composure. She then called Clarence.

“Are you back at the office yet.”

“Yeah, just walked in.”

“I am headed your way. Don’t leave there till I’ve arrive.”


An hour after Sarah left Angela showed up at the door.

“Hi Mrs. Ferguson. Dexter called me and seemed very upset. Is everything ok?” she said looking at Lynn’s red eyes.

“He’s in his room in bed Angela. Go on in.”

Angela now knew something was up. Dexter’s mom never would have let them be alone in the bedroom in her house. Angela slowly went in and closed the door not knowing what to expect.

“He can tell her if he wishes. It is only right that he has that option,” Lynn thought to herself knowing it would be another person that would be party to what was happening. Angela was his girlfriend. Lynn knew they were probably much closer than she would have liked anyway, but this decree changed Lynn’s outlook on things.

“I can’t stand in the way of him being a man for this girl, especially now. Even if it may be just a short while,” she said to herself walking away from the room.

“The Man Who Would Be Queen”

Chapter 7

“On the Eve of the Beginning”

Olivia paced the floor nervously in his red 5″ spike high heels. His husband and his girlfriend were coming to visit him today and this always made him very uneasy.

Olivia had not seen his husband in several months. He both hated and feared the most sadistic and unkind human he had ever met, then forced to marry, and he hated the girlfriend even more. She relished the idea that she had some kind of real power being the Duke’s bimbo.