Following Orders


You’re standing before me as I’ve commanded, totally naked. You’ve just slowly removed your skirt, sweater and bra while I watched, proving that you’d followed my instructions and not work any panties. Your perfect breasts appear to stare at me, wanting me to caress them, play with them, suck them. Your hair is in pigtails at my request and you know in your stomach that you’re about to get a real workout.

I stand, looking at you as I slowly walk around you, tracing my fingers over the swelling of your arse and the sensual curves of your breasts. I rummage around somewhere behind you and then you feel me grab your wrists, one after the other and place your restraints on them. You turn to kiss me but receive instead a warning slap to the face, not hard, but enough to tell you that the next one could be. You return your face forwards and stare at the wall.

Next I apply your ankle restraints and then rummage some more. You feel me move your hair out of the way as I position your collar in place and tighten it snugly. Next you feel me attaching a few things to the collar and then your arms are bent behind your back. I’ve decided to play with the leather straps that connect your wrists to your collar and hold them half-way up your back. That’ll do for now I think. You’re almost ready to start playing with. Just one more thing before we start.

You feel the lube running down the crack of your arse and even before you feel an even colder object you know what’s coming. Then the cold touches you, coating itself in the lube as I swirl it in your butt-crack, becoming slippery before being placed at the entrance to your arse and being pushed in to the hilt rather rapidly. The cold of the steel butt-plug shocks you at first and you struggle to accommodate the frigid invader. This plug is shaped just the right way to avoid it falling out at all as you’ve found when wearing it for longer periods so you relax a little and try to get used to the cold, knowing it’ll warm up soon.

Now I take off my clothes and sit on the sofa in front of you. I grab your ponytails and pull you to your knees, then your mouth to my rigid cock, fucking your face with wild abandon right from the outset. I hold you in place with me right at the back of your mouth, then slowly force my way into your throat. You struggle and choke a little so I back off before trying again and soon my cock is stretching your throat as I continue to push deeper and then thrust in your throat a little. You’re really not enjoying this so I only keep it up for a little before pulling you off me and ordering you to turn around.

Your dripping cunt is staring at me now, topped by a round silver bit of metal. I give the plug a few pushes to ensure it’s all the way in and to try to get it even deeper that it should be able to go I give it one final really solid push before sliding my cock alongside it into your tight little pussy. The feeling of the cold steel separated from my cock by a thin membrane of skin is driving me wild and I thrust at you harder and harder again, getting closer and closer before pulling the plug from you and forcing my big member into your tight back passage. Your face is resting on the carpet, your hands are tied behind your back and your arse is being stretched to the hilt. You’re moaning and screaming with pleasure and pain so I shut you up by forcing the plug into your mouth and holding it there with a hand while I rub your clit with my other. You shudder into violent orgasm at the depravity of what’s happening to you and that triggers my own orgasm. You feel me thrust deeper and deeper, harder and harder into your arse then you feel my cum squirting into you, soothing your ravaged back passage.

Now I pull the plug from your mouth and my cock from your arse at the same time. You feel totally empty and relax a little before my finger works its way up your arse until I feel my cum. I scoop a little out and then re-insert the plug to keep the rest in. kneeling in front of you I offer you my arse and cum covered finger and you try to get your face off the carpet to accept it but can’t. Grabbing one of your pigtails with my other hand helps to pull you into a kneeling position and you suck and lick my finger clean. Then I stand before you and order you to clean my cock with your mouth too. You comply, sucking every trace of my cum and your arse from me.

Now I pull you to your feet, once again by your hair and lead you upstairs to bed. Your restraints remain in place and I lie you down with your knees bent at your pillow. I get into bed on my side and lift one of your knees so I can lick your pussy and suck on your clit. After a few minutes of this I order you to suck my cock until I’m hard again and then to bring me to the edge of orgasm. Then I’m going to repeatedly cum in your arse, giving the plug a push as I say this, and you’re going to suck me clean and start getting me hard again at least until I’ve cum in your arse 3 more times. Just when you’re wondering how you’re going to stay awake long enough to comply with my orders you feel me sliding your remote controlled vibrator into your cunt and then turning it on to full throttle.

This is going to be a very long, very enjoyable night…