He felt the heat of her body and the softness of her breasts as she gently pressed against him. They were in the bird section of the natural history museum, where they had gone at her suggestion in their lunch break. He again felt the pressure of her body, this time he was sure he could feel the hardness of her nipple against his bare arm. He couldn’t believe this contact was accidental. It had been her idea to have lunch together, and he had agreed, but with no thought of sex.

But here they were, she rubbing her breasts suggestively, but so, so gently against him, and he confused, aroused and unsure how to respond. She was his new colleague, and he was in a relationship. He tried to talk about the exhibits, but she displayed no interest in what was around them. Rather, she smiled and stayed close. The museum, in an out of the way section of the university, was deserted apart from themselves and the curator at the other end of the gallery. Along with the hardness of her nipple pressing against his arm, he could feel his own hardness starting Tokat Escort to push against his shorts.

They moved further along the aisle into a darker section. As they walked her hand brushed against his. But still there was no explicit acknowledgement of the charged atmosphere between them. She smiling and talking about herself and her job, he wondering how the situation would develop and if she was just flirting outrageously or really wanted sex.

At the insect cabinet she stopped and pointed to a large colourful butterfly on the bottom shelf. He bent to see it more clearly, and felt her hands caress his arse. He stayed still, rigid everywhere. Her hands moved slowly around to the front of his shorts, feeling for his erection. He was unnerved, but had never felt so aroused. He could feel her breath on his neck as she bent forwards and rested herself on his back, pushing herself close, he could feel the pressure of her breasts through his thin shirt. She found the zip of his shorts with one hand, while her other hand Tokat Escort Bayan gently rubbed him through the material of his shorts.

He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to turn round and take control, but the feeling of her hand on his penis, and her body pressed against his, was so erotic that he was unable to move. She opened his zip and drew his stiff prick out of his pants. He tried to reach behind to touch her, but she pushed his hands away, so he reached forwards instead and steadied himself against the cabinet. She began to move her body against his as she rubbed him faster and harder. One hand on his prick, the other caressing his balls. She wanked him expertly, the rhythm, the pressure, every part of him tingled and tensed as he approached closer and closer to climax.

But she squeezed the base of his prick. blocking his cum. He’d never felt an orgasm building from so deep inside him before. The sensation was almost painful as his pick throbbed, his insides contracted, his arms threatened to let him fall forward, Escort Tokat and moans escaped his throat. He could feel the whole journey of his spunk as it finally burst out of his balls, up his stiff prick, and out past her wanking hand. She moved the hand from his balls to in front of his squirting cock, catching as much as she could while continuing to rub him hard with her other hand. He moaned louder, his legs trembled, his muscles spasmed, he nearly collapsed to the floor

He couldn’t take any more rubbing. He was too sensitive and spent. He asked her please to stop. Please, no more. She stopped moving her hand up and down, and instead used his prick to pull him round to face her. She looked him straight in the eyes and brought her cum filled hand to her mouth and licked. He could see her tongue covered in his cum as she lapped it from her cupped hand.

He’d never had an experience like this. First the most explosive orgasm, from which he was still trembling. And now she was eating his seed, her eyes fixed on his. She lowered herself to her knees, rubbed her cum stained hand on his prick, then began to lick and suck it clean. All the time never breaking eye contact. finally, she removed her mouth and hands from him, smiled, and simply said, “now, how about some lunch.”