The Holiday Girls Ch. 01

Big Tits

It was another St. Louis summer. Sport could only be played in the morning or evening, the day was spent drinking ice tea and searching for shade, and the nights were hot and muggy. Becky lived in a little house on the edge of the city. Her parents ran a chain of restaurants- mainly burger joints and the like. They were wealthy but didn’t splash out too much.

Frankie played lacrosse with Becky. Becky had always been the better one, having a slimmer and more dainty figure, whereas Frankie was a little taller and not so coordinated, although had a beautifully smooth and curvy body.

This year, Becky’s parents had decided that they were going to a Caribbean island. It would have a more bearable heat and would be a wonderful experience too. And of course, Becky insisted that Frankie should accompany her. After all, they were best friends.

It was near the end of vacation, between the end of high school and the start of college, that the trip had been booked for. The plane was a regular Boeing- the usual commercial flight ones.

“God it’s hot in here.” Frankie fanned her sweaty face with a boarding pass.

“I know right? I’m just going to the loo okay?”

“Don’t leave me alone too long, that kid keeps looking at me.”

“An admirer perhaps?”

“A creepy one to be sure!”

Frankie watched as Becky picked her way down the aisle. They only had a quarter of the journey remaining now. Becky was short with straight chestnut hair that came to just below her little shoulders. She had a slim tummy with small breasts- Frankie guessed them to be an A cup. Her butt was delicate but probably firm.

Frankie looked down at herself. She had dark hair that was only slightly frizzy. It covered her breasts which were bigger, Frankie happily thought, than Becky’s. She was a B cup, 34B to be precise. Her bum was fleshier but soft enough to touch. Both the girls had smooth, shaven legs.

She couldn’t help but notice Becky’s ass move up, down, up, down, as strolled.

When they arrived, the weather was perfect. But just when the girls were unpacking, Becky’s parents came to the door.

“Honey, there’s been an accident. One of the restaurants set on fire. Dad and I have discussed it. We’ll return in 5 days. You’ll be alright here.”

“Really Mom?”

“Yes honey-bun. But we really have to go now. Behave!!”

She kissed her daughter goodbye and like that, the two girls were alone in the house.

“Aww honey-bunny aren’t you cute,” Frankie giggled.

“Hey! It’s honey-bun!”

“Okay little girl.”

“Shut up Frankie-pankie. Okay so I’m gonna go shower.”

Becky left Frankie unpacking and took a towel to the bathroom. She took her lilac T-Shirt off and threw it down by the sink. Next were her jeans which she peeled off to reveal her panties, black with pink dots and frilly edges, like her bra. Those were soon gone too. She looked herself over in the mirror. Her boobs were little and firm with brown nipples sticking out in the center. She had always had quite brown skin, like a permanent tan. But not as dark to say she was mixed race or Latino or anything like that. Her vagina was shaven but untouched. Her lips weren’t too accentuated beside her thighs, and she never touched herself. She had her shower, washing the shower gel across her back and front quickly. Then she rinsed it off and towelled beneath her legs and over her tummy. She laughed when she saw she had two droplets of water on her breasts- one from each nipple. She blew them off, one by one.

Then she walked back to the room. Frankie had finished packing and was waiting, towel in hand.

“You take for ages in the shower so be quick, alright?”

Frankie smiled. “Of course I will. Then let’s go shopping.”

“Oh my god. Yes. So definitely yes to shopping!”

Frankie took off her denim jacket and placed it neatly on the floor. Next was her green dress, which stayed on her stomach owing to the band of elastic at the top of it. She grabbed handfuls of the dress and yanked in off. She folded it and stacked in on top of her jacket. She had kicked off her sandals at the door and now she lifted her dark blue top above her head. And now she was only in her navy panties and bra, which she proceeded to take off. Her tits were perky and as Frankie proved, she could hold the underside of them in her palms with ease. They were full and big. Her pussy, as she had begun to call it, was unshaven. She stuck her forefinger inside, past the jungle of pubic hair. It was as warm as ever. She showed, washing the inside of her vagina with care, shampooing her mass of hair in that area too. She put in her forefinger again and flicked it up, brushing her large clitoris and sending a little jolt through her tummy. She wasn’t fat, but she had enough flesh so that she wasn’t über-skinny too. But then of course Becky had wanted her to be quick. She didn’t finger herself much, only once a week really, and even then, she was a virgin, and could only fit one finger inside without her labia stretching and hurting.

They both dressed. Ümraniye Escort Becky was in a soft grey top which had a low and baggy neckline, showing off her designer white bra. She wore white mini shorts and flip flops. Frankie was in a white t-shirt through which her vivid yellow bikini bra could be observed. She wore a frilly mini skirt which had a purple hem. She had turquoise socks and sneakers on too.

The first stop was the supermarket, where they bought all the essentials: sesame seed oil for cooking, flour, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread- they had a five minute penis war with the baguettes, pretending they were a gay couple- and icing sugar. Then the other not-so-essential was the squirty UHT whipped cream that is so sweet and scrumptious.

Then the girls hit the clothes shops.

“Okay Frannie-“

“Stop it!” Frankie whined.

Becky giggled and pushed her shoulder, “Okay, okay stressy pants! Frankie. Let’s meet here in twenty minutes with the clothes we want and then well decide what we buy?”

“Yeh but don’t get too much?”


In twenty minutes they met by the changing room.

Frankie asked, “What have you got?”

“Okay. Here goes-“

“Oh no-“

“Nah just kidding I don’t have a huge list. I’ve got three pairs of panties, two bikinis, and these lovely pink shoes.”

She held them up in awe.

“Awwhh they’re so cute and sparkly!”

“I knew you’d love ’em.”

“Okay so I have six pairs of panties and bras -matching ones-, two skirts, and a T-Shirt.”

“Well let’s try your skirts first. I don’t think I even need to try the shoes, I just need the right size.”


Frankie undid the zip on the back of her mini-skirt and pulled on the first skirt. It was pink with grey stripes.



“It’s hideous!”

“Right, I thought it might be so, I just saw a woman in it earlier and she looked so good. Anyway, moving on.”

Her next dress was a plain blue one, which both girls loved.

They kept on trying their chosen garments on until Frankie had only two sets of panties and bras left, and Becky had to choose whether to buy an extra bikini or not.

“See look,” Becky said as she undid her bra, “it’s fluorescent orange.”

Her bra fell to the floor and she did up the bikini.

“It’s nice but your nipples stick through.”

“I kinda like that.”

“Okay seriously, do you want to lose your cherry this holiday?”

“Definitely before college.”

“Me too.”

So they decided to buy that orange bikini top.

It was between a set of cream panties and bra which barely covered anything or these designer ones- green with black frilly edges and pink ribbon. They covered her boobs and enclosed both her pubic mound and the hair around it.

“Definitely that one. The green one.”


“Well your pubes don’t show, and it works well with the rest of your curves coz it bulges a teeny weeny bit out in a good way. Oh and you can still see your pubic hair, which you so love, pressing against it.”

“Do you really like it?”

Becky stood facing Frankie and cupped her pussy through her bikini bottom.

“Any guy would cum immediately if he were doing this. It’s sexy Frankie.”

They both giggled.

“Right, let’s go back, it’s nearly eleven.”

“In the evening?”


“Haha wow!?”

The girls with their pointy baguettes and neat clothes sauntered home. They were sleeping in the same long sized bed, just coz they liked the company.

The next day was a pool day. They sat in the sun and browned their skin. They drank piña colada and lay reading books such as On The Road, The Road to Wigan Pier, and James Joyce’s Dubliners. Well- that was Frankie’s reading list for College. Becky was still attempting to immerse herself in 1715-1915: A Political History by 2 o’clock. By then, although vaguely interested in her book- or rather textbook- she had decided that the pool was just too enticing.

The house her parents had rented was set back from the beach a little, and had no neighbours too close. It had white walls with intersections of blue strips of the gutter and the window panes, and big glass windows and wooden paneling was built in as well.

As Becky went off to refill their glasses Frankie noted that her friend was right, her new panties did look pretty. When she lightly pressed the front of her crotch the fabric almost seemed bouncy due to the springy hair underneath.

Becky was coming back now. Frankie noted that her bikini bottoms had ridden up into her vagina. That’s a camel toe, she thought. She told Becky and the latter stuck her nails in and pulled it back into place. Her natural juices had wet the engulfed fabric and she now had a little wet stripe down the front of her triangle.

Sadly, as soon as Becky elegantly dived in, it started to rain. Then it began to hail. Becky bit her lip to stifle a giggle- every time a hailstone hit Frankie, she’d flinch and clench her butt cheeks together. Just as Frankie İstanbul Escort had told her she had had a camel toe, her best friend now had the same thing in her bum. But Becky thought it was kinda cute, so she didn’t make any remarks.

They stayed indoors for the rest of the day. At about 9 they got bored and opted for an early night. In the Caribbean there were these occasional storms, and yet it was still boiling hot. For this reason, the sheets were left off, but Frankie still wore her cotton trousers and white pyjama top, and Becky her soft orange onesie. Soon both the girls were deeply asleep.

The storm continued, with the hail ceasing but a heavy rain taking its place. Billowing clouds loomed over the island. Frankie rolled over in her sleep, colliding with Becky. Neither of them woke up. Their lips were pressed tightly together. Even their noses were squished up against the other’s nose.

Suddenly a crack of harsh thunder sounded and both the girls were awake. Their cheeks reddened and they both murmured and sheepishly wriggled away from each other. Frankie was asleep again in moments. Becky however was thinking.

Her lips were kind of dry, she thought. Soft, but dry. A bit like the outside of a lightly toasted marshmallow, when it’s not even gone brown yet.

Another clap of thunder. Becky shivered. All she could hear was the patter of rain. She rolled over a few times and carefully put her left leg through Frankie’s legs and pushed her right arm under her side and draped her left one over the side, meeting them in the middle, just under her soft bosom. She was hugging her cuddly friend in a way a koala might hug its mother. She pressed her head into the small of Frankie’s back and promptly fell asleep.

Frankie woke up and was slightly bemused. She remembered the accidentally kiss. But it dawned on her that Becky must’ve purposefully snuggled up to her. She removed herself from Becky’s thought grip and rolled her away, onto her back. She didn’t stir. She was breathing till of course, but those piña coladas must’ve had quite an effect on her. It is true though that she had had around sixteen of them. Frankie poked her face, gently. Nothing. She put her finger past Beckys’ lips and ran her finger tip over her smooth teeth. Nothing. She took Beckys hand and put in down her own trousers. She rubbed her friends hand over her clit for a while. Then she stopped, a little shocked by her actions. She brushed the hair form Becky’s face and patted her shoulder. She was about to get up when she thought a weird thought. She couldn’t could she?

Slowly she straddled Becky. She gently patted Becky’s chest. Then she squeezed her firm little tits. Then she ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

About an hour later Becky emerged, looking rested, in jeans and a T-Shirt.


Frankie looked up. “Hey you.”

Becky sat down and drank some juice.

She looked up and quietly said, “Sorry about last night.”

“The kiss?”


“Or your cute cuddling?”

Becky went pink.

“Don’t worry Becky, Mommy’s here.”

Becky shook off Frankie’s hand. “Shut up you asshole.”


“I liked it. The kiss.”

Becky was silent. Did she really like it or was she winding her up. She played along, being truthful but wary at the same time.

“Me too.”

Silence again.

Frankie suddenly got up, her chair scraping the floor. She leant down to Becky’s over the table and kissed her lips. Becky was shocked. But she stood up, holding Frankie’s arm. She opened her mouth and attacked with tongue. They maneuvered past the table and Becky pushed her over the back of the sofa. The kiss was wet and warm and soft and passionate and fast and Becky began to hump her hips against Frankie’s vulva. She could feel her pussy getting a little wet. Frankie on the other hand could feel her juices brimming and spilling into her panties. She picked up Becky and carried her to the room. She threw her down and stripped in second. Her pussy hair was dripping wet. She pulled Becky’s jeans down and then her panties. She pressed her boobs against Becky’s. They began to hump ferociously.

Frankie grunted. “Let’s scissor.”

They did so, sex against sex, Frankie’s pussy squelching on each impact with her cunty juices.

“Oh fuck Becky. Oh fuck. Oh harder.

Oh. Oh.”

Her moans became higher pitched.

Becky panted and leant forward, putting her head over Frankie’s shoulder, holding her back and brutally smashing her trembling slit against Frankie’s juicy sex.

Frankie came as soon as Becky started her orgasm. The petite girl’s pussy trembled and her hard nipples jiggled quickly up and down, her arms going limp. Frankie squirted all over the bed and even let out a little pee, shouting as she did so.

“Ohhh. Ohh. Ahhh. Fuckkkkk.” She roughly grabbed those little lips and kissed them and humped so damn quick, so damn hard. And her wetness seeped into the sheets. Finally she came down. She had made marks in Becky’s tits where Anadolu Yakası Escort she had clenched them throughout her blazing squirting session.

Becky got up. And led Frankie downstairs. She put her on a deck chair beside the pool. She sat on her head. Frankie lightly bit on her best friends labia. She sucked those tight lips into her mouth and probed her pussy hole with her long fat to tongue. It was a matter of seconds before this innocent teen came again, a few drops of wetness rolling into Frankie’s gaping mouth.

Becky slid down Frankie’s body. She looked at the tangle of pubes. It was soaked. She pressed her nose into it and sucked some hair into her mouth, tasting Frankie’s natural juices. She put her hands in and stretched her lips. She winced in pain.

“God you’re tight.”

“So are you.”

Becky licked up and down the edges of her lips.

“Bloody hell you’re good.”

“Mm. Your- mmm -“

“-Fucking wet?”

“Yeh but oh god you’re tasting but no seriously your clit is massive. Look I can suck it.”

She slurped on Frankie’s big clit.

Suddenly she bit down on it and Frankie shrieked.


She whimpered a little and tears sprung to her eyes. She had squirted all over Becky’s dirty face.

“That hurt.”

“You have a warm snatch.”

“I can even feel my pussy anymore.”

“I know.”

“Wait what?How?”

“You’re letting piss dribble from it.”

“Oh Jesus am I?” Frankie sat up and held her lips apart. The movement caused a stream to burst out onto Beckys’ lips. It kept coming. She got up and waddled to the pool, jumping in.

“Are you pissing in the pool!?”

“Fuck. Oh yes. Oh that’s better.”

Becky licked her lips. “It’s salty.”

“No shit Sherlock.”

“Come here.”


“One. Two. Three- right you dirty whore. Eighteen years old and having pissy accidents! My god.”

Frankie was a little confused. She slowly got out of the pool. Becky pushed her down and just started spanking her ass.

“Oi fucking hell what the- OWW -what the fuck?!!”

She jumped up and slapped Becky. She picked her up by the feet and dragged her to the kitchen. She was a little angry and majorly horny. She whacked Becky’s firm ass with a rolling pin up her ass crack.

“Oh shit.” Becky started to cry.

Frankie slapped her cheeks harder and harder until they were beetroot red. Then she licked them, cooling them.

“There, there. Don’t cry baby. Shh it’s okay now. Hush baby.”


“Let’s not do that again.”

“I concur.”

The acts of fierce anger were over.

That evening the two girls, hand in hand, strolled down the road towards the beach.

“Hey Frankie?”


“We’re not an item. We’re just friends still right?”

“Yeh…though I wouldn’t mind going a bit further. Like not the spanking, that hurt, but licking an stuff, if you want to too?”

“I wouldn’t mind it. We can fall back on each other when we’re all alone, or spice up our sex lives if we get boyfriends, and just generally pleasure each other when we feel that way inclined.”

“Good plan. When are your parents back?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“It’s been that long already?”

“Yeh I know right!”

When the girls got to the beach, people were already partying. There was booze and guys in swimming trunks and chilled groups of girls from all over the island; from all over the world in fact.

Frankie spoke, eyeing a guy in a loincloth: “Lets split girl.”

He was rather athletic with big pecs and what looked like a tough stomach. His legs weren’t too chunky and muscly so if anything did go on, she wouldn’t be crushed and broken by him.

“Hey,” she shouted over the bass,”I’m Frankie.”

“Yo wazzup? I’m Phil. From England. How old are you?”

“Oh nice to meet you, eighteen you?”

“I’m 19, on a gap year, is that okay with you?”

“Yeh definitely. I’m from St. Louis, Miss-“

“-Missouri? Yeh I went there for a bit, saw the Cardinals play. I can’t say I understood that rule about tag though.”

“Oh it’s easier, basically- actually you know what don’t worry!”

“Aha okay. So you here in a group?”

“Just with my friend.”

“Do you have to meet up with her soon?”

“No. I hope that’s okay with you.”

“Yeh no that’s awesome. Awesome.” He paused, then said tentatively, “Hey do you wanna go someplace quieter?”


He held her by the hand and led her off. She felt like a child being pulled along so she requested that he carry her. Soon she was bouncing on his back as he carried her piggy-back style. He was taller than her by about a foot, and had light brown wavy hair. It wasn’t too long tho, his fringe was short and neat.

They sat with their backs on a sand dune and talked and laughed and he pulled out a bottle of Cuban rum from somewhere under his loincloth.

In a few minutes they were kissing, and then frantically pulling each other’s cloths off. (His wasn’t so hard to take off.) It was as if they only had thirty seconds. In fact that had a whole night.

“Oh Phil.”

He took her breasts in her hands, kneading them. But he couldn’t wait long. He lifted her skirt and positioned himself.

“Gonna use a condom?”

“Oh yeh, fuck.”

He fumbled about.