Massage Parlor Nymphomaniac Pt. 02


Laying on the massage table naked, I desperately wanted for Daniel to put his cock inside my mouth. He rubbed it against my face as he continued to put oil on my chest and stomach with his hands, but he did not give me the throat massage I wanted. Instead, he told me to roll over. At this point, I would have done anything he told me to do. I rolled over so quickly that I almost fell off the massage table.

His oiled hand came down on my bare ass swiftly. I yelped, not having expected that. He put his other hand over my mouth and asked me if I was ready for another slap. I shook my head to say I was and closed my eyes. His hand came down again. My yelp was stifled by the hand that covered my mouth. He poured oil onto my ass and told me to spread my cheeks. I spread, feeling the oil pour down my crack and into my asshole. He grabbed my hand and pushed two of my fingers into my ass. “Keep fingering your ass while I spank you.” he told me. As he covered my mouth still, his thumb and forefinger clamped down on my nose. With my fingers pumping inside of my ass I waited for the spanking to continue.

He started spanking me again fast and hard. Bursa Escort I tried my best not to make noise so that my employer wouldn’t hear me, nor any of our other customers. This was supposed to be a respectable establishment. What I was doing was incredibly naughty. It made it so much more exhilarating that way.

“Put your other hand back and spread your ass more. Finger your asshole with both hands.” he instructed me. I did what he said. He let me take a breath. My breathing was labored as I pushed my fingers inside of myself. I could feel myself gaping as he poured more oil on me and in my ass.

The table creaked as he climbed onto it. He reached around to my face, shoving my panties in my mouth. I could taste myself as I felt the head of his cock on the rim of my ass. It was so big, and I wasn’t sure if that I’d stretched enough, but I wanted him desperately.

He moved my hands out of the way, pushing my wrists up toward my shoulders. The head of his cock was at the entrance to my asshole. He pushed forward, and grunted as the tip went in. I squealed through my panties, but he shushed me. Very, very slowly Bursa Bayan he came forward. The penetration what’s painful but pleasant. I moaned with anticipation as he continued. He kept his hold on my wrists as he inched in. Suddenly he pulled back, almost all the way out. I gasped in surprise and discomfort, nearly inhaling my panties. I began choking on them. He reached his right hand up, thrusting into my ass as he pulled my panties out of my mouth. It felt painfully beautiful and I screamed without meaning to. In an instant his hand was in my mouth, replacing my panties. He shushed me again. With his left hand, he wrapped his forearm around my chest and held onto my right shoulder as he burrowed further into my ass. He pumped into me slowly and deeply, choking off my moans with his fingers at the back of my throat, holding me as still as could be. His pleasure was my pleasure. He took his pleasure and played with my breath for quite a while.

I’ve been with many clients over the years. None have ever owned me so thoroughly as Daniel did, and none so quickly. I believed I finally found a man who could reign me in. Being Escort Bursa tamed by him, at least temporarily, was a joy unlike anything I’ve ever known.

He stopped pleasing himself in my ass before he came. As he pulled out of my ass, there was a wet sucking sound, and a shock went through me. For once I managed not to yelp or moan. He got off the table and told me to get off as well. On instinct I kneeled before him and I waited for his command. I yearned for his command.

He walked toward me, cock in hand. His balls were at the same level as my mouth. “Lick my balls.” he told me. I licked him from the bottom up, from left to right and back again. He did not tell me to stop, so I continued doing that. I licked him from top to bottom, right to left, and back again. I looked up to make sure I was doing what he wanted. He had a grin on his face. ” Stay there.” he said, and walked toward the sink. I stayed in my kneeling position as I watched him lather and rinse his cock. The size of it was still stunning to me. It seemed unbelievable, though the throbbing in my ass certainly made it believable. He was smiling as he came back to me.

“Are you ready for me to stretch out your mouth and throat, too?” he asked, but gave me no time to reply before grabbing me by my hair, slapping my mouth, and popping the head of his cock into it. “You look ready enough.” he told me, and I agreed.