The Job Interview


Author’s note: This story was inspired by a fan of mine, Kaleb. Hope you enjoy.

You nervously check to make sure you suit doesn’t have any lint on it as you wait for your interview. You can’t believe your luck, getting an onsite interview for your dream job was too much. And when you did some research on the current management you saw that the person to whom you would be reporting was a woman and based on her picture on their website she looked rather fetching.

When your name is called and you stand up, you shoot your cuffs and grab your portfolio and head to the front desk. You are greeted by a woman from HR who takes you into a conference room and goes through your agenda for the day and asks if you need anything or have any questions. When you tell her that you are all set she tells you that your first interviewer will be Mrs. Dane and that if you are hired she would be your immediate supervisor.

Entering the office you see the woman whose picture you pulled up the other day, but realize that her picture does not do her justice. As she stands to greet you, you can’t help but here a rasping sound. And as she comes around from behind her desk you see that she is wearing hose of some kind. She is dressed in a businesslike manner, however, her skirt is a good 2″ above her knees and you are pretty sure you can see lace beneath her white blouse. She is wearing 3″ open toed high heels and her red painted toe nails can be seen through her suntan hose. You swallow quickly and try to think about anything but her so you don’t embarrass yourself by producing a bulge in your pants before you can sit down.

Mrs. Dane asks you to sit down on the couch in her office and she takes the chair opposite of you. You move to sit just in time as you can feel your cock responding. The woman from HR leaves and you are left alone in an office Escort İstanbul with the door closed opposite of a very attractive older woman whose hose covered legs you can’t take your eyes off of.

As she asks you questions you notice that your eyes keep wandering back to her hose covered legs and her heels. You try to look away, but seem drawn to them. At one point Mrs. Dane asks you a question and you are so caught up in what you are looking at that you completely miss it.

She has been noticing your attention to her hose covered legs and decide to see how infatuated you truly are. As she asks you another question she dangles her heel off the toe of her foot and you just about leap out of your chair. She smiles to herself knowing that you have taken the bait and that all she needs to do is set the hook.

Watching Mrs. Dane dangle her heel seems to hypnotize you and all you can do is look at her hose covered legs and feet. As her heel falls to the floor before you know what you are doing you drop to the ground, pick up her heel and ask if you can put it back on her. As the reality of what you just did sinks in you merely hang your head and figure she is going to start screaming at you to get out and that you will have blown your only chance at getting this job.

However, instead you hear her tell you that since you seem to like looking at her hose covered legs and feet so much why don’t you give them a massage. You can’t believe your ears and start to look, when she tells you to keep your head down and focus on the task you’ve been given.

Reaching out for her heelless foot makes it painfully obvious that kneeling at the foot of a beautiful woman wearing hose is extremely arousing for you. As you hold her hose covered foot in your hand you can smell a musky scent and so you start to bring her foot İstanbul Escort Bayan up closer to your face so you can inhale more. She knows exactly what you are doing and allows you to bring her foot up and spreads her legs a little.

When you move from her foot to her calf she moves her foot closer to your mouth and tells you to suck on her hose covered toes. As she lifts her leg you can see that she is indeed wearing pantyhose and it does not look like she is wearing any panties.

You take her hose covered toes into your mouth and begin to suck and nibble them, mean while she has removed her other heel and is rubbing your crotch with her other hose covered foot. If you hadn’t had your eyes closed because you were enjoying what was happening you would have noticed her slid one of her hands up to her nipple and start to play with it.

You finish with her first foot, remove it from your mouth and begin to suck and nibble the hose covered toes of her other foot. As you switch feet you follow her hose covered legs up and can definitely see that she is not wearing any panties. This knowledge just about causes you to blow your load. Having figured this out, now you can’t take your eyes off her hose covered pussy.

When you finish she tells you to kiss your way up her legs. You do so eagerly and as you reach her inner thigh she spreads her legs even more and you can smell her sex and see that she is wet and enjoying this as much as you. As you work your way up her other leg you reach up, grab her ass and pull her toward the edge of the chair. As she slides closer to you she wraps her legs around your head and draws you into her pussy.

You start to lick her through her hose and before long she is pushing against your face and finally tells you to rip a hole in her hose so you can properly use your tongue. Anadolu Yakası Escort You quickly comply and begin to lick and probe her pussy with your tongue causing her to squirm and moan even more. The more excited she gets the bolder you get and you reach up and begin pinching her already hard nipple while you suck on her clit.

She lets out a low moan and you smile knowing that you causing her to do that. Suddenly, she sits up and tells you that if you are going to continue to do those wonderful things to her she needs something to fill her mouth so she doesn’t cry out and cause folks to come running into her office.

You look a bit perplexed, until she tells you to lay down on the ground and then stands over your head and lowers her dripping wet pussy to your mouth. As you go back to sucking on her clit she unzips your pants and upon seeing your pink briefs, unbuckles your pants and pulls them and your underwear down, releasing your monster cock.

As it springs free of its confines she catches it in her mouth and greedily sucks it down her throat until her nose is against your ball sack. She then proceeds to give you one of the best blow jobs you have ever had and so you double your efforts on her clit. Before long you feel your balls start to tighten and as you start to shoot load after load of cum she swallows you whole and sucks every last drop from you. Then without warning she tenses and her orgasm rips through her and she coats your face with her juices.

Laying there recovering from your sexual high, Mrs. Dane slowly gets off of you and stands up. She then tells you to pull yourself together and to join her at her desk. As you stand you can’t believe what has just happened and wonder what is going to happen next.

You approach her desk with some trepidation, but relax once you see her smiling. She tells you that she thinks you will fit the role fine and that she looks forward to you working under her. As you leave her office with her cum still all over your face you hear her tell the HR lady that she wants to hire you and that she wants you to start immediately.