Mistle Family Ch. 08


For Her Eighteenth Birthday


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author’s note: I don’t typically say this, you may know by now how tough I am on my own work, but this has to be the greatest thing I’ve ever written. I hope it translates to a great reader experience. It was seriously hard for me to write without getting super aroused and I can guarantee you won’t be able to read it without getting turned on. Enjoy 🙂


“Happy birthday to Lucy,” the song continued in unison. “Happy birthday to you.”

“Make a wish, Luce,” Caralyn said.

She was cute. Thin, maybe even a touch thinner than Chelsea, but with a bust a cup-size or two bigger than hers. Those sparkling blue eyes and pure joyful smile displayed her innocence. Chelsea was innocent once, just like Lucy. Until she discovered how fun it was to lose that innocence. Aunt Mandy taught her that.

Her sister Ashley was different, though. Another blonde, like her mother and sister, but with dark brown eyes. Her body was a little thicker, with a pair of hefty double-D’s, nearly bursting from her v-neck tank, to match her curvy figure. Something about her declared a loss of innocence, an underlying sexuality. She should be easier to seduce.

After a few hours at the party, things had begun to wind down. Lucy’s friends left with a hug, kiss, and a final “Happy Birthday”. All except one young lady. Whitney, she had learned through conversations, was a friend of both sisters. Rather than leave, she chose to stay. That was fine with Chelsea, it wouldn’t affect her plan. In fact, Whitney might have just made it onto tonight’s checklist.

“Ashley, if you wouldn’t mind taking the cake into the kitchen, I’m going to tidy up out here,” Caralyn said. “Jenni, do mind helping me?”

“Not at all,” Jenni said as she watched Ashley walk away with the cake. “Chel, why don’t you go in the kitchen and see if Ashley needs any help.”

“Sure thing,” Chelsea said. Maybe that would be her nickname for Ashley, the ‘sure thing’. That low-cut top. Those very short shorts. She wasn’t dressed for her sister’s party; she was dressed for seduction. If she wanted to get fucked, Chelsea would be more than happy to oblige.

The kitchen was nice enough, if a little old fashioned in design. White cabinets with faux granite countertops. A small island for dinner prepping; of course, to her, it was made for sex. She began to daydream, stripping Ashley naked and setting her fine ass on the island, then fucking her like she’s never been fucked…

“Chelsea, right? Would you mind handing me the foil wrap? It’s under the sink.”

“Sure thing,” Chelsea grinned deviously. She handed the foil to Ashley, but eyed her body with a great deal of thought. “I imagine you get hit on a lot.”

“What?” Ashley giggled nervously. “Why do you think that?”

She looked Ashley up and down. The space between them grew thin. A scared doe in the headlights of an oncoming car, that was Ashley’s expression. Like she didn’t know what to expect from this dark-haired stranger. Especially when the stranger’s hand landed on the naked flesh between her top and her shorts.

“You’re very sexy,” Chelsea said.

“I know,” Ashley replied bluntly.

“I bet the guys drool over you.”


“And I’m sure you catch some female attention, too.”

“I don’t know about—”

“You caught my attention,” Chelsea said. She traced her index finger around the top of Ashley’s shorts, until she reached the button. “What do think about that?”

“I-I’m not into girls.”

Ashley found herself pressed back into the refrigerator. Chelsea unbuttoned her denim shorts and slid her hand down below. When the tips of her fingers found Ashley’s soft spot, the girl gasped with both shock and excitement.

“W-what…are you doing?” Ashley didn’t know how to react. It was certainly arousing, being touched by this pretty blue-eyed girl. Although it seemed rather obvious she was about to find out about how much she enjoyed the attention.

“You seem pretty into it for someone not into girls,” Chelsea said, “I can feel how wet you are.”

“Chelsea, my Mom could walk in at any moment,” Ashley breathed heavily. “If she catches us…”

“I’ve already fucked her.”


Chelsea cut off any words she might have said or questions she may have asked, by pressing her mouth to Ashley’s. The busty young woman seemed very resistant in the beginning. She kept her mouth closed, even against a probing tongue. She hesitated to even touch this crazy chick. And then she was reminded of the hand under her shorts.

“Mmmm,” Ashley moaned as her mouth opened for Chelsea. When was the last time she had been touched like this? The way she moved her legs further apart, it seemed like it had been a while. She started to enjoy Chelsea’s touch about as much as she enjoyed her tongue. Ashley even reached down to pull her panties open enough for Chelsea’s hand to get some real action.

“You want me to go under your panties?” Chelsea asked.


“Give izmir escort me your hand,” Chelsea demanded as she unbuttoned her jeans. She took Ashley’s hand and shoved it down her panties so they could play with each other simultaneously.

“You had sex with my Mom?” Ashley asked while giving in to the sexy stranger.

“She’s great at eating pussy. I’d love to find out if you inherited that trait.”

In a sudden act of sexual aggression, Ashley pushed Chelsea against the island. This girl was amazing, Chelsea thought. She obviously had an insatiable sexual appetite, but seemed reluctant to give in to her desires.

Chelsea hopped up on the counter and pulled her pants down enough for Ashley to catch a view of her vagina. Would she be up to eating pussy? The busty beauty pulled down Chelsea’s panties until she could get her face close enough to taste the delectable aroma of her arousal.

“Eat up,” Chelsea teased with her fingers parting her pussy lips.

“Ashley? What the fuck is going on?”

She looked over to see her best friend, Whitney. Ashley’s pleasure turned to shame. And shame turned to anger. Chelsea was caught by surprise when her prey shoved her off the island.

“Get the fuck away from me, you freak,” Ashley said in sudden horror. “And what you said about my mom…you’re sick.”

“That’s not what you were saying a few seconds ago.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I have an oral fixation,” Chelsea said. “Right now, I’m fixing to get some.”

“Get out.”

Chelsea raised her hands up in defeat and started walking toward the door. No point in trying now, if she was afraid to tell her friend she was a closeted lesbian. But, then she stopped for a moment in front of Ashley’s friend.

“Hey, Whitney,” Chelsea said as she pressed a finger against the girl’s lips, “now you know what her pussy tastes like. The way you look at her, I’m sure the question crossed your mind.”

With a satisfied sense of victory, Chelsea re-joined the dwindling party. Her eyes were set on Lucy. The birthday girl was next on her list.


Finally, it was 8 o’clock at night and the girls were getting settled for the night. The cleaning was done, they changed into their pajamas, and played a board game; with both Ashley and Whitney throwing some questionable glances at Chelsea. The birthday girl won the game.

“How about a movie before we go to sleep?” Chelsea suggested.

Lucy, whom had yet to experience her new friend’s seductive ways, jumped for joy at the idea. It seemed her and her friends had a certain ritual when it came to movie night. Lucy and Ashley had already begun pulling the cushions off the couch and both Whitney and Caralyn grabbed blankets from the long double-storage ottoman.

“We set it up like this, so that we can all be together,” Lucy explained.

Chelsea sat near Lucy and propped her back against the couch. “We can all be together under the blankets? I like this idea.”

“Usually when we have big slumber parties and watch movies, this is what we do.”

“As long as you don’t get too handsy,” Ashley commented, an obvious dig at Chelsea.

“Don’t worry, Ashley,” Chelsea smirked. “From here I can only touch my mom and Lucy; and I’ve already touched Mom.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?”

“Ashley!” Caralyn yelled out, seated between both of her daughters. “Chelsea was obviously just teasing. Why don’t you relax and treat our guests with respect?”

Ashley wanted it. She needed it. What was Aunt Mandy’s name for girls like her? The kind of girl that is so openly hostile and bitchy, but what she really wants is a good fuck. A closet slut. That’s the name. Ashley was a closet slut. Chelsea would take her out of that closet tonight.

Lucy chose a horror movie, Violent Night Unholy Night. Chelsea would’ve objected because it looked lame, but it wasn’t like she planned to watch the damn thing. Something more imaginative than a mindless killer trekking through the snow to kill a group of teenagers at a cabin would’ve been nice—and you know the people that stereotypically get killed off first; somehow the girl that screams the most always survives the ordeal. Boring.

“Lucy, would you like a special gift for your birthday?” Chelsea whispered in Lucy’s ear.

Lucy smiled, amused by her mother’s girlfriend’s daughter. Chelsea was sweet to her all day. She even helped clean up after the party. ‘A special gift’? What could that mean? It sounded like something good.

“Okay,” Lucy agreed rather quickly. “What do you have in mind?”

“Just a kiss,” Chelsea said with an air of innocence.

“A kiss?” Lucy asked, looking at her new friend with disbelief. “Like…what kind of kiss?”

“Would you let me show you?” Chelsea asked.

Chelsea gently brushed aside a tuft of golden hair from Lucy’s angelic face. She held the girl’s cheek in her palm and her chin with her index finger. If Lucy moved closer, it meant she wanted to see where this would go. But, if she remained alsancak escort still, it meant she wasn’t sure about kissing a girl she just met today.

Lucy accepted the gift with trembling nerves. When she kissed the raven-haired stranger’s lips, it felt good; it felt right. She began to want more.

Chelsea gave her just enough, barely brushing her tongue across Lucy’s, until it was time to pull back. Restraint was something she was still learning, because she really wanted to strip Lucy naked and fuck in front of her family. Aunt Mandy taught her to restrain her desires to lure in her prey by allowing them to fall to their own lust.

“That’s my gift to you,” Chelsea said. “Happy birthday, Lucy.”

Her blonde friend remained with her eyes shut and lips pursed a few seconds longer. As expected, she liked that little sample and desired the full course.

“…Thanks, that was…wait, but was that it? I mean it was nice, but…”

Chelsea looked into her deep blue eyes and asked, “did you want more? Don’t worry, I have more things planned.”

Lucy laid her head on Chelsea’s shoulder and cuddled up to her new friend. The sex-crazed seductress had to hold herself back, so she closed her eyes tightly and tried imagining whatever she could to bring down her arousal. This would be her very first time turning a cute and innocent young girl like Lucy; just the thought of it made her want to jump on her and fuck the girl’s innocent young brains out.

Rather than move too fast, with the risk of losing her, Chelsea returned her focus to the horror movie; or the horrible movie. Several characters already died—predictable. The antagonist was an invincible monster that walked around slowly, as if it were strolling through a park walking its pet chainsaw—also predictable. The protagonist was a screaming woman that always alerted the monster to her location, but somehow managed to survive every harrowing situation she put herself in—basically, the movie sucked.

When the monster started to creep on her for the hundredth time, Chelsea took the opportunity to creep her hand down to the front waistband of Lucy’s pants. The inexperienced younger woman covered Chelsea’s hand with her own. Her eyes darted around the room. If her new friend was going to do what she thought she was going to do, Lucy wanted to be sure nobody saw them.

Ashley saw them.

“What are you two doing?”

“Nothing,” Lucy said with a cute smile.

“Nothing? I saw you making out.”

“It was just a birthday kiss,” Chelsea said in their defense. “Completely innocent. Like what you and I did in the kitchen.”

“Oh?” Caralyn spoke up. “What did you do in the kitchen?”

Manipulative. That’s the word Chelsea thought of just before she outed Ashley. The eighteen-year-old knew how to manipulate people into giving her what she wanted. It wasn’t an exploitation of her sexuality, it was knowing what she had and how to use it to her advantage. Power, Aunt Mandy called it. The power of control.

Ashley turned her head back to the television. She wanted no part of this conversation. Chelsea noticed something about her, though. Ashley touched her lips for a brief instant. Did she savor that small sample Chelsea gave her just a couple hours ago? How could Chelsea use this to her advantage?

“Caralyn, I hope you don’t mind the suggestion,” Chelsea began, “but shouldn’t we all give Lucy a birthday kiss?”

“That’s very sweet of you, Chelsea. It’s up to you, Lucy. Would you like a birthday kiss from all of us?”

“I think so,” Lucy replied, wondering where this was leading.

“You go first, Mommy Caralyn,” Chelsea teased.

Caralyn leaned down and took her daughter’s chin in her hand. All eyes were on them. Mother and daughter were moments away from a kiss. Would it be a quick peck? Or would it be something more passionate? A familial kiss? Or a lover’s kiss?

“Would you like it if I touched you under the blanket?” Chelsea whispered in Lucy’s ear.

“Yes,” Lucy whispered in response just seconds before her mother’s lips reached hers.

Chelsea lifted the blanket up to Lucy’s waist and quickly dove her hand down the girl’s pants in time for the kiss.

“Mmmhh,” Lucy moaned into her mother’s mouth. Everyone remained on edge, wondering how this kiss would be. Lucy’s hand came up and wrapped around the back of her mother’s neck. Her mouth opened first, inviting her mother’s tongue. What Chelsea was doing to her under the blanket sent Lucy into another world of eroticism.

“What the fuck?!” Ashley started getting up. “Mom! Mom, fucking stop!”

As her daughter’s grip on her loosened, Caralyn turned around. “I’m sorry, it was just a birthday kiss.”

“With tongue?”

As they argued, Whitney moved around and kissed Lucy; whose hand began roaming a woman’s body for the first time. When it was Jenni’s turn, Lucy was closing in on her first orgasm, moaning uninhibitedly. Caralyn and Ashley were in a full screaming match, while Lucy groped her mother’s girlfriend’s tits.

“Ashley, buca escort it’s your turn,” Chelsea said before she pulled her hand out from between Lucy’s legs.

“I’m not doing it, you crazy bitch!”

“You can show your sister some affection,” Caralyn said encouragingly.

“This isn’t sisterly affection, Mom,” Ashley complained. “This is fucked up.”

“It’s just a fucking kiss!” Caralyn yelled.

It was clear from her expression that Caralyn began to question herself. Did she regret bringing the Mistle family over the house? That talk they had after having sex the other night, the idea of being intimate with her daughters, all of it came into question. Both Jenni and Chelsea waited with bated breath.

“Ashley, how is your car insurance this month?” Caralyn asked, perhaps knowing her daughter’s response. “Do you want me to pay the bill for you? Ask Lucy if she wants this, and if she does then I suggest you let your sister enjoy this. Otherwise, go to your room.”

Ashley’s expression changed to one of contemplation, rather than outright abhorrence. Chelsea was interested in seeing what she chose to do. Her intentions didn’t take long to figure out, when Ashley dropped to her knees. She brushed Lucy’s cheek and gazed into her eyes.

“Just a quick kiss, okay?” Ashley made it clear.

“Come on, you love her, right?” Chelsead teased. “Kiss her lips to show her how much you love her.”

Ashley scowled at this crazy intruder. How dare she come into their house and start this shit.

Knowing the older sister’s contempt, Chelsea decided to have a little more fun.

“Lucy, everyone has kissed your lips. How about something special for your sister?” Chelsea pulled away the blanket that covered her. “How about having Ashley kiss these lips?”

“No,” Ashley said looking at her sister’s pants and panties, pulled halfway down her body. “Fuck no. I’m not doing that.”

“We should let Lucy decide. After all, it’s her birthday.”

All eyes were on the birthday girl, who appeared to be still drunk with lust. Chelsea brought her to the edge, but never over. It was Ashley’s job to take her all the way.

Ashley looked down at her sister’s exposed sex. It glistened under the TV light. She grabbed her little sister’s pants, along with her panties, but she hesitated to pull them down.

“Do you really want me to do this, Luce?”

“I…I don’t know. If it’s not something you’re comfortable with…”

“It’s fine. I’m just asking, would you like me to eat you out?”

“Yes, I would.”

“Fine, I’ll do it under one condition,” Ashley finally surrendered. “Put the blanket over my head, I don’t want anybody to see this.”

“Come on,” Jenni laughed, “that’s the best part.”

“No, if you want to be covered I have no problem covering you,” Chelsea said. “Lucy?”

“Whatever helps Ashley feel comfortable.”

Caralyn pulled Ashley close to her and looked into her eyes, “I’m sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. If you want, you can choose not to do this. Nobody should ever force you—”

“No,” Ashley said with a sly grin, “I love my sister. This will be my first time eating pussy and it’s Lucy’s special day. I’ll try it, but I don’t want anyone to watch.”

Ashley pulled Lucy’s pants and panties off and tossed them aside. Having dropped down onto all fours, Ashley’s face remained within inches of her sister’s cunt. She prepared herself for a task she never imagined doing. Not just eating a girl out, she never thought she’d ever taste pussy. Ashley certainly never thought she’d be pleasuring her own sister. It was Lucy’s eighteenth birthday, she seemed to want this to happen, and Ashley sort of admitted her own curiosity of a woman’s sex back in the kitchen with Chelsea.

“Blanket, please,” Ashley requested.

Over her head the blanket went, until she could barely tell what lay in front of her. She pressed forward until her lips collided with the soft damp lips of her sister. How would she do this? How could she do this? Ashley had never pleasured a woman in her life, and now not only would she pleasure a woman but her own sister.

That big bump under the blanket seemed very hesitant to Chelsea. Her devious young mind considered different ways of humiliating the girl that embarrassed her earlier. Chelsea, much like her aunt, did not take rejection well. If Ashley didn’t start moving under there…

Chelsea’s thoughts of vengeance stopped for a moment, watching Ashley’s head move closer to Lucy. The eighteen-year-old confirmed, with closed eyes and a gaping expression, that her older sister had begun to pleasure her pussy.

Studying the varied reactions around the room satisfied the young sex fiend. Jenni was likely reminiscing about her own encounters with her sister as a pair of horny teenagers. Caralyn’s face burned bright red, either from arousal or shock at her eldest daughter giving her youngest daughter the most intimate gift she could give on her birthday. Whitney shoved her hand down her shorts and started playing with herself.

“Nope,” said the blanket-covered figure. Ashley stood straight up and tossed the blanket aside. “Nope, not doing this. You, you’re fucking sick. And now you have Lucy under your spell. Mom, you’re crazy for inviting them and allowing this shit to happen. I’m sorry, but I’m not going down on my sister. Fuck you all. I’m out.”