Finding The Perfect Virgin


He waited all day to get off work and meet the lady he had contacted in the magazine. She had listed herself as tall, slender, big breasts, and horny; looking for a man with a good-sized cock with sexual pleasure in mind. He had sexual pleasure in mind and his cock was good-sized, so he answered, which set up a meeting at the hotel down the street from his office in town.When he saw the white flower in her hair, he knew for sure it was her but the large breasts and shapely figure told his cock she was the one before he saw the flower. He greeted her and escorted her into the bar for a drink before they went upstairs to their room. While they were in the lounge, he began slowly removing her clothes with his eyes, which he was sure she was doing to him as she set her hand on his leg and slid it up so she was massaging his cock. He reached over and began to massage her breast lightly with his arm as his cock grew larger and harder under her grasp.Finally, they finished their drinks and retired to their room where, as she shut the door, she began to slowly slide off her top, then her skirt. She unhooked her bra and let it fall away as he scooped up her breasts and began hungrily sucking, licking, nibbling and chewing on her nipples. She undid his shirt and tore it off then removed his belt, dropped his pants, and grabbed his cock through his boxers, massaging it harder and firmer before lowering her lips over it licking and sucking.  She pushed him over onto the bed, mounting him and fucking him with ecstasy and vigor greater than he had ever experienced in his entire life. He returned his thrusts with force and şişli escort depth. She groaned and opened her legs even wider and ground down to accept even more fucking. He sucked her nipples with the hunger of a feasting infant. She grabbed his ass and pulled him inside her deeper and deeper.“Fuck me, fuck me harder, violate me! Yes, yes! More, more!” She screamed louder and louder, grinding him harder and harder inside her. He thrust deeper and deeper trying to satisfy her unending need for fulfillment. They finally fell apart and she continued masturbating, so he rolled over and began to suck her which brought her to screaming ecstasy again. She was a bottomless pit of sexual desire going for one orgasm after another, every man’s dream. She, in turn, fellated him and played with his balls, sucking one and then another deep into her mouth and licking and sucking his cock as vigorously as possible.  They fucked for hours. Finally, they took time out to have a light snack from room service. She did a very sexy slow dance in the nude as the room service boy came in with the food. She rubbed up and down against him until he had an outrageous hard-on which she pulled out and sucked off. He found it very sexy and had to butt fuck her and then she sucked him off; heaven!   Needless to say, their first date went very well. He helped her put her clothes on, twisting her nipples hard as rocks before she left, and made sure her pussy was saturated. Of course, his cock was hard as a rock even after all those orgasms, and a new date was set for next week. Now he had to go and meet his wife at şişli escort bayan the spa.  He met his wife at the spa and the two of them and the two masseuses had a wonderful time. His wife lived to be eaten and fucked at the same time and this was her day! He would fuck her slowly and stroke her breasts while the two masseuses would take turns eating her and sucking her nipples; needless to say, she was in heaven and multi-orgasmic! They always gave him a few licks as well, unbeknownst to her! It was a happy ending to a wonderful afternoon.  Going back to work with a smile on his face always made the rest of the workday go well. His secretary came in and gave him an after-break blowjob. He twisted her nipples and pinched her clitoris until she came, while he fast fucked her with his finger, as he pinched that protruding clit! She always came first and second! He thinks he came harder than her, spurting come deep down her throat! His boss came in as he came the second time, pulled out his cock and inserted it deeply into the secretary’s ass. He fucked like a wild man til he came all over her insides, jerking her up as he pinched her into a massive orgasmic release! What ecstasy, a threeway orgasm, he with his tongue down the bosses throat and now her sucking him and her hand fucking the boss. We all were racing towards another three-way orgasm. Come spurting, orgasms jerking, muscles jerking and spasming, everyone panting!  It was a monumental orgasmic fuckfest with everyone’s genitals being pleasured to the maximum of their ability and everyone giving their utmost pleasure to mecidiyeköy escort whoever’s genitals they were in the closest proximity to. This meant he got the taste, sucking off some fine cock and pussy as well as being fucked while he fucked. Life was too short to miss this sort of work and play environment! He knew he was going home to a happy wife who would fuck him some more. What a great day!  He got home and his eighteen-year-old daughter met him with a big kiss and he forgot himself and gave her a very sexy French kiss. To his surprise, she returned it very sexily and began to rub her crotch against his leg. She pulled him onto the couch and massaged him against her as she held hard onto his butt, pressing his now fully hard cock into her wet pussy after wiggling it inside her parted lips.  She was dry humping, and then she arched her back and he began to massage her breasts. She ground into him harder and began to jerk and spasm as she had a massive orgasm. She deeply French kissed him, stood up, dropped her panties, unzipped his pants, and swung her leg over him. She descended deeply onto him, digging as deeply as she could. She pushed as hard as she could so he was in as deep as he could go inside her. Then she began to slide up and down and up and down first slowly and carefully, then faster and harder and deeper and faster until she was in a fucking frenzy rocking back and forth and sideways, rolling around, grinding her clitoris as hard and fast as she could against his pelvic bone.  The more excited she became the more pleasure he derived from the ride she was giving him. She fucked better than her mother and the escort. After she came three times, she got off him, quickly kissed him and said, “Quick, go to the shower, daddy!” Which he did just in time, as his wife came home about ten minutes later. She joined him in the shower and they had a great welcome home fuck.