A Forest Full of Fun for Theresa


Sam tapped the brakes and held his foot over the pedal as he watched a deer bounce across the road in front of him. His eyes darted from one side of the road to the other, watching for any others as he drove on into the rapidly darkening evening, down a long forested road.

“I love deer,” sighed Theresa as she watched the small doe disappear into the woods. “How much farther do we have to go?”

Glancing at the GPS, Sam replied “Not long, should be just up ahead.” Theresa nodded and put on a blindfold. The soft velvet felt warm and soothing as it slipped down over her eyes and she listened to the sound of the engine and the tires on the road behind various random songs on her playlist.

Soon enough, Sam turned on the blinker, bathing the trees in intermittent orange light. He turned off the main road onto a gravel fire road that crunched loudly, causing Theresa’s heart to skip a beat at first, then beat rapidly in anticipation. It took only a couple of minutes to reach the gate, with a bit of a cul de sac at the end for folks to turn around.

Several vehicles were already here, their occupants just barely visible in the darkness, but not enough for Sam to make out completely.

He pulled around into the center area closest to the gate, backing up as much as he could, pointed back the way they’d come. As he shut off the engine, he laid his hand on Theresa’s thigh and gave it a squeeze. She reached out and clasped his hand, gripping it firmly, almost desperately for a moment.

“Are you ready,” Sam asked, with a hint of concern, “or should we take off? There’s still time.”

Theresa shook her head, releasing Sam’s hand as she took a swig from her water bottle.

“Alright, give me a moment,” he said, unbuckling his seat belt.

Sam opened the car door, which shut off the music and sent a shiver up Theresa’s spine. He stepped out and shut the door with a thud, then stepped around to her side and opened the door. Theresa slipped out of her seatbelt and took Sam’s hand before stepping out of the car. Her ample frame looked absolutely stunning in her much beloved zippered pants as she stood up. Opting for the more comfortable shirt this evening, she wore a light teal shirt with a plunging neckline that accentuated her large breasts nicely. The shirt swayed lightly in the breeze as Sam shut the door behind her and helped steer her towards the back of the SUV.

Simultaneously, he popped the trunk, which rose above their heads and bathed the gate and road beyond in a dim light. In the back lay a small mattress, several pillows, a large bag of condoms, and a couple tubes of lube. Sam helped Theresa as she sat on the tailgate and immediately began to reach for Sam’s cock. He grinned and pushed himself towards her as she tore at his shorts and pulled them down. The cool night air felt great as his cock flopped out, and Theresa surged forward, her mouth open and tongue out searching for it. She quickly sucked it into her mouth and began to bob up and down on it when they heard the thud of a car door, followed by several more.

Sam watched as the men came around the vehicle, their eyes all immediately drifting down to watch as Theresa expertly sucked away. The sound of belt buckles and zippers was quickly followed by the soft sounds of men warming themselves up.

Pulling away after a moment, Sam teased Theresa a bit, holding his cock just out of reach of her lips as they hunted for him. Her mouth hung open and she whined sadly, pulling at Sam’s cock, trying to get it back in. Instead, Sam motioned to a young man off to the side who was sporting an impressively sized cock that was at full mast already.

The man stepped towards Theresa, who heard the crunch of gravel and reached out. The back of her hand brushed just under his cock, which jolted and bucked like a surprised animal. He held it out towards her as she wrapped her soft hand around it, and smiled when she realized she couldn’t touch her fingers together. Smoothly, she pulled the young man towards her and slid the cock straight into her waiting mouth. The guy let out a moan in unison with her as cock met throat, and tongue met balls.

Sam sat down on the bursa escort tailgate next to Theresa and wrapped one arm around her waist, while the other slid up and down her thigh while her head bobbed up and down. He then raised his hand up and pressed it against the back of Theresa’s head. She moaned and sunk down onto the cock, sliding its bulk straight down the back of her throat. Sam held her there for several seconds as her tongue danced, until she pulled back forcefully, gasping for air. After 2 or 3 gulps of air, Sam pushed her back down, with his other hand grasping her neck. He smirked as he felt Theresa’s throat expand as the cock slid down again.

Still gripping her head, Sam began to pull it off and push it back onto the cock over and over, and soon enough the young man began to fuck her throat as well, allowing Sam to simply hold Theresa in place. She groaned at this, one hand gripping Sam’s cock tightly while the other wrapped around the base of the young man’s ass.

Within a few minutes of this, and between a few more oxygen breaks, the man began to groan loudly and exclaimed that he was close. This made Theresa moan excitedly, and she planted both hands on the guy’s ass, pulling his cock down her throat again just in time. The man flailed and grabbed at Theresa’s head desperately, his fingers digging into the back of Sam’s hand as his cock pumped shot after shot of cum straight down Theresa’s throat. When he finally let up, Theresa ripped her head back and gasped loudly, panting and swallowing repeatedly as she struggled to regain her composure.

She flopped onto her back, arms collapsing on top of her heaving chest. Sam took the opportunity and reached directly between her legs, his fingers sliding over her pants and the zipper, which sent a shock through Theresa. Instinctively, her legs parted, and her heels sought the bumper of the SUV. Sam hopped out of the way to allow her to get comfortable, then planted his hand back on her pussy.

Reaching down with the other hand, his finger looped through the ring on the zipper of her pants. He pulled and with one smooth motion, unzipped and exposed her pussy and ass to the cool air. He then leaned down and pressed his face into her, his tongue and lips finding her clit immediately. Theresa moaned loudly again and spread her legs a bit further apart.

She was already soaking wet, and as Sam pulled back, the crowd closed in around him. Several hands reached out, and Sam took a step back, allowing them to move forward. He quickly moved around the vehicle and hopped into the back seat, which had already been folded down in preparation. He crawled forward as an older black man leaned down and dramatically ran his tongue across her clit. He began to kiss and suck her labia while his tongue sought her wet hole, sending Theresa into orbit for the first time that evening. As she began to cum, Sam leaned over and planted his mouth on hers, kissing her hard and deep. She moaned and barely kissed back while deep in the throes of orgasm, but lunged upwards with ferocity as she came down, pulling Sam’s head into hers with one hand, and the man’s head into her pussy with the other. She pulled at his thick, curly hair, grinding herself against his face as she quickly began to cum again. Releasing Sam’s hand, she grabbed more of the other man’s hair and ground herself into him all the harder, screaming into the night as she came.

Flopping back, she pushed at the guy’s head, signaling it was time for a moment’s rest. She panted tiredly again, but her fingers quickly drifted down to her pussy and she held it open, using the other finger to point in the general direction of the now-standing man’s cock. He whooped with delight as Sam tossed the man a condom, and after slipping it on, he plunged his cock deep into Theresa’s pussy. His cock was very thick, but not terribly long, just like Theresa preferred. Within seconds, she was thrashing around again, clutching at pillows and whatever else she could get her hands on.

The man’s strides soon picked up pace, sweat dripping from his forehead as he grunted and began to jerk and twitch. He buried himself as deeply as he could bursa escort bayan while he came, grunting and groaning deeply while he filled the condom.

As he pulled back, he stumbled a bit, panting as he fought to remove the condom. He soon disappeared, wandering back to his truck as another man took his place. Headlights lit up the night as a tall hispanic guy waved his long and decently thick cock in his hands. Sam tossed him a condom as well, and within moments the man was crouched down, his cock sliding into Theresa’s very wet pussy. Sam slid his fingers down and massaged her clit, which quickly sent her back to the moon.

Long, confident strokes from the man allowed Sam to wrap his fingers around the guy’s cock and press Theresa’s labia into them, which obviously felt amazing for her as she gasped softly, her hands finding and squeezing her nipples through her shirt.

After roughly 5 or so minutes of long, slow thrusts, the man announced he was close, and he slowed down almost to a stop. Sam rubbed Theresa’s clit quickly, and as she began to cum, her pussy clamped down on the man just as he buried himself as deep as he could. As she came, he came. His balls pulsated, and his cock jolted with each spurt as they came together, and Sam grinned as he felt them both twitch and spasm with pleasure. The man pulled out shortly thereafter and disappeared behind the crowd, which closed in around the two once more.

The next man up was a burly lumberjack-lookin’ fella. He had a large scruffy beard, thick glasses, and a baseball cap on. He was very tall, easily over 6-feet, and had trouble getting under the back hatch of the SUV. He managed to crouch down just enough to step up to Theresa’s throbbing pussy, and after grabbing a condom for himself and slapping it on, he plunged himself straight into her. Sam wasn’t able to make out the size of his cock, but judging by Theresa’s reaction, it was just her type.

The man’s large hands gripped Theresa’s hips and the two of them bounced off each other with reckless abandon, causing the entire vehicle to bounce and jolt from their combined momentum. With ferocity, his hips beat against Theresa’s thighs mercilessly and she settled into a rhythm of cumming and grunting that seemed to go on forever, until finally, with little fanfare, the man spasmed to a stop, pulling Theresa into him as much as he could while he drained his balls. He pulled out and walked straight back to his truck without another word before speeding off into the night in the 2nd to last vehicle left.

Sam noticed the last car, then turned and looked at the two remaining men. They were both young black guys, wearing very nice clothes and shoes so white they nearly glowed.

Theresa waved her ass around in the air, which instantly got the attention of the men. The two talked amongst each other briefly, before one sidled over to Sam.

“Can we, y’know… uh.. at the same time,” he asked quietly.

Nodding, Sam directed the other guy around to the back passenger door and directed him to lay down in front of Theresa, while the first pulled a condom from the bag. He rolled it on deftly, then positioned himself and waited, arms clasped behind his back, cock waving in the evening air.

The other man got himself into the SUV, and Theresa lit up when she heard and felt him move into position, legs on either side of her. She gathered a few pillows and built a bit of a platform to rest on, then wrapped her fingers around the man’s cock, licking from base to tip, then burying it hungrily down her throat.

As she did, the other guy pushed himself into her, making her squeal with delight and pleasure, eliciting a general chuckle from the group. Theresa began to work her magic on the cock, but had to stop rather often to pant, thrash, and cum while the other man pounded away at her. Sam moved around behind to watch. He reached down between the man’s legs and found Theresa’s clit. She immediately came hard, screaming intensely, though muffled due to the large cock occupying her mouth. As she came, the guy fucking her picked up the pace, his balls slapping warmly against Sam’s hand as he rubbed Theresa’s escort bursa clit with his knuckles and fingers.

They continued for a while, with Theresa soon settling into a rocking motion that allowed her to control everything. She slid backwards onto one cock, her clit grinding into Sam’s hand each time, then forwards, taking the other cock down her throat as far as she could. She kept the pace almost agonizingly slow for a while, leading Sam to have to switch hands a few times to remain comfortable. After a bit, she picked up the pace a bit and the guy began to thrust into her again himself.

After seemingly 20 minutes of this, the guy fucking her announced he was about to cum. At the same time, the guy in her mouth began to grunt as well, and like a well-oiled machine, the trio came in unison. Theresa had to pull the cock out of her mouth as it shot almost too much hot, sticky cum, with some of it sailing up to hit the headliner in the SUV and the rest all over her face and shoulder. The guy fucking her swelled dramatically as he came, his balls going rock hard and twitching on the back of Sam’s hand, while the shaft pulsated rhythmically, each shot of cum sending rolling waves of pleasure through Theresa.

After they’d all calmed down and Theresa had cleaned off the cock in front of her, she rolled to the side, panting and twitching. Her legs were clamped together tightly, while the two guys regained their composure and redressed themselves.

“Holy FUCK that was good, man” one of them shouted, to be met with an excited whoop and a high-five from the other. They both turned to Sam and held out their hands.

“Sir, if you two ever want to hang out again, you let us know, deal?”

Sam shook the men’s hands and nodded happily. “You bet your asses we will,” he said with a chuckle.

The two quickly departed, leaving Sam and Theresa alone in the forest. By now, Theresa had resumed her position, her pussy waving in the cool night air, searching for its next visitor.

Sam pulled out his own aching cock and gave it a stroke or two as he sidled up to Theresa and stuck it into her dripping and happily-abused hole. She gasped and pushed back, and Sam grabbed at her hips, marveling at the difference in feeling. She still had the best kegels in the game, however, and began to milk Sam’s cock with them. He groaned and slid in and out very slowly for a while before reaching into his pocket and removing a cock ring in a ziploc bag. He took it from the bag, pulled out briefly to slap it on, then pushed himself right back in. This sent Theresa back up into the stratosphere, and she pushed back onto Sam’s cock hungrily. He picked up the pace as his now very veiny cock plunged in and out, and before long felt the tingling glow of orgasm. Sam grunted loudly, his balls desperate for release as they began to pump what felt like gallons of cum into Theresa. Simultaneously, she let out a cry and began to twitch and shake, her pussy clamping down hard on Sam. As Sam’s orgasm calmed, his cock rapidly deflated. Theresa pushed him out with force, along with quite a lot of cum that summarily plopped onto the gravel.

Gasping and heaving, both of them collapsed in the back of the SUV giggling and moaning.

It took several minutes for them to be able to stand, but Sam helped Theresa back into the front seat, placing a towel down for her to sit on. She collapsed into the seat gratefully and buckled herself in as Sam shut the door. He closed the back hatch as he came around the back, then hopped into the driver’s seat for the long drive home.

Turning down the music, Sam noticed Theresa had fallen asleep almost immediately, her head resting against the door. He reached back and grabbed one of the pillows, offering it to Theresa. She woke up just enough to take it and shove it under her head, then paused and opened her eyes. She sat up a bit, looking over at Sam with a bemused grin on her face.

Sam turned and noticed her hair was plastered and sticking out almost perfectly sideways. Her face was also shiny, and it dawned on Sam that the pillow was absolutely soaked with cum. They broke out into a fit of laughter that lasted a good minute or so before Theresa finished wiping the pillow down and folded it up, resting her head on it once more. She was out within seconds after that.

As he put the vehicle in Drive, Sam patted her on the leg approvingly.

“Well done, my love… well done.”