The Alarm


After such a late night welcoming Brad home, the 4:30am alarm buzzer was not a welcome sound. I awoke with his muscular arms wrapped firm around me. I struggled to open my eyes in the darkness and find the off button. I broke free long enough to quiet the noise and return to his warm comforting hold.

With our naked bodies pressed tightly together, he began kissing the nape of my neck softly. His touch was simple and gentle as he caressed my hair running his strong hand down the silhouette of my curvaceous body. With his large hand he took my breasts into his clutch. I could feel his cock growing large between the cheeks of my round ass. My nipples hardened like steel as he gently tugged one at at time. Tremors of ecstasy sparked every nerve in my awakening body. My pussy began to throb in sync with my heavy heartbeat.

I reached down to touch my creamy center and was greeted with the tip of my lovers firm smooth head. He continued kissing every inch of my exposed neck, shoulder and arm as I gently pressed back Kartal Escort sliding his length through my slick welcome mat. Slowly I ground my bottom forward and back massaging his cock and tickling my hardening clit over and over.

I directed his monster to my awaiting gash and let out a cry of pleasure as he gradually filled me pressing deep, slow and tender. Every bit of my senses were peaked. I could feel his every vein, curve and bump in my lovers impressive tool as he filled my tight hole.

With my right hand on top of his, we clenched each other with a tight grip as my left grasped the cotton white sheets. Not a spoken word between us, slowly in sync our bodies danced together. I wanted this feeling of security to last forever. My pussy flooded with my sweet honey as Brad picked up his love making, pulling his length almost entirely out and thrusting forward forcefully hitting my cervix upon each quick pass. At times returning to slower movement, for what seemed like hours we took pleasure Pendik Escort in every motion we shared together.

Without warning Brad pulled out of my honey pot and placed the tip of his cock against my even tighter ass. Slowly his slick rod, oozing with precum and covered with my juices, pressed into my tight entrance. Slowly, I took all 9 inches into my grasp and wretched in pure delight. The sensation of his cock filling my ass was pure gluttony of pleasure and equal agony. Tightly squeezing my hand, holding tight to my breasts and pressing his chest into my back he picked up stride. The sensation of his balls slapping against my pussy upon each forceful thrust made me what more of my lover. The mix of emotions was overwhelming my body.

His hand broke free of mine and dove for my needy pussy jamming two fingers deep in my needy hole. The sensation was overpowering as he fucked each door with feverish pace. I was close to cumming and pressed harder against him sending him painfully, Göztepe Escort pleasurably deep into my ass.

I let out a bellow and broke free of my silence. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

I could feel his balls tighten with each pump of his weapon. The next thrusts filled me with his hot steamy treat as his fingers continued to ravage my sopping pussy.

ONE, TWO…harder he fucked me sending a combination of pleasure and pain throughout my entire body.

THREE…my tight little ass became flooded and his load was oozing all over my shaven silky kitty

FOUR…this felt intoxicating as every tiny nerve ending was on fire.

FIVE…..SIX… my pussy shot out a forceful release covering each of my lovers fingers.

With final throws of my lover, SEVEN….EIGHT….NINE he belted out a grunt “Ungh, Ungh, Unnghhhhhh”

Finally milked dry from my tight anal grip, he held me tight for a few moments not removing his cock buried deep inside my spasming ass. His warm hand massaged my soaked kitten.

Both spent of every ounce of fluid, we fell to our backs and lay there in silence. I was shivering as every nerve in my body was screaming with pleasure. Breathing hard, recovering from our early morning wake up call. I couldn’t have been more happy my sexy lover was home.