Jimm And Meg Ch. 01


The sharp buzz of the alarm clock woke Meg abruptly. She yawned very wide as she climbed out of her soft, inviting bed with a loud squeek from the springs. Meg couldn’t help but give a small smile at the quick thought of nights full of the same sound of her current dismount. Feet steady on the old trampled carpet, she shuffled her way to the sliding glass door to her small apartment balcony. When she stepped out onto cold cement and the morning sun, she knew she had reached her destination, without even needing to open her eyes. She adjusted her white undershirt and reached for her pack of cigarettes on her small wooden table, only to find the container empty.

“Shit!” she thought to herself as she stormed back into her apartment. Even then she could feel the craving start to build as she began to disrobe in the bathroom. After she finished undressing, she looked herself over in the mirror, disapproving as usual. She ran her fingers through her short black hair, pulling her blonde streak forward as she struck a pose for the mirror.

Men always seemed to have been attracted to Meg, usually just for her body. She didn’t mind all that much, she hated most casual relationships anyway. As she stepped into the shower and felt the cold water splash against her soft skin, she felt her mind begin to wander. She washed the sleep from her body as she began to think of her lover, and the only guy she actually liked on more than a physical level, Jimm.

He suddenly jumped in her mind as clear as if he were standing directly in front of her. She could almost smell the fragrance of his cologne as she looked him over mentally. His spiky black hair, those dark eyes, that smug look, those broad shoulders, his strong, tattooed arms. He was by far the best lover she had ever had, but she’d never tell him that. She felt her heart beat faster and a warmth grow within her as the fantasy became more racy, only to have it halted by the phone ringing.

“GOD DAMN IT!” Meg yelled as she woke up to reality and shut off the water, drying off, as she got ready for work. As she threw on some undergarments, slipped into her crimson-colored vinyl mini skirt and buttoned up her gray blouse, she realized her nicotine fix wouldn’t be attended to this morning.

~ () ~

A jab to the ribs woke Jimm up sorely from his drunken haze on the apartment floor. He groaned loudly as he slowly got to his feet and stumbled into the shower to start another day of his cheeky antics. He finished his shower quickly, threw on a tight black t-shirt and even tighter black leather pants. He walked out to the living room to see his roommates laughing and enjoying the morning that Jimm had completely slept through. Jimm had very little interest in this, scratched his facial hair, and remarked, “God I need a drink…”

He slid his sunglasses up to the bridge of his nose as he stepped out of the apartment, now on the lookout for alcohol and fun. He walked through the noontime city, passing happy people and speeding cars as he found his destination, The Farfrumpukin Pub. He snuck in through the front door of the dark pub, finding a seat at a table in a back corner.

Meg soon walked out of from behind Sivas Escort the bar, looking frustrated as she started to wash some of the tables. Jimm watched her as she worked, mulling several of her characteristics in his dirty little mind as he felt a smile spread across his face.

~ () ~

Work was slow for Meg that morning, and it was driving her crazy. It was a few minutes til her break, and time was inching along. Boredom and cravings were eating away at her, until a bit of her prayers were answered. She felt herself blush slightly as she found her lover sitting at the corner of the bar waiting for her. Meg ran her fingers through her hair, and attempted to smooth out the wrinkles in her clothes, undoing a few buttons to allow Jimm an eyeful.

She slowly walked over to his table to take his order, his smirk growing wider as she reached him. She asked him what he wanted to drink, her curvaceous body calling his name.

As he started to order, she ran her fingernails down his neck, causing him to get goose bumps. He responded by lightly scratching up her soft legs with his black-painted fingernails, causing her to shiver and bite her bottom lip.

She bent forward and whispered in his ear, “I’m about to go on break…meet me by the bathrooms”. He scratched his fingernails up even higher on her soft thighs as an answer and got Meg to let out a small moan of want.

Meg stood upright again, blew Jimm a kiss, and walked back behind the bar, trying to hold back an ever growing smile.

Meg’s boss Oliver reluctantly let her go on break, and Meg walked happily down the hall where both Oliver’s office and the restrooms were located. She gasped in surprise to find Jimm leaning against a wall opposite the door to the office.

“Hey baby” he said with a smirk. Meg quickly looked back to find Oliver gone from his watch at the bar. She smiled flirtatiously as she walked up to him, meeting his lips with her own.

Their kiss became more passionate as their hands explored each others’ bodies. Meg broke the kiss, whispering into his ear, “God I needed you today…” Jimm removed his sunglasses and his black eyes flashed at her. “I needed THIS too…” she continued, rubbing her hand over the noticeable bulge in Jimm’s pants. “I’m always ready to give it to you.” Jimm responded, licking his lips and kissing Meg’s neck. She held him close to her, her body aching for his touch.

He continued to kiss down her neck, letting the tip of his tongue draw little circles on her. His fingers moved swiftly, unbuttoning her cotton blouse and sliding his warm hands against her soft stomach. Meg grabbed a hold of the doorknob and opened the door as fast as she could, grabbing Jimm by his shirt and pulling him in the office after her. Meg locked the door behind them, shrugged off her blouse, and quickly unclasped her confining bra. She studied Jimm while doing this, the cool air tickling her now bare chest. Jimm embraced her immediately; finding her lips with his and feeling her knees get weak as he pushed her against the office wall.

Jimm broke their long kiss, moving his lips and tongue down Meg’s collar, scratching the fingernails on his Sivas Escort Bayan right hand up to her tightened pink nipple. She bit her bottom lip and arched her back to urge on his teasing fingertips. He continued to kiss further down, other hand finding her skirt zipper. Meg reached down and helped Jimm peel off his shirt, only to have him continue to drive her wild with his soft kisses continuing past her navel.

His fingers grabbed the zipper on the back of her skirt and slowly pulled, slipping it down around her ankles. He kissed and nibbled voraciously back up her legs, letting out a hot breath against her private area. Meg moaned out loud as he kissed all the way back up to her mouth, entering it with his tongue and running his fingers all over her body.

They continued to kiss and explore each other with their hands; Meg walked Jimm over to Oliver’s black leather chair and sat him down firmly. She broke the kiss, holding his hands on the arms of the chair, and kissed down his neck and chest. She hungrily ran her hands across his body, as she slid between his thighs, tentatively eyeing the ever growing member, restrained behind his tight leather pants. As she fumbled with his belt, she looked up with an eye full of lust and longing simmering behind thick eyelashes.

Jimm lifted his hips off the chair to allow the now open and willing pants to fall from his legs. Meg softly massaged his engorged penis through the thin, tented material, as she once again bit her lip. Cautiously she slid her hand in the button less fly and caressed his shaft. He let out a guttural groan as her fingers laced themselves around the thick rod and her eyes fluttered shut. Quickly she jerked him into a frenzy, his hips meeting her hand. As she tugged at his boxers, she watched with anxiety as his eye-catching member bounced free against his stomach.

She reached for it tentatively, letting it settle into her natural grip, the flesh hot in her free hand. His eyes rolled shut as his breath quickened. Her hand squeezed firmly on his head as it slid in and out of her hand, skin to skin, nerves on raptured nerves…She let a smile creep across her face as she crawled closer, pressing her chest against his groin. The organ throbbed against her hands as he felt her breasts press against his legs.

With one swift movement, Meg took him into her mouth, and let her tongue glide lavishly across the smooth skin. Jimm’s eyes grew wide as he watched inch by inch of his own flesh disappear between her lush velvety lips. Meg reached between them and grabbed hold of his shaft below her lips, squeezed tight, and jerked in a rhythmic motion. Her spare hand wandered innocently down between her legs and started to fondle the over stimulated junction therein.

“Oh god.” he groaned after what felt like only moments. She quickly buried him into her throat, drawing a gasp from him, and caressing and massaging the steely column with her tongue as she sucked firmly. She suddenly extracted him from her mouth with an audible smack, stood up, and she turned to face Oliver’s desk. She swiped the contents of the desk to the floor and sat on its edge. Jimm watched carefully, his Escort Sivas straining erection in his hand, as her voluptuous chest amused him in her frantic movements. She reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling him between her legs. She cooed softly as she felt his slickened member nudge her softest flesh, already tight with arousal.

“I need you right now.” she sighed close to his ear. She climbed onto the desk, displaying her temptuous body before him. With an almost new-found power, he leapt onto the desk and knelt behind her. Her thin finger flickered down her toned body, tracing the swells and curves and conscientiously groping for the sensitive areas.

Jimm took hold of himself by the hilt, smiling devilishly. “You’re so hot,” he breathed sensually, running the head of his penis over her waiting entrance, tantalizing her. She arched her back with a sharp gasping breath, feeling the electricity between them spark. With no additional warning he struck deep into her, with a growl from the depths of his wanton soul (or lack, perhaps, thereof).

She let her knees go weak, her body exploding with erotic discomfort and buzzing pleasures; it felt as if he cleaved her in two with his forceful penetration. After a sweet, torturous moment of lingering deep inside of her, he began to rhythmically pound into her body as if without regard, her soft raptured protests falling on deaf ears. Relenting at length, he leaned down to kiss her neck softly while his massive hands kneaded at her chest and hips. Reassured, she recovered from the initial sharpness of the sensations, and began to coincide his eager thrusts with her own, bucking her hips into him as the copulation progressed.

They continued this dark dance at an agonizing pace, slipping into a sweaty trance as they shared thrusts and moans. Meg kept her eyes shut tightly as she felt the tingling she needed rise within her most sacred of regions. Jimm felt a smile make its way onto his face as he continued to push her to the limits with the lust reserved only for her. Jimm gave her a hard slap on her hind-region as he threw his head back and laughed in horny delight. When he recovered his machismo, he opened his eyes to see Meg’s boss Oliver standing in the doorway of the office. A look of disgust was splattered on Oliver’s usually calm Irish features as he clenched his fists to the point of drawing blood in his own palms.

~ () ~

Oliver had caught them in the act. Meg was the one he had set his heart on, the one that he held above all the rest in his thoughts and dreams. She was now mounted by the vile creature he hated more than anything in his existence. They were frozen there, look of shock and fear on the soft face of Meg, a look of devious pride on the face of Jimm. The anger rose like boiling water within Oliver as he screamed for Jimm to leave and that he would speak with Meg shortly. The temptress scurried out of the office with her clothing, covering up everything of herself that she could. Jimm walked cooly out of Oliver’s office, wearing his nudity as a badge of honor as he gave Oliver a friendly pat on the back. Oliver growled in response as he slammed the door behind Jimm, nearly catching his tail in the door. Oliver surveyed the damage done by his favorite waitress and her sin. He angrily kicked through the mess of paper and supplies formerly on his desk as he sat in his cushy chair, only to jump back in disgust to find Jimm’s clothes littered on his seat.