It was a night made from dreams.

Dinner had been prepared in the heavens. His conversation was pleasantly flirtatious, his company stunning. Neither wanted the evening to end so we walked along the ship’s rail.

The moonlit air was warm, as he held me, dancing slowly on the deck. Bodies pressed together, fingers intertwined. The ship rocked gently with each ocean swell and that blended sweetly with our movement.

The strains of violins wafted around us, guiding our steps, the soft rhythm an echo in our pulse. Melody, mist and cologne buffeted my senses. The impact had me reeling. Passion and maleness mingled finely with sandalwood and myrrh. Inhaling, I pulled deep his essence, waking the beast nestled inside. His magic spiraled back upward, filling my mouth and throat with ‘him’.

The wizard had begun his siren song of seduction, while the beast and I resisted.

Head resting on his shoulder, my hands roaming his chest, luxuriating in the feel of linen shaped over well honed muscle. I roamed the plains of his body, learning the valleys, searching the hollows where my love would eventually live.

Meeting his gaze, I began to trace his mouth, wondering just how these tender lips would feel against my skin. The fullness of his sensual mouth matched the fullness in my chest. The soft skin was warm to my touch. There was a hint of pink as his tongue glided along the outer chasm edge peeking to see just who invaded its home.

My body read the promise inherent in that tiny flash of ruby skin. He offered a sensual dance, drawing a thunderous response from the beast crouched in bottomless place inside me. Can his magic claim her I wondered?

He pushed his offer higher, sucking on my finger tip, tongue flicking against the pad. Breath rushed from my body, each hair aloft as my skin puckered at this intimacy. Each stroke inflamed the pulse, calling the dragon at my core. My body responded to him mindlessly, the wetness flowing from me of its own volition. I tried to pull my finger from this trap of his mouth, but all I managed to do was pull his head Samsun Escort toward me.

I found the edge of his mouth and kissed it gently. With the release of my finger his tongue traced the edges of my lips, his mouth playing with the abundance of mine. Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but this mouth, this mouth was the doorway.

My soul sang as he tasted me, as he teased me, and as I gently pulled his tongue into my mouth. He was all heat and dinner wine.

He left the wilds of my mouth and began to blaze a trail across my cheek. All I felt was velvety softness running along my chin raising the blood in my veins. I was floundering in the vastness of his touch, set adrift in the sea of longing he had unleashed within me. The warmth of his breath heated my ocean cooled skin along the way. Was the roaring in my ears from the ocean waves or her wings crashing within me? I didn’t know.

As my head tipped back his breath flowed across my earlobe, enveloped by his lips. The tempest at my center was tamed as he began to suckle the sensitive skin. I wanted more, so much more. I tried to turn into his mouth, but he held my head and continued his path of exploration down my throat and across my bear shoulder. As his palm roamed along my spine, pressing me into him, I knew I was lost. My breathing ragged, my pulse rapid and my head thrown back as I fell under the spell he was weaving. The dragon awakened, beat at my mind, and roared for release.

The wizard wove the moon and stars into his trap, my beast and I had been truly snared. I opened my eyes and watched as the stars twinkled in time with the pounding of my heart. I moaned. I believe I moaned. I heard a moan echo in my ears. Was that me? Who was this woman sinking deeper into fervor’s grasp?

His neck was open to me and his scent rose drawing me in. It called me, seducing me. I lowered my mouth to his throat. The ringing in my ears competing with the drumming of his heartbeat as it throbbed through my tongue, feeding the beast within. I followed this river of heat upstream, along his neck, Samsun Escort Bayan under the cleft of his chin and toward his mouth, the source of my wildest fantasies.

Our tongues danced a waltz more ageless than the symphony playing deck side. He teased me mercilessly, his tongue darting in and out of me. Was this another promise for my future?

He suckled gently my tongue, and with each draw, my clit pulsated in response. I ground into him, urging him forward in his explorations. Common sense was lost as the tides of want over took me. My dragon was loosed, and I had no regret.

I felt the heat of his hands work their way down my back before I realized the zipper was undone. My nipples brushed against my gown, as he pulled my hips in and then up. His need was obvious in the hardness at my groin and the heat from his hands on my rear. The beat of dragon wings fanned the flames growing between us, surrounding us.

His moan was but an echo, as I felt myself melting into the shadows. Pinned to the wall, his mouth ensnared my engorged nipple. I shivered in the shock of cool air, followed by the searing heat of his mouth. Alternating warmth and coolness pounded that tiny bit of flesh with each intake of his breath. My back arched each time his teeth held me. Fire raced through my veins burning us both on its journey.

The very nature of my being was pulled from me. I had been claimed. I was nothing more than the beast, the dragon in his hands. My dress fell from my hips, his mouth making inroads along my chest and belly. My legs spread slowly hoping to guide him lower, but he simply whispered by, leaving an ache behind the dark lace. He kissed my inner thighs, hands wrapped around my ass. Back up he traveled, nibbling as he went. Sparks flaring each time his teeth worked my flesh.

The wizard claimed his own.

The tip of his tongue teased its way along the edge of my thong. A ragged breath added to the dragon’s heat already radiating from the dampened bit of cloth between my legs.

I was the sacrifice that went Escort Samsun gladly.

Warm hands pulled my hips forward as a warmer mouth lowered toward the fount overflowing. The whip of tongue struggled with fabric, while his teeth worked the fire at my heart. Along the exposed flesh of my inner thigh that insistent member climbed. Hands finally met teeth and tongue; together the three conquered the shield of cotton.

My body arched in the coolness of exposure. My hands reached for the solidity of flesh.

With a wizard’s magic the fabric vanished as that serpent tongue moved along my skin. His lips held me in place as his mouth supped the wine from me. I pulled him deeper into me, spreading my legs for him.

The sensual feast was offered freely and willingly taken.

He teased me then. That member flicked up and down my slit. Heated breath reached where rough flesh could not. He suckled at my thighs as if I hid combs of honey. He worked his way between the swollen layers, heavy tongue darting in and out swimming in sweetness. I shifted, then he pushed, suddenly fingers found their way inside me.

I was lost among the stars. Light swirled in my eyes as he began to lap, buried fingers dancing to his wizard rhythm. A dragon rage of heat warned me mere seconds before his mouth engulfed my clit.

I was suckled. I was let go. I was drawn through the stars and then cast earthward each time his mouth worked me. I relished this journey, as it answered the ebb and flow of the tides of my spirit.

The fire inside matched the bits of fire in the night. I relished the passion, yet we longed for release, my beast and I.

Searching, my fingers found purchase buried in my wizard hair. I arched toward him, calling the magic again and again. Mercilessly he drained every ounce of moisture from me, tongue leaving behind dry fire everywhere it touched.

The beast bellowed as fingers crawling inside. Fore and aft they entered, pinning her restlessly between. I squirmed, seeking her freedom, the jaws of flame engulfing me as the dragons’ roar eclipsed my heartbeat.

I surrendered then, giving myself to my beast and her to this wizard. A moan erupted from her hidden place inside me, circling higher and higher, exploding from my body with a blast of dragon fire.

I have been transformed.

I am the dragon reborn.