Breakfast for Two

So there we were…me standing in the kitchen with Mom on her knees and my cock buried deep in her throat…and my sister Jen…standing by the fridge with a tit in one hand and fingering herself with the other. The look on Jen’s face was pure lust as she watched Mom deep throat my cock.


“Es, oney?…..” as Mom tried to talk with her mouth full…

“Do you think I could try some of that?”

“Ome nd et it!” she gurgled.

Mom pulled my cock out with an audible pop as my sister worked her way over to us. Jen got down on her knees and slowly reached for my cock. She looked at Mom for approval & Mom nodded at her. I watched as Jen slowly opened her mouth & watched her tongue dart out & start licking my dripping wet cock. She got that crazed look in her eyes again & I moaned as Jen took my cock in her mouth.

“Jennifer?”..Mom asked…

“Es om?”

“Have you sucked cock before?”

“Es…any imes!”

“Do you know how to deep throat?”


“Well, I’m going to teach you!”

I stood in amazement as I listened to my Mom explain to my sister the art of deep throating.

“First…you have to relax…if you tense up, you will choke & gag on the cock. Once you have relaxed, you start sucking on it…taking it further & further as you go. When you feel it in the back of your throat, you need to take a deep breath & push slowly until you feel it begin to push in. Pull it out & slowly begin the process over again until you feel more comfortable with it as it slides down your throat. Don’t be afraid to push otherwise, it won’t work as well.”

“Ok, Mom…let me try”

I felt Jen’s lips wrap around my cock again & watched her move back & forth on it. I felt it begin to hit the back of her throat & felt her hold still. I watched as she leaned forward more & I began to feel my cock enter her throat. She pulled back & kept sucking until I felt her push harder this time & Ankara escort saw her lips move further down my cock. She kept doing this for a while until I felt my cock begin to bend. That’s when I knew it was working.

“Mmmmm…good girl”..Mom said…”You’re really getting the hang of this!”

Jen looked up at me with her beautiful eyes & I watched her push harder until I felt my cock bend completely down her throat. My God, I thought…first my Mom does it, now Jen! I watched her struggle to do it, and the hottest sounds were escaping her lips as she choked & gagged on my cock. Mom pulled her off me & said “Watch me…” She leaned over, took my cock in her mouth, sucked it a few times & proceeded to suck me down to my balls. I almost blew my load when I felt her tongue snake out & lap my balls as my cock fucked her throat.

“I want to try that!” said Jen with such enthusiasm.

Mom pulled off & Jen took her place. Jen started slow but soon worked my cock down her throat. I watched her struggle to get it down to the root & when she did, I felt it…I felt her tongue slip out & begin licking my balls. I didn’t want to look down for fear of blowing my load too soon, but I had to. As I peered down, I saw Jen’s beautiful face all stretched out & contorted as she struggled to take my whole cock down her throat. Her cheeks were puffed out & she had tears streaming down her face from gagging herself on it.

Jen pulled my cock out & looked at us. We both smiled and told her how hot she looked sucking my cock. She then did what I never thought would ever happen.

“Mom…do you think Mark could…you know…fuck me?”

“Why don’t you ask your brother that?” replied Mom…

“Mark….will you….fuck me?”

How could I resist! I said “Sure!” and pulled her to her feet. I took a chair & positioned her so she was standing over it, but leaning onto it. I was just about to slide my cock in her when she stopped me & said Ankara escort bayan “No…that’s not where I want it!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked….

“I want it in my asshole….please Mark…fuck my ass!”

Mom looked at me & smiled….

“Apparently, Mark, your sister is a slut…just like her Mom!”

“Yes, Jen…I’ll fuck your ass…but we need lube for it first!”

With that, Mom moved to the other side of the kitchen & came back with a long-necked bottle.

“I figured if you were going to fuck her virgin asshole, you might as well use some virgin olive oil!

I got behind her & Mom doused my cock & Jen’s asshole with the oil. We were making a huge mess, but it was well worth it! I put the tip of my cock against her hole & slowly began to push. I was met with great resistence, but I managed to snake my cock in there. I held still, allowing her to adjust to the feeling of her new intruder. She opened her mouth & moaned loudly as I worked my cock further in. I watched in amazement as her stretched-out asshole began to relax & it actually accepted my cock. I saw it open up & practically swallow my cock as I was greeted with the hottest, tightest asshole I had ever encountered. To my self, I was wondering how she even was able to take a shit…that’s how tight she was. I felt my cock invade her hole & I slowly began to pull it back out. She was moaning really loud & Mom covered her mouth with her hand so she wouldn’t wake Dad up.

“Oh my God…Mom…Mark’s cock is sooooo far in my ass!” Jen muttered.

“Mmmmm…well, the view from here looks even better!” Mom said.

I looked over at Mom & she was alternating between rubbing her dripping cunt, rubbing her big tits & rubbing Jen’s big tits.

“Mark…do it…fuck me…fuck my ass harder!” Jen said through gritted teeth.

I didn’t need to be asked twice so I grabbed her hipss & started to fuck her hard & fast.

“Unnngghhh…uuunnngghhh…uuunnnggghhh!”…was Escort Ankara all Jen could say. She was getting exactly what she asked for!

“Mom?”…I asked…

“Yes, Mark?”..she replied…

“When I’m ready to cum, where do you want we to do it?”…I said as I was panting & pounding.

“When you’re ready, I want you to pull out of her ass & stick it down my throat!”…Mom replied.

Who was I to decline such an offer. I fucked Jen harder until Mom reached down & rubbed Jen’s clit. Jen cried out that she was cumming & in a second, I felt her asshole clench around my cock. I couldn’t even keep stroking because of the hold she had on me.

“Fuck..Mom…I don’t think I can hold out much longer!” I warned…

Mom reached around & yanked my cock out of Jen’s asshole & spun it towards her mouth & in one motion, she rooted my cock down her throat! She pulled it back out & did it again. I told her I was about to cum & she sucked it while she jerked it. Jen got on her knees & began tonguing my balls as Mom sucked. I screamed out & rewarded Mom with the biggest load of cum & ever shot. I heard Mom trying to keep up with my spurts, but there was too much. I saw Jen pick her head up & begin to lick what was dripping off Mom’s chin. Five…six…seven…eight…spurts of cum shot into Mom’s mouth. She greedily licked it all up, but she looked funny. I looked on in amazement as she grabbed Jen’s head, pulled her mouth open & proceeded to spit my cum into her mouth. I watched Jen choke on it, but she swallowed it all down. She licked her lips & I almost fainted when I saw Mom & Jen begin making out…mixing the cum in each others mouths. Once their mouths were empty & not a drop was missed, they sat up & looked at me.

“Mark…Jen & I feel that you should ‘produce’ breakfast for us everyday!”..Mom said with a grin.

“Oh you think, so, huh? I replied….

“Yes!” Jen replied…”in fact, we’ll be waiting here tomorrow for you as well!”

“Well…having you two share breakfast is fine by me!!”

We all laughed & I leaned over, picked them both up & we went to bed….eagerly awaiting the sunrise!