An Indian Widow’s Choice Ch. 05


Chapter 5: A New Day Has Come

Monee awake in the dark, she turns on the lamp and sees that it is only 6:00 in the morning. She looks out the window and sees that the sun has rise in the horizon. Back in India, she would have to get up, and ready to work in the field after she prepared good breakfast for her in laws.

Slowly she rises to her feet and gets dressed in the dim light of the sun, her petticoat is dry by now and she was very grateful when she puts it on and signed in relief. She then fingered her mangal sutra and maang before put them on. Then slowly she walks into the bathroom, and washed her face, combed her hair and arranges it into a thick plait that reaches almost to her knee after she has oiled her hair with the small bottle of oil she brought with her till it shines like silk.

Her hair is the only thing that she is really proud of, thick, and soft, and very long, which she took great length to care for even back in poverty in India. Slowly and quietly she opens her bedroom door, seeing that my room is still closed, she smiled, thinking that a young man needs a lot of rest. She walks bare feet on the soft thick carpet, feeling indeed very good as she walk down the stairs and into the kitchen and get ready to prepare breakfast.

She opens the fridge and pick out several eggs, a pack of bacon and a bottle of milk, still adjusting to her new luxurious life here with me, she wonders if she can earn enough money to support her in laws back in Indian for this kind of luxury as well. Unaware to her is that her in laws had already, ¡§sold¡¨ her and is now enjoying their retirement as a rich elderly couple.

Slowly she begins to fry bacons, making scrambled eggs, and heat the milk with the microwave, still adjusting to the appliances, her progress is slow but improving. Her heart beats faster as she heard the sound of foot steps above, means that I am awoken and probably getting dressed as well.

Monee turned to look at the clock, it points to 6:40am and she wonders why I am such an early riser, with all my wealth I could have well stay late in bed and live a rather comfortable life. She pull her thoughts back and concentrate on cooking as she hears me walking down stairs, and greeted her.

I descend down into the basement, turn on the light for the exercise room, it is well equipped and I begin my daily exercise routine. Push ¡V ups, sit ¡V ups, weight lifting¡Ketc. various exercises to keep me in shape, and finally, I did a 5 kilometer slow run on the trotter before I walk up stairs for my breakfast.

Monee placed a large plate of bacon and eggs on the dining table. The time is 8:20 in the morning now, the sun shines through the windows and the house seem to come alive once more. I smiled as I saw her placing the food on the table and arrange the utensils, I smiled mischievously and sneak behind her, suddenly wrap my arms around her waist and pressing my crotch against her plump buttocks, ¡§Good morning Monee, what is for breakfast?¡¨

I whispered those words right by her ears and feeling her face flush as she stammered, ¡§Eggs¡Kand¡Kand bacon.¡¨

I let go of my hands and sit on the chair, hungrily eating the eggs and bacon, Monee hands me a cup of warm milk and I gulp it down thirstily.

Then she sits down, and try to be calm, but she is anything but calm now, ¡§What a mischievous boy he is, oh I should be like an elder sister to him, it will do him much good, yesss, and his cock, oh god it is so huge, bigger than. No, I can not have such thoughts, oh god please help me, I need strength to keep my lust, I am a widow, I should not be thinking such lewd, but it is soooo big, sooooooo big.¡¨

Monee shakes her head as if trying to shake those troubling and conflicting thoughts away as she begins to eat with me.

I ate my breakfast like an animal, chewing loudly and drinking down milk fast, compared to her slow manner of eating. Monee looked and can not control herself but to smile and hand me a paper towel for me to wipe my mouth clean.

Just then I noticed Monee is still wearing that red sari with yellow blouse, ¡§Monee, is this the only clothes you have? I thought you have brought more clothes with you, otherwise I would have taken you to shopping yesterday for some of your woman clothes and things.¡¨

Her face blushes, and then a shock came to her mind, in all her excitement and nervousness, she had forgotten to pack some clothes that she uses when her womanly period comes, and as she count the days, she almost cried out in despair, her period is bound to arrive tomorrow, and maybe even earlier. Ankara bayan escort

But how can she asks for those, those from me, then it hits her, maybe she, she can go out for grocery and buy something quick, though then she remembered that she can not drive and it would be really embarrassing to have me around as she buys her womanly things.

However, the pressing need out weights her shyness and she asked me to take her to supermarket. I agreed readily and smiled at Monee again, a bit mischievously and tell her that I will also take her to an Indian fashion store for her sari and blouse.

After breakfast, I stretched a bit, and went upstairs for a quick shower while she walks out to the garden again, Monee had grown fond of the delicate garden and flowers, and often look out and feeling refreshed whenever she walks on the thick lawn bare feet and breath the fresh air.

Then she gets back into the house, and walk into the homey decorated family room. Her fingers trail the strings of the sitar, and can not help but to take it up, sit on the floor as it is the fashion to play and begin to adjust the strings and played a very short rhythm. The melodious sound of the sitar made her homesick as she begins to play a long rhythm, her fingers dancing on the strings as the melody fill the house, she was focused, deep in thoughts and unaware that I am standing at the door way, watching and listing to her playing.

¡§Marvelous. Marvelous.¡¨ I applause after Monee finished the rhythm, ¡§I did not realize that you know how to play the sitar! From the rhythm you play, you must have achieved level 7, the highest skill, is it not?¡¨ Startled, Monee look up, and found that I stand in the door way, dressed in a pair of casual black pants, topped with a simple tight shirt that framed my muscular upper body rather well.

She blushed and quickly stands up, places the sitar back to its place and said nervously, ¡§I, I did not mean to play it, it is just, I miss home, and I, my family could not afford one even though I had the lessons and the skill, it was just, too, too irresistible¡¨

¡§Oh?¡¨ I smiled and tell you that you can play the sitar as often as you wish in your free time, ¡§I quite like the melodious rhythms you played, besides, if you indeed like it, I certainly would not mind give it to you as a gift.¡¨ I claimed.

Her heart leaped to happiness, for owning a sitar is a long dream of hers since she was a young girl and begins to learn the skill of the instrument. But then she remembered that she is a servant in this house, and her happiness sank as she asked in her accented tone, ¡§Really Mr. Steve. I can have it.¡¨

I nodded, ¡§Of course, if you wish it, you can have it, it certainly did not cost much, only $1,500,000 rupees that is all, it was made by one of the best craft master.¡¨

Monee gasped, and finger trailed to the sitar and found the delicate marking of the craft master, her eyes watered, for she know this craft of skill in making sitar is legendary and his work only a handful.

In a trembling voice Monee asked for the sitar, ¡§Please, Sir, I, may I have this sitar. It is the dream of every, every sitarist to have a sitar of their own, let alone one crafted by the master.¡¨

I smiled and nodded, ¡§It is yours then Monee, you may have it, under one condition only.¡¨

Monee bits her lower lips, thinking what might be of the condition, will he ask to see her naked body? Or, or would this young man wants, wants her in his bed. Oh what will she do, can she accept this. She must be chaste after all, but, but in bed with him might not be so bad, oh no, have you forgotten that you would be his motherly elder sister. Oh what must I do.

Her thought wheeled wildly, as I speak, ¡§The condition is, whenever you play the sitar, I get to listen.¡¨

Surprised, Monee nodded, ¡§Yes sir, oh I would love to play for you Mr. Steve. You will not be disappointed.¡¨

I smiled and sit next to Monee against the cushions and she adjusted herself, her skin still flushed as she adjusts the sitar again and begins to play a wonderful and absolutely melodious rhythm for me.

I listened and leaning over more and more till I am leaning against her body and it looks like we are a happy couple from our backs, Monee stirred a bit, and keep on playing, her pussy flooded with excitement. The familiar musky scent filled both of ours nostrils as Monee tried hard not to show any sign of embarrassment and keep on playing the sitar for me.

I leaned my head against her shoulders and closed my eyes, losing myself Escort bayan Ankara in the music. Monee on the other hand was fill with thoughts that comes and goes, she can feel me pressing against her body as she trying to keep playing the sitar, but her body longed for my touch as her cunt itches for attention and wetting her petticoat even more.

Monee moaned softly and her hands trembles a bit as I wrapped my hands around her, and mumbled, ¡§This is so good, play more Monee, for me.¡¨ Her thoughts wheeled violently, coming and going without giving her a moment of rest, she felt very sensual as the rhythm she chosen to play is that of a rhythm of love and sensuality of women.

And I wrap my hands around her is making her even more aroused as she keep on playing the sitar. Finally the melody comes to an end and I let go of my hands, applauded, ¡§That was wonderful, promise you will play more often for me!¡¨

Monee merely nodded, for her embarrassment, her petticoat is wet again and need to get it off unless she wishes to leave a large damp spot where she sits now. Quickly Monee excused herself upstairs and was quite upset that her petticoat is once again wet and damp.

She cursed herself for having dirty thoughts all the time, and signed, take her petticoat off and hang it up in the bathroom and wait for it to dry. She is yet shy about hanging her petticoat along with my clothes. Looking at her petticoat, Monee suddenly remembered her more pressing need for her womanly periods.

She rushed downstairs, aware that her buttocks are naked under the sari once again. She found me sitting in the living room and sipping tea, looking out through the window, it is a sunny day and everything is so much alive. I did not turn to look at Monee, ¡§Is there a reason why you are rushing so fast Monee,¡¨ I asked.

Nervously, Monee replied that she needs some, some undergarments, and woman, woman things, her voice low as her face blushed hard. I smiled, and tell her that I shall take her out today to buys the things that she needs. Signed with relief, Monee feel her legs wobble again and she excused herself once more to the family room and playing, holding the sitar in her arms as her thoughts trailed back her home in India and then to the incredible things happened to her when she enters my household as the housekeeper.

After an hour or so, I walk into the family room, now dressed in shirt and pants again, I said, ¡§It is time to go out Monee, did not you want to buy something.¡¨

Monee smiled and said she is ready to leave and followed me to the garage and sit on the passenger seat.

It took me about 20 minutes to reach the nearest supermarket, her exotic appearance and attires attracted many stares and most of them focused on her large soft brown tits. She bowed her head low and tried hard not to attract that much attention as she followed me into the supermarket.

I tell Monee to pick out groceries, as I walk away to get some magazines. Monee push the cart, and amazed in the many varieties of vegetable and fruits available, familiar with such kind of chores, she quickly chosen a wide variety of vegetable and fruits that she can cook and make into delicious south Indian dishes.

Then she begins to look for the sanity pads, but could not find it and she was too shy to ask the store personnel about where she can find it. Just when she was getting more nervous by the minute, I walk back, with a couple of magazine in my hand and to her awe, two packs of sanity pads.

I smiled at her mischievously and place the packs in the cart along with the groceries, and winked at her, ¡§I noticed that you were acting quite nervously, and I was confused until I realized that I forgot to place a few packs of this in your bathroom,¡¨ I spoke in a mere whisper so there will not be anyone hearing this but her.

Shocked at my tenderness and thoughtfulness, Monee blushed and stammered that it is alright and apologized that it is her that is at fault for troubling me in her very personal matters but are of no importance such as this. I just smiled again and urge her to push the cart to the cashier so we can pay for the groceries.

After leaving the supermarket, I keep on driving but not going back home. Instead, I take Monee to a huge Indian fashion outlet store.

I lead her in and tell the young saleswoman there that Monee needs 7 sets of sari with blouse, and with a very low but still audible to Monee, I said, ¡§And please add 7 more pairs of petticoat for her, she needs them desperately.¡¨

Monee feel her cheeks burning so hot Bayan escort Ankara when she overheard what Steve had said to the young woman. But can do nothing but to thank him for his thoughtfulness and was glad that she had found such a tender employer. The young woman giggled and leads Monee into the back of the store then begin to select top of the line sari and blouse for her.

Carefully the sales girl chosen 7 sets of silken and satin sari for Monee, each one elegant and to her even more shocks, expensive, each set is priced as high as her weekly pay. Monee whispered to me that she can not ever afford this and protested that she is here for my comfort and not hers.

She was about to say more when the sales girl call out to her and help Monee choose her petticoats. The girl giggled and talked, she is quite a talkative one and telling Monee what a lucky woman she is for having such a tender caring man in her life and was quite envious of her good fortune.

Monee wanted to protest but the words stopped at her lips and she finds herself increasingly thinking about me even when she is picking out her personal undergarments. After paying the bill for all the clothes, Monee thanked me and bowed, saying that I was being too kind to a lowly widow like her.

I laughed and tell her that I could not have my housekeeper running around without clothes can I. She blushed and then smiled like a mother caught her little boy in dirty thoughts, and Monee is beginning to get more comfortable in my presence. On the way home, Monee finally mustered enough courage to ask me why I have chosen her out of all those young women in the line up.

I simply answered, ¡§Because I like you.¡¨ Monee was no less shocked as when she was first told that she had been chosen, but this time she just lowered her eyes and whispered that she was grateful for all the things that happened.

It is already mid afternoon when we finally reach my house, after carrying all the things into my home, Monee ran upstairs to her woman problems. I on the other hand, laughed and pour myself a glass of wine and slowly sipping it. Inside her room, Monee strip herself naked again, aware of the fact that her clothes are my gift and as she getting dressed, she can not but to imagine it was my hands that are touching and fondling her creamy skin.

Her face red with lust and then shyness when she applied the sanity pad and can not help herself to imagine if it was my hand that is rubbing so intimately on her hairy cunt. As she dressed, the clothes hugged her body and she let out moans, thinking if those are my hands fondling her.

Her mind is racing now, she knows she has developed a strong feeling for me, but yet her upbringing and the motherly sister feeling that clouded her mind, what will I thought of her if she offered herself, will I throw her out for such an act of lewdness. Will I accept. Or, was I just merely being good to a poor widow and was nothing else, how could she face me then. Her mind in turmoil but nonetheless Monee knows that she needs to face me.

Minutes later, Monee emerged from her room now wearing a silken sari of ocean blue trimmed with silvery sides, topped with a pure white satin blouse with delicate embroidery on, her hair freshly oiled and her maang prominent. A thick gold mangal sutra hanging down her neck as she smiled at me, she was beautiful I said to myself, my effort was not wasted.

I smiled and ask Monee to bring down all her old clothes, and throw them away into the bin. She did as told then came up to me, her head bowed low as she pressed herself against me.

I smiled, and wrap my arms around her body.

She said, ¡§I, you, you treat me so well Mr. Steve, I, I do not know what to say. I, I have nothing to pay you back for your kindness, except, except if, if you would like me,¡¨ Monee blushed as she continued with a barely audible whisper, ¡§I, I am all yours if, if you will have me as a mother, as a sister, or, or in your bed.¡¨

Her eyes looked down as Monee bit her lips, waiting for my answer. I laughed and pull her in closer, letting Monee feel the bulge in my pants made by my now hard huge cock. I brushed some strings of loose hair aside and said softly, with a mischievous tone in my voice, ¡§You are mine of course, you are my motherly sister,¡¨

Her heart is beating so fast, she can feel her heart is threatening to jump out her chest.

I take her hands and letting her feel the shape of my cock through my pants, ¡§and you are also my woman.¡¨

Monee gasped, looking up at my young and handsome face, then rest her head on my shoulders submissively and nodded slightly, though still in her heart, she knew what she does now is against all her upbringing and traditions, and she may not be able to return to India, but now.., she is content, and a new day dawned in her life.