The Return of her lover: Part 1


Itwas a little frightening to be walking alone at midnight, but I was a big girl, I could handle it. Hell, I was 19 and the heir to the demon lords throne, that meant I shouldn’t be afraid of the dark right? “Wrong,” I muttered to myself. A rock being skittered across the asphalt made me jump and turn in fear. There was nothing behind me except the empty road and a couple street lights. All the houses were dark and looked comfortably tucked in their little coves. “Comfortable, psht, right,” I grunted, “As if anything is comfortable or safe in this world.” I started walking again and looked up at the red moon. It sure seemed brighter tonight. Maybe the elders were watching out for me? Doubtful. Being on the side of Markal had its downfalls, one being hated by the elders, or “gods” of this realm. I was shaken from my thoughts as a leaf crackled behind me. I resisted turning all the way around and sent out waves of my aura, warning away any lower, malicious creatures. “Oh Samara, so brave,” a deep, dark voice snickered. I ducked to just barely be missed by a large fist. I managed to pull myself up and saw a figure walking from between the trees. His large stature made me very wary. I was only five feet and three inches, he had to be over six and a half feet, almost seven. escort beylikdüzü “I’m six foot eight to be exact,” he said. “So, you read minds?” I asked. “Ah, poor girl, still haven’t learned to read a person’s energy,” he scoffed. I cursed silently to myself and felt out for his aura. Sure enough I found it, cold and brash. It was colder than mine, which was a sure sign of him being far more powerful than I. “The name’s Kyota,” he said. I gasped and stepped slightly closer. He lifted his head and the moonlight lit up his features. I slowly took in the familiar, sun kissed flesh, complete with a strong jaw and large, glimmering eyes the color of wet earth; His nose standing prominently perfect on his face. He reached out a hand and I hesitated. What if this was not truly the Kyota I knew years ago? “Your first boyfriend was your father’s best friend,” he said. “Me.” Instantly, it hit me how sweet his voice sounded in my ears. I ran forward and was yanked against his chest. His scent engulfed me, smothering me with nostalgia. “Samara,” he murmured. “When did you get back? Does Markal know? Have you spoken to him? Are you hurt?” I managed to splutter. I knew I sounded like an idiot but I was too over-burdened by my emotions to escort akbatı care. He let out a soft chuckle and pulled back to gaze at me. “I’m fine, and yes, I’ve spoken to him. The mission was a success, and I got back six hours ago. I’ve been in a gathering of the lower lords,” he explained. I nodded and stared more at him. Two years I had been without him; two very long and painful years. I rested my palm on his smooth cheek and he smiled. “So, a lot has changed in two years,” he murmured. “Yeah, I’m taller, and I’m stronger, and I’ve completed my rights of passage,” I replied, stepping back. “That’s very good to hear,” he said softly. I saw the hesitation in his eyes right before I was smashed against him. Our lips meshed painfully and teeth gnashed but it was the most perfect moment. I felt our auras begin a battle and I was, of course, over-whelmed. He growled gently and yanked my hair hard, making me stumble back. I bit my lip and waited for him to make his move. “Tell me you want this,” he growled huskily. “You don’t need my consent, I’m a grown woman,” I replied, smiling. “I know I don’t need it, I want it,” he muttered. I nodded and felt the saliva thicken in my mouth in anticipation. “I want this, I- I want you,” I whispered. escort beylikdüzü I hit a tree face first and dug my nails into the bark feeling him against my rear. “You sure have grown Samara,” he rumbled. “As have you Kyota,” I replied playfully. It was completely obvious where his interests lay with me as I felt his rather large member pressing against me. “All the better to please you with my love,” he whispered. His fingertips grazed my skin as he slipped his hands under my shirt. It kindled a fire inside me, causing my body to twitch gently. His breath gently caressed my scalp as he leaned his head close to mine. It felt natural to raise my arms and allow him to remove my clothing, as if we were meant to do this. “Turn,” he ordered huskily. I did as told and he hooked my pants and panties in his thumbs, yanking the cloth down hard. I winced and he smirked. “Turn to the tree and spread them,” he said. I gave him a sly smirk and turned, bracing myself against the tree, spreading my legs. I heard him shuffling around behind me and the expectancy was nearly killing me. I couldn’t stifle my gasp as his hands grabbed my ass hard. “So big, it’s amazing,” he growled. I couldn’t help but blush. Everyone but him made fun of me for my round butt. He increased the pressure as his hands moved lower and lower. He released my ass and I let out a breath, feeling blood flow back into the muscle. I wriggled slightly, opening my legs more, as an invitation. He made no movement and I started to ask him what was wrong when I was shoved to my knees.