Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Kelly Gets a Slave of Her Own

Firstly I realize that this is part 7, not 6, it is coming, but its dammed long and complicated, and this part just seemed to come to me quicker, the story taking a life of its own. Secondly a big thanks to a special editor who’s really helped in the writing of this story and hopefully more to come, thanks so much Olivia love ya. Lastly a big thanks to all the girls in my life who have helped me by inspire this part of the story and the others to come, Alex, Courtney, Heather, Britney, Jess, Stephanie, Heather, Kelly, Kat, if I’ve forgot anyone I’m sorry I truly love you all girls.


“Hello,” came the reply from the phone.

“Is that the dirty little slut who gave me her panties the other night,” I said, Haley listening in at the other phone.

“Oh god, please I’m at work.”

“I don’t care cunt,” I couldn’t believe how much I sounded like Haley.

“What do you want,” the startled women said.

“I want your tongue in my cunt, you stupid bitch”; a giddy thrill went up my spine as I humiliated the women on the other end of the phone. “Were do you work whore”?

“In a library, please I have to go someone might hear you,” she said nervous as hell.

“Shut the fuck up Bitch, now which library.”

“Stratford, near the tube station,” the women on the other end stammered.

“Were coming over,” and with that I hung up.

“That was brilliant” Haley said, “Now lets get dressed, I bet she’s creaming in her panties as we speak.”

“Are you sure this will work,” I asked, my mistress.

“Fuck yeah, you saw her on the train she’s just dieing to be dominated by a horny little teen girl like you. Just don’t let it go to your head, remember I’m still your mistress,” Haley said giving me a quick slap to the ass.

We walked into the library around fiveish; I saw the women form the train at the counter and locked eyes on her, hardly believing that I was going to make her my slave. As she noticed us walking in she looked decidedly nervous and turned away blushing. We sat down at a table facing her; she looked back at us, my eyes burning into hers. Haley broke our eye contact when she placed her hand on the back of my head and leaned over giving me a long wet kiss her tongue jousting with mine. When Haley broke the kiss I could she the Liberian still staring at us, when I looked at her again she turned away.

“I can’t believe those two,” an old woman, in her sixties sitting next to my pray said. “How disgusting, and to think they have the nerve to that in public, in a library no less. I’ve a good mind to kick them out,” she said.

My slave to be turned to her and in a nervous voice told her to leave it be. As she looked back over towards us I blow her a kiss. The older pensioner thinking that this was meant for her got up carrying a stack of books and toddled off up stairs. I took Haley by the hand and lead her to a row of shelves which shielded us either side, masking us slightly form the rest of the library, only my slave at the counter being able to see us clearly. Haley turned towards me and gave me another long kiss, her hands roving all over my body. She pulled my bob tube down slightly letting my right breast slip free; taking my nipple into her mouth sucking on it gently. At the same time I pushed my hand into her jeans and began to rub her pussy, coating my hand with her juices. Just then we heard a sound from behind us, we stopped our grouping and Haley pulled my top back up, not before giving our librarian a good look at my exposed breast. As we moved back to the table the old pensioner returned form upstairs and gave us the evil eye. We sat back down, both librarians’ now giving us the eye; I put my hand to my mouth and gave it a long lick, savoring Haley’s taste on my skin.

Haley pulled me in for another kiss, after she had finished she whispered into my ear, “this is too hot, lets go up stairs, make sure you keep giving her the eye as we go,” she said as she gave my now hard nipple a twist. We moved to the upstairs section and found a secluded spot; Haley grabbed my hand and pushed it down her jeans to her pussy.

“Did you see the look on her face, she’ll be yours alright, em that’s it baby rub my clit for me, good girl. I bet her panties are soaked trough, that dirty little bitch is practically begging for it.” I didn’t say a word my lips locked around Haley’s soft neck, kissing and licking as much of her sweet flesh as I could. “Listen baby when she comes up here to find us, and I know she will, I want you to tell her to get rid of that old bitch ok,” Haley said before she let out a small gasp.

“Ok,” I said stopping my assault on her neck. Haley slid of my lap and sat next to me on the sofa, turning towards me locking her lips around mine her tongue sliding into my mouth exploring me softly and gently.

“Hike your skirt up and finger yourself baby while I suck on your nipples, I want to give her a good shock when she comes up ok.” I didn’t say anything Ankara bayan escort simply followed Haley’s command, pushing two fingers into my wet pussy as she sucked hard on my now exposed nipple. We had only been up here a minute when I head foots on the stairs leading up.

“Haley someone’s coming up here.”

“Well let’s hope it’s her or were in for real trouble.”

“Haley I think we should stop ok, this is to much, what if it’s not her.”

“Then were fucked, I hope you can run fast,” Haley said in a jovial tone, “now shut the fuck up and finger yourself cunt slave,” reminding me whose slave I was. I did as I was told, slipping my fingers into my soaked pussy, push the two digits fully into my tight pussy. The footsteps were fast approaching; my hart was pounding in my chest, still I continued to push my slippery fingers into my pussy, even as my mind plotted escape routes. Then she stood in front of us, my slave to be, she let out a gasp, her face turning a bright red, but she was transfixed by our lovemaking. We carried on for what felt like minutes, but could only have been seconds, until Haley bit down on my nipple signaling to me.

“Come here whore,” I said beckoning her with my free hand, gathering my senses. She walked over to us slowly her legs trembling as she did. “Get rid of that nosy bitch,” I commanded, still pushing my fingers into my pussy, Haley sucking on my nipple.

“But we don’t close for another 20 minutes,” she stammered.

“Slut never question me, just do it, you stupid fucking bitch,” I said contorting my face into a picture of rage.

“Ok,” she said looking shocked, although she didn’t turn back immediately, savoring the view for a couple more precious seconds before she made her way back down.

Haley stopped her feeding frenzy, “you are so hot like this, ok now when we go back down split up and see if anyone else is still here then meet back at that table at the front, order her about a bit if where alone, and then your pussy’s mine.” Haley said with a devilish look in her eye. I made myself respectable and went down stairs, noticing that the OAP was gone before I wondered around the rest of the library, which was now deserted but for the librarian and us. Haley came up to me and gave me wink.

“Come here whore,” I command, looking at the librarian sitting behind the desk.

“What,” the she muttered.

“You herd what I said whore,” she meekly came towards me, as she did, I eyed up the women before me in the bright light. She was in her late twenties to early thirties, short light brown hair stopping just below her ears. She had a soft face with rimless glasses with light brown eyes underneath and full red lips. She was wearing a short black pleated skirt and a small tight black jumper covering her breasts, which I guessed were a larger b-cup. Her legs were thin and supple incased in black stockings. I stopped her approach with a hand gesture and closed the distance between us. Taking the librarian’s head in my hands I leaned down and kissed her forcibly, pushing my tongue into the older women’s mouth.

“You’re such a nasty dirty little whore, I bet your pussy is dripping wet already,” I said with a look of distain.

“Please, were still open, someone will come in,” the librarian pleaded, her eyes big and soft.

“I don’t care slut, the only thing their see is you acting like the whore you are.” Haley sitting on the table was taking all this in I knew that her pussy was getting hot and wet as I degraded the older women. “Now lift up your skirt whore I want to see your pussy,” I ordered.

“Please, you can’t I’ll be fired if anyone sees me,” she pleaded with me her teen tormentor.

“I don’t give a fuck, now do as your told whore,” I said sternly. The older women gave no reply she simply put her hands to her side and lifted her skirt upwards slowly, revealing a pair of simple white cotton panties. “Just as I thought your already wet whore,” I said trailing a finger over the damp spot in the front of the librarian’s panties. “Turn around and let me see you ass whore,” she did as she was commanded, still holding her skirt up, revealing a pert round bum. “I’m going to enjoy fucking that ass whore,” I said giving my prey a slap to her ass, “now bend over whore.” I then pulled the women’s panties up her waist and into her increasingly wet pussy. “Turn back around,” the librarian did so still holding up her skirt, her panties now bunched up within her pussy, reveling her clean-shaven pussy lips.

“Please stop someone will see, please, I’m begging you,” the librarian pleaded, desperately.

“Beg whore get down on your knees and beg me,” she did as she was told, dropping to her knees.

“Please stop please I don’t want to lose my job,” the women begged.

“Not good enough crawl over to me and kiss my feet, you nasty whore.” The librarian did as she was ordered planting a kiss on each of Kelly’s black stiletto heels.

“Please stop,” she begged, the desperation increasing in her voice.

“Not good Escort bayan Ankara enough, kiss my feet properly lick those heels clean.” The older women did as she was commanded taking the pointed shoes into her mouth and sucking them covering them with her saliva. “Not bad,” I said, “one more thing and then you can stop. Lift up you top and let me see those tities.”

The older women submitted, letting go of her skirt she pulled her top up revealing her breasts enclosed in a lacy black bra. “Please can I stop now,” she begged once more, tears rolling out of her eyes, past her glasses and onto her cheeks. I gave her no reply, moving up to her slave to be she roughly fondled her breasts trough her bra, pulling and twisting her nipples, under her bra, which grow harder and harder. I finished her torment by pulling her left breast free, and sucked hard on her exposed nipple.

“Ok bitch I’ll stop now, but tell me what you are first.”

“What,” came the librarian’s quizzical reply, I just looked at her furiously. Then the penny sank, “I’m a nasty whore,” she whispered.

“What was that,” Kelly said, pretending not to have heard.

“I’m a nasty whore.”

“Louder bitch at the top of your lungs.”

“I’m a nasty whore,” the librarian shouted to the rafts, tears rolling down her face.

“Good little bitch,” I said with a evil look of distain, “finish up your work’, I said as Haley came up behind me. Haley pulled me into a kiss her hands roaming all over my body as she pulled me towards the table, the sexual atmosphere must have been almost too much for her. My ass hit the table and I fell back lying down on the tabletop my legs spread open, raveling my naked pussy. Haley dropped down to her knees and began to go down on me. She licked the length of my pussy to my asshole. She pushed her tongue into my ass licking and sucking as she did. I looked up at my slave to be she had stopped all work, her eyes glued to the two of us. Haley’s tongue moved up from my asshole towards my rock hard clit, which she sucked it into her mouth. I was soon at the point of cumming, Haley realizing this quickened her already fast pace and brought me to a screaming orgasm. Quite literally, my screams would have been easily audible outside of the library and the thought that someone might be listening outside turned me on immensely.

“Hurry the fuck up whore,” I screeched at the women in front of us, she went back to work finishing whatever it was she was doing as Haley leapt up beside me, kissing me wetly.

“That was incredible baby, you were so horny ordering about that women, I nearly came just watching and listening to the two of you,” Haley whispered into my ear.

“What now baby,” I said stroking my mistress face.

“Were going back to her place and then the fun really begging’s.”

“Am I doing OK,” I asked.

“Baby you are fucking magnificent.” Just as Haley said this, the librarian walked milky towards us, Haley gave her broad grin, and I just looked on sternly.

“Your finished,” she nodded back at me, good, lets go to your place and you can show just how nasty you are whore,” I said, she gave no replay simply walked out the door with us in close pursuit.

After locking the door, she made her way to the bus, as she went me and Haley took it in turns to pinch, and grope her ass as she went, feeling her soft skin under our hands. “She’s got a good ass,” I said, “I’m going to enjoy spanking that ass till its red hot than fucking it until you scream. Did you hear me whore,” I said giving her ass a practically hard squeeze.

“Yes,” she said submissively.

“Such a pretty face I cant wait to ride it until I cum all over it, you’ll love that won’t you, you nasty little whore.”

“Yes,” she replied. As we waited for the bus I stopped my verbal assault but continued to grope and feel her delectable ass. The bus pulled up and we all got on, I ordered the women upstairs to the top deck. My slave and me sat on the back row, the window to my left, the librarian in-between the window and me. Before she sat down I put my hand down on her seat. As she sat down I slightly lifted her skirt grabbing a firm hold of her pussy as I did, Haley sitting on the row of seats in front of us.

I whispered into her ear, “Bitch I’m going to make you my slave tonight, by the end of it you’ll be begging me to fuck your worthless skank ass.” Haley turned around and stared into the women’s eyes, now filled with tears. “Bitch I’m go to tie you up and do such nasty things to you, things you only dreamed of in your nightmares,” I said squeezing her pussy in my hand, she bit her lip stifling a moan, as her panties got wetter. “You’ll beg to suck my pussy, lick my ass, you plead with me to spank you, and your beg me to fuck you asshole. And do you know why,” I said manipulating her pussy as I verbally humiliated her.

“Because I’m a nasty whore,” she whispered.

“That’s right whore and you’ll going to be my slave,” I said as I slide my tongue into her ear, just as a bunch of schoolgirls Bayan escort Ankara got on and sat around us. Some of them looked over at us obviously recognizing the librarian from their studies. “Look at you whore your pussy all wet, is it the thought of all that young pussy turning you on, is it making you hot, you fucking nasty little whore.” I could feel her getting closer and closer to her orgasm now, as my fingers worked her pussy over and over, running her clit and swollen lips.

“Please stop I’m going to cum, please stop, don’t let them see me like this,” she pleaded, her dignity stripped away.

“Shut the fuck up whore, I’ll do with you as I wish,” I said making my point by twisting her clit. An audible moan escaped her lips, the schoolgirls turning around in unison, their eyes starring straight at us.

“Please stop,” she managed to whisper back at me. Of course I didn’t, she came seconds later, the schoolgirls looking on, some in disbelief, others hiding a snigger. The bus came up to our stop moments later and as the three of us walked off, one of the schoolgirls let out a cry of see you in the library. Haley turned and gave her a sweet smile and a little wave.

I turned to the librarian, “do you know those girls.”

“Yes, they’re from the local school, oh god’, she said in-between sobs.

“And now they all know that you’re a dirty little dyke whore,” I said then bust out in thunderous laugh.

After a minute of walking down the road Kelly’s little slave girl came up to her home, a small terrace house with a dark green door and small well kept front garden. The poor women had tears visibly rolling down her cheeks, her hand shook as it gripped the key to the front door and she let us in. We made our way in to the front room; I made a b-line for the CD collection, completely middle of the road, Travis, David Grey, Coldplay. Luckily I was prepared, dirty rock was the order of the day, I slipped on Kings of Leon’s Youth and Young Manhood and Red morning light came rocking out of the speakers.

“Get us some drinks whore,” Kelly ordered.

“What do you want,” the librarian said in-between sniffs.

“Whore from now on its mistress.”

“Yes,” she said stammered, a rookie mistake, I remembered how Kelly had made the same mistake when I took her as mine.

“That’s yes mistress, you stupid bitch,” Kelly said in a rage.

“Yes mistress,” she replied her head low.

“Whiskey,” Kelly ordered, now I was getting prouder by the second.

“I only have wine, mistress,” she said like she was trying the words on for size.

“Then get that now slut.” As she walked out of the room, Kelly gave me a look like a kid who’d just opened the best Christmas present ever.

“She’s all yours baby,” I said with a chuckle. She came back in with a bottle of red and three glasses, pouring the glasses good and full.

“Do you have pet, whore,” Kelly asked, the women nodded. “Does it have a bowl,” she nodded yes again. “Then fetch it whore, on all fours,” the women got down on all fours and crawled off. I got up and looked around her place, the wall in front of me was covered in books; against the left-hand wall was a computer still turned on, I flicked the monitor on and a web page came up, Lesbian cunt worshippers. Kelly saw this and her eyes lit up, women, were tired up while they were fucked by big butch women with strap-ons. Kelly saw this and her eyes lit up. You name it, it was there, fisting, pussy licking, vibratos the whole shabang. She was definitely up for this, it’s always the quite ones you have to watch for, I thought to myself. Kelly looked over as well her eyes lighting up.

“I think we’ve hit the jackpot baby,” I whispered into Kelly’s ear. Then I noticed a pile of printed out papers in the printer and had a look trough just as she came back still crawling on all fours, the cat’s bowel in-between her teeth.

Kelly took the bowel out of her mouth and placed it on the floor and poured in some wine. “Here bitch drink from the bowel like the whore you are,” Kelly commanded.

“Yes mistress” the women started lapping away, while we read the printout. It was a hardcore lesbian story, and pretty dame good at that, a slave girl and her mistress.

“The teen mistress grabbed Krystal by the hair and forced her face into her ass, the older women began to lick the teen’s asshole with gay abandon,” Kelly read aloud. “Whose is this whore,” Kelly asked.

“Mine mistress,” her slave said, her chin coved in red wine, she said as I sat back down on the couch with the story.

“No shit bitch, did you write it whore?” Kelly asked, as I looked on.

“Yes, mistress,” she replied looking very embarrassed.

“My god you are one filthy dirty little whore, I take it Krystal is supposed to be you.”

“Yes mistress.”

“And have you actually done any of this.”

“No mistress, I’ve,” she said trailing off.

“What whore you’ve.”

“I’ve never been with a woman, until that night on the train.”

“Em, a lesbian virgin, what about boys?”

“Just the one, but I never liked it mistress.”

“Well bitch are you liking this any better,” the librarian just look on meekly, “answer me whore,” and Kelly was so sexy like this, degrading the poor women.