Teased And Bound

Big Tits

I’m sitting in a coffee shop as I often like to do, sipping my latte and reading the paper, occasionally scanning the shop to see who is around, occasionally glancing at all the people wandering by.

I must confess I love eyeing up all the women around about me. Casting my eye over their pretty faces, imagining the feel of their soft hair in my hands, the smell of their perfume as I move close to them. Then my eyes will wander down and absorb the curves of their breasts, glancing at that delicious cleavage, possibly even spying the nipples protruding through her top. Then my eyes move down to check out her ass and finally her crotch, imagining if she has a shaved pussy, or a thin pubic strip, or well trimmed. I try to picture what her swollen pussy lips would taste like.

I would often be sitting their with a throbbing cock as I watch all those beautiful women go about their day,unaware I am fantasising about them.

So you might have already guessed, I am a horny little pervert.

One fine afternoon, glorious sunshine powers down on the street outside as shoppers wander up and down. It’s a day for summer dresses, sunglasses and sunhats.

I notice you walking into the shop, moving from bright sunshine to the shade and cool of the shop. You get your coffee and sit down at the small round table next to mine. Your arms glisten slightly as the heat of the sun draws out the moisture of your body. As you pull your chair towards the table, I glance down at your exposed legs. Silky smooth skin, lightly tanned. The hem of your light summer dress resting just above your knees.

As you take the first sip of your coffee you glance over and notice my eyes pointed at your legs. Your heart jumps a little as you realise I am watching you.

So you decide to have a little fun. You let your left knee (closest to me) fall open slightly, exposing the inside of your lower thigh. Startled by this movement I lift my eyes up and see you staring back at me. A smile crosses your lips as you notice the fluster in my face. I regain my composure and smile back, before letting my eyes fall back to your legs.

You open your legs further, exposing more and more of your inner thigh. Reaching down you slowly pull your dress up your legs. The hem slowly gliding up your thighs. You turn towards me as my view takes in more and more of your legs, edging higher and higher.

I can feel my cock straining and pressing against my jeans as it grows. Your body turned to face me now, your legs parted, exposing your long slender thighs to me. Your dress edging higher and higher until I can see all the way up your legs. I expect to see the thin fabric of your panties, but my eyes almost pop out of my head as i realise you have no underwear under that summer dress. Your sweet pussy lips exposed to me.

‘Care to join me in a hotel room?’ I ask, emboldened by your naughty streak.

‘I think you know the answer to that!’ you respond.

I take you to a hotel just around the corner from the coffee shop. Quickly we arrange a room and are soon stood in front of the bed.

‘Give me five minutes’, i say, ‘I will be back before you know it.’

‘What the fuck are you leaving for?’

‘Just need to get something, wont be a moment. You just make yourself comfortable. Minibar is on me.’

I slip out the door, leaving you alone in the room. You look around the bland empty bedroom, looking for something to take your interest, but having found nothing you opt for a drink from the bar. You slip out of your dress and head for the shower.

‘A quick shower to freshen up and he should be back’ you reckon.

After showering and a quick dab of the towel on your body, you return to the bed and lie on it, holding your drink in one hand, running your hand over the sheets with the other. Your body still slightly damp from the shower.

You hear a key in the lock and look up as I enter the room again, a backpack slung over my shoulder.

‘And what the hell is the backpack for? You know we ain’t going hillwalking, right?’

I ignore your barbed remark and sit down on the bed beside you.

‘Well let’s just see what we have in here.’ I say.

I unzip the bag and my hand disappears inside it, to pull out two pairs of novelty handcuffs.

‘I don’t even know you so don’t think I am going to put those on. I can hardly trust you given all I know about you is that you like to perv women in coffee shops.’

‘I think you should consider it! We are both here for fun aren’t we? Live a little.’

I lean over and gently kiss your lips. The first physical contact between us since I saw you.

As you close your eyes and feel my lips against yours, my hand takes the glass from your hand. I pull away and place the glass on the bedside table. Then I let one of the handcuffs fall to the bed and I flip the other over your wrist. I pull your wrist up to the corner of the bed and cuff the other end to the corner post of the bed. You look at me, unsure whether to protest Bostancı Escort or go with the flow.

My hand strokes your cheek and down your neck as I look into your eyes. Then I pick up the other handcuffs. Now is the time to object, but you say nothing. I cuff your other hand to the other headpost. You look up at me as you lie on the bed, distinctly aware that you have conceded all control to me. An element of fear creeps into your mind.

I dip into my bag again and pull out a long satin scarf.

‘I’m not cold you know’, you say with a nervous laugh.

I laugh in response.

‘Relax. Just let me do my thing. It’s all for your benefit.’

I place the scarf over your eyes, shutting out the light of the room. You lift your head, allowing me to wrap it behind your head and tie it, blindfolding you.

In darkness now, the only sense you can rely on now is hearing. Once more you hear the rustle of my bag.

‘What the fuck are you getting now?’

I offer no response.

Your heart is starting to beat a little harder now. This is quickly escalating into something you have absolutely no control over.

You feel my hand grip your ankle. Another cuff slips around it, before I pull your leg over to the bottom corner of the bed. You realise I am going to cuff both your ankles to the bed too.

As anticipated you feel the cuff around your other ankle before hearing the other end of the cuff clipping around the footpost.

You feel so vulnerable now. Your naked body spread out on the bed before a total stranger, a total horny stranger.

The next thing you hear is buttons being pressed somewhere. Then you hear a quiet melody as music starts to play.

‘Just relax for a few minutes while I take a shower. I put the radio on for you – something nice and slow and relaxing. Won’t be a moment’

You hear the bathroom door shut. Totally alone, naked, bound and blindfolded. What the fuck is going on?

The room is warm from the heat of the summers day. All you can hear is the shower and the music.

Your mind racing with wonder of what is going to happen. Then, after what feels like ten minutes, the shower stops.

Another couple of minutes and the bathroom door opens.

You feel me sit down on the bed next to you. Your heart pounds in your chest as you wait on each moment. My hand strokes your cheek again, then down onto your neck. My fingertips gliding over your skin. I lean down and let my lips gently brush against yours. You part them slightly an you lift your head to meet me as i softly kiss you.

My lips move onto your chin and then your neck. Softly kissing you, you turn your head away from me, exposing your neck to me. My lips gently brush over it. You can feel your skin tingling as my lips caress you. I slowly lift my lips up to your ear and whisper,

‘Relax, I am going to do everything I can to make you feel good.’

You feel me rising from the bed once more.

‘Fuck you look amazing. So sexy. Those gorgeous breasts, stunning long legs, tasty little pussy.’

You relax a little. Heart still pounding but not through fear. You start to feel the thrill of the situation turning you on. Your skin tingling, breathing low and heavy. A deep pulse gently surging through your stomach.

You squeal as a cold liquid splashes onto your body, right on the v of your ribcage. The shock makes your whole body shudder, before you let it sink back onto the bed. You feel my hand press down on the bed beside you as I prop my self over you. My tongue flicks over your stomach and slides up to the pool of drink I dripped onto your body. Licking up the wine, I softly kiss along the underside of your breasts. edging along and then up to meet your nipple. I pinch your nipple between my lips and flick my tongue over it, before pulling away. Your body responds immediately, your nipple hardening in the warm air of the room. I slide my tongue around it and draw away again. You can feel my breath washing over your breast.

Your body is becoming so responsive to my touch now. Each kiss and caress making your body quiver and tremble. Your breathing becoming heavier. A warm heat starts to build between your legs. Your stomach tightening slightly as you feel an orgasm start to build inside you.

Eyes closed, you focus on that feeling deep inside you as my lips glide from one breast to another.

I pull away again.

‘Mmmmmmm. looks like you are starting to enjoy yourself. Those hot little pussy lips looks like they are swelling up. You feeling a little moist down there?’

You bite your lip and say nothing.

You hear the sound of a bottle cap popping open. What next? Once more you feel a cold liquid splashing on your naked body. This time dripping over your breasts. The cap pops closed again and you feel me kneel on the bed. Both knees beside your naked torso at first, then you are aware of me straddling your stomach. Knees planted either side of you, i run my hands over your gorgeous breasts, Kadıköy Escort rubbing the oil into you. My fingers sliding over your chest. I can see your chest rise and fall as you breath deep and heavy. Each breath sending a tingle throughout your body. You can feel your body tensing all over as the sensation grows little by little.

My hands caress your oiled chest, massaging you so delicately. You let out a small whimper as my hands fall into a rhythm as they glide over you, around and over, around and over, around and over. The length of my growing cock rests against your stomach as i run my hands over you. You can feel the heat of it, the length of it, how rigid it feels against you.

I take my cock in my hand and stroke it as I look down at your gorgeous body. Your lips parted slightly, I lean down and kiss you again. More passionately this time. Our lips press together and tongues flick against one another as i lean over you.

You moan once more as the feeling grows and grows. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering now. The heat between your legs becoming more powerful. That tight feeling deep inside you builds as the orgasm grows.

I sit up once more and stroke my cock for a few more moments over you. Then I move further down the bed, placing myself between your legs. I run my hands up your legs, from your knees up to the top of your thighs, and back down. The residual oil coating your silky soft skin. I look down at that hot little pussy of yours. Pussy lips swollen as the desire builds up inside you.

My fingertips slide over stomach, then down onto that shaved pubic triangle. You push your hips up, thrusting your pussy towards me. I push back, placing a firm hand on that triangle and press you back down into the mattress. The next thing you feel is my tongue gliding up your right thigh, before softly kissing your hip. Lips brush over your hip, edging closer and closer to your throbbing pussy.

Heart pounding in your chest, each beat sends a wave of electricity through your entire body, bursting from your chest and washing out to every extremity, before rolling back to the pit of your stomach and down between your legs. You can feel your pussy getting so damp as that electricity courses through you.

You can feel my breath washing over your sweet pussy as I edge closer and closer. Your pussy throbbing so much as my lips are poised over it. Each second seems so long as you wait to feel my lips and my tongue on your eager, hungry pussy. At last, the faintest flick of my tongue strikes those swollen lips. The touch making your whole body shudder. A powerful pulse rushes through you, making you moan loudly before you bite your lip to contain it. You take a deep breath as you regain control of your body.

Your body shaking, wrists pulling hard against the cuffs, knees trying to pull together. You try to regain control of your breathing as that sensation rushes through you. I blow gently on your sweet pussy as you slowly regain composure. The fingertips of one hand rolls up and down your thigh while the other remains firmly placed just above your pussy, keeping you pinned down.

After watching your quivering body start to relax again I slide my tongue out and let the tip flick against those swollen hot pussy lips once more. You take a sharp intake of breath, but your body doesn’t jolt quite as fiercely as that first touch of my tongue on your pussy. A long, low groan escapes you as your body sinks into the mattress.

The blindfold is making you focus more on the sensations racing through your body. The tight knot deep in your stomach is growing with each breath. Heart pounding in your chest, sending wave after wave of fiery energy through you. A deep pulse aching between your legs as I let my tongue glide up those slightly parted swollen lips. The tip dancing up and then down over your sweet lips. The heat between your legs growing and growing.

‘Keep breathing nice and deep. Don’t lose control of it. Focus on each long, deep breath.’

You heed my request. Breathing deep and deliberate, you feel my tongue returning to your eager pussy. My tongue slides down over the hood of your clit, then between those lips, tasting those juices as they start to run through your pussy. I then slide back up and slowly circle that growing bud of your clit, making sure not to touch that sensitive bud.

You try to push your hips up to meet me, but my hand keeps you pinned down. Slowly circling your clit, falling into the rhythm of your breathing. As you feel my tongue sliding over you, you suddenly sense my fingertips gliding up your thighs towards your pussy. My index finger runs along the ridge of your pussy lips, before slipping between them. You feel it press gently against the entrance to your hot, tight cunt. I ease my fingertip inside you, just a little inside you, and press it against the upper wall of your throbbing pussy. You moan again, before trying to maintain that deep breathing.

I maintain that Göztepe Escort rhythm around your clit while my fingertips rubs up and down against the very edge of your moist entrance. Every inch of your body now trembling more fiercely. Your toes curl, you bite down on your lip. Your body in constant motion as the feeling grows and grows, unable to remain still as you feel the orgasm starting to build.

Aware that you are growing more and more excited, I run my tongue right over your clit, down then back up again over it. Your breathing becoming shaky in spite of your efforts to maintain control. You feel the pressure of my hand above your pussy, holding you back. I slide my tongue over your clit once more and my lips lock against you. Sucking gently you shudder all over. The orgasm feeling strong inside you now. You want to feel it explode from you. With each breath you can feel the waves becoming stronger and stronger.

My finger then plunges deep inside you, till my knuckles press against your burning pussy lips. You inhale sharply, before exhaling long and slow. You then start to breath a little faster. I keep in time with you and flick my tongue back and forth over your sensitive clit. Each flick matched with a thrust of my finger in and out of you.

You know you have reached that point where the orgasm is inevitable. It feels so powerful inside you now. The hand pressing down on you is removed and it feels like the floodgates have been opened. The throbbing surges through you now. Arching your back you push up to meet me. My tongue firmly rolling over your clit as I slide a second finger inside you.

Sensing how close you are i start to increase the speed. My fingers more rapidly sliding in and out of you. Tongue flicking faster and faster over you. You feel ready to cum. You hold onto it as long as you can, your whole body writhing against the bed, pulling against those cuffs. Moaning uncontrollably, the waves start to overpower you. At last you need to release it. You dont hold it back any more. With one more surge the orgasm explodes through you. Your hot little cunt tightens around my fingers. I stop licking your clit as you cum fiercely. Your pussy melting in the heat of orgasm. You scream in ecstacy as the explosion between your legs rushes out to every inch of your body. Every muscle trembling, spasming with sheer exhiliration. Each heartbeat sending powerful aftershocks through you.

I watch you as your body writhes in a river of ecstacy, my fingers still deep in your clenching pussy. Cum sliding down to the bed between your legs. I see your chest heaving, nipples hard and erect, stomach tight with the excitement.

I slide my fingers from your pussy and watch your body writhing in post orgasmic exhiliration. Each breath that escapes you sending out a low animal groan. Kneeling on the bed between your legs, I grip my hard, pulsing cock and stroke it as I watch you. I see the sweat on your brow, your cheeks and chest flushed, the light glinting off the oil on your breasts. I am so excited as I watch you. I can feel my cock twitching in my hand as the urge to cum all over you grows and grows.

You gradually stop writhing on the bed. Relaxing, heart still pounding so much you can hear it thumping inside you. A couple of deep breaths and your body sinks into the bed once more. I lean over and flick my finger over your erect nipple. The shock sends your body writhing again. I feel a perverse pleasure at watching your body respond so fiercely to my touch.

Edging back up the bed and over your body again I straddle your stomach and sit on you, pinning your body down again. I slowly stroke my cock again as I gently slide my balls up and down against your stomach. With my other hand I tease your nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pulling on them, squeezing them. Then caressing your breasts one after the other in my hand. I let my hand glide up to your neck and gently stroke it before my fingers wrap around it, pinning you against the pillows. I am surprised at how erotic this feeling of control is. Never before have I felt such an incredible sexual feeling as I pin you down, with total power over you.

I close my eyes and start to stroke my cock faster and faster over you. Cum building up deep inside me. I lift myself from your stomach and lean against the wall behind the headboard. Leaning forward I let my erect cock fall freely towards your face. Carefully i let the tip of my cock brush against your lips. You take a sharp breath and your mouth opens wide with surprise.

Aware of what has just glanced against your lips, you slide your tongue out. It meets the tip of my cock again. You can taste the precum on my cock as your tongue circles around the tip. I pull back the foreskin to expose the smooth pulsating head. I ease my hips forward and push the head between your lips. You wrap those eager lips around it, locking them around it. Your tongue flicks over the eye, drawing more precum from me. I grab your hair in one fist and hold you as I push it a little further inside your mouth.

I am almost overwhelmed by the desire to fuck your mouth now, but I hold back. I want to make this last as long as I can. I want to pleasure you so much more before I get my reward.