Tender Moments (Meeting Vicki)


It’s hard for me to believe we are finally, really together after flirting on line for so long! We’d told each other so many times how badly we wanted to be together but I don’t think either of us ever expected it to happen. After all, we lived 1500 miles apart. And we were married to others.

Now that you are standing here in front of me I so want to undress you and touch, kiss, and lick every inch of you as it is exposed. I won’t ignore anything. But I force myself to go slowly, to savor every second of our first meeting.

Holding you gently, I bend down and use my tongue to tickle your ears, as my fingers lightly stroke your cheeks. I love the gentle scent of your hair and the sound of your breathing as you give yourself to me. I softly kiss your eyes and nose and trace your lips with my tongue before we engage in a long deep kiss, our tongues dancing together. You throw your head back silently offering your neck and throat for my attention. I can’t ignore this invitation!

It is hard to keep my hands steady as I start to unbutton your blouse and slip it off of your shoulders. The lace of your bra provides such a sexy contrast to your pale skin. My fingers trace the outline of the material to the spot between your breasts that you’ve often told me is so sensitive. The fingers are followed closely by the tip of my tongue. I can feel how fast your heart is beating and smile to myself knowing that I’ve caused it. I reach behind you for the clasp of your bra. I feel so clumsy trying to open it but you are kind and don’t laugh at me. I can’t wait to see and touch your small breasts and apparently you want me to just as badly for as soon as I manage to open the clasp you reach up and remove your bra for me, dropping it to the floor at our feet. Your breasts are like magnets to my hands. I love their softness and the way their curve fits so perfectly into my palms, almost as if they were made for each other. Your nipples darken and harden at my touch. They grow even harder as I take them into my mouth, sucking gently and rolling them with my tongue. Your moans tell me you are enjoying this as much as I am. I’ve always loved your breasts with their prominent nipples and dark aureoles. You always felt they were small. I always thought they were perfect. Now I know that they taste as good as they look!

I move us so I can sit on the edge of the bed with you standing in front of me between my knees. This leaves your nipples at eye (and mouth!) level. I don’t want to stop tasting you but I so need to see you naked. My hands roam over your back, and sides and stomach enjoying the feeling of your warm skin. Touching you, it is so obvious that you’ve put in the time to stay in shape because your body is so firm. You know what I’m thinking and stand a little taller with a well-deserved sense of pride.

Finding the zipper on your skirt I pull it down and slide the Şerifali Escort material over the curve of your hips and ass. With a slight tug and a shake of your hips, it drops to the floor around your feet leaving me face to face with your lacy thong. Placing a hand on my shoulder for balance, you step out of the skirt and kick it to side leaving only your shoes and thong for me to remove. Looking down at me, you watch me looking at your nearly naked body. I lean forward and kiss the flatness of your belly, trailing kisses across your belly button and down to the top of your panties. I can smell your lust! Looking up, our eyes meet, the heat and desire in our gaze leaving no doubt where this will all end.

I have to feel your ass. I’ve wanted to do this from the first time I saw your pictures on line. I remember so vividly the first time that I saw one of your posts. You were standing nude except for a delicate gold chain around your waist, with your back to the camera, arms twisted and stretched over your head as if reaching for heaven. The shape of your calves flowed so perfectly from your bare feet into your taunt thighs and continued into what had to be the most perfect ass God had ever created. I was mesmerized. So I reach around and pull you to me, squeezing and caressing the twin cheeks. God, they are so firm! Your soft hands hold my head against your belly as you graciously let me explore you. Barely able to get the words out, I whisper to you to turn around and you do so I can see, close up, the ass that has been the focus of so many of my dreams and fantasies.

I’m in heaven. At first, I just stare at the object of my desire – your beautiful ass – without touching. You look back over your shoulder at me to see why you haven’t felt the touch you were anticipating. I need time to look at you – your neck, your shoulders, your back, your ass, your legs – all that smooth, naked flesh broken only by the narrow band of your thong. My hands seem to have a mind of their own though and they move to your hips pulling you to me so I can bestow kisses and licks over every inch of your ass. I can tell you are enjoying to from the way you are beginning to squirm and sigh. Besides, when I told you how I felt about your ass, you’d confessed to how much you like having it kissed and caressed.

But you are becoming impatient. Hooking your fingers into the sides of your thong you bend over and pull it down your legs and off along with your shoes. This pushes the crack of your ass into my face. Grabbing your hips more tightly, I run my tongue down the crack and between your legs. I use my thumbs to spread you so that my tongue can tickle your puckered rosebud. I push your legs further apart and lean over furthers so I can just barely reach your pussy with my tongue. Your lips are already becoming slick from your wetness. The smell of your arousal is intoxicating. İstanbul Escort Flicking the juices from your lips with the tip of my tongue I know I’ve never tasted anything – or anyone – so sweet. I have to have more!

Standing up, I turn you around and lay you down on the bed. You pull me on top of you and we kiss with more passion than I’ve felt in years. Pulling away from your lips, I stand and quickly rip off all my clothes. You watch with greedy eyes as my nakedness comes into view. My cock stands out straight in front of me, so hard from the lust you’ve aroused in me. When I start to get back on the bed you stop me and tell me that you want to look at me first. So I stand there before you feeling your gaze burning my flesh. Loving that this time, finally, you are seeing me for real, not just through the hundreds of nude pictures we have shared over the years. As you study my body, I notice how your hand has strayed to your pussy.

When you say it is okay, I fall back on top of you and kiss, lick and nibble my way down your body. Stopping when I reach your lush pubes, I nuzzle my face in them reveling in the luxuriant feel, inhaling the sweet scent of your arousal. I absolutely love and unshaved pussy! But you want more. You spread your legs wantonly, exposing your wet slit to me, and taking control, firmly push my head between your strong, smooth thighs. Why would I resist? This is exactly where I want to be!

My fingers, tongue and lips move all over your pussy, licking and nibbling, sucking and caressing, searching for just the right touch and just the right place to give you maximum pleasure – because right now, this is all I want to do! With your words, sighs, moans and motion you guide me. God, how you are squirming and moaning! I can’t believe that I’ve made you so hot. Your back arches as I gently suck your clit while flicking it with my tongue. I can feel the muscles tense in your belly with each flick. Wrapping your legs around my shoulders and grabbing my head you demand that I continue. As if I’d want to stop.

Suddenly, you release me and savagely roll me over so you are on top. The fire in your eyes burns me as you focus on my cock. Grabbing it with one small hand and reaching for my balls with the other you say two words “My turn.” I smile and think how many times I’ve dreamed of you taking my cock in your hot, wet mouth until I’ve shot my load deep down your throat and all over your face and body. As your mouth engulfs me, the reality is even better than the fantasy. I never knew a woman could suck cock so well. I never knew anything could feel so good. I give in to the pleasure, spreading my legs widely and moaning and groaning uncontrollably. When you dip your fingers into your wet pussy to lubricate them and slip one into my ass I think I’m going to die from the ecstasy. My hips move almost involuntarily, thrusting my cock Ümraniye Escort into your mouth and my ass onto your finger in a feverish rhythm. I feel like such a slut (can a guy be a slut?) but I don’t care – I’m your slut and that’s all that matters.

I have to stop you though, because this is not how I want to cum with you for the first time. Reluctantly, I push you away but you instinctively know why. You roll onto your back and again spread your legs to me. I position your knees on my shoulders so my hard cock is pointing straight towards your pussy. Our eyes meet and for the first time I see your vulnerability. But I also see your desire. “Please, go slowly at first!” you whisper taking my cock and guiding it to your entrance. I can feel the heat on my cock head even before it touches you.

Gently, I push forward feeling the soft folds of your flesh yield to me. Oh, the pleasure! I slowly push deeper, taking short, slow strokes to give you time to acclimate to my being inside you. I’m not very thick but you feel as tight as virgin. You fit me like a glove and I can feel your inner walls contracting, clasping me in their slick grip. Going slow is torture to me because I don’t want to wait. I want you NOW! But, you mean so much to me that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

After a few minutes I’m all the way inside you. You reach around to grab my ass and hold me there as I revel in the feeling of the walls of your pussy caressing my cock. Our eyes meet and lock. At that moment, there is no one and nothing else in the world, just the two of us joined so intimately. We’ve both wanted this for so long.

Grinding your hips against me, you silently signal me to start moving. In and out, slowly and gently at first and then faster and harder. Your hands leave my ass. One reaches to your heaving chest to pinch and roll your hard nipple while the other frantically rubs your clit. “Fuck me!” you demand, “Hard!” And I do, harder and faster, slamming into you again and again as my balls slap your ass. With your legs wrapped around me you meet me stroke for stroke. Our eyes are locked on each other as we give voice to our passion. Then, I can’t take any more and my orgasm hits me like a freight train. I wanted us to cum together but right now I just don’t care as my body tenses and I release my cum deep inside you with a roar. Apparently you were almost there as well because only moments after I cum you join me in a shrieking, mind bending orgasm.

Our bodies are drenched in sweat as we fall limply on the bed, holding each other and breathing deeply. I kiss you gently on your face and your hand strokes my back. I can feel the last spasms of your orgasm subsiding as your pussy contracts around my shrinking cock.

I don’t know how long we lay there, entwined in each other’s arms and legs, before we came back to earth. We look into each other’s eyes and kiss softly knowing that what we had just done felt so right despite any trepidation we had had about cheating on our partners. We knew they’d understand. Looking across the room at us, the looks on their faces told us we were right.