Jan is my wife, and even though we are both over thirty five years old, I think that she is still hot. But after eighteen years of marriage you think you know someone, right? I thought I knew her every secret and desire, but boy was I wrong. Elaine, our neighbor, was over one Saturday morning for coffee before she and Jan went out for their morning power walk. I usually did not get up to go with them, but today I was awake. I went out onto the deck and had my coffee. I was there before Elaine came, so she had no idea I was up.When Elaine arrived Jan met her at the door in her running shorts and loose fitting t-shirt with no bra underneath. Elaine came bayan escort beylikdüzü in and after the customary pleasantries were exchanged, she raised her own t-shirt and began to nurse Jan. At first all I knew was that they were quiet in the breakfast nook, and after awhile I thought that they had left.I came in to get a second cup of java and saw a trail of clothes, leading to the breakfast nook. I quietly tiptoed through the kitchen to a point where I could see and hear without being seen or heard. Jan had just stopped nursing from Elaine’s size 38 DD breasts. Then I heard Elaine say, “Jan I would never make it through the day escort bayan beylikdüzü without you getting me off like this. I have tried so many other ways to get off in a regular way that is new and different every day at the same time.” Then I heard Jan say, “I am the one who is happier because of how we get it done nearly every day. Mike would never understand how much I like it when you feed me your sweet nipples. If he knew he would want to put his tool in you and that would change everything.”Jan said, “Elaine I am so glad that you understand and like helping me with my secret desire.”My head was already spinning from what I kayaşehir escort was hearing that I was on the edge of my sanity waiting for the next bombshell to drop. It was quiet for a few moments then I heard what sounded like a changing of positions. Curiosity was getting the best of me, so I peered around the corner to look into the breakfast nook. ‘OOOHHH, MY!’ I was blown away at what I saw. Jan was on all fours and Elaine was behind her. But it was not a strap on scene, oh no. Jan was rubbing her private snatch and Elaine was eating her ass. Yes, Elaine had her headup my wife’s ass, and if that wasn’t hard enough to see, the fact that my wife was loving it completely blew me away. I heard Jan say, “Elaine you are the best friend I ever had. I love the way you take control of my ass, oh baby! I like the way it feels when you hold my ass cheeks apart and lick my naked ass, you never miss any part of it before you give me my treat.