Force Feeding

Big Tits

I’m an outwardly masculine guy, an alpha male who’s very much in charge at work, at play, and in day to day life. But I have a secret side that no one knows about – I’m clit obsessed, a pussy slave, an oral submissive who cannot resist the chance to feast on female genitalia. I think and dream about this most delicious pleasure constantly – it is my magnificent obsession. I’m a charter member of Cuntaholics Unanimous and my knees turn to jelly at the mere prospect of viewing, adoring and worshipping the heaven between a woman’s thighs. It’s a happily incurable addiction and I will live with this blessed curse until the day I die.

I occasionally receive responses to my fantasy blog – which is essentially a plea to be fed hot wet delicious cunt. Like others before her, M said that she enjoyed my writing and paid me the penultimate compliment – I made her pussy wet. But unlike the others – she lives in Toronto, and this alone made my heart pound with excitement and my throat dry with fervent speculation. We chat pleasantly by email and confess our desires – I’m an eager oral sub who loves to please, and she is a nasty demanding bitch whose kink is force feeding her extremely juicy cunt to a bound and helpless slave. She’s a fitness instructor and personal vbet trainer and demands devotion and obedience. I confess that she’s the answer to my carnal dreams.

We agree to meet at her gym, after closing. Out of trepidation and curiosity, I arrive early to watch her at work. She’s thirty something, a lean pretty face with short dark hair, kinda butchy, and slim and wiry with not an ounce of body fat anywhere. Bordering on flat-chested, but with prominent erect nipples punctuating her sweat-soaked t-shirt. And a small muscular ass, deliciously riveting in tight see-through yoga pants. She barks and screams instructions over the loud pulsing music, like a drill sergeant, and carries something between a whip and a cane, which she constantly strikes on the floor. Relentlessly pushing her dozen or so overweight, but wannabe fit, disciples. I fear that I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

The doors are locked and most of the lights are off, and everything is eerily quiet. She leads me to a small room and instructs me to lie back on a weight training bench, fully clothed. I raise my hands above my head and she binds them tightly to the metal bar. My feet are bound to the legs of the bench and I’m immobile and trembling with anticipation. vbet giriş She looks down at me and smirks wickedly – then strips naked, except for her gym shoes and socks. Slowly and teasingly, she straddles my face, her hands gripping the bar above my head, and gives me a long look at her delicious hairy mound, just inches away. It’s hot and glistening and sweaty – with the strong pungent musky smell of ripe cunt. She moves back and forth, just above my hungry mouth, forcing me to inhale that wondrous magical aroma of hot sweaty pussy.

Finally she lowers her loins to my mouth and rides slowly and gently – my lips barely touching her beautiful hairy cunt and soft wet velvety lips. She murmurs approval and pleasure and rides my hungry lapping tongue elegantly, like a prima ballerina. Sweet juice seeps down onto my face and drips over my mouth and chin, and I eagerly swallow what I can. She is superbly conditioned and rides me tirelessly and relentlessly for what seems like an hour. I sense her pleasure building and the murmurs become grunts and groans, but she doesn’t stop. She lowers herself further, now grinding and smothering my entire face, her cunt soft like liquid velvet, sweet juice oozing copiously everywhere. I gasp vbettr for breath and moan uncontrollably in sheer delight. Occasionally she moves her asshole to be licked hungrily and nuzzled with my nose. I feel her muscles tense and she sucks in her breath in a hissing sound between clenched teeth, and grinds harder, then urgently.


I engulf her entire vulva with my mouth and suck in a chewing motion with every ounce of my being – knowing that her ultimate blessing is close. Every muscle straining in my bound body, and in hers. Riding the huge wave of anticipation to the point of no return, about to plunge into the abyss of agony.


The magical words, heavenly music to my ears. She stiffens and tenses like a coiled spring and unleashes an excruciating guttural scream as she spasms and convulses for a full 10 or 15 seconds. My mouth is inundated with warm tasty nectar as she ejaculates several streams all over my tongue. I sputter and struggle to swallow and some of it runs down my chin and neck. She grinds her sopping cunt down hard on my face, smothering me, and I’m scarcely able to breathe. But I’m delirious with delight and gratification.

She eases the pressure and slow dances gently over my entire face as if to make sure that I’m completely drenched. Eventually she moves away and plunks down in a chair with a huge sigh of relief and satisfaction, and a big smile like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

Same time next week – and I can hardly wait.