Diana And Megan


I just finished the last touches on my dream home and needed something to eat and drink. After a quick shower, I found a small bar just outside of town and pulled into the parking lot. It was a balmy 95-degree day, and ‘thirsty’ was an understatement. As I walked inside, the AC felt amazing, andI sat down at the end of the bar.That’s when she turned and asked what she get for me. “Captain and coke,” I responded. When I looked up, I saw the hottest milf bartender ever. She had long brown hair, skin that was kissed by the sun, and the most beautiful green eyes.“I’m Diana,” she said, “and I’ll be your server escort beylikdüzü and bartender tonight.”She turned to fix my drink, and I couldn’t help but stare at her ass in the short cut-off jeans. Which is, of course, what I got caught doing when she turned back around. But she just smiled and winked.Embarrassed, I guzzled my drink down, asked for another, and ordered some food.I just couldn’t stop looking at Diana. I noticed no rings, a couple of small tattoos, and a nose ring. “That’s one hot momma,” I said to myself – or so I thought. She came up to me, smiling again, escort akbatı put her hand on mine, and said, “Aren’t you just the sweetest?”I decided to watch the football game on the TV above the bar and finish my food, then ordered another drink, and kept watching this beautiful lady serve everyone with the most friendly smile all night.Well, six rum and cokes later, it was getting late, and I was ready to go. That’s when Diana stopped me and said, “Hun I don’t think you should be driving. I have been watching you walk around. I’m gonna need your keys.”“No, I’m okay,” I responded.“No, escort beylikdüzü honey, you’re not. I am leaving in ten minutes. I can take you home.”I hesitated for a second, then thought, ‘Damn, this hot momma is willing to take me home. Hell yeah.’As we headed into the parking lot, I couldn’t help myself and said, “Diana, you are the most beautiful woman I have met in a long time.”“Thanks,” she said, seeming amused but also flattered. “Now get in the car before I change my mind.”“Yes, ma’am,” I said.We headed down the road, and I soon realized we were heading the wrong way. Before I could say anything, she cut me off, put her hand on my crotch, and started slowly rubbing.We pulled into a driveway – her driveway, apparently – and went inside the house – also hers.“Quiet, my daughter’s sleeping. Megan’s home from college for the summer. Would you like another drink?”