Trading Places

Big Tits

I was surfing on my PC when my girlfriend snuck up on me. Normally, I was more aware but was engrossed in my viewing of women; then women in lingerie; then men in lingerie and then men in lingerie getting their asses stuffed.

I had quite a stiff and was casually rubbing it through my sweats.

“That’s pretty hot!” I suddenly heard from behind.

I quickly flipped to a different window but it was too late. Veronica had already seen it.

“Er… How long have you been standing there?” I asked.

“Long enough to see you playing with yourself looking guys in bras and panties!” she answered.

I looked at her worried about what she would do, but she just stood there smiling.

“Those guys looked pretty hot.” Veronica finally said. “I know you liked looking at them; it’s pretty obvious from that bulge in your lap.”

I was still concerned.

“Go back. Let me see again!” Veronica told me.

I went back to the page I was viewing as Veronica sat on my lap; my bone was nestled in her butt crack.

“I like this one!” Veronica pointed. I liked it too. It was a slender guy like me, dresses in black lacy bustier with garters, fish net stockings and high heels. Beside him, was obviously a female dressed in a man’s suit jacket, white shirt and black tie. Her shirt tails extended passed her bum. She also was in black stockings and high heels; i.e. No pants. She held onto a fedora atop her head. Sticking out from between her legs was a strap on cock.

My cock jumped under Veronica’s ass. “I felt that.” she said. “This really turns you on doesn’t it?”

“Well, I was just surfing and came upon this site and was just curious.” I admitted. “But the more I looked, the more involved I became. And that’s when you came in.”

I continued, “But I have to admit I was wondering what it might feel like.”

We viewed a couple of more sites; each time, a little more explicit; each one caused my cock to react.

Finally, Veronica said. “Well I think we need to satisfy your curiosity. Go stand in the living room and take off your sweats.”

Veronica stood up and waited for me to move. “Come on!” as she jerked at my long brown hair. “Living room. Sweats off and wait for me!”

I was almost frightened to not obey. I rose from my chair and with head down and eyes averted, shuffled quickly to the living room. Veronica followed and made sure I obeyed. I pulled my sweat pants down my slender legs and kicked them aside.

Since I’m a runner, I shave my legs even though I have extremely fine sparse hair over my body. In fact I have no chest hair and almost no pit or pubic hair. The only real hair I have is my thick mane.

“Stay there!” Veronica told me before she went to our bedroom.

She was away for a couple of minutes, but standing here half naked, it felt like hours. The thought of someone seeing me kept me hard.

Veronica returned and extended her hand to me. “Put this on.”

I took the article and held it up. It was a pink, stretchy, short, lace, boy panty. I looked at Veronica who just stood there with her hands on her hips. “I said put it on!” she re-iterated.

After figuring out front and back, I slowly bent over and slipped my right foot into the leg hole, then the left. I shimmied them up my legs and snugly over my slim hips. I adjusted my cock inside and fit the panty around my waist.

The feeling was exquisite. I closed my eyes and ran my hands over the material.

“Wow, you look hot!” Veronica exclaimed. “I think you are really enjoying wearing them.”

I couldn’t believe or explain how I felt. I was actually so overjoyed, my eye started to well up with rears of happiness.

Veronica came up to me and ran her hands over my tight bum; over my hard on and between my legs and bum. Within seconds, I spasmed and shot my load inside my panties standing right in the middle of the floor. My knees buckled but I was able to catch myself before I fell to the floor.

Veronica let me wear my wet panties to bed that night. She watched as I played with myself and came twice more before I was able to fall asleep exhausted.

Next morning, I woke up reliving what happened last night, but I had ready for work. I peeled off my cum-stained panties and hopped into the shower. The hot water felt good on my back.

I finished showering and drying off. I walked to our bedroom to finish dressing and pulled open my dresser to get some clean underwear but didn’t find any. Well I did find some, just none of mine. There was a white cotton lo-rise panty, a black silk t-back and a small, red, lacy, french cut hip huggers; well more of a 3 inch strip of lace stitched together in the middle for the crotch.

Veronica stood behind me. “Well you seemed to enjoy last night so much. Put them on.”

So I selected the red ones since they were the sexiest. The slipped on so nicely. The crotch part cradled my package nicely while the rear end ruffles ran between my butt crack. I thought women are so lucky to be able to wear such beautiful feeling underthings.

I went to work and had a hard on all day. Every step reminded me of what I wore underneath. When I sat at my desk, II discreetly played with myself through my trouser just to feel the lace on my boner.

At the end of the day, I kind of felt a little sad knowing I’d be taking them off. But I enjoyed the bus ride home, especially teasing some old lady who was sitting down facing me. The start-stop swaying of the bus rubbed my cock against the lacy material and kept me hard. The old lady eyes were almost crotch level and were staring at my tent for the entire ride. I laughed to myself.

I slowly walked to our house trying to extend my experience, but I didn’t need to worry.

I opened the door to find Veronica there to greet me. She was dressed in her housecoat.

“We’re having a special evening in tonight.” She said. “Have a bath then I’ll help you get ready.”

I took a long, hot bath trying to relax but was too excited thinking about what was next.

Coming out of the bath, I found Veronica dressed in my dark, blue pin striped suit, one of my white shirt with french cuffs, my mother of pearl cuff links, and my Hermes tie. Her makeup was done up in a dominant manner, definitely not feminine. She wore high heel ankle boots to maintain height over me.

Veronica sat me naked at her dresser. She applied false eye lashes, mascara, liner, blush and lip stick on me. She brushed out my hair and coifed it into a beautiful flowing do; pinned across to one side.

As I stood up, Veronica reached around and put blue and red, lace and satin corset on me. The bust part was a little empty, but Veronica used her bra padding to fill me out to almost a size “C”.

The corset also had garters attached to them and Veronica instructed me on how to put my blue diaphanous stockings on.

She then handed me a very sheer looking, blue and red lace panty. I carefully pulled them on so I wouldn’t snag my hose. I guess I was pretty nervous at this point. I had no erection and easily tucked myself inside. Since the material was pretty sheer and thin and you could definitely see my cock.

“No.” Veronica said. “I don’t think I want it there; tuck it between your legs.”

I followed her instruction and hid myself so that my cock actually ran between my legs and ass cheeks. It almost reached my asshole.

Veronica then showed me my dress. A snug, blue satin cocktail dress. It had a plunging vee neck that came down between my breasts. The skirt part was tight and came barely to mid thigh but covered my stocking tops and garter clips.

Amazingly, I was able to fit into a pair of her 3-inch heels although it was a very tight fit and I wouldn’t want to be in them all day.

I looked at myself in the mirror and could not believe how beautiful I was.

“Dinner is ready.” Veronica held out her arm for me to take and then lead me albeit with a wobbled walk, to the dining room. She held the chair she normally would sit in. She pushed it in as I sat down.

Veronica had dinner catered. She served it before sitting down beside me to my right.

We dined on a mixed greens salad with an orange-balsamic vinaigrette; Chicken Kiev for the entrée and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Each course had a different wine. My favourite ice wine went perfect with dessert.

We were relaxing on the couch after dinner with cognac when I felt Veronica’s hand on my thigh. Her hand started to slide upward between my legs and pushed my hem over my thighs exposing my stocking tops and garters. Her fingers caressed my naked skin.

I was a little tipsy from all the drinks, but thought “This is what I usually do to get sex from Veronica.”

I reciprocated her caress by sliding one hand on her back and the other on her thigh but had my hand move away.

“You’re starting to drive me crazy Veronica. I need to do something with my hands.” I begged.

“First, for now my name is Ron. Drew can go either way so you can keep yours.” Ron explained. “Remember Drew, ‘Patience is a virtue’ and I’ll be taking that soon enough.”

I couldn’t do anything but spread my legs, not to wide since my dress was so tight. Ron stroked my “cunt” tucked between. The tight panties prevented me from exploding into full boner mode.

“Let’s dance!” Ron said suddenly.

Ron grabbed my arm and pulled me into the middle of the floor. The background music was slow, easy jazz; good for kicking back or for dancing. We slow danced extremely close. Ron pulled my body tight as I put my arms around her neck.

As we danced our lips kissed. I felt Ron’s hands descend from the small of my back over my bum. She pressed my groan into hers. I thought I could feel something else but was too drunk to be sure and too engaged enjoying the experience.

Ron’s fingers started to tickle my ass when I realized she was actually pulling the back of my dress up.

She grabbed my panty covered ass cheeks with both hands. Her fingers slid between my bum and tickled the head of my uncut cock. She pulled up my dress over my hips and slipped her thumbs inside my panty waist then slowly moved her hand hands downward until they were around my knees.

My cock sprung out from between my legs. What I wouldn’t give to be able to control my hardness right now.

Ron placed her hand on my head and pushed me to my knees. My face was at crotch level as I reached up and undid Ron’s trousers. She was wearing my boxers underneath.

I pulled Ron’s underwear down and found a 6-inch strap on cock waiting for me. I automatically opened my mouth and let Ron fuck my throat.

It seemed easy to me as I let Ron slide her dick down my gullet.

“What a good girl my Drew is.” Praised Ron. “Is this the first time you’re sucking cock?”

I could only nod up and down since Rod did not extract the phallus from my mouth.

“Are you sure?” Ron questioned. “You seem to be able to take it all without any problem.”

I nodded my head “yes” again.

Ron started thrusting harder. I had to breathe through my nose as her pelvic action was unrelenting.

Finally Ron pulled out and lifted me to my feet. I was pushed face first into the couch; my ass in the air and my panties around my knees.

Ron forced my legs as wide as my panties would allow. I felt the head of the slimy strap on slap up against my cock and ball sack, then up my ass and rest at my back door entrance.

Ron slowly pushed the knob into my virgin asshole.

“Ugh!” I groaned as I felt the head pop in. Then Ron kept pushing until it was all inside me.

“Fuck!” I moaned as Ron started pumping her dick in and out.

I watched through my split legs as Ron pounded my ass. My dick slammed against my tummy with each hip thrust.

I think Ron sensed that my legs were about to collapse. She suddenly pulled all the way out. My ass felt so empty, but I didn’t have to fret. Ron turned me onto the couch on my back, put my legs on her shoulders and continued to fuck my ass.

I needed to come, soon. I started to jerk myself off, but Ron grabbed both my wrists and pinned them be my side.

I was totally helpless; totally exposed. My head was thrashing back and forth. I was dry humping air in an effort to jerk myself off.

Ron reached up and pinched my nipples hard through my bra. That was enough to set me off.

“Yes! Fuck me hard!” I screamed like a girl. “I’m!

The first was a little spurt, barely significant, but the next one was huge. It felt like a quart of cum was ejaculate in one wad. I watched it sprayed from my piss hole and shoot on my bodice; the next couple splashed my face. I lost count after that as Ron continued to fuck me with the same intensity maybe even higher.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Ron grunted harder and louder. “Fuck your ass! I’m cumming!”

Ron climaxed. “Fuck! FUCK! F..u..c..k!”

She fell to her knees as her cock popped out of my ass.

I looked at Veronica. She had a huge smile on her face.

“Well, is your curiosity satisfied yet?” She asked.

“Not yet.” I smiled back. “Let’s go to bed and you can satisfy my curiosity some more.”