For My Master’s Pleasure


He makes me get on the floor on my hands and knees naked. I start to shake and cry. He always demands me to do things for him, to him. He is so disgusting I want to throw up. He makes me call him Master. I hate when he makes me call him this. Its so humiliating. He likes making me feel so low. He lives for this. I cant help sometimes feeling a little excitement. He knows how much this bothers me and makes me cry. He knows he makes me feel good.

I get so wet when he ties me up to the radiator and walks back and forth telling me how i was a bad girl. I know he is going to hit me with his whip…I know its going to hurt…He tells me I need to be disciplined and I will learn to want to be disciplined. After a while I do want to be disciplined. I know how bad I have been. He said I would learn to be good and I would want to be a good girl. After two weeks of being here I want to always do the right thing for my master. I crave to do things the right way. Why am I always being punished? “Look what you have done?” My master yelled at me. “Come to me and kiss my feet!” I crawl to where he is as far as my lead will allow and hugged and kissed his vbet feet. I licked his ankles and toes. He brought the whip down on my ass…It hurt so much but I wanted the discipline. “You want me to hit you again girl?” you yelled at me

“Yes master, I know I deserve it. I will try and do better, I promise.” He brought that whip down over and over on my ass until it was beat red and bubbled. It hurt so much but I could feel my pussy getting wet. I could feel that tell tale sign in the pit of my stomach that I was going to start enjoying this even though he didn’t want me to enjoy it.

“I am so sorry I have to do this to you girl….” My master said to me as he knelt down in front of me. “I will make it up to you…suck my dick.”

“But, but, Master you know I don’t like doing that.” Again he brings the whip down.

“Again this is your training…you will do as I say…no questions. You are in need of so much discipline girl…you are going to be my slave for a very long time…” He said and put his cock to my lips. “Suck it until I cum and don’t spit it out girl. You better swallow it…”

“Yes master,” vbet giriş I say while tears roll down my face. I opened my mouth to allow is cock deep into my throat. I took every inch down my throat. He was so big I would never be able to get his 9 inch cock down my throat. I thought I was going to gag but he spanked my ass and yelled that I better not let his cock leave my mouth. I sucked and sucked. I tried to get it all down my throat but I couldn’t. I put my hands gently around his balls and squeezed. I think he liked this because he grabbed my hair on either side of my face and pumped so hard into my mouth. He started fucking my mouth and I couldn’t breath. His cock continued to hit the back of my throat and sliding deep into my throat. I stopped gagging and relaxed enough to take him all the way. He put his hand on my throat. “I can feel my cock sliding in and out of your throat Girl.”

My pussy was throbbing now I wanted so badly to touch my clit with my fingers and bring myself to an orgasm. I couldn’t risk him feeling me cum or He would punish me and I’m trying so hard to be good.

“I’m going to vbettr cum bitch…take it all or risk punishment!” I tried to pull away not wanting his cum in my mouth but he made it so I had no choice. I felt it coming. The way his body tensed and I braced myself for what was to come. His cock seemed to grow so thick while he fucked me so fast down my throat.

He sprayed his load down the back of my throat as I coughed and choked. “Don’t spit it out girl you don’t want to do that. I am your master and you do as you are told!” He pushed me off his cock as I fell backwards crying and coughing as his cum was dripping down my chin. “Lick my cum off you chin Girl,” My master said as he knelt down next to me and stroked my hair. “What a good girl you are now…see how good I treat you? You are going to love my discipline…and when I am done with you you’ll make the perfect sex slave….but we have so much work to do on you…”

He stood up and left me then…my pussy throbbing. I know I am bad most of the time and I need to listen more but I hate him because he leaves me feeling like this and I am too afraid to touch my clit and make myself cum. He said when I am really good he will let me cum. I so need to cum.

I curled up in a ball on the bare floor still tied to the radiator and waited my next assignment…God I hope I pass this one…it hurts so badly when I am not a good girl…