Chris’ Adventures Ch. 18


“Oh God! Yes! Yes!” Christy cried out, her tits and stomach jiggling like jello as Rob pounded her pussy from behind her. She was in the sun room on her hands and knees, on a chaise lounge chair, getting her pussy pounded by the neighbor. “Oh God Rob, that feels so good!” She gripped the pillow of the chair as Rob buried his ten in cock all the way in her pussy.

“Oh yeah Baby!” Rob grunted. He grabbed Christy’s hips and slammed his cock deep in her, his thighs crashing against her ass, making it wiggle. He had come over to see if Chris wanted to play a late afternoon round of golf, but found out that Chris was at another woman’s house fooling around. He moaned as he plowed into Christy’s wet pussy. Her pussy always felt incredible, he thought. She could always take his full length, unlike his wife Patty, who he was sure he’d fuck later after he told her about what was happening right now. Hearing him talk about fucking Christy and more so, what Chris was up to, turned her on. The thought of watching his wife ride him while he told her what happened pushed him closer to his orgasm. “Get ready Christy! I’m going to cum!”

“Do it!” Christy cried out as she lowered her head and thrust her ass back at Rob. “Fill my pussy. Chris will clean it up when he gets home later.” She moaned and groaned as Rob shoved his cock even harder into her. Her hand snaked under he and began diddling her clit as she felt Rob’s shaft brush the tips of her finger. Her pussy spasmed as her orgasm began to well up. She could feel Rob tensing his legs and his grunting grew louder when she felt his cock shoot it’s first of many shots of cum deep in her pussy. She screamed into the lounge pillow in ecstasy as Rob flooded her with his huge load and her orgasm washed over her.

She sighed as Rob slowly pulled from her, leaving her with an empty feeling like he always did when he fucked her. Christy rolled over on the lounge chair and smiled up at Rob through half closed eyes. “Oh God Rob. That was wonderful. You were just the thing I needed.”

Rob smiled at her, looking down at her naked form on the lounge chair as he tucked himself back into his panties. Christy had just about ripped his clothes off when he came over. He was surprised that he’d let him get out of his shirt and shorts as quick as she had jumped on him. “I gathered that from the welcome you gave me. Just what got you hot and bothered besides Chris hooking up with some divorced lady in the neighborhood?”

Christy stood up and kissed him on the cheek, deciding to walk over to the corner of the sun room and grab a robe instead of putting her clothes on as she talked. “Ellie, the woman he met, texted me while she was using Chris for some work around the house. She said that she gave him a golden shower, and wanted to see him on a regular basis. For “help” around the house, and in bed.” She used her hands to make air quotes as she sauntered back over to Rob, a look of shock on his face. “So I was all hot and bothered hearing all about him getting peed on. I never thought that was something he was into. I’m intrigued, the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. But thinking about it did turn me on a bit.”

“Um, oh. Wow.” Rob sputtered. “I don’t think that’s something I’d ever get Patty into. Not even something that really does it for me either.” He leaned over and kissed Christy. “But you do you. So what are you going to do when he gets home?”

Christy rubbed his ass through the shorts as she kissed him. “I’m going to cook him dinner in my robe and then he’s going to clean up the mess you left in me. Then we’re going to have some fun in the shower. If you know what I mean. Hopefully Ellie didn’t completely drain him. I want to try out this newly reveled kink of his.”

Rob just shook his head. “You are insatiable.”

“I could say the same about your wife.” She quipped. “Every time I go over there, she wants to get me in bed.”

Rob laughed. He knew how much Patty loved having a woman who is bi right next door. Especially one that was willing to fool around with her. “And you never complain.” He shot back as he headed for the door. “Have fun. And I’m glad Chris wasn’t available to play golf. Heck, I’m not sorry I missed my tee time.” HE flashed Christy a wide smile as he closed the door and headed home.

Christy headed upstairs to grab a robe. She could feel some of Rob’s cum leaking form her pussy and down her inner thigh, but she was going to let it stay there and Chris could clean it up. Part of his “punishment” for not letting her know about this little golden shower kink of his. Grabbing a robe, she did a few things around the house for a couple of hours before starting dinner and waiting for Chris. She figured he would be getting home right about the time everything was done.

Near dinner time she heard the garage door open. Before Chris could come inside, she turned the heat on the stove to low, dinner could simmer for a while, and hopped up on the island, opened her robe bursa escort to flash just a hint of her breasts and round stomach that Chris loved so much, and spread her legs. She wondered what kind of reaction she would get from him.

Christy turned around and flashed a smile him. “I just got out of the shower, I had to get all cleaned up. Rob came by while you were out. He was wondering if you wanted to go play some golf with him. I told him you were out for the afternoon, but that I would help him play with his balls.”

Chris chuckled. “I see. You decided that you needed to get some this afternoon too?” He walked over and kissed her, caressing her ass through the robe she had on.

“After hearing what Ellie did you to you, yes. It got me all hot and bothered. And Rob showed up at the right time. And I must say, playing with his balls was a lot of fun.”

Chris laughed. “I’m sure it was. Did you take any pics?”

“Not this time. But he did fill my pussy with a huge load of cum. She looked up at him and gave him a knowing smile. “You’ll get to clean it up later.”

Chris groaned and his cock stirred in his running shorts. “Mmmm. And just when did you talk to Ellie?” He wondered she had told Christy.

Christy looked at him and smiled. Ellie had told her what they had been up to before she put him to work. Nothing really shocked her anymore when it came to sex with Chris, but the golden shower was one thing that took her by surprise. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the idea. She was willing to try. She wished Chris had told her about it. “This afternoon while you were putting together her entertainment center. She sent me a nice pic of you in your panties working in her living room. She told me that you gave each other golden showers.” She paused for a moment. “I had no idea you were into that. You should have told me. I would have been willing to try that out with you.” She looked up at him with a frustrated look in her eyes. “So Rob came over at just the right time.”

Chris blushed. “You, you didn’t do that with him, did you?”

Christy giggled. “No. But if you’re a good boy, we could try it out later.” She gave him a grin and turned back to making dinner. “I’m always up for exploring new ideas in bed. But for right now you need to set the table.”

Chris did as he was told and got dishes out so they could eat. His cock was rock hard and straining at the satin boy shorts he had on. He couldn’t believe that Christy was going to let him pee on her.

When Christy turned around, he’d set the table and had poured each of them large glasses of water. She smiled to herself, always the planner she thought. She dished up dinner and sat down with Chris. “Ellie also mentioned that she wanted you to come over and help her out with things around the house on a regular basis.” She emphasized the word “help” as she spoke.

“And?” Chris inquired, raising an eyebrow and taking a bite of food.

“I told her we could probably work something out. But first I’d have to invite her over and get to know her better.” She took a long swallow of water and smiled at Chris. “Seems you have found another side piece. And this one isn’t too far away. I did suggest that we could possibly have you service the two of us at the same time. She seemed receptive to that.”

Chris swallowed his mouthful of food. The thought of having both of them in bed at the same time was fantastic. “How much else did she tell you?”

“That was it. Why?”

“She said that she would love to see me suck another guy off in front of her and share him with her. She’d divorced and her ex wasn’t quite sexually compatible with her. That was one thing that she wanted to see him do but he never admitted to wanting it. Even though he loved having her peg him.”

Christy looked across the table at him. “And you’re wondering if I would let you do it? Aren’t you?” She smirked.

Chris nodded. “Well seeing that the two of you have decided to share me. I thought that arranging her little fantasy would be okay.”

Christy thought about it for a moment. Shifting in her seat. The thought was turning her on. But now she was thinking that maybe she could watch the three of them. It had been a while since she’d seen him in bed with another woman, She hadn’t seen him and Patty together for a while. Adding a man to the mix would be even hotter. “I want to watch though.” She answered. “All four of us in the room together.”

Chris grinned as he ate and drank. “I can see those gears turning in your head. You’ve got an alternative motive.”

Christy wasn’t going to say it at first but Chris knew her well. She chuckled as she answered. “You know me well. Maybe, just maybe, if Ellie sees me naked and playing with myself, especially with two other guys in the room. She might want to, explore. And who is they guy you were thinking of inviting over?”

“Jack of course.” Chris replied.

Christy squeezed her thighs. “You’re making it bursa escort bayan awfully tough to not have me join in.”

Chris chuckled. “Well, you’re the one who said you wanted to watch. Besides, if you want to try to seduce her, you’ll have a better chance if Jack and his huge cock aren’t there to distract her.” He finished his dinner and put the dishes in the sink and walked over to Christy. “Now, how about we go upstairs for some fun?” He rubbed Christy’s shoulders and slid a hand down the front of her robe, caressing the tops of her breasts, eliciting a moan from her.

“Yesses.” She sighed. “All this talk has gotten me soaking wet.” She stood up and turned around to face Chris. Her hand slid into his running shorts to rub his cock, finding it rock hard. “Seems someone else is hard and ready too. But first, go downstairs and change into a little something and meet me in the bedroom.”

Chris headed to the basement to find something to slip into while Christy went upstairs. He stripped off his running clothes and looked through what they had downstairs and selected a pair of thigh high hose and a purple teddy that was crotchless. Quickly he slipped into them as he wondered what Christy had in store for him and headed upstairs.

Christy slipped out of her robe and put on a garter belt and hose along with a satin chemise while Chris was busy downstairs picking something out. As she got dressed, she thought about what they were about to do. She’d be lying if the thought of being peed on wasn’t a little repulsive, but, at the same time, it was so kinky that trying it at least once would be an experience. So she wasn’t sure why, she was slipping into lingerie right at the moment just to have Chris pee on her in it. As she thought about this Chris came in. She turned to see him standing there in thigh highs and a crotchless teddy. “Very sexy.” She said as she walked over to Chris and caressed his hard cock. “Seems you’re all ready for some kinky fun tonight.”

Chris pulled his wife to him and rubbed her soft, round ass. “Are you? You seemed a little hesitant. I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

“I am.” Christy said as she stroked his hair and looked deep into his eyes. “I’d be lying if I said I was totally on board with this, but I’m willing to try most things once.”

“I love you baby.” Chris sighed. Holding her head in his hands he lowered his head and kissed Christy with passion. She responded by wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close. Her mouth opened and he slowly slid his tongue inside. Her tongue entwined with his as they stood there and kissed and caressed each other in their lingerie.

Christy moaned and sighed as they explored each other’s bodies with their hands while kissing. She could feel Chris’ hard cock pressing against her as he slowly guided her backwards to fall on the bed. Without a word she gently pushed his shoulders, guiding him to her groin. She wanted him to taste her pussy that had been filled with Rob’s cum not less than three hours earlier. She wanted him to make her cum before they got to the main event for the night.

Chris followed her guidance and slid down the bed. He could smell her musky aroma as he slid to the floor at the foot of the bed and lowered his head to her shaved mound. Lowering his head he parted her lisp that protruded from her smooth mound. She was dripping wet. He was sure some of that was because Rob had left a huge load of cum in her but he didn’t care. Hopefully he’d be leaving his own load in her pussy too. “God,” he thought, “She’s incredibly turned on about all this.” Opening wide he dove right in and stabbed his tongue deep into her wet hole, licking and lapping at her folds. Moans came from above as he licked and sucked her pussy. As he ate her out, he lowered a hand to his cock and began stroking himself. He loved eating her out and stroking his cock. He’d already cum twice today so he wasn’t concerned with cumming yet. He’d be able to last a while.

Christy moaned and groaned as Chris lapped at her folds. She was sure that he could taste Rob’s cum mingled with her own juices and she loved it. She knew he did too. Her hands ran up and down her body, over her breasts and massaged her nipples through the chemise. Her hips rose and fell as Chris worked his magic with his tongue eating her out. She tugged at her nipples as she felt small waves of pleasure start to build up in her. Her breathing quickened and her thighs tightened around Chris’ head as he drove her to the brink of her orgasm. She felt Chris snake his tongue into her pussy and slide up to her clit, lashing at it and sending her over the edge. Her mouth fell open and she cried out in ecstasy, waves of pleasure washing over her. Her back arching as her breath came in quick gasps.

Chris kept licking and sucking Christy’s clit as her orgasm took her. He loved nothing more than being between her legs when she tightened her thighs and began escort bursa to cum, her pussy getting wetter, letting him taste more of her juices, this time mingled with Rob’s cum. Greedily he sucked and nibbled at her clit as she tensed and groaned. He could hear her breathing coming in gasps and he kept up with the nibbling on her clit until she started to thrash and push him away like she always did because he just kept going at her until she couldn’t take it anymore. Raising up on his knees he kissed his way around her nylon covered thighs and worked his way up her body to her neck as she lay there basking in her afterglow. “God damn Christy, you taste divine.”

Christy craned her neck and smiled. “Even with Rob’s cum in my pussy?”

Chris nodded as he crawled on the bed and held out his hard cock for her. “You want this now?”

She rolled over on her side and stroked his cock, making him moan. “Not yet.” She grinned up at him. “I have to pee first.” She got off the bed and headed to the bathroom, pausing in the doorway to look over her shoulder at Chris, who was still on the bed. “Are you coming or not? This is what you want.”

Chris hurriedly got off the bed and found Christy waiting for him in their oversized shower stall. They had one similar to Ellie’s, long enough that both of them could fit in there comfortably and at least one of them could lay down with their knees up. On more than one occasion they’d done that and had some hot sex in the shower. Now, Chris was going to get a shower, but it wasn’t going to come from the pipes in the walls. He stepped into the shower and closed the stall door. “Shouldn’t we get out of our lingerie first?”

“How about we leave it on?” She cooed as she trailed a finger up his satin clad chest. “Make it even kinkier?”

A shiver of pleasure ran up Chris’s spine. “Oh God yes.” Came his breathy reply.

“On your knees baby and stroke that cock. Show me how bad you want this.” Christy spread her legs and ran her fingers up her still wet slit and moaned. “I’ve got a full bladder for you.” She moaned as she dug two fingers into her pussy and watched Chris jerk his shaft in anticipation of what was to come. “How do you want it? Do you want me to piss on your face?” She stepped closer, grabbed his head, and rubbed her wet slit on his face. “You want it that dirty?” She was enjoying watching Chris moan and squirm under her. She wondered if that’s how Ellie did it. She backed off and looked down at him, “Or do you want to pee on me first?” A shiver went up her spine as the words escaped her mouth. She was offering herself up first, even though she had intended to do it to him first.

Chris stood up. “That’s an offer I won’t pass up.” He stroked her hair and looked down at her. “How do you want it? Should I fuck your ass and give you a piss enema?”

Christy groaned. “Oh God. That sounds a bit to kinky.”

Chris kissed her and chuckled. “Mmmm. I thought so. But I figured I’d go for broke.”

“But you can fuck me in the ass.” She turned around and wiggled her ass at him to entice him. “Fuck me then piss on me. “But you better not cum. I have other ideas.”

Chris stepped out of the shower to grab the lube in the vanity as Christy leaned forward in the shower, sticking her ass out, ready for Chris. “Fuck me until I cum. But you are not allowed to cum yet.”

Chris stepped behind his wife and ran his slicked-up cock up and down the crack of her ass. Even when she was being a bit submissive, she was still in control he thought. Grabbing her hips he leaned in and watched as his cock easily disappeared into her ass. They both moaned with pleasure as he sank his cock deep into her ass.

“Yesss baby. Fuck me good.” Christy let one hand drop from the shower bar and began fingering herself as Chris started sawing in and out of her rear end. Harder and harder he thrust, obeying her command to fuck her good. She had to hold into the bar tight or else Chris was going to knock her off balance. Her breasts swayed back and forth in the satin chemise, her nipples rubbing the smooth fabric as Chris pounded her ass.

Chris grabbed Christy’s hips and pumped her hard and fast. Her ass squeezed his cock as she began to finger herself, pushing herself to another orgasm as I pleasured himself with her ass. With each thrust her ass jiggled and she moaned in concert with him. He wondered how long he could hold out as he plowed her ass, it felt so damn good and tight. Over and over he slid into her ass, her moans egging him on. Finally her heard her gasping and knew that her orgasm was coming. “Ugh, God Christy. Your ass is so tight.” He swatted her ass and pumped he harder.

Christy groaned as Chris smacked her ass. Being bent over in the shower like this and fucked was quite the turn on. She looked over her shoulder, gasping and moaning, “And you feel so good buried in my ass.” Christy pulled her finger from her pussy and steadied Chris’ thrusting. “Ohhhh, pull out baby. I’m so close.”

Chris slowly slid from her ass as she asked and watched as she dropped to the floor of the shower and sat down, spreading her legs. She immediately began fingering her pussy, pinching her clit, moaning, and looking up at him. “Do it. Piss on me.”