The Quarterback Wore Panties Pt. 01


The Chrysler 300 crunched up the gravel driveway and stopped out the front of an opulent Massachusetts home. Nick Franklin had visited here a number of times before, but had still never gotten used to Ted’s wealth. Or rather, his parents’ wealth. Yes, being the son of a senator; no less than Edward ‘Teddy’ Covington II, sure had its perks.

Nick pulled on the handbrake and glanced in the rear-view mirror, surreptitiously making sure that he looked the part. He was desperately hoping that Sara would join them for movie night. Ted had joshed him about not hitting on his baby sister, but the plain truth was that even thinking of Sara gave him an instant boner.

‘Baby sis’ was by now a cute brunette in her early twenties, studying while living at home. With a home like this, why not? Sara’s long legs and perfectly rounded ass had tormented him throughout his youth, yet she grew hotter every time that he saw her. (Un)fortunately that was less and less often these days.

The youngest Covington had never shown a firm sign of interest but she’d never given him the brush off either. It was as if both of them had been waiting for the other to make the first move, not wanting to open up to rejection. Or maybe he was imagining the whole thing. Maybe she’d never even thought twice about him.

Nick licked his finger and combed back a lock of his blond hair, practicing a smooth grin. His corn-flower blue eyes and athlete’s physique meant he seldom went short of attention, but Sara was a class-act and he always got clammy when she was around.

After pretty much flaming out in college, he’d been lucky enough to score a professional contract with the Patriots, but it hadn’t been going so well lately. Nick definitely needed to lift his game if he was going to be retained next season and he had no Plan B if he wasn’t.

Yep, here he was; mid-twenties now and still winging it. Of course, Ted had gone direct from college to Harvard and was now working for one of daddy’s friends. And he still lived here, rent free! With Sara! The lucky bastard.

Nick checked his cell. It was seven pm, so he should probably head in. The quarterback was filled with a mixture of emotions; excitement at seeing Ted again after too long, giddy anticipation at the chance of seeing Sara and sheer dread at the possibility of seeing Teddy senior. It was just that he always got nervous around Ted’s dad.

Nick got out of his car, grabbing his phone and a gift bag. He locked up as he walked headed up the white-washed staircase to the grand front door. There was a back lit bell push and a grand door knocker. Nick weighed up the options before selecting the bell push.

Inside he heard a muffled tune ringing out; it sounded like a version of “All Hail to Massachusetts”, the state song. He really hoped that it wasn’t.


Sara’s bedroom was feminine without being girly. The young brunette lay forward on her vast bed, chin cupped in her hands as she watched a Porn-tube clip on a laptop. Her dark hair cascaded down over her shoulders, sharp emerald eyes intently watching the screen. She was topless and lay with her knees bent, her feet up and ankles crossed above her butt.

All that she wore was a pleated black skirt, which managed to reach about halfway down her tanned thighs before giving up. Other than that, a clean blue blouse on a hanger had been flung alongside her on the white linen.

On the laptop screen, a very toned and very tattooed stud relaxed on a bear-skin rug, while a young platinum blond teased at his erection with her stockinged toes. A watermark in the corner of the screen read “Pantie Queen” in stylized lettering.

Somewhere downstairs the doorbell went off, playing its god-awful tune.

She waited long moments for the housekeeper answer before remembering that it was Tina’s night off.

“Mom! Theodore!” she called, but there was no answer. Sara muttered, sitting up abruptly and throwing on her blouse hurriedly. She hated that damn song and whoever had arrived downstairs, she was pretty sure it wasn’t for her.

There it went again. She hurried from the room, cursing under her breath.

Sara bounded down the vast circular marble staircase, buttoning her blouse as she went. She finally arrived at the front door, flinging it open before that dreadful tune boomed out again.

Nick towered above her on the stoop, his cell in his hand. Sara stood back-lit in the doorway, chandelier light shining through her tousled hair, her blouse half-unbuttoned. By the looks of it she wasn’t even wearing a bra. She blushed, “Shit! Nick Franklin!?” she smiled, “I, uh, wasn’t expecting anyone.”

“I was just about to call Ted,” Nick said, sliding his phone back into his jacket. “Nice to see you again too, Sara. It’s been too long.”

She ushered him in awkwardly. Ted bounded down the stairs, “Don’t worry sis, I got this,” he called ahead, stopping when he saw her at the door. “Unique look! Were you getting ready to go out? Don’t tell xslot me you forgot about movie night?”

Sara casually brushed a hand through her shoulder length hair, “I, uh, did,” she said, her soft green eyes taking in Nick’s hunky frame, clad in tight blue jeans and a classic gray V-cut tee. “But, I guess I could stay.”

Ted pushed past his sister to give Nick a hug. He appeared thin and bookish compared to Nick’s athletic frame. “Nicky baby! You made it! Dump your stuff here.”

Nick dutifully placed his jacket and gift down on a chair by the entrance.

“Great!” exclaimed Ted, guiding his friend into the hallway, “I know we have to catch up, but I gotta show you the new cinema room!”


Left alone, Sara turned to head back upstairs, but paused. Nick had his phone out. She knew that he was a quarterback now, but she wondered if he had any girls on the go currently.

Theo never told her anything, she’d even assumed that the Movie Night planned for tonight was just Ted and her Mom. Which would be the lamest. Now that Nick had showed, she could cancel her evening plans but it was hardly worth doing if he was already spoken for. Maybe she could find out…

Looking around nervously in case of sudden interruption, she slid his phone out from his jacket pocket and tapped the screen. It was still unlocked! Sara checked Nick’s recent calls. Several calls to Ted, Petey and someone called ‘The Choad’. Nice. Oh and his ‘Mom’; what a good boy he was.

She checked Nick’s messages; much the same. Several rooms away, she could overhear the boys still talking technology. Knowing Ted, they would be there for a while.

Time to look at his photos. It couldn’t hurt to find out before she tried any moves, right? He’d thank her for it.

Wow, seeing him on the doorstep had been a shock. Nick sure had filled out since she’d played in the garden with him and Ted as a little boy.

All this time wasted and who know when she’d see him again? She imagined running her manicured nails down his tight six-pack, feeling his muscled body tense under her touch.

She flicked through snap after snap. Some shots of the team training. Flick. Nick with a group of friends in a bar. The boys. Flick, flick. A rock concert. No significant other. Her heart leapt. Maybe she really should put the moves on him tonight. Flick.

Her heart stopped. A selfie of Nick, seemingly at home in his football gear. What a hunk. Flick. He had removed his helmet. Flick. And his vest. Flick. He was tugging down his pants. Her finger hovered. But not for long. Flick.

Holy shit! Holy fucking Christ! There was Nick Franklin, Patriots quarterback, wearing a pair of very elegant ladies panties. And seemingly very pleased to be doing so. God, he was well hung too. Flick.

A close-up. White cotton with red polka dots and a little red bow at the top, straining around his chunky thighs. Flick. His cock tented up through them, his hand resting on his shaft. Flick. Oh, Nick. Flick. Oh. Oh. Oooohhhh.

“Shit! Shit!” Ted was not happy next door.

Sara quickly clicked into SMS, entering her cell number, she selected several of Nick’s compromising photos and posted them to herself.

She could hear Ted still upset not far away, “I don’t believe it!”

Sara hurriedly deleted the sent message from Nick’s history and slipped the cell back into his jacket. Just in time.

Ted grabbed a pair of sneakers from next to the door and threw them on. “What’s up, Theodore?” she drawled.

He looked up angrily, “Pop called. He’s broken down on turnpike 82. Fucking Bentleys! Wants me to pick him up in the Hummer.”

“Tell him and his Bentley to get bent.”

Ted grimaced, “Yeah, sure, Golden Girl can do that. I try that? I’ll get bent.”

He called back to Nick. “I might be an hour or two, get started on something with Sara.”

‘Don’t mind if I do,’ thought Nick.

“Oh, Sah? Mom wanted to join us.” Sara pulled a face, but nodded.

Ted hurried outside. Sara smiled at Nick, as if plotting something. “If you want to head back to the cinema room, Nick, I’ll go fetch mom.”


Nick sat awkwardly at the edge of a couch in the impressively large cinema room. The room was brand-new and no expense had been spared. Two rows of 3-seater couches at the rear were followed by a couple of single armchairs, all arranged before a 25 foot screen. How the other half lived.

He’d been looking forward to catching up with Ted and now he would be alone with Sara for the next few hours. Well, almost alone. His heart drummed in his barrel chest. Maybe he could engineer some time with Sara after the movie, if Ted and his pop weren’t back by then. His cheeks burned. For a big man, this little woman was sure having an impact on him.

He glanced around as Sara entered the room, shortly followed by her mom, Fiona. Fiona looked barely older than he remembered her being when he’d last visited five years ago; it xslot Giriş really was amazing what a quality surgeon could do these days.

Sara’s mom was a trim bottle blond, where he knew that Sara was a natural. She carried a wine glass in one hand, and a bottle of Bud in the other. Nick’s internal alarms went off. Fiona rarely had much of a filter even before alcohol got involved. Must be something to do with Teddy being away so often, but he had always found her to be somewhat over-familiar with him.

“Nick, is that you?! Darling, long time no see,” Fiona drawled, moving to sit next to him on the couch and patting his thigh. “You’ve sure grown into a big boy,” she teased, handing him the beer.

“Mom!” exclaimed Sara and Fiona turned, “Okay, didn’t realize that you had the hots for Nicky,” she teased. Sara rolled her eyes, “Mom!”, she jerked her head to one side and Fiona obediently moved to sit in a plush single chair, just ahead of the 3 seater.

Sara perched at the opposite end of the couch to Nick. “Mom already chose the movie,” she explained, “So I hope you like Nick Cage.”

“I’ve had the hots for him since ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’,” Fiona husked. She flicked the remote and the lights dimmed, the credits for Ghost Rider II came up on the massive screen. “I hope you’re ready for a wild night,” joked Sara, as she relaxed into the sofa.

The movie was only around ten minutes in when Nick felt a warm foot bump up against his hip. He turned to Sara and nearly choked on his beer. The girl of his teenage dreams had her long legs stretched out on the sofa, the glow of the cinema screen illuminating her bare upper flesh.

Even as he watched, she shifted her thighs apart to reveal a cloth triangle of blue and white stripes. The tight material clung to her pudenda, revealing a hefty cameltoe. Nick blushed furiously, turning back to the screen. What was she thinking? He would love to explore those legs, but her mom was sitting right in front of them both.

He refocused on the movie, where Nick Cage was chewing up the screen. A glow came from his right. Sara had her phone out and was clearly not interested in the movie. Nick felt his cell buzz in his pocket. He’d check it later.

Sara’s toe poked him on the hip again. He turned to her and she pointed at her phone, signaling him to check. He sighed. What was she playing at?

He pulled it out and checked the screen. One new message from an unknown number. Nick opened it and gasped. There was a selfie he’d taken a month ago, when he’d treated himself to some new panties. He’d known it was risky at the time, but that had made him feel even hornier.

The photo was clearly him, the white cotton with red polka dots and bow, molded to his hard cock. The message below read:


How the fuck had she- Nick’s cheeks burned with shame. If that photo ever made it on-line, his career was finished. His fat fingers felt like someone else’s, as he poked out a reply:


He hit send. Sara checked her phone, smiled and allowed her hand to fall between her legs. Her finger rubbed in circles around her plump mound, clad in those blue and white striped panties. Nick’s mouth felt dry; he took a heavy swig from his bottle.

Sara stretched and stood, “I’m going to grab some popcorn,” she whispered into his ear, slipping from the room.

“How are you enjoying the picture so far?” asked Fiona, turning to him. “Incredible,” was all Nick could say.

A few minutes later, Sara returned with a tub of popcorn. She returned to her position at the other end of the couch. Nick couldn’t help but glance over.

Her legs were parted again and he now saw that her panties had vanished; exposing her bare pussy in the dim, flickering light. He could vaguely make out her bare outer lips and his eyes strained desperately to see more.

His teenage crush leaned over, offering him the popcorn tub. He took a handful and crunched, it was sweet. Fiona called back, “Popcorn?”

Sara pulled a face, but walked over to her mom and offered her a handful.

As she resumed her position on the sofa, she placed the tub between them. Nick absently snacked at the popcorn, sneaking glances at Sara and wondering where this could lead. Her bare foot ran over his crotch, her toes pressing into his growing heat.

He reached down for more popcorn and frowned. His fingers were tangled up in something. Nick pulled his hand from the tub, bringing a warm pair of familiar looking blue and white panties with it. He hurriedly pushed them under his butt, before Fiona turned around again.

His phone vibrated once more:


Nick swallowed the last of his beer and stood. “Uh, I’m just grabbing another beer.” Fiona swung her arm back, her eyes fixed on Nick Cage rather than Nick Franklin. “Be a dear, Nicky and top me up too, will you?”

He took her glass and left. Sara smiled and took a satisfied mouthful xslot Güncel Giriş of popcorn, her other hand straying to run up and down her moistening vulva. She had never found a movie so entertaining.

Nick returned in under five minutes, looking a little flushed. He handed a recharged glass to Fiona and retook his seat at the end of the couch.

His crotch was already bulging before Sara’s foot resumed its caress, teasing around the base of his prick. He felt it stiffening as she moved her other foot across to sandwich his shaft, both combining to work up and down his length.

As she did so, she tapped out another message on her phone:


Nick shook his head as he read it and pointed ahead to where Fiona sat. Sara stuck her tongue out. She reached down the side of the couch and pulled up a thin woolen blanket, unfolding and placing it over her and Nick’s lap.

Nick still looked unsure and Sara’s eyes widened with urgency as she impelled him silently to continue.

Nick signed. He didn’t want to upset Sara, especially not now that she had compromising photos of him. Plus, the fact that Fiona was also in the room perversely appealed, the thought of getting caught had made him as hard as granite.

He slid from his jeans, exposing his muscled thighs and Sara’s tight stripy panties, which were working overtime to avoid splitting. They were so tightly stretched around his hefty prick that nothing was left to the imagination.

Nick turned toward Sara, moving his legs up under the blanket, so that his crotch pointed towards her, making it easier for her to reach. She licked her lips and resumed with the foot job.

Another message vibrated his cell:


Nick trembled as she continued with the foot job. Sara somehow managed to affect complete nonchalance throughout her actions.

Suddenly, Fiona turned to them both as the scene changed. Nick froze, but Sara’s feet didn’t even miss a beat under the blanket. “This is a great bit coming up, the big climax!” she said.

“I know, Mom, I’ve seen it like, fifty times with you already,” Sara replied. Nick glanced at the time. The movie was near its end and then what?

Sara had obviously had the same thoughts. She reached over and picked up the half empty popcorn tub, her fingers working around the base.

Ted’s younger sister snuggled closer to Nick, placing the tub over his crotch. He blinked. She had deftly torn a neat hole in the base of the tub, so that his cock tented up into it. She rested a hand in the tub and began stroking it around his cock-head. It felt incredible.

“Any more popcorn?” called back Fiona.

Sara’s hand gripped Nick’s shaft tightly, working it up and down, the cotton brushing against his sensitive glans. “No mom, there’s only a few kernels left that haven’t popped.” The film was reaching a climax and a battle was getting noisy. No better time to come.

Nick reached gripped at the couch arm firmly as his cock throbbed urgently. This was so wrong but it felt so right. He moaned softly as his balls twitched. A wave of blurring pleasure swamped his brain, as stream after stream of sticky, warm seed fired out into Sara’s panties, gradually slowing down.

Sara looked down at the popcorn tub in satisfaction. Nick had fired so much jism that a thick, white puddle oozed out from under one side of his strained panties, sliding off into the remaining popcorn.

His imaginative tormentor smiled delightedly, tilting the tub so that none escaped. Nick lay back on the couch exhausted. She picked up her phone and quickly tapped out a message:


Nick looked over to her in disbelief. Before he could react, Sara had grabbed the leg of his jeans, yanking them down to quickly strip him under cover of the blanket. He had little choice but to go along with it, else draw attention to them both. On screen, the final fight had finished and things were wrapping up.

He quickly wriggled out of his cummy panties, handing them back to Sara. To his amazement, she stretched out her long legs and quickly pulled them on, making a point to rub the slick and sticky crotch into her pussy, leaving the semi-transparent material glued lewdly around her prominent bare mound.

The screen faded to black and the credits started to roll. Fiona stirred, her wine glass lifting to drain the dregs. Nick scrambled under the blanket to pull on his jeans, finding a leg at the second attempt.

He pulled them up hurriedly, just as Fiona stood. The room lights faded up and Fiona turned just as he was buttoning up his fly. Sara jumped to her feet, whisking away the blanket. “Come on Nick, time to get up.”

He was left exposed, lying on the couch with one hand on his crotch, which he hurriedly moved away. Fiona didn’t react.

“Your cells were buzzing non-stop,” Fiona complained, “Don’t you kids ever take a break?”

“Theodore was keeping me up to date on Daddy,” Sara replied. “They’re having problems with the haulage firm. Going to be another hour or so.”

Fiona wrinkled her nose. “How can we keep you entertained? Need another beer, Nick?”

Nick put his hand up, “Nuh-uh, Mrs Covington. I’m driving home later.”