The Interview


It was a bright but muggy morning in July. Darcy was taking every care he could, not to get hot and flustered. He had an interview and the last thing he needed was damp sweat marks showing on his freshly ironed shirt. He was trying to stay focused and prepared. Even muttering to himself responses to imagined potential questions. He must’ve been muttering too loud as he was getting odd glances and chuckles from some passers-by.

“My flies aren’t undone, are they?” his paranoid mind suddenly screamed at him. He quickly looked down and his right hand went to his crotch. All good there. No open flies but he couldn’t help thinking in this morning’s heat the extra air down there would’ve been welcome.

He left home with lots of time as he’d needed to get across to the other side of London. Now he’d arrived very early for the interview. Over fifty minutes early. But on the positive side he wasn’t rushing and he wasn’t sweating. Looking around he saw down a side street, just tucked away, a sign for what looked like a place he could have a quiet unharried coffee and wait.

Darcy crossed the road and headed down the side street to go get his quiet coffee. Outside he could see that this was certainly no Starbucks. It appeared to look a bit exclusive. There appeared to be nothing else nearby so he entered feeling self conscious and hoping that it wasn’t going to become a very expensive cup of coffee. Inside was a contrast to the bright sunshine outside. The sunshine from outside was half shielded by blinds that had been lowered and the sunlight that entered this cafe was being reflected around the room by the tables next to the windows.

Darcy paused needing a moment for his eyes to adjust to the new light. During this time a waiter had stealthily approached Darcy. The waiter showed him to a circular booth table. Where Darcy sat with his back to the wall and surveyed the rest of the cafe area. There was only one other customer present and he sat fully suited, reading a newspaper to the rear of the cafe.

The waiter shortly returned with a menu.

“Just a black Americano, please”. The waiter swiftly departed and within two minutes a large cup and saucer containing a steaming black Americano was placed in front of him.

Darcy dropped a couple of brown sugar cubes in the coffee and slowly began to stir. As he watched his spoon swirling through the dark depths of his coffee, he began again to think about the interview ahead.

His thinking and swirling was suddenly distracted when light burst into the cafe as someone then entered. Darcy looked up to see a slim elegant and professionally suited woman walking across the room to stand a couple of tables in front of him. Darcy couldn’t help but study her as he continued to stir his coffee. She had blond hair and looked very assured and confident. There was an inherent air of sensuality with her, even though her makeup and dress was understated and professional. He also noticed she had such long very shapely toned legs. These were being greatly enhanced by the rather short black pencil skirt and the shoes she was wearing. She then placed a very expensive looking handbag on her table. The waiter who had shown her to this table then handed her a menu and again in a heartbeat had swiftly disappeared from sight. Darcy wondered where such waiter skills were taught or was it a skill they were born with?

Darcy continued to watch the woman. Mesmerised and still stirring. She moved the chair to sit down. As she did so she suddenly sneezed. It was a hot day so the pollen was high. She quickly and efficiently opened her handbag to retrieve a tissue to cover her nose ready for more sneezes to follow. But in her rush to grab a tissue another one had fallen to the floor.

Darcy had now finally stopped stirring his coffee and put the teaspoon down. He was just raising his cup and taking a sip. When the woman in front spied her dropped tissue and bent down to pick it up. She had her back to Darcy and with great suppleness she bent over and reached down to pick up the tissue. As she bent down the short pencil skirt raised up and despite the low light, Darcy could clearly see, she had no knickers on!

Darcy spluttered, the sip of coffee spraying out his mouth in his exclamation of breath and he realised he may just have made an audible whimper. The woman had straightened up and was returning the tissue to her handbag, when she paused at hearing Darcy. To Darcy’s embarrassment the woman then turned her head around, looked at Darcy and gave him an amused smile.

Darcy gulped.

He could see there was such a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Darcy tried to muster some control and confidence by giving what he hoped was some sort of casual and nonchalant smile in return. It may have worked but as his right hand was visibly trembling, probably not.

With clear deliberation she moved the chair back under the table. Picked up her handbag and walked towards Darcy’s table.

“Are you sitting alone?” asked İstanbul Escort the woman with a soft London accent.

Darcy had to muster all his bodily control to allow his vocal cords to respond without squeaking.

“Err… Yes, no one else here.” Darcy was lost and felt so out of his depth.

“Good”. She replied and swiftly sat down to Darcy’s right and moved in next to him in the booth seat.

He could smell her perfume and was now looking into such captivating blue grey eyes. That still twinkled with such wonderful mischief.

“Oh you can relax.” she said as she moved up close to Darcy. He could feel the warmth of her soft thighs as they pressed against his.

“I’m Elizabeth and you are?” she asked her eyes looking inquiringly at Darcy.

“Darcy.” He replied trying hard to stay calm.

“Do you approve of my dress and my way of keeping myself cool in this heat?”

“I do. Very much so.” replied Darcy now find control in his voice.

The waiter had now appeared to take Elizabeth’s order.

“A cold ice lemon tea please, plenty of ice.” Said Elizabeth. The waiter yet again swiftly departed.

She turned her gaze on him again. Her eyes traveling down to his crotch.

“You should do the same. Your poor cock must be suffocating in that underwear and trousers. You’ve definitely no room for that erection you’re getting.”

Elizabeth was right. Darcy’s cock was growing. The feeling of her thighs against him and her scent was causing his cock to grow and it was now straining against his underwear. He now also realised that he was staring at his crotch as was she. He got harder still and his cock visibly twitched and strained beneath his trousers.

“Oh look, there you go. What did I tell you? No room for movement.” She moved her body closer. Darcy could now feel one of Elizabeth’s pert soft breasts pushing up against his upper arm.

Darcy had to agree. “I think you’re right. My cock is needing more room.”

With that her left hand went down and gripped the top of Darcy’s trousers around his belt buckle, then her right hand found his fly and in one swift smooth motion unzipped his trousers. Her left hand then released its grip and plunged into the now open fly.

Now Darcy was wearing trunks and he never buttoned them up. So it was now easy to access to his engorged cock and almost immediately Darcy could feel her fingers make contact with his stiffening shaft. Darcy took an involuntary intake of breath as Elizabeth’s fingers then curled around his cock and began to pull him free from the constraints of his underwear and trousers.

Suddenly Darcy was aware of the waiter now approaching with the cup of ice tea with lots of ice as ordered. Another audible squeak left Darcy’s lips. As the woman still firmly clutched his cock with her left hand but moved it downwards so the overhanging tablecloth obscured the view. Then with her right hand she accepted the ice tea from the waiter, all the while providing the waiter a cheerful relaxed smile whilst her left hand still held Darcy’s aroused cock.

“Thank you so much” she casually said as Darcy felt her start to pull back his foreskin and then rub the exposed purple head gently between her thumb and forefinger. Gently squeezing his glans.

“Would you care for anything else, any food?” asked the waiter.

“Oh no, I think I’ve now got all I require. What about you?” Elizabeth turned her head to look inquiringly at Darcy as did the waiter.

Darcy’s mind screamed. What game was Elizabeth playing and why couldn’t the waiter just go! He was standing there looking at him as his cock was being slowly and wonderfully manipulated just in front of him, hidden by only a tablecloth.

With the greatest control Darcy managed to say “No, I’m fine. I don’t need anything more.”

With that the waiter disappeared off.

With her gaze was still on him Elizabeth said. “Don’t need anything more?” Her right eyebrow raised. “Oh well in that case.. ” Her hand immediately let go of his cock. She continued to gaze at him with her eyebrow raised. Daring him to say he didn’t want any more. Darcy could see in her eyes that she knew just how much he was getting aroused by her and how much he wanted her to carry on. Interview? What interview?

Elizabeth smiled. “Well as you did get a view of my pussy. Now let me have a look at this cock. It felt like a very healthy specimen in my hand.”

She lifted the tablecloth aside and there, still standing very proud, foreskin still pulled slightly back was Darcy’s erect cock.

“Mmm a wonderful specimen indeed and such a nice thick vein at the top of the shaft.” She traced her finger down, the tip of her nail lightly touching Darcy’s purple head, then over his pulled back foreskin and along the thick central vein that ran down the bottom half of his shaft. Darcy’s cock twitched as she did this and he let out a sigh.

“This does seem to be pleasing you.” She quickly took a sip of her ice tea and then picked Bayan Escort out a small ice cube and placed it in her mouth, swirled it around and then held Darcy’s cock firm and again pulled his his foreskin fully back. She then shifted her position, bent down and took Darcy’s cock in her mouth. Slowly letting the feel of her chilled tongue and mouth take full effect.

The shock was two-fold and the pleasure was double. The shock of the sudden and exquisite coolness of her tongue slowly sliding over his hot hard aroused purple head and the shock of it being done in this café.

The pleasure was profound. Her chill tongue felt glorious on his cock and he had to admit having his cock out, sucked and played with in a public place was a massive turn on.

Darcy couldn’t help himself. His head rolled back, his mouth opened and soft moans came out. Her mouth and tongue felt so good the ice cube was melting. The water and her spit were mixing and running down his hard shaft. Darcy raised his head looked back down and moved his left hand to touch her blond hair. He moved her hair aside so he could see her lips around his cock. He then moved his right hand and began to cup her breast. He could feel it’s softness in his hand. He moved his thumb around and as he did so a very erect nipple could be felt.

“God. You’re going to make me cum if you continue.” Darcy had to say this as the feeling was just too good and if she suddenly started to stroke him too he knew he’d succumb and reach that point of no return.

Elizabeth lifted her head and said “Yes I can taste some pre-cum on your tip. Don’t want you squirting that hot cream of yours just yet.”

They both looked down at Darcy’s glistening erect cock. Wet with ice, spit and a little pre-cum.

“Perhaps I could calm myself down a little and focus my attention on you?” asked Darcy realising that his cock wasn’t going to be able to go back into his trousers anytime soon. He turned towards her, his right hand sliding over the top of her very soft smooth left thigh.

“Oh yes?” Elizabeth slid forward slightly and opened her legs slightly wider. She raised her skirt up so Darcy could now see her pussy between her soft thighs. It’s soft trimmed pubic hair on show.

Darcy’s hand slid further up and he looked back up into Elizabeth’s eyes. They were so alive with mischief and lust. Then his index finger brushed the edge of the moist lips of her pussy. It was Elizabeth’s turn to then take an involuntary gasp, the soft sigh escaping her mouth as she bit her lip. Darcy’s finger delicately teased a bit more. The soft movement of his finger caused Elizabeth’s pussy to flow with more of warm juices.

She placed her hand on his, her eyes now completely focussed on his eyes and said “You settle up our bill. There’s a very convenient toilet more than suitable for our needs just down on the left side. I’ll go ahead, just knock twice and I’ll let you in.”

Elizabeth then put a finger to her pussy, pushing it into herself so when she pulled it out, it glistened with her juices. She briefly looked at how wet her finger was and then put it to Darcy’s mouth.

“Taste me.” she said and put her finger up to Darcy’s lips. He could smell the fragrance of her pussy on her finger. He opened his mouth and she slipped her finger into his warm wet mouth.

Darcy could distinctly taste her pussy on her finger. The unmistakable tang of her feminine musk. She saw his cock involuntarily twitch again as he tasted her.

“Settle up and meet me.” she said as she withdrew her finger and touched the tip of his nose. She then gave a very mischievous grin, stood up, grabbed her handbag and strode purposefully down the cafe to the toilets.

Darcy sat there momentarily stunned, with his mouth gaping and his cock still out. He then gathered his wits. First he tried to get his cock back in his trousers. But he was still too hard and his cock was that bit too big just to just slip back in.

So he would have to stand up to get more freedom to allow him to get this erection back under wraps. Though, the erection would be a very visible bulge in his trousers.

As he stood up he picked his jacket up too. It was just as well he did, as at that moment the waiter appeared and headed towards him. Darcy quickly held the jacket in front of himself, hiding his still exposed cock.

As the waiter approached he held out a slip of paper.

“I assumed that sir was wanting to settle and also would be paying for the lady too?” said this most efficient and worryingly perceptive waiter.

Darcy was grateful that he could easily grasp his wallet for his cards from his jacket. After all he was still standing there with his cock out with just his jacket obscuring the view. Carefully he opened his wallet to take out a card.

“Please have contactless.” thought Darcy.

“Sorry sir there’s a fifteen pound minimum charge to be able to use a card and your bill is only nine pounds ninety-five.” said the waiter Eskort with what appeared to be some amusement.

“I swear he knows I’m covering my cock.” thought Darcy. Then fighting down an urge to just move his jacket aside to make it easier to get hold of a ten pound note out and expose his cock in a ‘Fuck You’ moment. Darcy remembered he had a tenner tucked in the back of his credit cards. He pulled it out and not bothering to straighten it, slapped it down on the table.

“Do please keep the change.” said Darcy and moved to get past the waiter, to head towards the toilet. “Just going to make use of your facilities.” he continued as he headed past the waiter.

“Of course sir.” replied the waiter as he picked up the money before disappearing again.

His heart now beating hard. Darcy entered the toilet area. Just a single door to a unisex toilet stood before him. He approached it, raised his hand to knock. Noticing that his cock was still out of his pants but now only semi hard. Darcy decided to keep it out and praying that it would be Elizabeth who answered the door. He knocked, twice just as instructed.

After a moment’s pause the door opened. There she stood, her eyes twinkling with such mischief and such a knowing confident smile on her face. That smile and her shoes was all she wore. Darcy’s mouth gaped open as took in the sight of her perfect breasts with gorgeously erect nipples. His gaze went down over her very toned stomach to clearly see a full frontal of her neatly trimmed pussy that he’d just recently tasted on her fingers.

“Do you want to stand there and gape or perhaps come in and taste me properly?” She moved aside to usher Darcy in.

This unisex toilet was no shabby affair. It was far plusher than many he’d experienced in some expensive hotels he’d stayed in. The toilet itself was tucked discreetly away in the corner and the majority of the room was taken up with a sink on a counter that was at least two metres wide with a large mirror covering the wall in front of the sink. Darcy stared into the mirror. The lighting was subtle and a warm yellow. No harsh bright lights. There in the mirror was Elizabeth, her perfect arse beautifully on show and there to her right in the mirror, still by the door, was Darcy. Jacket handing in his arm and his cock now aroused again standing out proud.

“Now your attention is required.” said Elizabeth as she walked to sink. She turned to face Darcy and leaned back on the spare expanse beside the sink. She then opened he legs slightly and put her hand to her pussy and slowly started to rub and play with herself. Darcy could see her finger push in between her soft pussy lips. Elizabeth could feel her juices flowing over lips again. That wonderful feeling of her lips being lubricated by her own juices.

“You owe me some oral satisfaction. So, come on, kneel before my pussy and let me see, no, feel you put your tongue to proper use.” she stopped playing and waited for Darcy. Darcy dropped to his knees and shuffled closer. He could smell her moist pussy and God he loved it. Such a distinct and intimate fragrance.

He then suddenly put his hands around behind her knees and lifted her legs up off the ground and parted them further. He then quickly had her legs hooked over his shoulders so Elizabeth was supported and her beautiful pussy was now open, her lips almost parted and kissing distance from his face.

“Oh, that’s right. You take charge.” said Elizabeth seeing Darcy’s face just inches from her pussy. She could feel her pussy tingle in anticipation of being kissed and licked. She could also feel more juices being secreted in preparation of a probing tongue or finger.

Darcy moved his face closer, his tongue reached out and in one long purposeful motion he licked Elizabeth’s pussy upwards from the bottom so close to her anus, over her lips which released sweet juices onto his tongue and then just teasingly over her clit. Elizabeth murmured and sighed softly. Darcy’s tongue then began to probe more deliberately. Lapping at her lips and sliding inside between them, then sucking them. All the while he enjoyed the intimate feminine taste her pussy shared with his tongue.

Elizabeth leaned further back. Resting against the mirror. Her eyes half shut but from time to time half open watching Darcy head moving slightly and seeing the concentration on his face as he focused on her pussy. She knew right now his world of vision and focus was just her pussy. The feeling was wonderful and her legs relaxed further so she opened her legs wider and her pussy as a result. She could also feel that her nipples were so aroused and she moved her right hand to stroke one. It was so sensitive and seemed to be wired to her pussy as it reacted to her brushes and soft tweaks of her nipple.

Darcy brought his left hand around. He was going to tease Elizabeth’s clit further. He could feel she was definitely enjoying the tongue action and now he thought he’d push her a bit further. He placed gently his thumb and forefinger around the very wet hood of her clit. It was soaked from both his spit and her own juices. He then gently applied pressure so he could almost feel her aroused clit beneath the folds of soft skin on his thumb and finger.