Medics Finally Get Together


Ellen used to work for me as a Paramedic. She was short, about 5’4″, but very attractive. She had flaming red hair that she kept up in a bun, during duty hours. Ellen was, what some would call, full figured or a BBW. She was carrying about 200 lbs on her short frame and most of that was in her chest, which was about a 42- F. She had a gorgeous face, beautiful green eyes and, even though it is cliché, a wonderful personality. She always had a smile on her face and a cheerful demeanor.

She worked for me for, about, a year and in all that time, as attractive and available as she was, I never made a play for her, as much as I wanted to. She was beautiful and I wanted to start a relationship with her. Unfortunately, my agency was cracking down on any hint of sexual harassment and I didn’t feel like getting caught up in any problems with a subordinate. All I could do was watch her coming and going around the ambulance station and look forward to driving home to my empty apartment, having recently separated.

One day, Ellen was promoted to Lieutenant and sent to another station, but one not too distant. My feelings about her had not abated. I would hear her on the radio from time to time and just hearing her voice would bring those feelings back. It took a little bit, but one night Ellen sent me a message over the department computer. “Hey, John. Can you help me with an issue that I’m having with another Lieutenant?”

“Of course”, I sent back, “By all means.”

“Great, we can grab breakfast when we get off at the diner near your station.” End of shift couldn’t come fast enough.

Driving to the diner, the questions started swirling in my head. “Did she even have any feelings for me?” “Will she find my attraction cute or would she take me seriously?” I pulled in to the parking lot and she was already there. She was still in uniform, but her hair was down. It reached to the top of her butt and when it framed her face, it made her look even more beautiful. I parked and got out of my truck and she walked over and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“I haven’t seen you in months” she said. “How have you been?”

We went in the diner and continued the small talk. Finally, she got to the point of our breakfast meeting. “Lieutenant Richards has been chasing after me since I was assigned to his station, 4 months ago.” Her bottom lip started quivering as she continued.

“He is constantly asking me out, touching me and telling me how great he is in the sack.”

“You’ve been an Officer for about 10 years.” “What would be the best way to handle it?”

I could see tears starting to form at the corners of her eyes. As I reached over to dab them off with a napkin, I told her, “There are two ways you can go.” “You can either get official and file a complaint through headquarters or you can try messing with him, so he’ll just give up and leave you be.”

I could tell she was mulling it over in her head. Finally, she came to a decision.

“If I go with paperwork, everyone will know and I’ll get a reputation as a rat.” ” How do you think I can screw with his head to get him to leave me be?”

“Simple”, I told her. “Have your boyfriend have a little talk with him.” She nodded her head in understanding. We finished up and I paid the bill for breakfast.

We went out to the parking lot and were about to part ways when she turned and asked me “Who would I get to play my boyfriend?”

“Use your real one.”

“But, I’m not seeing anyone, right now.”

My heart skipped a beat, hearing this information. “By the way, not to bring up a sore subject, but how have you been doing since the divorce?”

“Ok, it’s a bit lonely, but I’m doing ok.” “In fact, Sinop Escort I have someone that I’m interested in, but I’m not sure if she feels the same about me.”

Ellen looked at me and said “I’ve never known you to be shy about anything before.” Try asking her out for dinner one night.”

Looking in her beautiful green eyes, I told her, “Well, I’ve already bought her breakfast.” “I guess dinner would be the next logical step.”

It took a second or two for it to click, but I could see her begin to comprehend what I had just said. “Duh, I feel as dense as a rock.” I almost didn’t pick up on that.”

Looking back in my eyes, she looked a bit confused.

“When did you decide this or start feeling this way?”

“About a year and a half ago, when you still worked for me.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything, then?”

I shrugged my shoulders and just told her that it was because she worked for me and she didn’t need the crap that would have come her way, if it was found out.

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her, pressing her lips on mine. Her soft tongue flicking off my lips and then retreating. She told me that she had been alone since her divorce, 4 years ago and was beginning to think she wouldn’t find anyone. She confessed that she had found me attractive as well, back when she was working for me. I asked her if she was still attracted to me and she said yes.

She asked me,”Where do we go from here, then, if we want this?”

“Wherever you want.” I told her. “As long as we keep it out of the workplace, we’ll be fine.”

“No, I mean right now, where do we go?” “My place is all the way out by yours. It’s a 50 mile trip.”

“Well, I know that one of our friends, Kelly, has an apartment near here, that she uses when she’s working. I can call her.”

“No, I’ll call her. Probably less suspicious. I’ve slept there before and I have a key.”

She got through to Kelly and found out it was ok for her to “sleep” at the apartment, since Kelly was home and not due to come back into the city for a couple of days. We decided I would follow her and away we went.

We arrived at the apartment around 7 a.m. Both of us grabbed our duffel bags with spare clothes we carried in case we got stuck at work, unexpectedly. Ellen and I went inside, dropped our bags and I pulled her to me. I leaned over and kissed her soft lips hard. Our tongues intertwined with each other’s. My hands dropped to her incredible butt, massaging and squeezing it.

Ellen pulled away and told me “Calm down. We have all day. We’re not due back in till 10 p.m. Let’s go shower and get cleaned up from last night. There’s plenty of time.

We went into the bathroom and stripped down, tossing our uniforms and undergarments into a pile in the corner. I turned back to stare at Ellen, naked as the day she was born. She was 45 years old, but you couldn’t tell by her body. Her breasts were hanging slightly, but at her size, I would expect them to. Her nipples were engorged, poking out about an inch surrounded by large areola, about 3 inches wide. She had a smoothly shaven pussy that was already dripping fluids from her anticipation. I have always preferred larger women and Ellen fit the bill. She had a substantial tummy, but it didn’t hang down like some. There were no rolls, just a big girl. She twirled around to give me a full view. Her bottom, even though very large, was smooth as a baby’s. Not a pock mark of cellulite to be found.

“My God, you are magnificent.” I exclaimed.

With a smirk on her lovely face, she walked over to me and lifted my 8 inch cock and replied “Talk about magnificent. That thing looks like a baby arm holding Sinop Escort Bayan an apple.”

Just her touch started it swelling. The larger it got, the wider Ellen’s eyes got. “I have some large toys at home, but nothing like that. Let’s get washed up and see if size does matter.” She turned and led me by my member into the shower stall. We showered off the sweat and grime of the night before from running from emergency to emergency. She soaped up my cock, which had calmed down, and started making it bloat again. Gripping it gently, she started to slowly run her hands along the length of the shaft, soaping it up completely.

“I haven’t gotten laid in about 6 months”, I warned her, “too much more of that and you’re not going to today, either.”

Giggling, she released me and we both rinsed off. Stepping out, we dried each other off. Hefting her breasts to dry underneath them was a bit of an effort. When we were done, I took her in my arms again and kissed her hard.

“Come on” she told me. “Let’s go lay down.”

We went into the bedroom, where there was a a huge King-sized bed. We pulled back the blankets and climbed in. I took Ellen in my arms again and began giving her soft, light kisses along her neck, stopping to nip at it every now and then. I worked my way down to the top of her chest, kissing and running my tongue over her soft flesh. I moved down her incredible body, to her rather ample cleavage, leaving a shining, moist trail between her unbelievable breasts.

My hands came up and gripped both her tits, running my thumbs over her swelling nipples. I kissed my way across her breast and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking it like I was feeding. I pinched and tugged on her other one, until both of them were close to 2 inches long. I released her one tit and continued to suckle on the other.

My fingers tracing their way down her belly until I could feel her bare mound under my hand. I began tickling around her groin, avoiding the dampening prize inside. Ellen was squirming around the bed and making tiny whimpering sounds as I teased her pussy.

“Please”, she begged, “Its been so long.”

I felt her spreading her legs open for me and I traced my fingers down along the labia to her puckered little asshole and back again. She kept wiggling her pelvis, almost like she was trying to direct my fingers into her. Finally, I slipped a finger past her wet lips and started running it up and down her slit.

I could feel her clit poking out. It was substantial, protruding out like a tiny penis from her twat. I flicked it with my finger and Ellen gave a loud gasp. I started rubbing her distended clit as Ellen’s breathing quickened. I could grasp it between my fingers and started to tug lightly on it, as if giving it a mini handjob. I could feel her thrusting her pelvis upward as her climax approached. She gave out a muffled scream as it hit her with all its fury. Fluid began leaking from her lovely channel as I continued to manipulate her stiff button.

“Oh God, it’s been too long.” She said, sounding out of breath. “I haven’t cum, from a man, in over a year.”

I started kissing my way down her tummy and giving little butterfly flicks of my tongue, as I worked my way down her body. I slid between her large thighs and started licking her hairless mound. I kissed my way down her inner thigh to just above her knee, then reversed and worked my way back up to her beautiful pussy, then down the other thigh. Ellen was whimpering and trying to direct me to her sopping hole by shifting her ass all over the bed. I finally took pity and began to lick her outer lips. She was trying to pull me deeper into her and I finally plunged my tongue deep into Escort Sinop her channel.

“Ooooooohhh” was the only sound from Ellen. I tongue fucked her drenched box and started thumbing her swollen clit. Her breath was soon coming in short rapid gasps and I took my tongue out of her drenched hole and sucked her clit into my mouth. As I sucked and licked her mini boner, I slid three fingers into her cunt.

She started moaning loudly and bucking her hips wildly. “Oh God, oh God, oh God”, she started shouting as her second orgasm took her. Her vaginal walls squeezing my fingers rhythmically. I slipped a fourth finger into her and continued sucking mad scraping my teeth over her engorged pearl. She was making half-hearted attempts to push my head away, finally squeezing it tightly between her thighs, to make me stop. “Oh God, John, fuck me. Fuck me now.

I raised up onto my knees and she spread her legs wide. I ran the head of my hard cock through the liquid pouring out of her gash as she begged.

“Please”, she whimpered.

I laid the head of my shaft at the entrance to her hole and pushed forward, sliding into her until I was bottomed out in her cunt. A low growl came out of her, that hasn’t been heard outside of the animal kingdom, as her pussy was filled with my full length. I held myself still for a couple of moments before I started stroking in and out of her, slowly. She responded by thrusting back at me with every plunge, trying to drive me deeper into her.

Ellen began to breath in short gasps again, heading to her third orgasm. I started picking up the pace, fucking her faster and harder with each drive. Her pelvis coming up and crashing into mine as I stuffed her full of my snake. Soon I was jackhammering into her and I could feel her walls start to pulsate and grip my cock tight.

“Oh my God, not again”, Ellen cried out, as she erupted and her juices gushed out around my hammer, drenching my balls in her delicious cum.

I stayed deep inside Ellen, while she came down from her climax. I started to slowly slide in and out of her love tunnel as she pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard. “I want you to finish in my mouth.” Ellen said.

A bit surprised, I pulled out of her and knelt by her head. She took my cock, covered in her pussy juices in her hand and started to lick it clean, swallowing her own cum in the process. She opened her mouth wide and slid it over the head of my prick and kept sliding down it until it was deep in her throat with her nose in my pubic hair.

She started bobbing her head, tonguing my shaft as she went. She popped me out, sucking my balls into her hot mouth. Both nuts sufficiently licked and sucked, Ellen returned her attentions to my, still hard, johnson. She gripped it at the base and stroked it as her mouth continued to work its magic. I felt a familiar sensation in my groin signaling my pending climax. I told Ellen “I’m gonna cum.” She took me out of her mouth long enough to tell me to go ahead and cum. I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck in and out of her mouth.

As the first ribbon of cum erupted, Ellen swallowed my cock into her throat, my load pumping down her gullet. As my cock softened and slipped out of her mouth, a small rivulet of my seed leaked out the corner of Ellen’s mouth. She scooped it up with her finger and popped it in her mouth and licked it off. Spent, I collapsed next to Ellen, on the bed.

“If I had know how incredible a lover you were, I would have made a play for you back when you worked for me” I told her.

“Me?” Ellen responded, “I never had a man make me cum like that before. We definitely have got to do this more often.”

I agreed, but told her that we would have to still be a bit discreet at work. Our business wasn’t for public consumption. As we laid there, holding each other as we started to drift off, we heard the unmistakable sound of the front door to the apartment unlocking.

(To be continued)