Joining In with a Married Couple


I’d turn up at your house wearing jeans, a nice top and a pair or simple black heels. I start blushing before you even open the door knowing I have my favourite black Lacey bra and matching Brazilian thong.

You and your wife open the door to me, not quickly and warmly welcome me in. Your wife leads me into the lounge, while you grab a few drinks from the kitchen. We talk generally, getting to know each other and having a few laughs, im sat between you both. You can see the tension leave my both and I relax. It’s calm, but suddenly the sexual tension feels the room, we all feel it wrap around us.

I shift, my back melting against you but I’m turned so I’m facing your wife. She understands what I’m doing, the part I’m so new too, the part I’m very nervous about but excited to try. She leans over a plants a single kiss on my lips and gentle presses her palm to my cheek. It feels like this is happening in slow motion.

She pulls back, to look into my eye to gage if I liked it. She can see that I did, we both lean it to kiss more passionately. I feel your hand graze up my exposed are to reassure me.

Once I again my confidence, I snake my hand into your wife’s hair, then gentle falls caressing the side of her body, down the side of her face, over her breast to rest on her hip. Your wife breaks out kiss, gentle touches my chin to turn my head to you. You swoop in to claim my mouth, your hand still running up and down my arm giving me chills, your wife removes her top and starts to let her hands wonder over my body, they stay but always seem to come back to my chest.

You’re wife, lifts up my top, revealing my natural HH boobs, encased in their Lacey black bra. You compliment them making my blush from the neck up. I reach behind me to take of my bra, your wife does the same. Your wife and I start passionately kissing again, our torsos rubbing together, your boobs running together. You take a moment to enjoy watching before removing your top and jeans. Sivas Escort You take your seat again in just your boxers. You reach around so your hands are between me and your wife, you have one hand of each of your boobs, kissing my shoulder as you play and tease up.

After enjoying each other’s mouths for a few moments, we stand to take off the rest of our bottoms. I’m left standing in my thong and you’ve asked me to keep my heels on which i happily comply, your wife is the same.

We resume our seats, your wife one side of me, you the other. You share a look between you which I mean. In sequence, you both swoop down to claim a breast each. Starting out gently, licking and caressing each nipple, after a few seconds you both start sucking on them and rolling it around your tongue. Each of you has a hand on each thigh, lightly glaring from knee to inner thigh. You both alternate between kissing me and playing with my breasts.

My hands are occupied, once teasing your wife through her panties, rubbing the fabric between her lips. I can feel her heat through the fabric and its damp – I smile as she has probably thought about this as much as I have. My other hand is Rubbing you through your boxers, it’s already rock hard, after a few seconds of teasing, I pull out your cock. Use on finger to smear your precum over the tip and start wanking you off at a steady pace.

You’re wife looks at me and asks if I want her to take her panties off. “Yes” I whisper and smile. The whole time, my hand never breaks contact with you. You’ve pushed my hair away from my face and have begun kissing my neck. You’re wife stands so we can both see, she pushes down her panties to her knees, shimmies them of the rest of the way and steps out of them. I feel bold as I kiss her, breaking away from you and settle on my knees, in front of her between her legs. She moves her hips to the edge of the sofa and waits for me to make my move.

Now I’m here, I’m not Sivas Escort Bayan sure how to please you her, I look up at you both smiling and reassuring me. You start making out with your wife which spurs me on. I gently kiss her inner thigh, alternative after a few kisses between legs. Kissing and lightly nipping my way closer to her pussy. Her heat is rolling of her, I smell a sweet feminine musk and see how wet she is already. I put my tongue out so it’s flat, I move it from the bottom to the top of her pussy. She moans at first contact which makes me want to do it more. I look up through my eyelashes to watch you both kiss and tease her boobs. I smile into her pussy and switching it up, I point my tongue more, and make sure I taste every part of her pussy. I go up one side, around her clit but not touching it yet, then I go down the other side and then up the middle. I repeat this a few times, my mouth covered in your wetness. You move beside me, you have one hand holding my hair back, the other running down my spine, over my ass cheeks before starting to play with my pussy. With on me hand, I play with your cock, jerking you off, rolling your balls in my hand. You let out low loud moans which makes my pussy quiver.

You tell us how wet I am and how pretty my pussy is. Your fingers are smootherd in my wetness. Your wife tells me she wants me to play with her clit and I happily oblige. My tongue still pointed I flick it over her sensitive spot, I reach up with one hand to run a single finger over her pussy, tracing where my tongue had just been. As I focus my attention on circular motions on her clit, I tease her entrance with one finger before sliding it in. I moan into her pussy as you play with mine. Alternating between playing with my lip and putting the finger inside. You pull the finger out and give me a few light sparks before returning to your manipulation of my pussy. I can feel my own orgasm start to build and your wife’s pussy is getting Escort Sivas hotter beneath my tongue. She puts a hand on my head to move me slightly to hit the right spot to push her over the edge. She grinds on my face to create the right pressure. I feel and taste her orgasm unravel and pussy clamps round my finger. I don’t let my tongue or finger stop until her pussy stops pulsing. Once she’s finished, you take the opportunity to push me over the edge too and I want the same for you. My hand starts to move faster, your cock pulses and throbs in my fingers, the tip turns a shade of red as your climax approaches. You speed up your fingers on me, a mix of circling my clit which drives me crazy and putting your fingers deep inside me. My stomach tightens just before my release, I curse and moan loudly as I orgasm. Your moans mirror mine as you cum over me.

We all move up to the bedroom, you wife tells you to lie on the bed. We have wicked plans for you, it’s like we have read each other’s mind. She tells me to sit on your face, you can see how dripping wet I am. I face down your body so I can lean forward putting us in a 69 position. Your wife is parallel to me so you can reach out and play with her pussy – pleasing us at the same time. I lick from the base to the tip before taking the top half of your cock in my mouth. You hand snakes round go jerk of the bottom half while she licks your balls a couple of times before turning her attention the rest of your cock. I bob my head, while it’s in my mouth I swirl my tongue over the top. You growl, the rubble sends vibrations through my pussy, I moan out as well. You suddenly step up your tongue game making me lose concentration, my head up so I can simply enjoy. Your wife never misses a beat, she quickly takes your whole cock in her mouth, you feel it touch the back of her throat. My legs start to shake either side of your head, I’m so close to coming it hurts. Your wife is moaning loudly and you finger her pussy knowing exactly what she likes. It doesn’t take us all to climax in quick succession. You cum into your wife’s mouth, some dribbles out the side, I lean back down to clean up anything she has missed. We all bask in the after glow, catching our breath and coming down from our high.