The German , Latin Linda


Another one from a Dominican Republic vacation (I used to go almost every summer.) This one was at night. There were several clubs in this particular resort. One of them was pure Latin music & this night the majority of our group decided to go. Great music, plenty of liquor & this night was packed with plenty of good looking men, women too LOL! This night was rare as my husband was with us. He was drinking it up & seemed like it would be a normal family fun filled evening. However he found a way to get under my skin & ruin it. He had a few too many drinks I guess & started to blatantly flirt with other women in front of me. In his mind he was the “King” of this marriage & flirting was “normal” as he put it. He was very old school “MACHO” & since he was 9 years my senior he felt I was to accept whatever he desired without reservations. Welllllll I was young, in love BUT I began fighting fire with fire once I knew for sure he was cheating on me. So I decided to reward another man with my passion this evening.

A couple of my girlfriends & cousins started dancing together on the dance floor. I began “dirty dancing” with one of my girlfriends which ALWAYS got the guys attention. Soon we were surrounded by a potpourri of men ranging from Typical Latin to Europeans. Blond & White to Dark & Latin. It was a Smorgasbord of men, LOL! The girls began dancing & pairing off with different guys. I was really drawn to this one guy who was very tall & had boyish good looks. We began dancing & he couldn’t dance to save his life! I was however grinding myself on him & leading him. He was a bit shy at 1st but soon I began feeling the effects of my dancing around my navel area. He was getting hard. I was wearing a very short dress, no bra & a tiny thong underneath & CFM heels. I would occasionally break off from him & turn my back on him spread my legs & bend over & twerk. This would expose my ass cheeks & would get everyone going. My cousins and friends would join in, as most had big asses too (runs in the family, LOL) & the guys would really get excited at this.

By now I figured this is the one for tonight, so I asked him to get me a drink while I go to the bathroom. I wanted to check on my husband & make my move. He was all smiles drinking with “the boys” as they had a couple Anadolu Yakası Escort of women with them. Perfect! I walked over to the bar & found my next lay! He was very tall with a nice slim athletic build. Blond hair & really bright blue eyes. His English wasn’t very good & he didn’t know a lick of Spanish. Turns out he was from Germany & was here on vacation with some friends. He ordered a couple of mojitos but I was more interested in drinking something else, LOL! The place was packed so I suggested we go get some air outside. We walked outside & that’s when I got a real good look at him. He was freaking gorgeous! I made a beeline to one of the pool areas which was relatively close by.

There was a couple small groups of people lingering around & some couples in the pool doing their own thing. I found a ledge where we could lean & relax. My pussy was beginning to moisten as all these sexual thoughts began swirling in my head. He started to say something but I grabbed him & gave him a long sensual very wet kiss. I was leaning against the ledge & I pulled him tight toward me. Due to our position his hardness began pressing against my pussy. I then wanted to give this German a taste of what I am all about! I grab both his ass cheeks & press him tight against me. His pants were a bit loose fitting around his waist & I wasted no time in placing both hands inside his pants & soon I was squeezing both of his ass cheeks.

He stopped kissing me for a moment & mumbled something in German & simply said “WOW! You are wild!” I was really pulling on his ass cheeks hard against me & gyrating my pussy against his raging hardon. I was oblivious to the outside world as my wetness & lust had overcome any sense of caution. He on the other hand was nervous of our surroundings & a discreet audience that was now watching us. Since his distraction was not OK I stood up noticed a very impressive bulge in his pants & decided to give our “audience” a treat. I walked him the long way to the beach to expose his bulge. He was embarrassed & I was loving the looks we were getting, LOL. I removed my heels & then really felt short against him. As soon as we were on the beach I removed my thong & gave it to him. There was an unmistakable aroma of my arousal & it was soaked Bostancı Escort through & though with my juices. He was speechless! I found a spot that was very dark & secluded with a few scattered lounge chairs. There were some couples already “occupying” some of them.

In no time I remove his shirt unbuckle his pants & push him down on the chaise lounge. I remove my dress & we are are stark naked with me rubbing on top of him. It was so erotic to feel the sea breeze blowing against my naked body. Our tongues were dancing in each others mouths. His cock was rock hard & I was close to an orgasm from the friction of his hardness against my clit. I began sucking his tongue as if it were a miniature penis & the 1st wave of a very intense orgasm made my entire body stiffen & I let out a very noticeable moan! WOW! Got to pay back my debt. I quickly went over to him & placed his rather large cock in my mouth. He sat up & turned me around & we were in a 69. I was facing the Ocean & laying on top of him. I suddenly realized just how amazing this experience was.

I’m in the Caribbean in front of a beautiful surf at night, completely nude, having had an orgasm while this beautiful blue eyed German hunk of a man is lapping away at my pussy while I have his raging hard dick in my mouth! Life is Good, LOL!! I go back to work on & begin alternating sucking his engorged cock head & licking his shaft all the way to the base. I spit on his cock & lubricated it thoroughly with my saliva. I played with his large balls with my hands. How far could I go with this guy I thought? I wet my index finger & began gently rubbing his anus. I noticed a light moan every time I did. I wet it again & this time applied more pressure. More moaning & his hips were now gently thrusting upwards into my mouth.

I wet my finger again & this time pushed my finger inside of him. My index finger was halfway in & he was now seriously moaning. He was now sucking my clit & rubbing it with his lips. I knew I was about to have another orgasm. I spit my other hand & lubricate my index finger that is going in & out of him. I am penetrating him with my finger while sucking him & another wave comes over me. I feel my juices flowing. I cannot hold his cock in my mouth as I am moaning uncontrollably. Erenköy Escort He gets up & I see his great erection bobbing up & down. I reach over to my purse & grab a condom (YES! I came prepared this time, LOL!) He rips it open & I see him struggle to put it on. I am salivating at the sight of him & cannot wait to feel him inside me. He lifts the upper part of the chaise & stands me up so I can open my legs & enter me from behind. He quickly places his cock on my pussy & begins pushing himself inside me. At 1st it was uncomfortable but after a few strokes my pussy began getting used to his size. He grabbed my shoulders & arched my back. I began gyrating my hips & controlling the thrusting & the depth of penetration. I could not take him to his base. He was too long for me. So I squeezed my pussy walls around his shaft. I am groaning & he is grunting. By now I am unaware if we are being heard or watched. I don’t care. All I care is to explode with another orgasm & taste this guy’s cum!

He stops & lays me on the chaise. He gets on top of me & I guide his rock hard erection into my dripping wet pussy. I can feel how slippery his cock feels as he is soaked in my juices. He thrusts into me. I wrap my legs around him. He begins kissing me passionately. I kept having to place one arm on his stomach to control how deep he was penetrating me. His hands were massaging & squeezing my breasts. He would alternate kissing me & biting my neck. I notice his tempo picking up & I tell him I want him to cum in my mouth. I want all his cum in my mouth. He pumps a few more times & quickly stands over me yanks the condom off & I move over & grab his pulsating cock & instantly feel his very warm & salty cum bathing the inside of my mouth. He was grunting very loud & grabbing my hair.

I was sucking him extra hard. That big dick needed that attention! He finally collapses on the chaise. I go over & place his now semi erect cock in my mouth & give him a couple extra licks. He was very sensitive. We get dressed & walk back to the pool area. I give him a quick kiss & tell him I have to leave. He asks me to stay the night. I then show him my ring finger & tell him “My husband is probably wondering where I am now, LOL!” He looks stunned. “Yes I really am married but you are so hot I wanted to fuck you the minute I saw you.” I say with a very devilish smile. I walk back to the club & my cousin looks at me smiling & says “You look like you’ve been fucked real good!” She knows me. “The hunky German?” I nod. “You bitch! Tell me everything!” I did.