Long Haul


It was a hot June day in southern Alabama and the parking lot smelled like piss. He typically didn’t like stopping at truck stops. Today was different. He was meeting a lady for the first time and she was bringing him some needed supplies for the road. It’d been over 7 years since he was with anybody and even though they had phone sex, he was in a hurry and needed to bust it up to Vermont. Waiting in his driver’s seat, he notices her pull up alongside his truck in his side mirror. Hopping out, he couldn’t contain his smile. She was breathtaking. Flowing long ghostly white hair, ending at the small of her back, just above the crack of her ass. Beautiful, full lips and a glowing smile. Eyes that were a soul piercing, hazel brown. His plans to get right back on the road went right back on the back burner.

He helped her up in his truck and handed her the supplies she had brought him. Her round, muscular ass was screaming for him to grab it, but he restrained. He was shy and they were both a bit nervous. Sitting on the edge of the bunk, they had exchanged stories and spent a few minutes with Sivas Escort getting to know you better talk. That’s when she had glanced down and noticed the bulge in his pants.

It had been years for her as well, so she didn’t waste any time letting him know what she wanted. With both hands, she undid the buttons on his Levi’s and pushed him back on the bunk. Her tongue, darting around the head of his swollen dick, her hands on his ass, squeezing it in a pulling motion. He could feel his entire dick go down her throat, while at the same time, when she was at the bottom of it, was licking his balls. Jesus Christ he thought, where did she come from? When all of a sudden, she stops. Looks at him and says, “You’re not gonna cum are ja?”…No baby… “I’m not going any further until you gimme a big ole, Roll Tide.” He whispers, “roll tide baby.”

Putting a smile on her face after hearing roll tide, she crawls up next to him on her hands and knees. She is soaking wet. Drops of her pussy juice are falling on his sheets as he slides his dick in. It’s tight. His dick feels Sivas Escort Bayan like a perfect combination of length and girth. Impatiently, she says, “fuck me man, drive me hard!”. So with a hand on each hip, he bears down, pulling her towards him with such force, she yelps out and pulls away, squirting her juice all over his bed. He grabs her hips again and guides his dick back inside of her. The rhythm of his strokes were matching the Kid Rock playing over the stereo. Smooth and consistent. She pulls away again and with a loud scream, flows her juices even more this time. He’s never seen anything like this. When she was finally done, she was curled up in a fetal position, barely able to catch her breath. The floor of his truck and his bed were both making audible squishing noises. He had yet to come.

Out of nowhere, this beautiful southern belle rolls over on her back, while he’s standing next to the bed and arches her head back over the side. She grabbed his dick and put it in her mouth, taking it in all the way. He could feel his balls slapping her on the forehead Escort Sivas as he pumped her face. Oh this is new he was thinking. Tasting his precum, she pulls him off and tells him to blast his hot seed on her face. “COVER IT” she yells, jacking him off to finish him and guide his spray. His hot cum went in her nose, plastered her eyes and was dripping down her beautiful cheeks. She laid there, with her head tipped back and her mouth open, wanting more. Bending over, he takes his tongue and laps up the hot cum that was covering her face, holding it in his mouth. He positioned his mouth directly over hers and opened it up, dripping his seed, from his own mouth, into hers. When he was done, their mouths met and their tongues were hard on each other. Neither one of them had expected this, but both knew that this person was the one.

Or was it. Time passed. He sold his truck, learned a new career and they moved in together. Things got taken for granted. Withholding information, albeit meaningless to the relationship, still a need to know. He’s alone again, looking forward to breaking that 7 year abstinence stretch, knowing that there isn’t a woman on this planet who can hold a stick to what he lost.

Just because something is thrown in your lap, doesn’t mean you don’t have to continue to work for it. Work for that love. Deserve that love. Claim that Love.