Mary Christmas


Walking the downtown streets of Chicago during the holidays is magical. The lights twinkle and sway in the brisk winter breeze. Christmas music wafts on the evening air. People and families are shopping. Laughter and smiles abound this time of year. Tugging my coat a little tighter to fend off the brisk cold, my stride quickens to find my destination.

The coffee shop I frequent is decked out for the holidays. Upon entering, the scent of cinnamon and coffee permeates the establishment. Even in a big city when you frequent an establishment on a regular basis people know you by name.

“What would you like today, Mary?”

“Surprise me, but whatever you give me make sure it has whipped cream on top.”

“You got it!”

I paid for my purchase then took a seat at a corner table. I sat and watched families and couples walk by the frosty window. I thought of how much I miss my Master.

His business takes him to other destinations a few times a year. Even though the holidays are wonderful, they also fall close to the end of the fiscal year. I stayed behind this trip because he wanted to make it short and to the point. He flew out 2 days ago with hopes of being home by Christmas Eve, but as always nothing is ever set in stone. As if reading my thoughts the radio station in the coffee shop started playing “I’ll be home for Christmas”. I miss him horribly but chastise myself for being so melancholy.

I left the coffee shop to brave the cold again. My feet took me aimlessly along Michigan Ave hoping that the spirit of the season would lift my spirits. Not that I was sad, but the holidays are special when you can share them with someone you love. I found a taxi and headed home. When I turned the key to our condo I decided that I would make the most of Christmas Eve, with or without him.

I turned on the television and settling down on the couch with a warm blanket for the night. CNN, the travel channel, the learning channel, you name it I saw it as I flipped through the channels. Then I checked the weather channel. An incoming snowstorm may close the Chicago airport. I held back tears knowing that this would probably keep my Master from making it home tonight. Before long I drifted off but it wasn’t a restful sleep.

During the night I woke to a sound. Glancing around I didn’t see anything but sensed a presence. After checking around and finding nothing I laughed to myself and imagined it was probably just Santa coming down the chimney. Just for amusement I walked to the tree to look at the presents again. I was shocked to find a new package there. I felt a distinct fear wondering where it came from and how it got there. I already checked the condo and found no one, but there was obviously someone there. The tag on the box had my name on it.

At this point I began to wonder if I was losing my mind. Maybe the Christmas movies I watched on television were playing with my mind. Maybe I was dreaming. I pinched my arm and let out a yelp. I was definitely not sleeping or dreaming. I thought about calling 911, but what on earth would I tell the police? I could imagine their laughter if I told them there was a present under my tree and I don’t know where it came from. I was afraid but not sure what to be afraid of. For safety sake I decided to get dressed and walk to the neighbors. When I reached in my closet a hand came out to grab my wrist. I screamed loudly, everything started to swirl right before I passed out.

I woke up bound and blindfolded.

A voice spoke to me, “It’s about time you woke up little girl.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Santa Claus.”

“This isn’t a joke. Who are you?”

“Santa Claus.”

“Why are you here?”

“It’s Christmas Eve, I’m here to deliver presents.”

“Oh please, can we cut the crap.”

“I’m being honest.”

“If you were honest you would not have me hogtied and blindfolded.”

“Perhaps, but because I’m Santa Claus I know what you want for Christmas.”

“You don’t now anything.”

“Hummm, another naysayer… an unbeliever, tsk tsk. What ever happened to the mystique of Christmas?”

“Let me go.”

“I can’t do that.”

“You’re Santa Claus, you can do anything you want.”

He laughed openly, “Your plight has definitely sweetened your tongue, but it won’t work.”

“What exactly do you want from me?”

“I already told you why I’m here, to deliver presents and Christmas wishes.”

“Just wait until my Master gets here, he will take care of you.”

“I happen to know that he isn’t coming home tonight.”

“Yes he is.”

“No, he isn’t. The snow storm has changed his plans.”

“How did you know that??”

“I already told you, I’m Santa Clause I know everything.”

Shaking my head, I acknowledge that this man knows things that no one else could possibly know. There is only one explanation.

“Master, why are you doing this to me?”

“Excuse me?”

“You have to be my Master, no one else knows the travel itinerary.”

“That Şanlıurfa Escort is where you are wrong little girl.”

“Then WHO are YOU?”

“I already told you I’m Santa Claus.”

“Why are you fucking with my mind like this?”

“I’m not doing anything of the sort, I am just here to make sure you have a Mary Christmas. Get it? M-A-R-Y,” he laughed loudly at his own joke.

“Being tied up and blindfolded by a stranger isn’t my idea of a very nice Christmas.”

“Oh but it is little girl. I know what your wishes are. I work all year making my lists.”

“I haven’t set on Santa’s lap and made Christmas wishes since I was very small.”

“You don’t have to sit on my lap… although, mmm what a delicious thought that is.”

“You’re a sick bastard.”

“Judging from your Christmas list you’re a little slut too,” he chuckled.

“So what am I suppose to do, lay here tied up all night while you get your jollies?”

“Nah I fully intend on using you before I go to deliver more wishes and presents tonight.”

“Use me, how?”

“Oh Mary, you know exactly what I mean. Do I have to spell it out for you?”

“My Master will never allow it.”

“Your Master is snowed out of Chicago.”

“Just leave now and I won’t tell him you did this tonight.”

He laughed heartily, “You just don’t get it do you. You wish for things all year and now that I come to deliver you can’t just send me away.”

“I haven’t wished for anything.”

He clapped his hands together. I heard feet rustling close by, then heard two feminine voices.

“Hello Tidings and Joy, thank you for coming.”

“Yes Santa, what do you need?”

“Mary has wished for a woman to eat her pussy but was too bashful to actually do it.”

“Oh yes, Santa we can do that.”

“Who are they?”

“My elves, of course.”

“Oh sweet Jesus, this has to be a fucking nightmare.”

I felt feminine fingers toying with my pussy, spreading my labia. She commented to the others about how nice and plump my lips were. They spoke like I wasn’t even there. They guided me to a bench and laid me over it. The bench was padded with leather under my belly. Spreading my legs, they tied my ankles to the legs of the bench. I felt the heated breath of a mouth at my pussy. She dove in and began sucking and lapping.

The other one came to the front of me. She touched my breasts that were hanging through a hole in the bench. I raised my bound wrists to touch her. My fingers found a felt hat. She did not pull away, but let me explore. I felt soft hair and almost screamed when I felt her ear. It was pointed on top, just like the elves you see in the Christmas books. I pulled my hand back abruptly while she giggled.

“Here is one of her presents Tidings, please put them on her.”

“Yes Santa.”

She fastened nipple clamps on my nipples, tightening and testing them to make sure they were on properly. Then she told me that she was going to add a weight to the chain. I felt the slow tug then my nipples finally rested, hanging and pulled down by the weight. It wasn’t painful but it felt uncomfortable. Joy was lapping hungrily at my pussy. I tried very hard to not play into their sick joke, but it felt wonderful. My body said yes but my mind said no.

“Tidings, did we bring that new model of vibrator tonight for a test run?”

“Yes Santa, I laid it under the tree when we arrived.”

“O wonderful! Mary will be a good one to test it on. She had another model on her wish list but you ingenious little elves have outdone yourself this year with the newer model.

“Thank you Santa,” she purred.

“Damn it, I forgot batteries again! I hate when I do that.”

“I brought some Santa.”

“Wonderful! Now let me see, 2 D batteries. Ho ho holy crap, this thing is going to make a lot of horny women happy this year!”

I could hear it humming loudly beside me.

“Joy, you are a greedy little elf. Please let Tidings have a taste. She can try the new vibrator on her as well.”

“Mmmm, yes Santa.”

Tidings came behind me and ran the tip of the vibrator over my clit. It had a slower deeper vibration than most. It just about sent me through the roof, making my entire body shake. She pulled the tip back and pressed it to my pussy. The head of it slid in slowly taking the vibrations deep inside me. I was soaked so it slid in nicely but it was very filling. After she had it in a few inches I realized it had a clit tickler on it as well. When that hit my clit I couldn’t take anymore. My legs trembled and I knew I was going to cum. She started to pull it out.

“NO, no pleaseeee, leave it in me!”

“Ho ho horny little slut Mary, I knew you would like this new vibrator the elves designed.”

Tidings pushed the vibrator back inside me and started stroking me harder and faster. Trembling I gave into the sensations squirting juices down my leg when I climaxed.

“Oh shit, that is one hell Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan of a vibrator!”

Tidings slid it out and lowered her mouth to lick my juices. She pushed her fingers inside me, wetting them then slathered the wetness over my ass. Her thumb pressed against my ass. I couldn’t resist the urge to pull away from her but the weights on my nipple clamps kept me from pulling too far.

“I think we need to give those perky little nipples a break Mary.”

He removed the weight from the nipple clamp chain. It was a relief indeed, but left a stinging sensation as well. When he removed the clamps the sudden rush of blood took my breath away. At that moment, Tidings thrust her wet thumb up my ass and buried the vibrator up my pussy again. I screamed out in sweet pain and torment.

“Tidings, you are a deviant little bitch elf,” he chuckled sadistically.

“Oh Santa, I just enjoy giving and Christmas is all about giving,” she spoke sweetly.

“Ho ho hope you don’t wear her out because Santa has to eat her pussy yet, since I don’t see any cookies and milk waiting on me.”

Joy and Tidings both gasped at the same time, “NO Cookies?!?!”

“No my little elves, no cookies,” he offered in a dejected tone of voice.

“Oh no, we know what happens to little girls that don’t leave cookies for Santa,” Joy sighed.

“Yes Joy, you’re right. I do need to punish her.”

“It only seems fair Santa, you punish all the other bad girls.”

I decided it was time I stood my ground, since the 3 of them decided to have a conversation like I was just another piece of furniture in the room.

“I think you have had enough jollies tonight. Why don’t you untie me now?”




“Damn that hurt!”

“It’s suppose to, that is the idea. But don’t worry I will kiss it and make it all better.”

“No you can’t, my Master would never allow it.”

“You assume a lot about your Master. I think you would be interested to know what was on his wish list this year before you jump to conclusions.”

“What craziness are you talking about now?”

“Ho ho horny Master of yours wished for you to be with a woman but every time he brings the subject up you don’t seem too interested.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Is it Mary? Remember the time you were in the bar on Ohio Street and he saw a woman he thought you would like?”

“How the hell do you know about that?”

“Oh please Mary, must I repeat myself again? I’m Santa Claus I….

“Shut up, I know who you are and what you know.”

Joy and Tidings both let out a gasp and murmured to themselves quietly.

“That wasn’t very nice Mary.”


“You better behave or Santa won’t come visit you again.”

“Oh pity,” I laughed out loud.

With that he shoved his chubby cold fingers up my pussy and started banging away. Eventually he stopped and lowered his mouth to eat my pussy. I honestly didn’t expect this so-called Santa to have a beard but I felt his soft whiskers against my pussy and the length of it touched my inner thighs.

I had never been eaten out like this before. He took me to climax repeatedly, over and over again until I was near begging him to stop. I was exhausted and whimpering. He stood up behind me and gave me a break for a brief moment.

“Oh Santa, your tongue is magical.”

“Now you know why my elves stay with me and work so hard all year.”

“Yes, I can understand now.”

“You have only had a small taste of my Christmas spirit, Mary. Are you ready for the North Pole Ride?”

“What’s the North Pole Ride?”

Joy and Tidings both giggled to themselves.

“Tell me, please.”

“I will just show you Mary.”

He untied my ankles and removed me from the bench. I’m not sure why but I followed his lead. He sat down in a chair and pulled me back toward him. His cock hit my pussy. He held my hips and slammed my body down on his thick cock, holding me there for a moment. The wind left my lungs in a loud cry.

“Shhhh, it’s ok Mary. There is no need to be afraid of Santa. I’m your friend.”

“You’re really sick.”

“No Mary I’m not sick, but after 364 days of fucking the same elves over and over, I like to enjoy a little strange on Christmas Eve.”


“Are you ready for the North Pole Ride?

“Yeah, sure, give it your best shot Santa.”

He began to gyrate his hips round and round, up and down, forward and backward. I literally had to hang on because he was banging me so hard and deep. He kept going, faster and harder. I began to wonder where he got all his energy. He was inhumanly strong, never slowing, never cumming. His hands remained on my hips holding me firmly on his lap. Each time my body reached climax he never missed a beat he just kept going. My body climaxed repeatedly, never really stopping… again and again and again.

“Oh fuck Santa, I don’t know how much more I can take!”

He Escort Şanlıurfa didn’t say a word, he just kept going. Round and round, up and down, slamming into my pussy. I was starting to get sore but it felt good too. His thick cock filled my engorged pussy. Each time I climaxed and clamped onto it he pulled it out and slammed it into me again. He pushed me forward and fucked me from behind while my body hung over the arm of the couch. He began to slow a little. I thought I would have a small reprieve until he pulled his cock out and rubbed it against my ass.

“I may have wished for a new vibrator and nipple clamps but I did NOT wish for anal sex.”

“I know you didn’t.”

“Then what makes you think you can fuck my ass?”

“Because this is one of your Masters wishes Mary.”

“He knows I don’t want to try anal sex.”

“You’re right, but he wished for anal sex for Christmas.”

“But he isn’t the one poised at my ass right now.”

“I know, but after I sprinkle some magical Christmas dust on your puckered ass you will be forever insatiable for anal sex.”

“You are joking, right?”

“No Mary, it’s no joke. Please get me the magical Christmas dust Joy.”

“He really wants anal sex that badly?”

“Yes, it was at the top of his list.”

“I didn’t realize it was that important to him.”

“Are you ready Mary?”

“Yes Santa, I’m ready.”

I felt him sprinkle something on my skin that made me tingle all over. He concentrated on my raised ass making sure to cover it good. He rubbed the dust over my ass, massaging it into my skin. I felt something small at my ass pressing against it.

“What is that?”

“It’s a nice little butt plug to get you limbered up.”

“Ok Santa. Is this how you usually do this?”

“Ummm… well… actually the magical Christmas dust is a rather new creation.”

“So you don’t know for sure if it will work or not?”

“I tried it on the reindeer and it seemed to work on them.”

“You mean I am the first person you have tried this on!?”

“Yes Mary but please, perhaps you could view this in a more positive light.”

“Positive my ASS! Oh my God!”

“What’s happening Mary!?!?”

“My assssssss, oh my God, my assssssssss!!!”

“WHAT Mary? Tell me!”

“Fuckkkkkkk my assssssss nowwwwwwwww!”

“Damn girls, I think this magical Christmas dust is your best invention yet! Apparently a person needs to utter their personal magic word for it to take effect.”

He slid the plug out of my ass and put his cock there. He tried to go slow but I pushed my body back onto his waiting cock, taking it straight up my tight ass. He grabbed my hips and started pumping my ass. He gyrated his hips round and round then stuffed his cock deep inside again before withdrawing and diving in again.

I growled and pleaded, “Fuck my ass harder Santa, pleaseeeee.”

He complied and fucked me harder. Tidings came and shoved her elfin pussy in my face. I heard Santa telling Joy to lick his ass. We were all heaving and screaming in ecstasy from what was taking place but Santa sure had stamina I would give him credit for that. I was beyond ecstasy I felt like I was floating. My ass hurt but it also felt wonderful, stuffed with cock. I never knew it could feel so good.

“Oh my God Santaaaaa, I’m cummingggggg!”

“Ho ho ho………Meeeeeeeeery Christmasssssssssss…….Ho ho ho……Meeeeeeeeeery Christmasssssssssss……….Ho ho ho……….Meeeeeeeeeeery Christmasssssssssss.”

“Why do you keep saying that?”


“Why do you keep saying Merry Christmas?”

“I just walked in the door.”

I opened my eyes to see my Master standing just inside the door. I clutched the blanket to my chest and looked at my unbound wrists, then looked around the room rapidly.

“What are you looking for Mary?”

“Santa Claus and his elves.”

“Hahaha my sweet little Mary, you must have been dreaming.”

“No, I’m serious. They were here!”

“Ok Mary, I believe you,” he chuckled. “Come over here and kiss me I have missed you horribly. I was able to catch the last flight out last night before they closed the airport but it took me a while to get home in the deep snow.”

I rose from the couch and walked to him. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me into his arms to kiss me. His coat was cold from being outdoors. I took it from him to hang up. Walking to the closet to deposit it, I noticed a powdery dust on the sleeves where he had wrapped his arms around me. Raising my eyebrow I thought, nah… this was just a dream, that’s all. Returning to Master, I asked him how his trip was.

“It was a bit scary. I’m glad to have my ass on solid ground again.”

Oh shit, he said the magic word! My ass puckered and my body tingled.

“I think we need to get you to bed Master.”

“But I just got home Mary. It’s Christmas morning and I figured you would like your gifts.”

“I know, but your Christmas present is in the bedroom.”

“Oh ok, then let’s go. I can’t wait to see what you got me.”

“It’s one of those gifts that just keeps giving Master.”

“Wonderful! Those are the best kind.”

He watched her walking and pulling him toward the bedroom, “Damn, you have a cute ass!”