I’m Your Toy


I close the door quickly behind me as I rush to my room, checking my phone for the time. I see that you’ve texted, and my pulse quickens as I open it – “be there in 15. Usual position”. I smile and skip the last few steps, quickly shedding my coat and bag as I hunt around for the appropriate items.

Ten minutes later, I am kneeling on the floor in front of my door, hands behind my head, wearing a suspender belt, fishnets, nipple clamps, and a plug that always makes you smile. I breathe deeply, trying to settle my nerves so I won’t rush to you when you come in. It’s always difficult to rein myself in when you’re around.

I hear a car outside and have to force myself to not check if it’s you. You’ve told me fifteen minutes, and I know you’ll wait if you want to, knowing I’ll just be getting wetter and more submissive. The chain on my clamps clink as I stretch up, arching my back to show my ass and breasts better, my mind beginning to float higher in subservience already.

I hear the door open downstairs, and can’t suppress a grin. You move quickly up the stairs, and are greeted by my smiling face at waist-level when you enter my room. You smile back, reaching to pet my head gently as you close the door behind you, and it takes everything in me not to lean into your hand, try to suck your finger, communicate what I desperately want now.

You nod approvingly as you check over my attire, feeling the rhinestones around the plug that make you smile – you know I’m marked as “Daddy’s Property” now. You frown slightly though as your eyes focus on my face and neck.

“Where’s your play collar?” you ask, mostly in surprise, as it’s always the first item I put on. I look oddly shy as I respond, head down slightly, “I wanted you to put it on me, Daddy…”

You grin, opening the drawer that holds my more intimate possessions, and pull out two chokers – one pink, and one black.

“Which one do you want, Princess?” as I look, weighing up the implications of both. The pink one is more for my girly Little side, teasing and tactile, but the black one is for when I need to be used by Daddy, treated less gently and made to beg for every touch from him. I bite my lip and smile excitedly at you as I point at the black collar. Your eyes darken and I can see your erection grow in your work pants as you understand my needs today.

With otele gelen escort a smooth motion, you buckle the choker around my throat and pull my head forward to your crotch, grinding my face into your rock-hard erection. I begin to drool, desperately licking and sucking at the fabric, whining slightly in frustration at my inability to feel you in my mouth. You hold me there as you remove your belt, laying it aside on the bed carefully, in a move that makes my heart jump. Maybe if I’m good, you’ll let me feel it on my ass…with that in mind, I redouble my efforts, using my lips to attempt to jerk your cock, licking at your tip as I do so. You chuckle at my attempts, before pushing me back, causing me to lose balance momentarily before resuming my kneeling position. At this, I do let out an audible whine.

“What’s the matter, Toy?” you ask, head cocked to one side, “Is there something you want?”

I mumble quietly, still not submerged enough in subspace to not feel awkward saying it out loud. Without even a flicker, you reach out and slap me across the face, just enough to get me to make eye contact again, as I feel drool slip down my lips and my cheek redden.

“You have to speak up, Fucktoy. Good whores beg for what they want.” Your tone is even, but serious. I nod, causing my spit to drop to my chest, and I see your eyes flick down to where it leaves a shining trail across my breasts.

“I…I need your cock Daddy, please,” I begin, and you wave your hand ‘continue’, “I need you to use my throat Daddy, or any of my holes; please fill me with your cock, I crave your cock and cum in and on me,” I finish, blushing at the slutty words that bubble up seemingly from my soaking pussy and tumble out of my mouth. You smile at me, and I melt, beaming back at you. You reach down, but instead of grabbing my hair, you take the chain of the clamps instead, and I have to rush to avoid them being pulled off. It’s one of your favourite games, and I know that the punishment hurts. You grin as I yelp and shuffle forwards on my knees, unzipping your trousers with your other hand and pulling out your hard dick, jerking it slowly as you show it to me.

“Is this what you want, sweetheart?” you coo at me, and I respond with an eager “yes, Daddy”, licking my lips as I salivate mecidiyeköy escort further. I lean in, extending my tongue to taste you, when with a sudden yank you rip the clamps off my sensitive nipples and I yell out with pain, buckling forward as I try to catch my breath. You tuck your cock back into your work pants and zip up, nonchalantly saying “I don’t recall saying you could suck me, whore. Up on the bed, quickly.”

I gather myself and climb up, looking to you for confirmation of the position. You gesture for me to get on all fours, ass facing you, and I quickly comply. My engorged nipples brush against the soft bedlinen, causing an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure to flow through me, and I moan. You reach around to massage them, making me bite my lip as you encourage the blood to flow back. I am apprehensive about what’s coming, and I’m right; your hand is quickly followed by the clamps being reattached, although you seem to have tightened them. I grunt, and you pat my ass.

“See Toy? Daddy’s very considerate. Now they won’t come off so easily. Thank Daddy for his kindness, whore.”

I feel my pussy getting wetter, from the pain and the control you have over me, and I smile genuinely at you, “thank you Daddy for being so good to your slutty whore.” You respond with a soft “good girl”, before picking up your belt and tracing patterns on my ass with it. I shiver and moan with anticipation, and you lean around again to lift the chain of the clamps and place it in my mouth.

“I nearly forgot, pet, be a good girl and hold the chain taut,” you remark, and as I move the links in my mouth to do as you ask, I feel the first stinging slap of your belt connect with my soft flesh. I yelp through a mouthful of metal, but stay still as best I can as you continue, each crack causing a moan and a fresh burst of cunt juice trailing down my thighs, until I can feel the hot redness of my cheeks, and the bedspread beneath me has started to get wet.

You place the belt beside me and shove a finger in my cunt unceremoniously. My eyes widen and I make a noise somewhere between a scream, whine, and moan. I push back on your finger as you chuckle, swatting my tender ass with your other hand to remind me to keep still. I hear a zipper behind me and several soft sounds as your clothes hit the floor, but I dare türkmen escort not be bold and turn around. Your hands guide me to flip over onto my back, and I do so carefully to keep the chain in my mouth. I see you naked in front of me for the first time today, and even after all of the play we’ve had so far, my heart skips. There’s something special about being able to see Daddy, even if you do have a glint in your eye.

You rub your cock along my dripping wet slit, pressing gently when you reach my pussy, but never enough to push inside. I begin to whimper, and you pull the chain out of my mouth, “remember, slut?” I nod, realising this is my chance to beg, and if I don’t do well, I may not get your precious cock in me.

“Yes Daddy, please fuck me, I need your cock in my slutty cunt so badly Daddy, please use your fucktoy and cumdump to pleasure your cock and fill me with your cum like the whore I am- “

You push into me quickly, pulling the nipple clamps taut as you fill me, causing me to exhale with a loud “FUCKKKKK” that makes your eyes twinkle. You begin to do just that, fucking me hard and fast as I begin to shake, my eyes rolling in my head as I an do nothing but repeat “thank you Daddy thank you”, my mind lost on a sea of pleasure and submission. You reach with your other hand to rub my clit, and at the contact I feel the build-up to my orgasm exponentially increase, until I’m begging for permission to cum on your cock. You lean over me, still rubbing as you make eye contact, growling between thrusts “cum for me, whore” before ripping the clamps off once again, and I scream, cumming so hard on your cock that I squirt, writhing with pleasure as my vision goes briefly white.

You groan as my pussy tightens on your cock, but with determination, you pull out, yanking me around so my face is under your shaft. As I come around from my mind-blowing orgasm, I see you jerking above me, and I can’t help myself but open my mouth wide and look at you pleadingly. With that final show of my need for you, you cum hard, the first few spurts coating my face, and the final ones dropping into my waiting mouth. I await your order to swallow, as you lazily use your still-hard cock to wipe most of your cum into my mouth, smearing the rest around my face as you do so.

“Swallow,” you order, and I do so with a grin, opening my mouth again, as I know my duty is to clean you off after your reward.

“Good girl,” you sigh, watching me hum with happiness as I suck every inch of your cock, before pulling out again, turning to lean on the bed. Still looking down at me, you smile again.

“So, how was your day Princess?”