Cassandra’s Revenge


Cassandra Rhodes had finally had enough. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend had just burned the last piece of bridge left between them. Six months. Six, long, sexless goddamn months she had waited for him to get out of jail. Cassie, as everyone called her, had listened to all of her friend’s advice for those months. ‘Just dump his worthless ass,’ was the broken record constantly playing…

She couldn’t explain why she was infatuated with Kaiden the way she was. He had cheated multiple times, lied to her repeatedly, and put her down constantly. Somehow, none of it mattered. She was shocked when several warrants for his arrest finally caught up to him and he was given a six month sentence with two years’ probation upon release.

Still, she stayed loyal to him. She visited him three times a week, bought him nicer clothes that were approved if you didn’t want to wear state issued prisoner jumpsuits, even turned down several offers from guys who were much better looking and would treat her with a lot more respect. Her job at a phone center was part time at best and she soon found herself in financial trouble.

Cassie ended up finding a safety net in an unexpected place. At the age of twenty-two, she spent most of her time hanging out at a place was owned by a married couple named Mike and Katie Kay. Mike, twenty-eight, and Katie, twenty-seven, were both much more mature and worldly than the few years separating them from Cassie would suggest. They had all been really kind when her world had fallen apart, even helping her to move out of the place she could no longer afford on her own and into a place that another married couple named Don and Ashley were renting.

Don and Ashley were between Cassie and the Kay’s in age so it seemed like a better fit for everyone. Mike convinced Don that a twenty-six and twenty-five year old would have more in common with a woman Cassie’s age. There wasn’t a lot of space at their place, and Ashley was pregnant so there would be even less soon, but it was hopefully the reprieve Cassie would need until she could find a more affordable place of her own.

Mike and Don worked together at the local college as teachers. Mike was an architect and Don an engineer. They both had jobs as contract workers for two local businesses as well so they made above average wages. Katie was a costume mistress for the theater and Ashley was the assistant director of the local actor’s troupe.

Cassandra’s final saving grace was her best friend Pat. He was a little odd, but everyone liked him because of it. His loud mouth and wild antics could cheer up a death row inmate right up till they flipped the switch. His attraction to her was obvious and became even more apparent after Kaiden’s incarceration. She flirted with him shamelessly, but kept reminding him that her heart still belonged to Kaiden despite feeling similarly attracted.

When six months finally passed, she was still living with Don and Ashley, whom everyone called Peach. Kaiden begged her to move back in with him, but she told him that until she was sure he had changed this time she was going to stay at her new home. She loved the attention Don and Peach both lavished on her. Plus her natural instincts made her feel very mature and matronly around the now very pregnant Ashley.

After several dates that went well, she finally gave in to her pent up desires and spent the night at Kaiden’s new apartment fucking passionately into the wee hours of the morning. He begged her to stay, but she said maybe next time and went back to what she now considered her place.

A few days later, she was hanging out at Mike and Katie’s. Katie was out with their roommate Chris buying groceries so Cassie was upstairs in the bedroom with Mike. Nothing ever happened, but every time she was upstairs with him, she could feel the tension like a tingling in her whole body. The reason she was up there was actually very innocent. Mike’s bedroom was also his architecture studio. When he wasn’t teaching, he could be found up in the bedroom, working on some new project he was hired to do. Occasionally, he would just be sitting idly with a drafting pencil in his mouth working out some design problem in his mind’s eye.

Cassie loved looking at the amazing drawings hung on all the walls. She also liked the music he listened to and the feedback she got whenever she asked for some advice. Mike had an almost spooky ability to recognize a problem without even being told and then saying exactly the right thing to make you feel better or solve it yourself.

He didn’t cut people down like Kaiden did. He didn’t have to. You felt inferior just being around his intellect. It wasn’t a bad feeling though. You felt inspired somehow, invigorated. Like you could take on the world by yourself and then fight the moon for seconds. As soon as she walked in that day, he looked up from his computer where dazzling arrays of lines were drawn that only a professional of his caliber would know the meaning of.

“What’s wrong?” he asked immediately.

Cassie izmit escort was almost taken aback. She was still amazed that he could do it every time. “Kaiden and I had a fight.”

“Let me guess,” the handsome architect interrupted before she could explain. “It was about Pat.”

It wasn’t a question. Another wave of amazement passed of Cassie as the nail was hit firmly on the head. “He doesn’t want me hanging out with him anymore, my own friend. He said he doesn’t trust me. Me of all people. He’s the one who has cheated before. I waited for six months faithfully.”

The stream of words came to a crashing halt as she was wracked by a huge sob that had been welling up the entire drive from her apartment. That, and the fact that Mike had somehow sprung fluidly out of his high-backed leather chair and appeared right in front of her. Cassie instinctively wrapped her arms around his powerful chest in a crushing bear hug. She buried her face in his soft shirt, giving in to her sobs as he returned the hug protectively.

“Shhhh, it’s ok.” Mike’s strong arms flexed in a small, comforting squeeze.

“He didn’t even have the balls to tell me in person. I had to read it in a text.” Cassie’s voice was high and pinched. She was struggling mightily to stay in control.

“I’ve tried to tell you that that’s the kind of man he is. If you can call him a man. He really isn’t. He’s a child who’s insecure and jealous of his things.” Mike gently pushed her back so he could look her in the eye. Cassie shivered as her emotions threatened to overwhelm her at the same time she was fixed by his pale blue eyes. It was another thing she liked about him. He wasn’t afraid to look you in the eye and tell you how it is. This was a real man. He wouldn’t send texts unless he was forced to.

“If I was him,” he went on with her rapt attention, “I would probably be jealous too.”

Cassie felt her face flush hot enough to make her trail of tears feel cold on her cheeks. She could only manage a nod before burying her face in his broad chest again. She realized that this was the first time the two of them had ever been this close. She could feel the strong muscles in his back and arms as he returned her fierce hug with equal force.

She knew that his remaining precious time was spent practicing martial arts. It definitely made a difference. Kaiden was all soft and flimsy in comparison to the steel cables that Mike had under his skin.

“If you want my advice, even though you didn’t take it for six months, you should confront him about it. Make sure he knows that you are the one who has the power in this relationship. He’s the one who gets told what he can and can’t do. Pat is your friend. He was there for you when you needed him and didn’t pressure you for something we both know he wanted.

“Tell Kaiden that if he can’t trust you, it’s probably because he’s the one that can’t be trusted and he’s only going to push you away if he isn’t willing to work at the things he promised to change.

“If he isn’t going to be any different from before, you already know that it isn’t going to work out.”

Cassie nodded against her friend’s chest. She felt guilty for putting everyone in this position. They had tried to tell her and she just refused to let them convince her. After a minute, she managed to regain enough control to step back from the comforting embrace.

She stood wiping tears away from her eyes while staring at the floor with Mike’s surprisingly delicate hands on her shoulders. Before she knew what happened, he had his hand cupped under her chin and was staring into his gorgeous eyes once more.

“You’re too good for him. You know that, right?”

Cassie couldn’t help letting out a chuckle. “Try telling him that.”

“If he’s too stupid to realize it by now I really don’t know what else I can do. It’s your decision to be with him. A position I know for a fact other men would love to be in.” His smile lit up his face like the sun breaking through storm clouds. Cassie almost fell right there. She could sense the tingling more than ever before and was very close to giving in to the secret desires.

But she restrained herself again. She would take his advice this time and give the one she had spent so much time on one last chance to redeem himself.

Two days later, it was over. Cassie had confronted Kaiden and he had relented. Reveling in her victory, she took Pat to see a movie she knew Kaiden would have no interest in but she really wanted to see. She knew Pat didn’t really want to see it either, but at least he could pretend like he was interested for her sake.

As the movie finished, they got up to leave and saw a couple passionately making out in the back row. Pat just gave a chuckle and rubbed the back of his head, trying desperately to stop picturing himself and Cassie in that very same scenario and failing miserably.

Then he stopped as Cassie let out a startled gasp. He looked back at the couple and realized what Cassie was yahya kaptan escort seeing.

“Kaiden!?” she screeched, incredulous at the sight of her boyfriend caught red handed for the last time.

“Cass?” Kaiden answered, dumbfounded and chagrined. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“Like hell,” she screamed back, “we’re through. I’ve had it. You haven’t changed and you never will. I hate you!”

“Cass!” he blurted, extracting himself from the floozy still wrapped three quarters of the way around him.

As soon as he stood up from his seat, Pat leveled him with a right hook that left him dizzy. “Let’s go,” he told a hysterical Cassie, grabbing her arm gently and guiding her out of the theater like a blind woman.

By the time they got back to his car, she had recovered most of her ability to think. “Call everyone. Have them meet us at Mike and Katie’s house. I need to do something about this or else I will spin completely out of control. Stop by my place on the way.” Her words came out in a rush that she couldn’t slow while her thoughts began to spin faster and faster.

When Pat pulled up outside Don and Ashley’s, Cassie had her plan almost entirely figured out. Her only fear was that her new friends wouldn’t be interested in going along with any of it, or at least not all of it. She ran upstairs to her room and grabbed her handheld digital camcorder off her dresser and then sprinted back down to Pat’s car.

She hopped in and leaned over immediately to kiss Pat full on the mouth. Her tongue tasted his briefly as he withdrew with a startled look plastered on his face.

“Thank you,” Cassie blurted breathlessly, “that’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in a long time.”

“What?” Pat exclaimed, completely confused and wild eyed. “Kissing you?”

“No, silly,” Cassie slapped his arm playfully, “knocking out Kaiden. I can’t believe I was so stupid, but don’t worry, I have a plan to get back at him that will hurt more than his jaw.”

Cassie’s smile was as beautiful as it was devious. Pat was still bewildered by her sudden and completely unexpected kiss, but he was beginning to guess at parts of Cassie’s plan for revenge.

By the time they arrived, the rest of the group was already waiting in the living room at Mike and Katie’s. Don and Peach were lounging on the long end of the big, L-shaped leather couch with Katie sitting on the shorter section. Mike was pacing with a drafting pencil clenched firmly between his teeth and Chris was in the back room resting his bad leg.

When they walked in the door, Mike took the pencil out of his mouth and snapped it in half with one hand as he saw the look on Cassie’s face.

“What did he do this time?” He asked, not even needing to name the person in question.

“The usual,” Cassie replied, “He was making out with some slut at the back of the theater when Pat and I were leaving.”

“I think I fractured something in my hand when I hit the son of a bitch. I hope his jaw hurts more,” Pat said with a grin while shaking his right hand dramatically.

“So, what’s this meeting all about then?” Katie asked half turning on the couch to address Cassie directly.

“I…” Cassie paused, hoping this would go well, “I want all of you to fuck me!” The words left her mouth with a confident and sincere tone that surprised Cassie herself and left the people in the room stunned into a prolonged silence.

“You…want us to…?” Mike finally broke the silence. Cassie almost burst out laughing seeing the handsome, sure minded, confident architect struggling to find words.

“Fuck me!” She repeated. “I want you all to fuck me until I can’t walk and then fuck me some more after that. And I want to film it all as it happens. You all know what Kaiden is like. In a little while, he will try to call and apologize and want to see me. I want to have a little something to show him so that he finally realizes just what he is losing and will never have ever again.”

“Are you sure about this?” Don asked, looking at his pregnant wife and seeing an unexpected glaze of pure lust building in her eyes.

“Absolutely,” Cassie responded without hesitation. “I even want Chris if he’s feeling up to it. Actually, I want him even if he’s not.” Her giggle turned into a groan as Pat side-stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She suddenly noticed that everyone was nodding with their approval and her pussy started to leak as anticipation built at the speed of light.

“Where exactly would you like to start?” Pat whispered into her ear but still said loud enough for the rest to hear.

“Ummm…” Cassie ran through a quick list in her head. “Why don’t the girls come with me upstairs and get me ready. You boys can wait for ten minutes or so and then head up whenever you want. Make sure you let Chris know what’s going on. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!” Pat exclaimed smiling like an idiot. He let go of her waist and gave her a slight push gebze escort towards the stairs.

“You guys don’t mind if we do this up there?” She directed the question at Mike and Katie.

“Cass, if this finally gets you past that loser you’ve wasted all this time on, you can fuck on the roof for all I care.”

Cassie smiled and looked to Mike for his answer.

“What she said,” he shrugged with a widening grin.

“Ok. Thanks. Let me run up and get ready. Katie and Peach can join me in a sec. Alright?”

“Alright,” Peach said almost eagerly. Don almost choked at the way she responded so quickly.

Cassie practically flew upstairs and into her friend’s bedroom. The familiar drawings and warm atmosphere brought a flood of emotions and memories swirling back to her from the past several months. The electric tingle of sexual energy that had always been ignored was about to turn into a full blown bolt of lightning as she set the camera up on the dresser facing the bed. After checking to make sure the focus and angle were as good as they could get, she stripped down to her bra and panties slowly.

“Hi baby,” she said as she removed her clothes piece by piece. “I wanted to do something very special for you so I decided to make a little video you can enjoy. Now you can have a reminder of me any time I’m not around.”

She knew she was good looking. Not a supermodel or anything like that, but her body was slim and petite with curves in all the right places. Her head was spinning slightly as she cupped her swollen B-cup breasts and pinched her erect nipples through the fabric.

Cassie could barely contain her devious smile as she continued her sexy striptease. She felt like laughing like a super villain from a comic book story. This would be so bad, she wasn’t sure if Kaiden would ever recover from it. It was a good thing that she no longer gave two shits whether he did or not.

When she was finished stripping, she lay down on the big, California King bed and began to gently rub her pussy under her pink panties. She could immediately feel the wet liquid seeping through the soft silk and her other hand went to her breasts, tweaking her stiff nipples again through the silk, lacey bra.

Her masturbating had barely started when a soft knock at the door announced the arrival of the two wives. They had already stripped down to their underwear as well and walked in with confidence and big smiles seeing Cassie sprawled out in the middle of the four-poster bed.

Cassie smiled back and continued to masturbate without a hint of shame. Her eyes roamed over the shapely bodies approaching her and grew especially wide as she took in Peach’s magnificently round belly. She only had two months left before the baby was due and it was hard to believe she would actually get bigger than she already was. Her tall, slim body looked almost unbelievable carrying such an obvious weight in her belly. Her once average breasts were already swelled to almost double their original size and her hips had widened ever so slightly to the stance of impending motherhood.

Still, she was no less attractive and the baby had given her an almost angelic radiance that beamed from every part of her not currently covered by just a white cotton bra and panties. Her reddish-blond hair fell in lustrous curls to the top of her shoulders, bobbing slightly as she looked Cassie up and down.

Katie was doing likewise, though her straight, black hair didn’t bounce. It was longer than Ashley’s hair and seemed longer still due to the difference in the two women’s height. Peach was 5′ 11″ compared to her best friend’s average 5′ 5″ but what Ashley had in height, Katie more than made up for in tits. Even her long hair couldn’t hope to cover her enormous DD-cup globes unless it grew another five or six inches. Added to her petite frame with only slightly wider hips than Cassie, they looked impossibly huge inside a custom made, Chantilly lace bra the color of sunshine.

Cassie took it all in with growing excitement and she noticed that the two women were eyeing her with equal amounts of lust in their eyes. They didn’t waste any time hopping on the bed to join her. Before she knew it, Cassie found herself being fondled by four delicate hands while her own two began to reach out and explore the skin of her gorgeous friends.

Just as she began to reach her friend’s more intimate places, she gasped as her panties were pulled gently to one side and several fingers began to caress and probe her delicate mound. Her gasp merged into a deep moan as first one, then two, then three fingers entered her moist recesses.

With her eyes closed, Cassie couldn’t tell whose fingers they were, but when they started moving in opposite directions, she realized that both her friends were fingering her together. She opened her eyes to find Katie and Peach staring lustily back at her as they continued to explore her pussy with one hand and the rest of her body with their other.

Cassie immediately reached for both women’s groins. They were kneeling on both sides of her which allowed easy access to their privates. She could see the wetness already spreading in both women’s panties so she skipped the gentle exploring and went straight for their holes.