Mia turned in her seat. Some movie was playing, but all she could focus on was the person beside her. He was beautiful. His name was Alex, and she’d had a crush on him ever since high school. She couldn’t believe it when he’d asked her out, he with the gorgeous eyes and sexy smile.

And the stud in his left earlobe.

The opening credits played, and Mia snuggled closer to Alex. His arm was slung around her, fingers barely inches away from her left breast.

The movie started, and Mia turned her attention to it. Everything went fine until a hot scene came on.

Mia started breathing harder, heavier, as she watched the protagonist slip a hand under his lover’s skirt.

Alex stirred. He looked down at her, and grinned his sexy smile. She looked back up at him and watched his lips. Reaching out carefully, she traced the line of his lower lip. His eyes darkened.

Gently, their lips met. Alex shifted his arm and pulled Mia closer. He slanted his mouth over hers, opening her lips and sliding his tongue in. She gasped softly and arched up under him, running her hand over his jaw, neck and chest.

Slowly, he moved his hand from her cheek down to her neck and arms.

Mia felt herself throb with desire. She moved in her seat, watching Alex’s dark eyes as his hand went lower, sliding over her breasts and down to her belly. He stopped there for a moment and looked at her. She bit her lip and pushed his hand to the front of her jeans.

Alex ran a finger over the line İstanbul Escort of the zipper, and slowly tugged it down. Snapping open the button he eased her jeans lower, and slid a hand inside, feeling her through her panties. Mia gasped quietly.

The boy in front dropped his popcorn. Everyone’s attention shifted from the movie to the boy for a minute, and Alex leaned back, leaving his hand immobile in Mia’s jeans.

Mia slowly moved her hips against his hand, and Alex looked at her roguishly. When the commotion had settled down Alex flexed his fingers and ran one up Mia’s panties. He roved around lazily, eventually brushing over her clitoris. She jerked slightly and gave him a pained look.

Smiling, Alex shifted again and pushed his hand inside her panties this time.

Mia gasped when she felt Alex’s hand touch her. His fingers went slowly over her clitoris, stroking casually. She watched him, and realized that his jeans were stretched tight over his waist. Reaching out to drape his hips with her jacket, she ran her small hand over his slim, taut stomach. Following the line of sparse hairs starting from his belly button, Mia unbuckled Alex’s belt and loosed his jeans, reaching in to pull the smooth thick hardness through the opening in his boxers.

Alex bit his lip as he felt Mia grasping him, rubbing the underside of his head. He locked eyes with her and she smiled playfully. Tipping the remnant of their popcorn over, she gasped, “Oh, that’s so ‘clumsy of Anadolu Yakası Escort me,” and moving to slip his hand out of her jeans, leaned down over Alex’s lap.

He swallowed slowly as he felt Mia’s head over his lap. Suddenly her tongue licked out and salved over his head. He moaned softly, jerking his hips up in response. He kept his eyes locked on the screen as Mia licked up the length of his shaft.

“I’m so sorry, I need to go to the bathroom could you excuse me please?” Alex looked at the person in front of him through a haze. Hurriedly Mia straightened and let the stranger pass, making sure Alex was covered with her jacket as she did so.

When the person had gone, Alex looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Slowly he smiled.

“How do you like the movie?”

“It’s okay.” Mia shrugged. “But now I’m hungry.”

Alex grinned.

“Let’s go eat.”

He took her hand and stalked out of the theatre with her. They went to a cosy little restaurant and were shown to a booth tucked away in the corner.

The meal went along pleasantly enough, and Mia was relaxing into easy conversation when she suddenly felt a cool toe brush against her leg. She tensed. And looked into Alex’s eyes. They twinkled roguishly. She let a corner of her mouth go up as she poked at her pasta, suddenly not so hungry anymore.

Breathing unevenly, Mia felt Alex’s foot make its way up her calf, and down again, only to go higher.

When he let his foot stray to Üsküdar Escort where the legs met, Mia sat forward to allow him easier access and closed her eyes when he brushed against her clit.

“May I bring you your dessert?”

Mia started. The waitress stared quizzically at her. She tried to clear her hazed eyes.

“Oh yes, please.” She breathed.

“And for you, sir?”

“No, not quite yet.” Alex smiled, and the waitress simpered at him before turning away.

Mia looked at Alex.

“Well? Dessert?” Alex murmured, lifting Mia’s hand to press his lips there. As his foot pressed between her legs. He slid his tongue out and made a wet circle on her wrist. Mia shuddered. Alex pushed his fork off his plate. “Oops.”

His dark head disappeared under the table and Mia took a shaky breath.

Suddenly she felt hands on her legs, running up and down them, closer and closer to where she needed them, wanted them. Alex finally let his hands pull her damp panties down and slid a finger against her clit. Mia gasped, bringing her hand up to her mouth belatedly. That wretched waitress would be here any minute.

Mia felt Alex move his head between her thighs and she bit her lip as she felt his tongue slide out and up her slit. She moaned softly and clenched her fingers in his tousled hair as he stroked her with his tongue. Faster and faster he licked her, and when he inserted two fingers inside her and fingerfucked her quickly while running his tongue over her Mia shuddered and came.

Alex reappeared in his seat, holding up a fork, just as the waitress came by with Mia’s dessert.

“Are you sure you don’t want any dessert, sir?”

“No, thank you,” Alex replied. He smiled wickedly and licked his lips. “I’ve had enough.”