I Don’t Know How To Dominate


“I really don’t know how to do it,” she told him. “It’s just not me.”

“If it’s what your boyfriend wants,” he suggested, “Then I don’t see you really have a problem with it. After all, it’s not difficult, is it?

“I wouldn’t know how to start,” she confessed. “Can’t you give me some advice? I mean, I’ve heard all about the dominatrix thing, I just don’t really know what it’s all about.”

“Why ask me?”

“Because you know about these sort of things,” she said. “I don’t. I don’t understand them, and if I don’t understand why he wants it or exactly what he wants then I can’t do it. Or I might do it wrong. Please help me.”

“I’m not sure I can,” he said hesitantly. “I’d be too embarrassed.”

“No you wouldn’t,” she said scornfully. “I’m sure you wouldn’t. It’s not as if I fancied you, is it? Or as if you fancied me either.”

“You’re a very attractive girl,” he told her.

“Yeah, yeah, all right if you say so. Just help me with this and I’ll love you forever. OK?”

“Yes OK,” he agreed reluctantly, smiling at her promise to love him forever. “So what sort of thing does your boyfriend want you to do?”

“I don’t know!” she said in exasperation. “That’s what I’m asking you. He just says he wants me to be a dominatrix to him, and I don’t know where to start.”

“Have you got anything? I mean have you got anything like a whip or handcuffs or something?”

She went bright red. “He bought a load of stuff,” she said with evidently some embarrassment. “I don’t know what it’s all for, and some of it looks like it might really hurt him badly. I’d be scared to use it.”

“Show me,” he told her.

She disappeared into the bedroom. Through the open door he could see her pulling a suitcase from under the bed.

“It’s a bit heavy,” she called. “You had better come in here and have a look at what we’ve got.”

“Good grief! It must have cost him a fortune to buy all this,” he said. “He must seriously want you to do this!”

“I know,” she said quietly, “That’s why I need your help. He wants it so much, and I really don’t want to spoil it for him.”

“Haven’t you even worn any of these clothes?” He delved into the suitcase, selected a garment at random and held it up.

She turned her head away. “I’d look silly in them.”

“Actually,” he said slowly, “I think you’d look rather wonderful in them. Very exciting.”

He held up another garment. “How about these?” he asked.

“Stop it! I can’t wear things like that.”

“Now these are interesting.” He pulled out what appeared to be a large pair of panties with an attachment that looked very much like a hood.”

“What on earth are those? I hadn’t spotted them before. They look awful!” She examined them, fascinated.

“Hooded panties,” he said. “I’ve never seen them either, but I’ve seen pictures of something similar.”

She clearly did not understand, so he explained.

“They’re for keeping his face up close between your legs,” he said. “You wear them, the hood goes over his head and you tie it up around his neck so he can’t slip out of it. These are much more serious than those I’ve seen the pictures of. Those were all flimsy things, but these are really tough and that belt at the waist would certainly hold them on you securely. He’d never get out of these until you let him go!”

“He’d just undo the ties when he wanted to get out,” she said.

“Not if you handcuffed him or something first. That’s what it’s all about. He wants to be dominated and controlled in a sexual way, and these are perfect.”

She put the hooded panties to one side. “All right,” she said, “I understand those. I think he might not like it nearly as much as he thinks he’ll like it. I might get quite carried away if I had his in there like that!”

“That’s the point,” he agreed, “Or part of it. Half the excitement, I think, is for you to get enjoyment out of something that’s really uncomfortable for him, but at the same time something that is sexually exciting for him. It’s an odd combination. But you’re right. I don’t think these are for beginners. You need to know his limits, or any man’s limits.”

“Limits?” she questioned.

He sighed. The explanations were become more and more difficult, and the thought of her holding a man between her legs in those hooded panties had suddenly made him feel extremely aroused. He hoped she would not notice.

“You need to know how much he can take without suffocating. Keeping him down there is all very well, but you don’t want him passing out completely. You need to have some idea of how long he could be left without air, and how much pressure or bouncing around or whatever that you can do without actually doing real damage to him. I’m fairly sure he would be able to breathe in those, but not if you squeeze your legs together or sit right on top of him, so you need to get it right.”

“Ah.” She picked the hooded panties up again and examined them once more before putting them on the bed. “What’s next?”

“Wrist to thigh restraints.” he said taking them out of the case. “Self-explanatory. Useful with levent escort those hooded panties, among other things.”

“Bed ties,” he continued. “The long strap goes right round the mattress and you can attach wrist or ankle straps to it. Perfect if you haven’t got good tie points at the top and bottom of your bed. You’ve got two of those in here, so you can spread-eagle him on the bed and play with him for as long as you want.”

“He’d be helpless,” she said. “I could do anything.”

“You’re getting the idea,” he said. “I guess that’s exactly what he wants.”

“I wouldn’t need the hooded panties,” she pointed out. “I could just… sit on him.”

“You certainly could,” he agreed. “Whatever you want to do. It’s about controlling him and getting satisfaction out of doing it.”

“So… ” she had suddenly become very thoughtful, “It’s as much about my pleasure and satisfaction as it is about dominating him?”

“It’s about controlling him for your pleasure. It’s…” he tried to find a way to describe it as well as he could, “It’s being able to do what you like to hurt him as well, and doing it more than he wants you to do it because you are in control. But at the same time it’s knowing when to stop. I think it’s probably very difficult to get it exactly right.””

“I’m sure I could get it right with practice,” she said, sounding much more confident about it. “What else have we got?”

“Whips, crops, paddles, floggers,” he said, taking them out. “All fairly obvious. Nothing complicated about them.”

“Why whipping and all that?” she asked. “There’s nothing very exciting for me in just whipping him.”

“Punishment is part of it,” he told her. “It’s an expression of your power and domination. If he doesn’t do exactly what you say, you punish him.”

“Is that all there is to it?” She sounded disappointed.

“Perhaps not quite,” he agreed. “A smack on the backside can be quite arousing, so when he says ‘spank me’, or something like that, you make sure he’s restrained first so he can’t stop you and then you do it harder and for longer than he thought he was going to get. Then maybe you do it a few times more before you release him. It’s part of ‘the game’. For example, if you say ‘stop that or you’ll get six spanks with my paddle’ and he doesn’t stop it, then you give him six spanks with the paddle and another six because you just feel like giving him another six.”

She picked up the riding crop and swished it though the air.

“It would hurt him,” she said thoughtfully. “I could decide exactly how much I wanted to hurt him.”

He nodded at her. “That’s the general idea. As I keep saying, you’re in control.”

He was not entirely sure, but he thought he saw her eyes glint with enthusiasm.

“Next?” she asked.

“Lots of nasty stuff,” he said. “I don’t think you really want to use many of these.”

“Show me anyway,” she demanded. “I’ll decide if I want to use them once I know what they’re for.”

“Gloves,” he said. “Several different types. These are rough on the inside like sandpaper, and these are actually spiked on the inside.”

He delved deeper. “Chastity restraints. There’s several of them. You don’t want to know.”

“I do,” she insisted. “Tell me how they work.”

She picked one of them up. It was a small metal cage welded to a single handcuff.

“Looks straightforward,” she commented. “I just lock it on him.”

He nodded. “Once it’s locked on, he’ll have trouble getting excited. The cage is too small for it.”

“Oooh,” she squealed with delight. “He’ll be so frustrated. I wonder how long I can keep it locked on him?”

“As long as you like,” he pointed out. “If you’re the dominatrix, he does what he’s told. Anyway, he’ll never get it off without the key, and you keep that. Leave it on all night if you want, or even for a few days. It’s up to you.”

“I could be quite wicked,” she murmured. “I really think I could.”

“You might not want to use this one though,” he told her, holding up a small metal device.

“What’s that?” she said, taking it.

“Another chastity device,” he told her. “A really nasty one. As you can see it’s just a hinged metal band that locks around his bits. Once it’s locked on, of course, he can’t get it off without the key, but this one doesn’t stop him touching himself. Take a look at the inside of the band. See those spikes? If he gets excited it won’t stop it happening but those spikes will be digging right into him. Very nasty and very painful.”

“Perfect,” she said without the slightest concern. “Just right for when he’s not here. That will stop him getting excited over anyone other than me, won’t it?”

“You know,” he said, “I don’t think you need me to tell you any of this. It seems to me you have just the right attitude to be a real frightening dominatrix without my help!”

“Not at all,” she said. “I didn’t understand any of his until you showed me. Now it’s beginning to make sense.”

She examined the chastity band carefully. “Do you think,” she asked, “That these spikes mecidiyeköy escort would do him any damage?”

“I doubt it,” he said. “I should think they would be really painful, but they’re not long enough to do him any permanent harm. Anyway, I should think he’d soon lose his excitement when they started to hurt him.”

“So,” she said slowly, “I could use it for punishment too? I could tease him and tease him, and he’d get all excited and be hurting at the same time.”

“You really are wicked,” he said in mock horror. “I’m glad I’m not this boyfriend of yours.”

“Liar,” she told him. “There’s nothing you’d like better than to be my boyfriend. I’ve been watching how excited all this is making you.”

“”You’re imagining it,” he said dismissively, shifting his position to one he hoped made his arousal less obvious.

“All right, I’ll believe you,” she said with a grin. “What else?”

“Don’t you think that’s enough? We could look at the rest some other time.”

“If you want. I do need to experiment a bit though, just to test it all out before I try it for real on my boyfriend.”

“Well I’ll leave you to it. Have fun.”

He stood up to leave.

“No,” she said abruptly. “You don’t understand. I need to test it, and I need someone to test it on.”

“You’re not testing it on me!” he said convinced that he meant it, but uncomfortably aware of the involuntary twitch at the front of his trousers.

“My boyfriend is not coming round tonight,” she said as though she had not heard him. “It’s the perfect opportunity to try some of it.

“Not on me,” he said positively.

“Give me one good reason why not,” she said. “I know you find it exciting, that’s obvious. I know you find me exciting, just as much as my boyfriend does, so you’re perfect for testing it. No one will know, so why not?”

At that particular moment he was quite unable to produce one reason why not. He stood, ready to go, torn between an absurd desire to let her try some of it on him and a deep sense of it being all wrong to even think about it.

“Not any of the nasty stuff,” he said at last.

“Of course not. I need to try the basic stuff first,” she confirmed. “Come on, get your clothes off!”


“Well we can’t test it while you’ve got your clothes on, can we? The whole point of this is for me to be a dominatrix, and my man should be naked and on his knees before me!”

She stood up, picking up a riding crop and swishing it through the air menacingly.

“Get your clothes off right now,” she commanded, “And obey me without question, or it will be the worse for you!”

He took off his shirt, and then hesitated with his hands on his belt buckle.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she ordered, tapping his leg with the end of the crop. “All of them off.”

He started to protest. She raised the crop. “I will be a dominatrix,” she said with a glint in her eye.

“All right.” He kicked off his shoes and dropped his trousers and pants. “Satisfied?”

“See? I knew you found it exciting,” she said, poking his hardness with the end of the crop.

“Ow. Don’t do that!”

“Oh you wimp,” she told him. “I haven’t touched you yet!”

She reached down and picked up the wrist to thigh restraints.

“These are perfect, I think,” she said, and proceeded to buckle them on to him.

Suddenly he felt very helpless and vulnerable with his arms trapped at his sides by the straps securely holding his wrists to the top of his thighs.

“You really can’t get out of those until I unbuckle them, can you?” she asked.

He already knew the answer, but he tried anyway. “No, I cant,” he confirmed.

“Good. Perfect, in fact.”

She strode over to him and stood to one side, almost touching him. With a sudden push that caught him off balance, she toppled him face-down onto the bed.

“I’m gong to test the whips and paddles,” she announced. “All of them. What do you reckon? Six strokes with each?”

“No! Too many. I didn’t mean for you to… Please don’t. I don’t want you to…” He babbled almost incoherently, realising that she was perfectly serious and that she fully intended to ‘test’ her abilities as a dominatrix and to try out the various implements. Her inexperience worried him even more.

“Please,” he begged. “Not too hard.”

“That’s what I need to test,” she said simply. “You see, I really don’t know what is too hard and what isn’t. This could be really interesting.”

She raised the crop and brought it down with all her strength on his bare buttocks. He screamed. A red line appeared immediately across his buttocks, raised and bleeding slightly.

“Ah,” she said. “That was too hard.”

“Yes it fucking well was,” he told her angrily, “So now you know, you can undo these straps and let me go.”

She clicked her tongue in disapproval. “Such language,” she said, “You’ll need to be punished for that when I’ve finished testing all these.”

“You’re joking,” he said in horror. “Please tell me you’re joking. You’re not going to hit me any more?”

“Like kağıthane escort you told me,” she said calmly. “Always more than he expects or wants, that’s what a proper dominatrix does. I think we talked about six strokes with each, didn’t we? So I’ll make it ten. Then it will be a proper test.”

“No!” he begged. “You can’t. Not after doing that to me with the first one.”

“Of course I can,” she assured him. “You can’t stop me, and if you go on making all that noise I’ll just have to gag you. I’m sure I saw a gag in that case.”

She ignored his protests and rummaged through the case once more until she came up with a short phallus-shaped object attached to a strap. She showed it to him.

“I wasn’t sure about this at first,” she confided. “I thought it might be one of those strap-on things, but the straps are all wrong. I think it’s what they call a penis gag.”

Pulling his head back by grabbing his hair, she forced the gag into his mouth. It was uncomfortably large, and filled his mouth completely. Its shape made him feel particularly uneasy, and his mouth was stretched much wider than he found comfortable when it was pressed all the way in as she tightened the straps round the back of his head. He was effectively prevented from making any noise at all.

“Right,” she said, satisfied. “Now we can get on with it.”

The blows fell fast on his sore buttocks that became redder and more painful with every blow. She did not hit as hard as she had on the first stroke, but nonetheless it was soon absolute agony for him. Tears rolled down his cheeks in his helplessness and pain.

Finally she finished. “All done,” she declared. “I enjoyed that.”

She removed his gag. For several minutes he was unable to speak. Finally he whispered, “You bitch.”

“Really. How uncouth. I was only testing, just as we agreed. I really think I ought to punish you for such behaviour. That’s what a real dominatrix would do, isn’t it?”

“Don’t you think you’ve punished me enough?” he demanded. “I can hardly move. Have you any idea what you’ve done to me?”

“I spanked you,” she said calmly. “I think I might not spank my boyfriend quite so much, unless he’s very bad and really deserves it.”

“Just untie me. Undo these straps and let me go.”

“Already? But it’s only nine o’clock. I told you my boyfriend won’t be round tonight. We have hours yet, and I really want to try some of these other things.”

“You can’t try anything else,” he said firmly. “You’ve done far too much damage to me already.”

“I have rather, haven’t I?” she said, examining his red, raw buttocks. She stroked them with one hand, feeling him flinch with renewed pain as she touched him

“Cream,” she said brightly. “I have just the thing.”

She disappeared into the bathroom and returned almost immediately with a small pot. He had no idea what it was, but despite his pain the cream was very soothing and the soft caress of her fingers as she rubbed it gently over his buttocks took the sting and rawness from his skin as if by magic.

“Better?” she asked.

“Better than it was,” he admitted. “Let me go now.”

She shook her head. “I’m going to try something else,” she told him. “I think you’ll like this much better. You’ve always wanted to touch my body, haven’t you?”

He was not about to admit that, and at that moment all he really wanted was to be released and to go home. “What are you going to do?” he asked nervously.

“I thought I’d try out the hooded panties,” she said. “So you ought to be really excited. Not too many men have ever been that close to me!”

“Not now,” he begged. “Please, not now. Maybe some other time, but not now. I still hurt too much.”

“You are a wimp,” she told him, eyeing him contemptuously. “I do hope my boyfriend isn’t such a wimp, otherwise this is all a complete waste of time.”

“Yes, all right. I’m a wimp,” he said desperately and not caring in the least what she called him. “I’m a waste of space and no good for your ‘tests’ or anything else. So let me go.”

She laughed. “You’re lovely,” she said with a happy giggle. “I’m really going to enjoy this. So much better than beating you!”

He could not help watching as she undressed next to the bed, leaving him lying helplessly on his stomach. She really was beautiful with long blonde hair, large, firm young breasts and wide yet perfectly shaped hips. He felt his arousal pressing into the bed underneath him as he watched, and even though it hurt him to move he could not help pressing himself down into the soft duvet as he watched her.

She saw it. “You’re determined to be bad, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry,” he apologised. “You really are beautiful, you know.”

“Bullshit,” she said angrily. “And it’s not at all nice of you trying to hump my bed like that. Very nasty. You do deserve punishment, and now I’ve decided what you’re going to get.”

“I said I’m sorry,” he pleaded, really afraid that she would beat him again. “Please don’t. Just let me go and I can get my clothes on.”

“When you go,” she continued, ignoring his pleas again, “I was going to lock that chastity cage on you until you come back. Of course it would be a few days because my boyfriend will be here, and obviously you can’t come back while he’s around. You could have given me a proper report on what it’s like to wear one for a while.”