Mommy Sexual Journey – Part I


Mommy Sexual Journey – Part IdeletedMY MOM AND MY PICSdeletedMy dad works as a taxi driver and mom is a house wife as our great grandparents left much money for us we are living happily. My mom’s name is Archana. She got married to dad when she was young and within one year she got pregnant and gave birth to me and our happy family.Now my mom’s age is 32 now s dad is a taxi driver he comes very late in the nights and sometimes don’t come home in the nights. He will go with his friends and enjoy the whole night and comes. But mom was not disappointed with dad’s behaviour as dad took great care of my mom.Now let’s come into the story as I told my mom Archana is a beautiful woman with having all perfectly shaped in her body she looks very sexy when she wears a saree than in a chudidar. I loved to see other men sighting my moms and I thought I want to see my mom getting fucked by other men as days are passing.This incident happened on 17th February 2012.on that day I and my mom went to super market to get some grocery then while we are returning home we got into an autorikshaw. It is a seven seater autorikshaw but already there are six men so no place for me and my mom.The auto driver said me to sit in front beside the driver’s seat and told mom to get adjusted backside. Mom sat In between those six men. Those six men enjoyed as in was very congested and they are able to touch moms body one of the man sitting very beside to mom was completely touching my mom’s body.I can see my mom facing difficult to sit through her facial expressions but somehow adjusted to sit. As we are moving in auto slowly one by one is getting down of the auto at their destinations. All got down but the man sitting next to my mom was not getting off.He is still close to my mom then mom asked him to move aside as no one is there in auto except my mom and that man in the behind and me and the driver in the front. After 40 minutes of journey the auto stopped in front of our house. Then my mom and I got off the auto and mom paid the auto man.The man sitting beside my mom also got down in front of our house only. Then the auto left. While we are going that man called my mom and asked excuse me can you please give me some water to drink. My mom didn’t reply for a while and after a few seconds told to come in.My mom opened the door lock and we went it. That man also came inside that man is black in colour with a well built body and he looks like a rough man. My mom placed the grocery on the table and went inside the kitchen to get water. Mean while that man asked me what my name was.And I told him my name and then he asked how many will be there in my house. I said my mom and dad. He then asked where your dad is. I said him about my dad and what work he does then mom came and gave him water bottle and went into the bedroom and that man drank water and looked our house and asked what’s my mom name was.I replied him as Archana and then mom came out n a nighty and that man was smiling and he stood up and mom came near him he gave the water bottle to mom and thanked mom and mom took the bottle and told him to leave now without any harshness then that man went out and mom locked the doorThen it was 4 in the evening and I want to go out for playing with my friends. So I opened the door and went out. I was surprised to see the man who came home in the morning to drink water is still in front of our house. I pretended as I didn’t notice him and my friends were playing in front of our house only.So I also joined them and that man is weighting to get a chance to go inside my house. But as I was playing in front of my house only so he was unable to get inside. After some time my dad came in a taxi and karabağlar escort I went inside my home as my dad called me.My dad told to mom that he is going to Delhi as a picnic with his friends tonight. My mom felt sad then my dad hugged her and said he will return within one week. My mom gave send off to my dad and my dad went. So I went and continued playing with my friends.Meanwhile that man was still roaming in front of our house only then he came to me and asked who that man who came in a taxi is. I replied him as he is my dad. He asked me where your dad went. I replied him that he went to Delhi with his friends and will return back in a week.Then that man got a smile in his face. I asked him what his name was he said his name is Benarjee. I kept playing with my friends. Then he called me as said that he don’t have a house to live so he wants to be in our house. I said him to ask my mom but he said if your mom doesn’t agreeI will not find any shelter so please help he said. Then I thought for a while and decided that he is a good man and I told him that there is another room in our house you can be in that secretly without getting known to mom. He said ok then I walked back to home and he followed me back.I said him to wait till I call him to come inside. After deciding that mom is inside the bedroom I called him and he came inside the house and I showed the room. The room was next to the master bedroom where I and my mom will sleep.I said to him to go under the bed so that mom cannot get known him that he is inside the house. He did what I said. Then the time was running and it was 8 and mom called me for dinner I went and had my dinner and mom also had her dinner.She cleaned the vessels and we sat in front of TV for some time. I remembered that man so I went into the room and closed the door and called him. He came out from under the bed. He then said that his 2 more friends are outside of the house and wants to come in.I said no it’s not possible as mom is sitting in the hall and he then said ok and started talking about some sex matter slowly and I gave response to him by asking all doubts and we went in deep discussion then Benarjee said if you allow me I will do sex with your mom and clarify all your doubts.I was shocked but as my wish also was that so I kept quiet and asked him how he will fuck. He then said that his friends who are outside can help him and they 3 will fuck my mom it seems. At first I resisted but after few minutes I agreed. Then Benarjee took his mobile and called to his friends and told a plan.The plan was that I and mom will be watching tv and they will ring the bell mom will go and open the door and they says that their car got troubled and would like to stay here this night if my mom don’t agree means the 2 people should forcibly come in and close the door and should try to start r****g her then Benarjee will join.By hearing all this plan I said best of luck to Benarjee and I went in to the hall and sat in the sofa after some time the bell rang and mom went to open the door as according to the plan they said that their car got trouble so they wants to stay in our house tonight.But mom didn’t agree after them begging for some time mom agreed and showed the room where I kept Benarjee. The two men thanked mom and came inside and I took them into the room then they closed the room door and I called Benarjee to come out.He came out and smiled to his friends. He introduced his friends to me. Their names are Arjun and Aakash then all 3 men thanked me and mom called me to come out while I am going Aakash told me that you will see your mom getting hard fuck tonight. I smiled and went out.My mom and karabağlar escort bayan I went into our bedroom and got ready to sleep. My mom was in nighty and she slept beside me and switched off the lights. It was 9:30 by that time. My mom slept early but I couldn’t get sleep as my dream is going to get true tonight.I slowly got up from my bed and saw the time it was 10 in the night and slowly moved towards the door and opened and went into to the other room where all the 3 men were there. I knocked the door as it was locked. Arjun came and opened the door.I went inside and asked when they are going to start. Benarjee said as soon as your mom sleeps we will get into action. I said mom slept then Benarjee said u too go and act as you are sleeping because your mother shouldn’t get doubt on you so you also go we will come in 5 minutesAnd bang your mom as he said I went and lied on the bed mom was sleeping. After 5 minutes the door was knocked I didn’t get up and pretended as I am sleeping mom got up and went to see who it was. She then opened the bedroom door and saw the two men.Mom asked what they want and they said some water so mom went into the kitchen and got a water bottle from the fridge and got and gave to them. Then Arjun said to my mom that she is very beautiful. My mom looked a bit serious and said thanks.He said your lips are in good colour then mom got angry and told that she is getting sleep and closed the door after some time again the door was knocked. Again mom went and opened and again the two men were standing. My mom asked them what they want in bit anger.They said that they were hunger and want something to eat. Then my mom went inside the kitchen and got some biscuits and chips and some sweets and placed them on the table and said them to eat and came back into the bedroom by closing the door.Then again after 5 minutes the door was knocked and mom again went and opened the door this time Benarjee was there mom saw him and remembered him that this man came for water in the morning mom was shocked how he came inside she told who are you and how did you come inside.Then the other two men also came and they pushed mom into the bedroom. Mom was shouting who are you get out from her but the three people came inside our bedroom and locked the door. Mom was shouting I got up due to shouting Benarjee pushed mom on to the bed and told that you sexy ladyI thought fucking you in the auto itself in the morning but I got chance now I will fuck you as hard as I can along with my friends. So you cooperate with us. My mom shouted them you bastards get out of my house then Arjun came and slapped my mom and I resisted then Benarjee said to me you small GIRLI will kill your mother if you come in between. So just see your mothers live blue film. I kept quiet and then Aakash caught hold my mom and tore her nighty. That was the first time for me to see my mom in a bra and petticoat.My mom was crying by covering her boobs with her hands. Then Benarjee went to my mom and caught her hands and folded them back and removed the petticoat nodes and he pulled the petticoat and it was the first time I saw mom in bra and panty.Then Benarjee slapped mom and pulled mom towards him by holding the bra. Mom fell on him and he removed the bra and mom was half naked now and Benarjee caught mom and hugged her tightly her boobs are crushed on Benarjee chest mean while Aakash came from behindAnd removed mom’s panty and started beating on her hips. Now my mom was totally nude completely nude. I was watching all the scene with my big eyes. Then Benarjee kissed on moms cheeks and gave some rough kisses on her lips.Meanwhile Arjun was pressing escort karabağlar and squeezing mom’s boobs and Aakash was rubbing mom’s pussy and ass. Then they left mom and they got undressed. Then I saw all 3 people have monster cooks nearly 9 inches each. Then Benarjee went as mom was crying and covering her body with her hands.He pulled mom and rubbed her pussy hardly. My mom was crying in pain. Benarjee said there is no use in crying shut up and just cooperate with us. He then bent and licked my mom’s pussy and the other 2 men were pinching and biting mom’s nipples and lips.Then Benarjee got up and tried to enter into mom’s pussy but as mom was moving he couldn’t and he gave a hard slap on her cheep. She started crying more. Benarjee then slowly entered into her pussy she shouted loudly and louder. Aakash close mom’s mouth with his mouth by giving a tight lip kiss.The Benarjee slowly started moving to and fro and started fucking mom’s pussy and mom was unable to shout as Aakash close her mouth with lip kiss. Arjun was playing with moms boobs and kissing navel. Benarjee fucked mom’s pussy for 30 minutes and finally cum in mom’s pussy and sat beside to relax.Meanwhile Arjun occupied the place and entered his giant cook into mom’s pussy and Aakash started to bite her boobs and kiss her navel. Mom was shouting in pain. Then Arjun also fucked and cum in side mom’s pussy for more than 30 minutes and at last Aakash fucked my mom very hard as he was the last to fuck.Aaksah was pumping very hard and mom was shouting louder and louder. After pumping harder and harder Aakash slow down and he too cum in my moms’ pussy at last and removed his cook out and slept beside my crying mom. Now there is mixed cum of 3 men inside my mom’s pussy.Benarjee got relaxed and got up and again came towards mom and this time he turned mom and bet very hard on her hip. He widened her legs and I saw my mom’s beautiful ass hole. It is very small hole. As my dad didn’t fuck my ass hole so it is very small.Benarjee fingered in mom’s ass hole his finger with a bit difficulty went inside. Mom moaned in pain and was crying more. Benarjee finger fucked mom for some time and then took his cook and slowly kept inside the ass hole but as his big dick couldn’t enter into that small ass hole.Then he used his all force and pushed his dick inside her ass hole. Half of his cook entered mom was shouting like hell. Benarjee again pushed with more force this time the entire cook went inside and mom was shouting like a pregnant women while delivery slowly Benarjee was moving his cook in and out due to this blood started coming of mom’s ass hole.By seeing the blood he increased the speed and he cum and removed his dick like this all three fucked mom’s ass and mom fell u*********s and all three cum on her body and enjoyed her a lot. They kept their hands inside moms pussy and they applied their cum on her whole body after all finished mom was in conscious and was unable to get up.Benarjee came to me and asked me whether I have enjoyed or not. I said yes I enjoyed. Then the 3 men slept beside mom that night and the day was over. We all got up very late in the morning first I got up and saw the three men and mom lying nude still.Then the 3 men got up one by one and they got fresh up and al last mom got up and she was unable to stand up and walk as her pussy and her ass was fucked very badly by the three men. Then mom couldn’t walk and fell down then that 3 men came and lifted mom and placed her on bed. Mom saw them and was crying.Benarjee took his cell phone and captured some of my mom’s nude pics then Benarjee said it’s all over now just shut up and we can enjoy till your husband comes daily. My mom kept crying slowly and she went to bathroom and took bath and came out and wore a blue saree.By seeing mom in saree that 3 men again wants to fuck mom but they waited till our breakfast and lunch was prepared. So that’s the end for now readers. I hope you have enjoyed the story. I will continue the real incident