Dress Up


“The hunting sucked today.” I settled more comfortably in the easy boy. “But this evening more than made up for it.” James flashed me a smile and laughed softly.

Gently I raised my foot and set it on his shoulder. His kissing and massaging helped me relax the day away, all the miles walked in the woods, the cold, and then the blinding excitement of what I found when I returned home. His hands deftly, expertly caressed the arch of my foot, my ankles. His soft lips kissing my toes and the bridge of my foot. Leaning back I closed my eyes and sighed. His applications had a medative effect on me. I noticed a tingling sensation beginning between my legs as my mind drifted…

I pulled into the driveway and parked behind James’ car. Looking at my watch I noticed that it was only half past three. I know James is not expecting me until six at the earliest. Yawning I rubbed my neck. I had been up since well before five am this morning when he surprised me with a big hunter’s breakfast. I smiled remembering the how sweet it all was. Belgian waffles with French vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, melon, and a steaming hot cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer, my favorite. There was a beautiful long stem rose in a small glass.

I pulled the rose off my dash board and smelled it a soft romantic smile curved my lips. We had beautiful sex this morning, it almost made me want to stay home in bed. But with a soft kiss and gentle caress James insisted that I go have some fun, while he cleaned the house. He helped me into my hunting gear and kissed me gently as I got into my truck. Hmmmm… My breasts were aching for his touch, but my body was aching for a hot bath. I laughed out loud to myself. “Women can be fickle.”

“James I’m home.” I called walking into the living room. It was quiet and I did not see him any where. Maybe he is taking a nap. That’s cool, I though my heart beginning to race. I had been thinking all day what I could do to return this mornings adventure, now is my chance. I quietly walked to the bath room. The light was out and the door stood ajar. Flipping the switch I took down a towel and soap.

Leaving them sit on the sink, I headed quietly towards the bedroom, the door was closed I stood outside listening. There was no sound from inside. An evil smile curved my lips. I’ll dash in and grab my cloths, and after my bath I’ll give him a wake up call he won’t forget for a while. Slowly I turned the door knob and pushed the door open. The sight I saw threw me into a state of total shock.

James was sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly seductively sliding my black thigh highs up his leg. He fastened the stocking to the garter hanging down from my favorite black teddy. Slowly he was running his hands down his now stocking clad leg, caressing the feel of the slick material on his ankle and gently rubbing his foot. Moaning softly he brought his hands slowly back up his leg. I could see his taunt muscles rippling through the thin fabric. I stood slack jawed in disbelief at what I was seeing, but at the same time there was a heat growing in my abdomen. He moved slowly and sensually as he pulled the other stocking on and snapped it to into place. Standing now at the foot of the bed he smoothed the black fabric of the teddy. Turning towards the door I don’t know who was more shocked to see who.

“Brenn…” he stammered “you’re … your home early.” His face flushed a deep crimson, and he quickly bent to unsnap the garter.

“No” I almost shouted. He jumped and looked at me. Taking a deep breath to get a hold of myself, I met his quizzical gaze. I walked over to the chair and sat there looking at him. Taking in the sight of him standing there before me in my sexiest out fit, the very same one I was just thinking of putting on, I almost laughed, but contained the giggle.

“Do you like the way you look James?” I asked bending to untie the laces on my boots. When I did not get an answer I looked up at him, my hands still working the laces. I could not get the sight of him out of my head. Setting my boots to the side I leaned back in the chair.

“Well?” I asked. He was flushed from head to toe and fidgeted a bit under my intense gaze. I gripped the arms of the chair to keep from touching myself as my desire increased. After an eternity of silence he finally answered softly.

“I don’t know.” He stammered “I was just about to…” and his voice trailed off.

Leaning forward in the chair to unbutton my coat. “You were just about to what James.” I licked my lips. Taking a deep breath he blurted “Just about to look in the mirror, but when I turned around I saw you standing there.”

“Then close the door and look in the mirror James.” I managed to keep my voice calm; I did not want him to know the great excitement he was stirring in me.

Slowly he skirted the chair and closed the door. “Look in the mirror and tell me what you see James.” I commanded. He had his eyes closed as if he did not want to see himself.

“James 1080 porno look to me.” I said softly my voice almost a whisper.

He looked deep into my eyes, and I could see his body relax as he saw no ridicule there.

“Now James look in the mirror and tell me what you see.” Taking a deep breath he looked into the mirror. He stood there looking back at himself for a long time. “Pose yourself James.” I commanded. “Let your body go, you may pretend I am not here if you wish.” I whispered again.

“Your presence touches every fiber of my being.” he sighed, “I could never pretend you were not here.” He smiled that sweet smile that drives me crazy before looking back into the mirror. He turned slightly from side to side, and then turned around looking back over his shoulder in attempt at admiring his back side.

“What do you see James?” I asked again sliding my jacket off.

“I see,” he breathed heavily “I see how sexy you feel when I look at you the way you are looking at me.”

Hmmmm. I purred and rising walked to the mirror to stand behind him. I took in our reflection in the mirror. James was just a little taller than I. The black teddy fit him perfectly; it stretched tightly across his well muscled chest. His erect nipples stood out beneath the satiny material. Hungrily my eyes devoured his body, and settled on his cock. Tho he trembled and seemed a bit shy to be dressed this way I could plainly see how aroused he was. His cock was swollen and jutting straight out from his hips. A tiny drop of pre cum stood on the tip. It was hard to contain myself, to keep from dropping to my knees taking his huge shaft into my mouth. Moaning softly, I diverted my attention, letting my gaze travel back up his body to his face.

Looking into his blue eyes I could see the fire that sparkled there at the hot openly lustful looks I gave him.

“Do you know what I see James?” My voice was rougher and more commanding.

I raised my hand and trailed it down the side of his cheek and neck, continuing on down to his chest. Lightly fingering his nipples throughout the fabric I repeated my question. Moaning slightly James leaned back into me as my fingers brushed his hard nipples.

“Do you know what I see James?” I pinched his nipples roughly, twisting them slightly. A slight whimper answered my question. “Answer me.” I pinched and twisted a bit harder.

“No.” he breathed hard.

I lightened my grip on his nipples acutely aware of my own straining beneath my hunting gear.

“I see my little slut who will do anything to please his Mistress.”

A smile of desire covered his face and he whispered, “Yess Mistress Brenda.”

“Look into the mirror and tell me what you see James” I commanded him. He looked into the mirror as I tightened my grip on his nipples again.

“I see,” he sucked in a harsh breath of air, “I see your little slut, your fucking slut.”

“Good boy” I whispered releasing his nipples and stepped back.

“Now you may be very comfortable in that sexy outfit my little slut, but I am very hot and bothered under all this hunting gear. I want you to undress me and then…” I ended with an evil sneer.

“Now slut!” Quickly he turned to face me and began unbuttoning my many layers of shirts, slowly unbuckling my pants, and sliding each pair off. When he finally got down to my tee shirt, and stretch pants I caught his gently caressing my thigh as he pulled the final layer off my hot naked skin.

“No.” Smacking his hand away. I jerked his head up by the chin. “Did I give you permission to touch me?”

“No Mistress Brenda, you did not.” There was a hint of rebellion in his voice and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Leaning closer and whispering harshly,

“You had better not touch my flesh with your skin again, or I shall have to punish you.” my voice holding a threatening note.

“Yes, Mistress Brenda.” Letting go of his chin he finished stripping me.

I walked to the closet and picked out a black mini skirt, my favorite black bra and a white blouse,

“My slut, I am going to take a shower. When I return I want you dressed, we are going out to the bar. You had better keep what you have on under your cloths. Understand.” I looked to James. His eyes were wide in shock.

“But Mistress Brenda…” he stammered. Setting my cloths on the bed I walked behind him.

Whispering into his ear. “Yours not to reason why, yours but to do and die. Do you understand my little slut? You will put on your tightest jeans and a nice fitting shirt over your slutty little outfit. And I will spray some perfume on you before we leave. I want you to fit the part, understand my little fucking slut?”

I turned the water on in the shower, and stepped under its hot flow. I ran my hand over my breasts, down my stomach and between my legs. Lightly probing I found my cunt hot and dripping wet. I lightly rubbed my clit, dipping a finger into my cunt. Sitting 2 k porno on the edge of the tub I rubbed my clit harder. Within seconds reached a hard orgasm.

“Yesss…” I hissed through my teeth as the wave washed over me. I leaned back and let it take me. My muscles spasaming.

I quickly finished dressing, and headed for the bedroom. James was kneeling obediently a few feet inside the doorway. Hands laced behind his back, head up face straight, eyes down, focusing on the carpet a few inches in front of him. He straightened a bit when he sensed my presence. He was dressed in his faded blue jeans, black Nine Inch Nails tee shirt, you could just make out the lines of the teddy beneath the shirt, and the garters stood in proud relief through his jeans. I looked to his crock and was met with a hard bulge between his legs. I smiled knowing he was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Very good my little slut. But as I think of it there are a few things you need on as well.” James whimpered, his eyes wide, looking me in the eye, he knew what was coming.

I walked to the dresser and opened the top drawer. The toy box we jokingly called it. I scanned its contents quickly location the nipple clamps, vibrating butt plug, and cock ring. Taking the items in hand I walked back to James.

“Raise your shirt for me.”

He quickly obeyed. Setting the toys to the side and taking the nipple clamps and knelt down in front of him. Gently running my hands over his already hard nipples. I lean in and suck first the right. Gently biting it. Making the fabric of the teddy wet with my mouth. James breathed in hard, arching his chest to my mouth. Sliding the top of the teddy down I gave it one final suck and slid the nipple clamp in place. I let it settle softly into place and James moans as it closes tightly. I run my thumb around the nipple and lightly brush it. He rolls his hips to me his arousal very visible in his jeans. Letting the teddy return to place I slid down the other side. James moaned as I gently pinch the other nipple, beginning my torture anew. Moaning and grinding his hips fiercely to me, I slid the second clip into place. Tightening them lightly, bouncing them in my fingers. I looked at James his face a mixture of pleasure and agony.

“That’s right my little slut, you love it don’t you?” without giving him a chance to reply I ordered him to pull his shirt down and then stand and pull his pants down. He moved quickly to do so. He stood still with his hands laced behind his neck. I slowly walked around him, admiring the curve of the black satin against his skin, the lay of the garters to stockinged legs. As I passed the dresser I picked up the riding crop from the dwar. Walking back to stand before him, running the crop down his face to his lips.

“Kiss it.” I ordered.

“Take it into your mouth and suck it.” James’s eyes filled with tears as I forced it into his mouth, sliding it roughly in and out, fucking his mouth with it. He moaned as he sucked, his hips gyrated towards me. His hard cock standing out straight.

“Good slut.” I said taking it from his mouth again. Taking up the cock ring I buckled it on to his cock. Then I sucked roughly on the head making it throb. Moaning in pleasure James thrust his hips to my awaiting mouth. I ignored the first couple thrusts but when he began to pant and thrust harder, I pulled back out of his reach.

“No. I determine what goes on here, not you my little slut.” I stand up and walk behind him.

Running my crop up his thigh to his ass, I saw him shiver. I pulled the crop back letting it fall forward cutting the air. I knew James heard it whip through the air because he tensed and gave a soft moan in anticipation. I stopped it short of making contact with the flesh of his ass. It popped softly making him jump and relax. As soon as his ass cheeks relaxed, I lashed out with a quick short stroke. It caught him totally off guard and he leapt forward a bit, yelping at the sting. Smiling I brought the crop across his ass faster and harder. His breath came quick; it did not take him long to start moaning and then softly whimpering at the sting on his skin. I lowered the crop to inspect my hand work.

Leaning in close I ran my fingers across the welts that were forming. James flinched away from my touch and then moaning leaned into it. I took the butt plug and ordering him to bend over I began licking his ass hole, lubing it with my saliva. Taking the butt plug I slowly inserted the tip along with my tongue. Shoving it in and pulling them back out ever so slowly. Each stroke getting deeper, until it popped into place. I stood back and James thrust his hips back to me.

“Please Mistress Brenda.” He whimpered.

“Please what my slut?”

“Please fuck my ass Mistress Brenda and let your slut cum for you.” I laughed and ordered him to pull his pants up and button them I wanted to go out.

I slid into the driver’s seat of my truck. And waited for James 3 k porno to get in. He sat gingerly and I knew he was lost in a wave of feelings from extreme pain from the crop, to delicious pleasure from his other adornments. I smiled wickedly as we drove down the drive way. The bumpy dirt road caused him to whimper and moan at every rut and rock. Sighing in relief as we turned onto the paved road, he leaned back a little into the seat. The drive passed quickly and there was a look of fear on James’ face as we parked outside our local bar. I smiled wickedly at him as we walked in. I saw a few people from town I knew and walked over to where they were sitting at the bar. Within seconds James appeared at my right side and set a Coors light down in front of me. I waved my hand slightly and he went off to greet a few people he knew.

The night passed quickly. James kept a weary eye on me the whole night. Making sure that I had plenty of cigarettes and a cold drink. I watched him as he began a game of pool with a buddy. I could clearly see the line of the garters he wore every time he leaned over to take a shot. I was getting hotter and hotter watching him. I waited until he was about to sink the eight ball and I made my way over to the ladies room. As I passed the pool table I pinched his ass, whispering “you’re my sexy little slut.” I laughed as he scratched as the cue bounced off the table, and missing the cue ball entirely. Ducking into the rest room, I took one last look at him, the bulge between his legs quite evident. He was as horny as I was, and gods above did I need relief!

Exiting the rest room I caught his eye and with a slight movement I motioned that it was time to leave. He was beside me quickly, helping me into my coat, he silently paused as I walked away and then kept a three step pace behind me, I glanced back and his eyes were down cast.

“Good slut.” I whispered with a smile.

As we pulled out of the parking lot I reached over and rubbed his thigh, feeling the lace from the top of the stocking underneath. Slowly I ran my hand up the line of the garter and between his legs roughly rubbing his still hard cock. Trying to conceal a frustrated moan he rolled his hips to my eager hand. Unbuckling his pants I freed his member, gripping it in my hand, I began stroking it. He leaned back in the seat moaning. First slowly and deep then wringing his hard cock in my hand making short quick strokes. I could hear his heavy breathing turn to a pant and knew he was close to cumming in my hand.

“Don’t cum slut.” I warned him, slowing my hand down to an agonizingly slow pace. “Don’t cum on your Mistresses hand, do you understand?”A whimper was the only response. Gripping his cock hard at its base I growled.

“You don’t want to disgrace yourself in front of your Mistress do you?” my voice held a menacing threat.

“No Mistress Brenda.” He moaned through gritted teeth.

The ride home seemed endless. I could not wait to get home and have James at my whim.

As we entered the house I closed the door and locked it. I set my keys down and ordered him to strip. He slowly removed his jacket and hung it on the hook beside the door. Then turning to face me he started to pull his shirt off.

“Give me a show slut.” I ordered.

He hesitated for a moment and then began to sway and gyrate his hips. I knew the nipple clamps were tugging on his nipples and each turn of his hips pressed the plug deeply into his ass. After a few seconds he seemed to get lost in the pleasures he was giving himself. Slowly he slid the shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. Reaching down he began to un button his pants and unzipping them turned his back to me. Bending over he slid the pants down his legs and wiggled his hips showing off the pug still deep in his ass. He stepped out of his pants and turned once more to me, still swaying to a beat only he could hear.

His eyes caressed my body as mine ravaged his. Moaning I ran my hand up my own thigh and gently caressed my wet cunt through my thin panties. His little show was driving me to the edge. But I wanted to savor my sweet slut. I stood and walked to him. His face a mixture of uncertainty and desire. Pulling him into my arms I kissed him deeply. My tongue possessing his mouth. Whispering hotly in his ear.

“Come James, I want to fuck my little slut.”

Taking his hand I lead him to the bed room. Closing the door my mouth is once again on his. Dipping deeply into his mouth, playing with his tongue. He moans as I bite his lips roughly. Sliding my hands down his back I pull his hips closer to mine. His hard cock rides against my mound as I grind to him. I let my hand slide a little farther down and gently tug at the plug in his ass. Moaning James rocks his hips hard to my own.

My hips grind against his erection. Moaning my kisses turn to nibbles and then to bites as i work my way down his neck to his shoulders and finally capturing his nipples in my teeth. Biting and sucking on them through the thin material. James gasps as I bite his nipples, his head leaning back arching his chest to my mouth. Sucking harder I slide my other hand down his belly to grasp his hard cock. It stains against the cock ring as I stroke it roughly.