Hide and Seek Ch. 03


So here it is… FINALLY. Whew. I’m sorry for taking so long, but I was really busy. Well. Now I’ve got summer holidays, so I’m off to work on the next part ;D oh yeah: this time it’s Jake’s POV. Hope you like it!


One week. One whole week. And I still can’t stop thinking about a GUY. Urgh. I guess I’m really smitten. Pisses me off.

Gabe. That was all I got. A name that was most definitely fake, plus, one hell of a memory of a hot dude giving me head.

“Stop running around half-naked and start getting ready, Jake, will ya?!”

I awoke from my trance and turned around to give my flat mate Aiden a grin. We rented a small apartment a while ago, both of us trying to escape our parents. And right now, we were starting to get ready for the usual party night.

“Oh come on. Just ten minutes ago you were sitting on the couch looking like shit. So don’t tell ME to get ready.”

“Oh how mean Jake. You know the weekend always hits me hard.”

Aiden chuckled and started moving on. Shortly before he left my sight he stuck his head back through my door frame, his still dripping wet hair from his shower glistened softly in the light. I examined him carefully. He was hot. But still, I felt nothing. Sigh. At least it was Saturday. Time to party.

“Well…you got any idea where you wanna head first today?”

Electric blue eyes, a piercing gaze, a smirk that makes my chest feel tight. Gabe. I knew there was actually only one place for me to go. But well..I can’t. Obviously. And not with Aiden. No, damnit. Not. EVER.

With a growl I tried to get the image out of my head in the attempt to form a clear thought. Aiden raised his eyebrow.

“Not sure yet. Let’s just..not go to our usual area, all right?” I suggested.

Shit. Damn subconsciousness. I guess I really wanted us to meet ‘coincidentally’.

“Fine with me.” Aiden shrugged his shoulders and headed to his room.

I wanted to see him again. I NEEDED to. I felt lost without his heat, the touch of his fingers on my skin, his lips on mine. A shiver ran down my spine. This is really bad. I don’t even know why the hell I feel like this for him..

I still hadn’t figured out why Gabe approached me on that day. I am straight. I never questioned that. Even though over the years I got to know, boys can attract me. But I never wanted it to happen. So it didn’t. The occasional look was all what happened.

Being gay is…well yeah. Gay. It’s unusual. Not normal. Unacceptable. And now I had the feeling to have been brainwashed by a weirdo, who doesn’t care who he’s sleeping with. HELL NO.

Sigh. I’m lost right now. It’s usually not that hard to run from my feelings (It’s easy to play the straight jock and walk away disgustedly), but that jerk of a host had me wrapped around his finger with his animalistic behavior. That guy really reminded me of a wild cat: not only his smooth movements and his beauty, but he felt so unapproachable, so…untamed. Definitely dangerous.


“Wohoo. This is really one hell of a night.”

Aiden laughed, a blonde cutie on his lap. He had been flirting with her for a while now and definetely enjoyed it.

“That’s for sure.” I answered grinning.

We had been drinking for some time now and a lot on top of that. I was starting to feel drunk. At least my feelings and thoughts stopped circling around him.

“Good idea to change locations. I like this club.”

I nodded silently and looked around. The club had several areas: dance floor, bar and more secluded space which was slightly heightened. That’s where we were at. It had a kind of lounge feeling, with dimmed light, nice couches and low tables. Nothing too special actually, but there were a lot of pretty people hanging around or dancing to the really good music. And the drinks were exceptionally good.

“Yeah. Me too.” I took a sip from my drink.

After looking once more over the crowd I faced the beauty to my left. She had nice brown hair and cat like eyes. Cat. Wild Cat. Where could there possibly be a connection? I grinned to myself. Uh-oh. And there he was back in my mind. Congratulations to myself.

She and her friend on Aiden’s lap had followed us from the dance floor, which we had occupied just a little while ago. Even though I don’t look like it, I’m a passionate dancer and not a bad one either.

“You’re new here, right?” She looked me up and down once more and seemed to appreciate what she saw.

I snorted and examined my clothes. A tight dark jeans and white button down shirt, with the top unbuttoned to reveal some of my skin. I shrugged. No idea how she got to that conclusion. Maybe she was a regular.

“Somehow. ” I took another sip and grinned. None of your business, baby. Luckily, she couldn’t read thoughts. She was hot, but somehow strangely unsociable.

In a way, this evening wasn’t going too well for me. I had thought about having a one night stand just to get this damn guy out of my mind, but alcohol seemed to work well to this point, which is why I wasn’t actually istanbul escort flirting like I had planned to. Too much work.

My thoughts drifted off, when I suddenly heard a sigh. I managed to focus fast enough to see our ladies disappear. Oops. Aiden hit me brotherly and laughed.

“Damn it, Jake! What’s up man? You’re really strange today. No, wait: all of last week.”

At first he grinned at his statement, but then, as I stayed silent, he looked at me with concern in his brown eyes. Ah what a good friend he was.

“Yeah I’m sorry. You know..last weekend..I..met someone.”

Aiden almost choked on his drink. After being able to breathe again he laughed. Of course he did. Almost predictable. Love isn’t that hard, right? Yeah. Haha. Ha.

“That’s all? Oh man. Go get her!”

If he knew…Yeah…as if I’d tell him I’m hot for some dude. I’ve been living with him for only a few months. I only chose to live with him because he’s going to another school and doesn’t know any of my mates. Sounds mean. Is mean. But he’s been my friend for some time now and it was really tiring to always act mean towards people who are different, but school is war. However at home I only wanted to relax. And Aiden was perfect for that. Easy going. Didn’t want to risk that by telling him I might be attracted to guys. And staying at home with my parents was no option. But that’s another story.

“Not that easy bro. She’s kind of a mystery. I don’t even have her number. “

“Okaaaay. That’s not helpful. Well, you can’t do anything at the moment so you can also start enjoying yourself, right?”

Mh. He’s right. I’m not able to chase Gabe in this state. And probably not in this place either. I gulped down the rest of my drink and at the same moment waved for a waitress to order a new one.

“Or do you have any idea where she’s usually hanging out? We could go there, you know?”

“Nah. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I mean, I’m half drunk already.”

“True. Good point.”

When I examined the club once more, my heart stopped. Oh. My. God.


Aiden frowned and looked in the same direction as myself. He gave an appreciative whistle.

“That’s really…impressive.” His voice sounded far far (I’ll cut it short: damn far!) away.

Can’t be true. No. No. NO. Even though closing my eyes for a second to form a clear thought I could still see his image.

Gabe was at this goddamn club and I didn’t know if I should be happy, because I really had prayed for this to happen, or if I should fear him and run since he was the cause of my stirring feelings.

I literally froze, only staring at him like a freak. Gulping hard I eyed Gabe up. He looked like a freaking rock star. No, rather like something more paranormal. But what..

Trying not to gawk too much I examined his outfit. Well, Gabriel wore black, very tight, leather pants with laced up leg slits and a shirt which exposed more of his skin than it hided with its low cowl neck. But the hood of the shirt threw a dark shadow over his face. He looked just like what he was. A mystery. Suddenly I saw his eyes. It was a miracle how I managed to not back away instantly. oh wait. I can: attraction. Ha. Call me Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. Oh, back to the subject: they were red like fire. What the hell is going on?!

“Hello, man?! Jake, you mind coming back to earth?” I heard laughter.

I blinked several times and averted my eyes from Gabe. That took me one hell lot of strength.

Aiden watched me with raised eyebrows. He took a sip of his drink and started talking.

“That person really is something, huh? Gabriel doesn’t have to put effort into standing out, but if he does, it’s always extraordinary.”

My eyes shot up to Aiden. Yup. Extraordinary was just right,

“You..know him?” My mouth went dry. Please.Please, say yes. I bit my lip.

My roommate chuckled.

“So even a straight guy like you is impressed? No I actually don’t. I only saw him several times in clubs and so on. Before that I always thought he was just a rumor or something. Everyone seemed to exaggerate. But well, Gabriel works as a host. It’s his job to be extraordinary.”

I tried to look not too interested and told myself to wait a few moments before asking more. Five. Breathe in. I’m not obsessed. Four, breathe out. I’m NOT gay. Three, breathe in.. No, not helpful.

“So..what’s he doing here?” I really hoped my voice didn’t sound as shaky as I felt.

I glanced over to Mr. I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it. Taking another deep breath I ignored my fastening heart beat and the shiver that ran down my spine.

“Not sure. Probably luring in new customers. But usually he’s just dressed in his own stylish way. Maybe they have a certain theme today…”

Aiden focused his eyes and whistled once more. Even though fearing to be struck again, I slowly turned and took a look. I saw his lips move and instantly was reminded of our first meeting. A low groan escaped my throat as I felt my cock stirring. Oh please. I’m not getting this. Being attracted to guys is horrible. At least esenyurt escort for me. But being attracted to THAT guy was even worse. I mean, he sleeps with anyone who pays enough and still is like the unofficial king of the city. And he’s hot. No, must be the alcohol. Yup. Sounds plausible. I was half drunk last time, too. Let’s just ignore the fact that he didn’t leave my mind the whole week.

“Hey Jake. I guess I get it now.”

Aiden had stopped looking over as a waitress placed my drink in front of me. I eyed my glass. If I drink more, I’ll probably end up doing something very stupid. But well, it grants me some fun and makes it easier. To drink or not to drink. Fuck it. I’m not Hamlet. Wouldn’t change much. He’s working. He won’t even talk to me if I don’t pay.

“What exactly?”

“The theme. Their club is named ‘Heaven&Hell’. Makes sense now. Gabe, Gabriel the arch angel. And see the other guy next to him? All dressed in white. I think he’s named Raphael. They’re angels.”

No they’re not. Definitely devils. Or demons? Something evil at least. I grinded my teeth.

“Uh. Sure. If you say so.” I chuckled. It really fit him. Extraordinary. Pffft.

He definitely has to be lying. A guy like him is not in my school. Bastard. We don’t even have many people who have his height. And they are plain. Why did he lie? Now presenting: irrational thoughts of a half-drunk. Hell yeah.

I focused once more on him, gazing up through my eyelashes. Gabe was eyeing the crowd while talking to the guy who was with him. Wait. What’ll happen if he sees me? My heart stopped. I should get out of here. Fast. No more trouble.

I lowered my head and watched my shoes. Urks. I felt dizzy from the drinks. And his appearance. Really paranormal. Who again had the idea to change locations? Oh yeah. Me. Damnit.

“Hello my dear. Are you hiding from anyone?”

Someone leaned over my shoulder and almost whispered in my ear. Is that..? I couldn’t have been staring at my feet for so long, could I? He had been at the other end of the club, wasn’t he?

No mistake possible. Hello my sweetest nightmare. Shit. His voice got me hot. No. It didn’t. I’m okay. Nothing wrong…

Still I froze with shock for a second and listened to Aiden almost choke on his drink. While he was coughing I tried to get an acceptable expression on my face. Oh please. He’s just a guy. Mh. A hot guy. Unfortunately. Damn alcohol.

“I wasn’t hiding. I just didn’t feel like looking for you.” I turned a little to be able to look at him.

For a glimpse of a moment he looked pissed. Oops. That was a little harsher than I wanted it to be. Well. At least suits my homophobe image. Within a second he had put up his masquerade once more. See who’s hiding now.

“Oh Jake. How mean. Treat me a little better, will you?” Gabe chuckled and took a seat in front of me and Aiden, occupying the entire chair with his slender body.

While I was staring at his bare chest, unwillingly of course, my roommate cleared his throat to get my attention. I looked up to him and shrugged my shoulders at his puzzled expression.

“So you do know him Jake.” No question.

“Well, in a way. I don’t know very much about him. Mostly what you know too: job and name. Gabe, this is my friend Aiden.”

“I think I know you. Have you been to ‘Heaven&Hell’ before, Aiden?” My host looked more closely.

“No, but I’ve seen you several times in clubs and stuff.”

Gabriel looked him up and down and smirked. Aiden only raised his eyebrow suggestively. Oh man. I felt my chest tighten and it was hard for me to breathe. Wait. Was Aiden maybe bi?

“Too bad.”

What?! I snorted silently and looked angrily at the two of them. Was he really flirting with my friend now?! Nah, wait. That’s fine. He’s not my possession and I don’t want to be his. Calm down now.

“And you are..a demon or fallen-angel-something?” I gesticulated towards him.

Come on Gabe. Look at me. I unconsciously bit my lip while waiting for him to react. After one more moment he granted me my wish and faced me. He smiled even more. Shit. He knew. He had simply waited for me to act.

“Too bad you also fell for the trick. But I could have guessed that depending on our last meeting.”

He sighed dramatically and showed us a kind of chain on his pants with a cross on it while his eyes revealed how amused he actually was.

“We like to play with what people expect from us. You cannot judge everyone by looking at their outward appearance. Intern joke by the way. The little details make the difference.”

I raised an eyebrow and saw Aiden was looking confused too. What was he trying to say?

“I actually am the angel.”

I saw how my friend was still puzzled while all I could do was stare at Gabe with disbelieve. He was definitely pleased by our reactions. After ages of silence I found my voice again.

“Suits you. The outfit I mean.” Again he laughed.It covered me with sticky sweetness. I smiled unconsciously.

“But not the image of an angel?”

I felt how beylikdüzü escort my cheeks flushed slightly and turned away. Anger rose inside of me. How could he make me feel so coy and small? I don’t even know him! He can’t be that great. If he wouldn’t be so damn good looking…I felt terrible. Drunk, angry and –last but not least- horny. Horrible combination. Time to run.

“Not really. Excuse me.” I got up and tried not to look at him while heading for the restrooms.

Uhh. I guess I was more than just a little drunk. I stumbled around like an idiot. It didn’t feel that bad when I was still sitting…Somehow I made it to the door of the man’s restroom.

Again, I bit my lip. I really should stop that. It would be bruised tomorrow. What if he followed me? I mean like in here and if he started kissing me. I gulped hard and slowly licked my lips. They would be even more bruised. I didn’t look for him. He’s pissed. Oh hell. Fuck stereotypes, fuck prejudices, fuck my fears.

Slowly, I turned, my hands already on the door. He’ll be looking. If he still wants me, he’ll be watching me. Bit by bit I raised my head. I was a jerk. I am. He knows my behavior at school. He’s just making fun of me. Probably laughing his ass off with his friends about the stupid guy who fell for the trick. I looked up towards where Gabe had been sitting. He was gone.

Damn. Damn. DAMN. No amount of alcohol would help me erase this frustration. Angrily I stomped into the restrooms and walked towards one of the urinals. Wait, I should be happy. I would forget this in a few days and then, I could be myself again. No stirring feelings, no fears, no Gabe.

I opened my jeans and started taking a piss. Me touching my dick was actually not the best idea. I was still horny after all. I groaned. This was neither the place, nor the time. With a sigh I started putting my rod back in. We should be leaving. This club is pissing me off. Well, he is.

Suddenly, while I was still in my thoughts, I felt something touching my back. What the hell..? I hadn’t heard anyone enter. I jerked forward immediately. Instead of gaining space, the heat behind me increased. I could hear the blood rush in my ears. Angrily I growled and tried to turn around, but a body bigger than mine pressed me to the wall, which forced me to pull up my hands to prevent myself from smashing into the wall. A shiver ran down my spine and I gulped hard. While I tried to figure a way to get out of the iron grip, I heard a snort.

“You tried to run.”

Clear simple words. Still, it felt like ages until I understood. Oh crap. The touch felt now even more intense. A gasp escaped my lips as I could feel his body pressing onto mine.


“Yeah, sure. You’re really stubborn. “

I flinched as a sudden pain shot through my shoulder. Ouch!! He bit me. That stupid jerk actually bit me. Enraged, I tried to turn around once more. He can’t be stronger than me!! With an angry hiss I escaped the grip on my hands and sped around. Whoops. This was actually worse.

Gabe snorted only a few inches away from my face while his arms where still caging me. His eyes moved slightly, examining my face. I still breathed hard. The red eyes of the gorgeous man in front of me sucked me in without revealing even a single thought of his. Even though I longed to see his electric blue eyes, the red contacts were really something. Suddenly he shut his eyes and took a deep breath as if he was trying to focus. He was trembling. Fear? Anger? I used the moment to get myself back together.

“Why did you come after me?”

At least my voice sounded steady. If he wanted to play with a poker face, I could, too. He opened his eyes again, drowning me in their alluring depth.

“You should know the nature of men. If something escapes, we’ll want to chase it. As far as I’m concerned, at least.”

I started to chuckle. Really funny. Gabe was actually the wild animal I expected him to be. Surprise surprise. But who says I can’t be the hunter?

“If you’re asking me, my dear Gabriel, I like to wait until my prey enters the set trap.”

I was almost proud of my answer when I started to realize I had to act according to it. This fact didn’t scare me as much as I thought it would. I’ll definitely stop drinking…Most certainly.

Alright. I wanted him. Drunken people are so very honest…

Without waiting for his reaction I put my hands around his mesmerizing face. I pulled him towards me, gripping his hair. Not really a gentle way. Gentle would make me feel too attached. This here would have to happen fast, rough. My fascination for him was bound to vanish sooner or later. I could escape his presence faster by having him at least once. I’m not the type for relationships. And definitely not with a guy. Sex has always cut my ties to those people whose bodies attracted me too much.

I closed the short distance between our bodies, bit his lip and teased him by pulling it.

His eyes burned with desire and lust as he let me play my game. After another deep breath I pressed my lips against his, pushing him backward until he reacted by pinning me once more to the wall. I groaned and opened my mouth to get him to share an even more passionate kiss. My senses started to tingle when Gabe started to groan with lust and I felt his arms pulling me into him. God. What a damn good kisser he is…My blood was boiling. Only this once, right?