Miss McCain


Miss McCain had worked at the college for several years and was a valued member of the team. She was well liked by both, staff and students and there was never a bad word said against her. Although quiet in her demeanour she had an air of confidence that made her an excellent tutor.

Miss McCain was 35 years old and five foot three inches in height. Although small, she had the kind of figure men (and most women) would die for. Full breasts, small waist and rounded hips, not forgetting her slim shapely legs that looked fantastic in heels. She had a tiny tattoo of a butterfly on her left thigh that nobody knew about.

Despite having the appearance of a seductress, she was very prim and proper and dressed accordingly. She always wore her luscious red hair in a French pleat, tucked in at the back of her neck, showing of her creamy white skin. Her dress was conservative and she wore the same thing everyday. It consisted of a gray knee length pencil skirt and a white silk blouse, topped off with a golden brooch that her grandmother had given her. On cold days she would drape an old shawl across her shoulders, adding about 10 years to her age by this one simple action.

Miss McCain had been teaching class 1F for about 2 years now. The majority of the class was male and they would always play her up just to see her blush. The ringleader of the class was a lad by the name of Ross Stone and he always managed to get the other lads involved in the teasing of Miss McCain. Ross was a young lad of 18, who stood about six feet tall. He had jet black hair and the most amazing green eyes that one had ever seen. He worked out several times a week and had bulges in places you would not expect.

It was a Friday afternoon and Miss McCain was hoping to have an early finish. She was looking forward to having a nice long soak in the bath followed by a glass or two of her favourite wine, a rose Grenache. Ross had been messing around all afternoon and was currently using the clock as target practice for his paper aeroplanes. Miss McCain had finally had enough and Sivas Escort shouted at Ross as loud as she could.

“Mr Stone,” she shouted. “I have had enough of your behaviour, detention after class tonight.”

A chorus of laughs bounced around the classroom and Ross just sat there looking shocked.

“Aww Miss,” he said, “I’m going out tonight.”

“Tough!” said Miss McCain. “Maybe this will teach you to behave in future.”

The bell in the corridor chimed and the rest of the class picked up their stuff, laughing at Ross on the way out.

“See you later loser,” one of them shouted, as Ross was left on his own in the classroom.

Damn it, he thought, the last thing he wanted was to be stuck at the college on a Friday afternoon.

Miss McCain walked over to the door and closed it. Ross was beginning to worry, as although he was a lot bigger than Miss McCain, she had an aura of authority about her.

“I’m really sorry Miss, I promise to behave in future.”

Miss McCain walked from the door to her desk and sat down, slowly crossing one leg over the other.

Miss McCain had always found Ross attractive but knew it would be off limits for a tutor and a student to have an affair. She had sat in class, many a time, fantasising about fucking him. Maybe now was her chance.

She slowly removed her hair from the French pleat and it tumbled loose around her shoulders. Her hair was very long and wavy and had a natural bounce to it. Ross felt the first stirrings of desire and tried hard to fight those feelings. Miss McCain was sitting very close to Ross and he started to appreciate her body for the first time. Her full breasts were heaving against her silk white blouse and he could see the outline of her lacy bra along with her nipples that were now erect. He ran his gaze over her legs and could see the tops of her stockings peeping out from under her skirt. This chick was hot, he thought to himself, how had he never noticed before?

Miss McCain walked over to Ross and started to gently stroke Sivas Escort Bayan his hair, sending shivers of excitement through his body.

“Now Mr Stone, you have been a very naughty boy, I will have to think of a way you can make it up to me.”

Ross could feel himself getting hard and was willing to do anything she said.

“I want you to pleasure me,” Miss McCain purred into his ear.

Ross slowly stood up and locked the door. “I wouldn’t want us to be disturbed Miss,” he grinned.

Miss McCain leant back onto the desk, slowly parting her legs to reveal her shaved pink pussy that was devoid of any panties. Ross slowly pushed her skirt up to her hips, running his hands over her stocking tops before pushing his tongue deep inside her. Miss McCain moaned with pleasure as Ross started to tease her pussy with his tongue, probing gently, then harder and deeper inside her. Her pussy was so wet that Ross pushed one finger, then two deep inside her, making her grind her hips against them with excitement. Ross ran his tongue to her ass and started to lick her sweet hole before slipping a finger deep inside her ass. Miss McCain was panting heavily and Ross wanted to make her cum. He could feel her hips circling his face, grinding deeper onto his tongue. He carried on fingering her ass and pussy whilst licking her clit until he could feel her muscles contracting around him. Miss McCain bit her lip so that she would not scream out as she came.

“Oh Ross, you are such a good boy!”

Ross could not believe he had made his tutor cum on her desk and was sure he was going to cum in his pants, his cock straining against the material. Miss McCain took him by the hand and led him to the cupboard in the corner of the room. Ross leant back against the wall and Miss McCain slowly unzipped his trousers making him gasp with delight.

“Not only are you a good boy, you are also a big boy,” she exclaimed as her hand went forcefully to his cock.

She slowly moved her lips down to his cock, gently kissing the Escort Sivas end, then letting her tongue probe the opening at the end. She took it deep into her mouth, sucking it harder and harder, letting her teeth graze over the ridged bit at the top. Ross was in heaven and could feel his cock getting harder and harder, the pre cum trickling out of the end onto her tongue. He had never experienced a blow job quite like this before, she was rough and her teeth were sharp, but he knew there was a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Suddenly she stopped.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said and bent over the tiny sink in the store cupboard, her skirt still hitched up to her waist.

“Fuck me hard and finger my ass at the same time,” she ordered.

“Yes Miss,” Ross replied.

His cock slipped in easily and he pushed it deep inside Miss McCain feeling the wetness all over his cock and balls. He slowly eased one finger, then two into her ass, making her shudder with delight. Miss McCain was pushing back onto his cock like she had never been fucked before. His cock was getting harder and harder and he was close to cumming.

“Cum over my ass and spank me hard,” she barked.

Ross, happy to oblige pulled his slippery cock out of her pussy and started to wank over her left ass cheek as he spanked the right as hard as he could. Miss McCain couldn’t control herself and started to scream.

“Cum baby, cum,” she shouted just as Ross came like never before all over her ass. He slowly rubbed his cum into her creamy white behind, pushing his fingers inside her again, she was so wet. He knelt down behind her and began frantically licking her clit, wanting to make her cum one more time. Miss McCain could feel her orgasm rising and pushed her pussy deep onto his face, grinding it hard onto his tongue. She screamed out loud as she came hard and deep all over him. Her mouth flew to his and she lapped hungrily at his lips, tasting her pussy all over him.

They retuned to the classroom and Miss McCain took her place behind the desk.

“Mr Stone,I think you have redeemed yourself this afternoon, you are free to go.”

“Yes Miss,” he replied with a grin on his face.

Miss McCain just looked at Ross with a twinkle in her eye and he just knew that detention was going to be a regular occurrence.