Subject: Owen and the Professor [Suggested category: COLLEGE of ATHLETICS. Synopsis: Owen is a college student who is a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder. He’s huge and lean. So either of those categories would probably work fine.] Owen and the Professor: Owen’s Discourse by Sean Reid Scott Picture of Owen lus/images/991/_BiggerOwen224b.jpg (Owen is in the university’s medical program; he’s going to be a doctor. The muscle stud’s body is mind-numbing: his muscles are enormous! He’s easily six and a half feet tall. And who the hell knows how much he weighs. But however much he weighs, every bit of it is pure muscle. And the kid is extremely lean. At the same time, Owen is so innocent and sweet! But once you start him talking—-especially about bodybuilding—-you can’t get him to shut up. So cute. Right now, Owen is standing in Professor Reed’s office.) __ __ __ __ YEAH, PROFESSOR, I’M really into bodybuilding, thanks. I was thinking you might like big muscles. I mean, the way you look at me when I’m in class… even though I’m wearing clothes and shit, I kinda got the idea you liked looking at my muscles. Hey, would you want me to take off my shirt and show you my muscles right now? Were you thinking you’d like to see me with my shirt off? You know, so you could see all of my upper body muscles? If you like looking at me with my shirt on, you won’t believe how big my muscles are when I start taking my clothes off. You know, I could strip down and flex for you right here, if you wanted. Do you like to feel really big muscles? You won’t believe how hard mine can get. Oh–but I’m not actually wearing any posers… or any underwear though. I mean, it’s hard to find ones that fit, to be honest. So I like to go commando for the most part. Hmmm… so… would it be alright if I went naked? I mean, since you’re interested in my physique… you know, seeing a guy without any of his clothes on isn’t that big of a deal, right? It’s all natural when you think about it. Locker room shit and all that, you know? `Cuz like I said, I noticed, when I’m in your lectures… well… you like to look at my muscles during class, right? I mean, you seem to look at me a lot, so that’s why I was thinking you must really like to look at guys who have a lot of muscles. And that’s cool, prof. But obviously, when I’m sitting in one of your classes, you can’t see… I mean, I have my shirt on and everything, so you can’t really see my muscles. But yeah, I definitely got the idea that you like big muscle men. Right? You like guys with big, hard muscles, don’t you. I think that’s cool. And don’t be shy. I can tell when a guy likes to look at my muscles. I bet you’d like me to flex for you. And a lot of guys like to do more than just look, you know? So maybe you’d be interested in feeling my muscles while I flex them and make them really big and hard for you. Right? So anyway, if you want, you can see all of my body right now, without my clothes in the way. If you like big muscles, I bet you’ll really love feeling mine. I’m kind of a showoff to be honest, so you can feel anything you want. I’m totally cool with it. I kinda like it when a guy wants me to get my muscles big and hard for them. Is that something you’d want? Feeling my muscles when I get them all hard and big for you?… Well anyway, um… do you like big chests? I mean… I don’t mean you to be nervous or anything, but I see you looking at my pecs a lot. I’m thinking you must like my big chest; that’s kinda cool honestly. And actually, I like to show off my pecs. You could definitely feel my chest if you wanted. And oh–there’s a lot of hair on my chest. Some guys don’t get into that–and whenever I compete I have to shave everything. But I know some dudes like a nice, big, hairy chest, you know? Well, you could feel it if you want. And if you’re not sure, that’s okay. Actually, I could let you put your hands under my shirt first, so you could find out if that’s something you’re interested in. Oh, but I should warn you, some guys… when I let them do that… let them feel out my chest… well, some of them have come… I’m serious. Like it’s kinda crazy, right? When I let them put their hands up my shirt and feel my pecs, some dudes actually come in their pants. I dunno… maybe I should stop rolling my pecs for them when they’re feeling me out… Or whatever. So anyway, I don’t even know if you would come like that or not–I actually don’t care one way or the other to be honest. But I don’t want you to be embarrassed. I mean, it doesn’t matter to me if you do come when you touch my muscles, but I don’t want anyone to feel bad about it. And well, to be totally honest, I think it’s kind of hot when it happens. You wouldn’t believe what it’s like to have a lot of muscles and have a dude actually come when he touches you all over. Anyway, like I said, I’m kind of a show off, and I like to have a little fun sometimes. Guilty as charged, heh heh. So, yeah, I like showing off my chest; same goes for shoulders. And arms. I bet you’ll really flip when you feel how big and hard my arms can get. Oh, I gotta warn you though, if you feel my muscles for too long, sometimes I get… well… hard. Down there, if you know what I mean. I hope that’s okay. I mean, I figure that’s just something that happens when the physical body is involved, you know? When I’m showing off, and some dude is touching my muscles, well, it just happens sometimes. Not a big deal as far as I’m concerned. But you should know about that. And it happens more when I am posing nude for a guy. Just sayin’. Some guys don’t like it, but I figure, if you want to see my muscles, sometimes things happen, you know? Oh, and yeah, when that happens, well… I guess I should also let you know that I’m kind of a big boy everywhere… if you know what I mean, heh. So yeah, it can get pretty big, too, like all of my muscles, I guess. And you probably won’t believe how hard it can get. Just between you and me, if you touch it a lot, you know… you can probably make it even harder. No worries if you don’t want to; like I said, some guys aren’t interested in that. But actually I’ve found that guys who like my muscles usually like doing that–trying to make me harder and harder. Personally, when a guy tries to get me really hard, it feels kinda good, to be honest. I dunno. I’m just saying… that if a guy wants to touch me, and… you know… make me hard… it’s kind of cool, you know? Just between you and me, I like how it feels. When you’re big like me, having someone admire it, and touch it, makes it feel really good. Truth be told, I like it when someone makes it big and long and hard. And it’s thick too. So when someone moves their hands up and down it, and they feel the veins, it feels really good to me. And to be honest, I can make a lot of shiny pre-cum stuff. Some guys like to get it all over their hands and use it to slick me all up. That always feels good too. Have you ever felt a dude’s cock? Some guys don’t like that, but I figure if someone is interested in my muscles, they’re probably interested in all of my anatomy, you know? So I figure it’s not a problem. A lot of art sculptures are naked anyway, right? So maybe you might think of my physique as art work, huh? Ha… actually that’s what one guy told me once. When I was flexing for him. He said that it was like my muscles were a work of art or something like that. I thought that was pretty cool of him to say. Anyway, I figure, if a guy wants to feel my muscles, the penis is all part of my physique, you know? Its just another part of a man’s anatomy. I’m not ashamed of my body, not in any way. People seem to enjoy looking at it, and feeling… you know… my muscles. So yeah, fair warning: my penis is actually kinda big. Well, actually really big. Really veiny, too. Have you ever seen a really, really big and veiny cock? Up close? I know some dudes aren’t really in to that kind of thing. But I bet you’ve never seen one like mine. I mean, when it gets real hard, you can really feel the veins all over it. It’s kinda nuts, actually. Some guys are really surprised at how big and veiny it can get. Oh, and to be honest, my balls are pretty big, too. They’re what they call low-hangers, you know? I bet you’ve never seen balls as big and heavy as mine. My scrotum is usually kind of moist, and there’s a lot of skin on it… probably because my balls are so freakin’ big. I guess they hang low so they can maintain the right temperature to produce more sperms. I dunno how all that works though…. I mean, yeah, I’m gonna be a doctor… duh, so I do know a lot of that shit. But I’m not going to be an OBGYN, or a urologist or whatever. Women’s organs are kinda weird to me anyway. But anyway, yeah, my testicles hang really low. Just sayin’. I dunno. You’ll have to decide for yourself if my cock and balls match how big the rest of my muscles are. I bet karabağlar escort you’ll be amazed when you feel how big and heavy my balls are. One dude told me he thought they were as big as coconuts. I dunno about that…. But anyway, yeah. I like to say all of my muscles are big and hard. Heh heh. Oh, and yeah… I have really thick pubic hair, so you might want to keep that in mind. I mean, I keep my pubes trimmed so they’re nice and tidy, but there’s always enough there for you to sink your fingers into, if you want. Some guys actually like to push their nose into my pubes. It’s kinda cool, to be honest. I just stand there and let `em smell. It feels kinda good actually… having a dude’s face right there in your pubes, all smelling and being really still, while his face is just… you know… right there…. It’s cool when he rubs his nose in my pubes, because he’s not actually touching anything… I mean, usually he’ll hold onto my legs–they’re big, so they help guys when they need to hold on to me–but he won’t actually touch my cock or balls… but his face is so close. I bet it takes a lot of self control for a guy to do that–push his nose through my pubes without touching me down there. Especially with how big I am. Well anyways, where was I? Oh yeah… I figure if a dude likes my big muscles, it just follows that he might want to see my penis, and testicles, and my pubes and shit. And like I said, it’s not a problem for me. I like my body–all of it. You know what I mean? Heh, heh. Yeah, I get the idea you do know what I mean. You have a thing for big muscles, prof. I can see it. Here, take a look at this arm. …You like that?…. Just wait till I start taking off my clothes for you. You’re going to really like it. So anyway… I figure, why not let others enjoy my physique? Right? I mean, to be honest, that’s actually why I work out. So people can enjoy my muscles. It’s kind of fulfilling for me, I guess. And like I said… not just muscles, but my cock too. I mean, that’s part of my body, right? And hell, just between you and me, I’ve touched a shit-load of other guy’s cocks too. I dunno, some guys get all bothered and timid about it. But you wouldn’t believe how many dudes really like me to touch `em. You know… down there. And to be honest, it’s amazing how many guys get really hard when they’re around me. I guess it is what it is, you know? But yeah, it’s… well, I’m not bragging or anything, but it’s kinda cool for me to touch a dude’s hard cock. First of all, because usually even before I touch a guy there, he’s rock hard already. I guess me having all these big muscles just does that to guys sometimes. Some dudes just get hard when they get close to a guy with lots of muscles. And well, second, it’s cool to have someone trying to get me as hard as they can. And while they’re doing it, I’m touching them too–and the cool thing is… and again, not bragging… mine is always so much bigger than theirs. I think a lot of guys like the size difference. It’s kinda amazing, to be honest. So yeah, call me a bad guy because sometimes I like to show off, haha. I figure, people should just keep their noses in their own business. Or in my pubes, haha! And don’t get me wrong, just because it’s so big doesn’t mean it’s gross or anything. I’ve had no complaints, haha. To be honest, most dudes really like staring at it. They keep sayin’ how much they love it. And they definitely like to touch it. I dunno…. You’ll probably just have to decide for yourself. So anyway, yeah…. It’s big, but it’s… another one of those works of art I guess. Haha. But I’ve never actually met a dude who had a penis as big as mine. Not bragging. Just telling you… it’s kinda big. Fair warning, and all that shit, you know? Heh. Some dudes really get freaked when they see how big it is, though. But most guys really like it. Some dudes can’t stop touching it, you know? So I figure, if I spend all the time in the gym so guys can enjoy my muscles, I’m not gonna make `em stop when it comes to feeling my erection, you know? It’s kinda cool. I totally consider it a big compliment when a dude wants to hold my erection and touch my balls. Actually, a lot of dudes really love licking my balls and putting them in their mouth. I make sure there’s never hair on my balls, so some guys like to see how shiny they can make `em. To me, when a dude pays that kind of attention to my muscles and my private parts, well, I’m genuinely flattered, you know? Oh, and that reminds me. I was talking with Professor Cox last week–he’s the one who teaches the anatomy classes? Anyway, he stopped me in the hallway and asked me to come into his office. He said he was wondering if I might be willing to come in to some of his lectures so he could use me as a model for the male anatomy. Talk about flattered, you know? He said that a physique like mine would actually be an amazing visual aid for showing his students all of the different body parts–because of how developed I am. He said he’d never seen a physique better than mine. I mean, I get that a lot… but coming from an anatomy teacher, I thought it was cool. He said his students would definitely enjoy watching me show them my muscles and different body parts. I dunno… I suppose I could find the time. He said he’d want me to take off all of my clothes during his lecture, so his students could see… how did he say it… `the ultimate example of a perfect male physique’. I thought that was cool that he said that. While I was in his office, he actually took a long time to look at my genitals. He seemed pretty impressed with them, I guess. He said that because I was so big down there, it’d make it easier for his students to see all of the parts. You know: the scrotum, the testes, my shaft, the urethra–mine sticks out on top of my shaft quite a bit, and he thought that would be nice for the class to see how it just lies on top–and oh, since I’m cut… I mean circumcised… he thought it would be nice to be able to show what that’s all about. And then my glans… the frenulum… what my cock looks like flaccid… I mean what my penis looks like flaccid–he was very strict about using the correct anatomical terms–I guess he’s a professor of anatomy, so that makes sense… anyway, and then what the “penis” looks like erect. And he said the fact that I have so many veins that run all over it… it would give his students exposure to how much the genitals need lots of blood. He has some diagrams he’s going to use to show his classes a lot of the inside stuff… you know, the vas deferens, and shit. But he definitely thought it would be more… what was the word he used… oh yeah, more instructive is how he put it… if his students could see it up close and personal-like. I mean, he said it was so big it would definitely make for a great visual aid. Yeah, he said he’d definitely want me to be naked, so everyone could see what the `perfect man’ looked like. I told him it would be fun to hit some poses while I was there, and he thought that would be great–to let everyone see all of my muscles ripple and get really big and hard. He said he’d use my body to show exactly which muscles are where… you know, the triceps with its three heads; the biceps with its two… he said my muscles were so well-defined that it would be a perfect opportunity to show all of that. And the sexual stuff too… I mean, just between you and me, I was thinking that having me flex all naked and stuff might make some of the dudes in the class get hard, `cuz that happens a lot. And well, actually that would be the best demonstration of all for them–to feel what it’s like to get an erection. But I didn’t say that to him. I kinda thought he might be thinking that anyway. But yeah, he asked to see me flex my muscles, and he really liked it. I kinda thought he was just trying to flatter me. I dunno. What do you think? Should I agree to help him out? And oh–he said that if I was willing, he’d want me to demonstrate what an orgasm was like for his classes. It’s all part of how male sex organs work, he said. Oh, and also, he thought it would be good to demonstrate how the various parts of a man’s genitals are sensitive… you know, the frenulum thing… and of course the perineum. He touched mine and it felt so good that I got even stiffer… and I kind of moaned. He said that in the classes, I should be expressive like that–about how good it feels when the different parts are touched and fondled. He said he’d never been able to find someone who was willing to demonstrate what an orgasm looks like to his students. But he said I didn’t have to do that if I didn’t want. Actually, I’m not the kind of dude who gets embarrassed about how my body functions, so I was leaning toward saying yes to all of it. What do you think? Oh, I told him though, if he wanted bayındır escort me to masturbate for his classes, it would make a big mess. He didn’t seem to think that would be a problem. He said he knew of a few kids in each of his classes who would be very helpful in cleaning up all the jizz–uh, semen–that I’d shoot… I mean, “ejaculate.” It sounds like he has a bunch of great students in his classes. He actually thought that maybe it might be better if one of the students were to make me “orgasm”–instead of me doing it myself. That way I could just relax–have the pressure taken off me. But I told him I wouldn’t feel any pressure anyway. Still, he said it might be more `demonstrative’ for the class if one of his students gave me a hand job because my hands are so big it would make it harder for everyone to see it. But once he took a look at it, he thought it was so big that even my big hands couldn’t conceal much of it. But he figured, why take a chance, you know? If a smaller guy did it, then everyone could see it better. I told him it should probably be a guy and not a girl. Girls aren’t as strong as dudes are and even though I can come pretty-much whenever I want, to be totally honest, it’s more fun when a guy does it because they get all bothered by how big it is–comparison, I guess. I didn’t tell him that’s why I wanted a guy to do it though; I just said girls are too weak to really provide enough “stimulation.” Then I asked what if no one came forward to masturbate me, and he said he doubted he’d have a hard time finding a dude. Truth be told, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. But anyway, if no one volunteers, he’ll be willing to do it. He showed me his hands, and they are kind of small, I guess. He ended up putting his hands on my cock to show me what it would look like to the class if he were to masturbate me. I dunno, what do you think? He was hoping it wouldn’t be a problem for me to have an orgasm for each class. I had to chuckle because he seemed worried that the classes were close together. He wondered if I’d have a hard time coming, with only, like, an hour between orgasms. I told him not to worry about that. Between you and me, I could come all day–every ten minutes–if he needed it. Heh heh, I actually did that a year ago, back when I lived in the fraternity. My frat buddies and I decided to see how many times I could come in 24 hours. So one weekend, we tried it. Started at midnight on a Friday night, and went till the next midnight–24 hours. We set it up so I’d come every ten minutes, and I didn’t have a problem. Had to make sure I stayed hydrated was all. Sometimes I jerked myself off, sometimes the guys took turns giving me hand jobs, or blow jobs. Fucked a bunch of guys too; it was crazy. Two dudes actually came to blows over who would be allowed to let me fuck `em the most times. Actually, I could have gone a lot longer, I’m sure… but staying awake for 24 hours gets tiring. So yeah, it’s not going to be a problem at all for me to climax as much as he needs me to. But I didn’t tell him about the 24 hour thing. So what do you think? Do you think I should help Professor Cox out? He seemed like a nice enough guy–and he knew his stuff about anatomy, that’s for sure. But anyway…. Where was I? Oh… yeah… and I guess this all goes without saying, but, don’t go spreading this around, prof, k? But some dudes really like to try to get me off, you know? I think they look at it as a challenge, actually, because I can hold off basically as long as I want. So I think they like to see if they can make me lose control. I mean, to be honest, I actually think they just like watching me come. And really, I don’t mind. Just between you and me, when I come, it makes a pretty big mess. Jizz all over hell. Heh. Not bragging, but yeah, it’s hand-on-Bible true. That’s what I was telling Professor Cox. I bust out some pretty massive loads. You’d be amazed. I’m a really big shooter. I mean it. If you want me to come for you, it’ll be the most amazing thing ever. I bet you’ve never seen a guy come as much as me. Oh–and heck, professor. Here I’ve been all talking about my cock, and before that, my upper body muscles, but I haven’t even mentioned my legs. After I take my pants off, I bet you won’t believe how big and ripped my legs are. These jeans I’m wearing… well I have to have them custom made because of how big my legs are. All my clothes, actually. Anyway, I was thinking about my legs when I mentioned the guy who said my balls were as big as coconuts. See, sometimes I’ll put things between my upper legs and squeeze really hard, and well, coconuts are fun to pop that way. They take a lot of work, though–they have to be super ripe or it won’t work. Pumpkins and watermelons are easier, but they make a mess. Big metal cans and cases are great ways to show off your let muscles too. Lots of dudes get all excited with I squeeze things with my legs, because my quads and hams are pretty big and ripply, and I think some guys really like to see me flex `em around something… and then they like to watch me strain and work real hard to crush shit like that. Some dudes really get off when they see me struggle real hard and my muscles get real big and hard like that while I strain all to hell. Actually, some guys even like me to put their head between my legs. But I don’t squeeze hard when they put their head there. That’d be stupid. I think dudes just like to feel how hard and big my legs are. Sometimes they just want me to hold still while I close my legs around them, and then while I flex my quads real hard and make the muscles just go nuts, they run their hands all over my legs. I gotta admit, it’s really kind of freaky how veiny and rippling my legs are. And yeah… like I said… enormous. Heh heh. It’s fun to have a dude’s head between my legs, to be honest. But yeah, my legs are really big; you wouldn’t believe how much I can squat. Anyway, I guess I was talking about my cock and balls. So yeah… truth be told, I’d jerk off four or five times a day if I could find the time. As it is, I usually only have time to be… well… a morning, noon, and night kind of guy, if you get what I’m saying. First thing when I’m taking my morning shower, I usually lather my cock up real good and then just take my time while the warm water flows down over my muscles. I like to take it pretty slow, and just enjoy myself, you know? And when I’m done, it always takes a few minutes to clean up the tiles afterward. So actually, I have to set my alarm for earlier so I have time to… you know… enjoy myself. Like I said, I like to take it nice and slow. Do you know what edging is? Well, I’ll have to show you what that is sometime if you want. Then, lots of times I’ll jack off around lunch time. And don’t tell anyone this, but on the days when I have your class, it’s just before lunch, right? So… well, seeing you look at my muscles like you do… it kinda makes me hard usually, to be honest. So on the days I’m in your class I almost always have to go masturbate right afterwards. I bet you didn’t know when you look at me like that it has that effect on me, huh? Well, it’s true. But don’t mention that to anyone. But yeah, sometimes I go straight to my apartment, near campus. And hell, if you’ve really been getting turned on by my muscles, well sometimes I barely make it in the front door before I’m pulling out my cock and rubbing one out. Sometimes it’s fun to think about what you do after you have me in my class… you know, if maybe if you jerk off much to me. And that makes me wanna do the same, I guess. Call me crazy, hehe. Anyway, if I don’t think I can make it all the way home, lots of times I just go to the campus library and use their bathroom. They’re not the locking kind… you know, for just one person… so, I have to use a stall. And believe me, just coming from your class and seeing you staring at my big muscles makes it really hard for me to be quiet, to be honest. But I haven’t been caught yet, though. Knock on wood. Lunchtime wood, I guess. Heh heh. Then in the evening, I always rub one out–sometimes two, I guess. Just depends. And here’s something more you shouldn’t tell anyone… but in the evening is when I usually pull up some muscle porn to watch. I know some people get their pants in a wad when they know I like to watch porn. But a man has needs, you know? So kill me. Truth be told, I like guys who do the muscle worship thing. I suppose that’s because I’m a big muscle man myself. But seeing a dude get all hot and horny over a big muscle guy… it’s kinda awesome, you know? Yeah, I could get hard right now in your office just thinking about it. I suppose that’s why I like to show off for guys–the muscle worship thing, you know? One dude actually said he thought I should look into doing muscle porn. But I like to keep things narlıdere escort more private, you know? So yeah, at least three times a day–always. And I guess now that I think about it, sometimes in the afternoons, after I’m done with classes, I’ll go hang out near the gym, or the sports fields. You’d be surprised how many dudes get really blown away when they see me–even with my shirt on. I mean, the athletic areas are full of studs and jocks, right? And when I show up, you can tell they get intimidated. Football players especially. Oh, and the bodybuilders who work out in the gym. But yeah, the linebackers are the guys who usually think they have the goods, you know? And they actually do, to be honest. The bodybuilders are my favorite, though. They’re all into big muscles, obviously. So when I hang around their locker rooms… well, not bragging again, but I’ve never left without being able to score some ass or whatever. The big guys love my muscles. I suppose they just get amazed at finding someone even bigger than them, so it usually makes them hard real fast. Once they see my big muscles, uncovered, they really want to feel `em. It’s kinda of fun to show off to dudes who do nothing but lift weights all day long. I think they have a hard time when they see how big and muscular I am. Some of those dudes would spend hours on my body if I let `em. And actually I do with some of the bigger ones. To be honest, I like intimidating the really big muscle dudes because they don’t know what to do when they see how big and buff I am. It’s kinda fun to taunt `em, you know? A lot of them actually want me to fuck `em. Even though I’m so big, they really seem to want it. In fact, the football coaches told me I could shower with anyone I want. I guess that’s because I always give the coaches what they want too… if you get what I’m saying. But I suppose that’s not stuff that should get spread around, okay? Anyway, yeah, I have to masturbate all the time. But like… like at the gym or whatever, I figure if another dude wants to help me take care of that, why not? I believe you can never have too many friends, you know? And guys who appreciate your physique can be really great friends. And a lot of guys really like my muscles, so I figure… let `em give me a hand job. Or even a blow job if that’s what they want to do. I don’t mind. It usually feels pretty good, you know? Actually, if you’ve never had a good, wet, warm mouth on your cock, you should try it. I dunno if you’ve ever had someone give you a blow job, but seriously… if you haven’t, you should let me show you what it can feel like. No pressure if you don’t though. Just a thought. But to be honest, most guys who see my muscles when I’m naked are more interested in sucking me off than having me suck on their dick. And that’s fine by me, actually. Having a dude’s tongue run up and down my cock is some of the best shit ever… lemme tell you! I guess it depends on the guy though–and on how good his mouth is. It’s a crap shoot some times. But if you wanted to, I can pretty-much promise you’ve never licked a cock as big and veiny as mine. I’ve had a few guys actually come, without even touching themselves, just by licking my cock. They say the veins on it make their tongues go nuts, you know? Like just running their tongue over my shaft is the hottest thing they’ve ever done. Sounds so freaky, right? But I figure, it feels pretty good to me, so I just let `em, usually. There are a few guys who are no good at it… but even then, sometimes I’m just a sucker for a dude who wants to feel my muscles, you know? And I suppose I just feel sorry for them sometimes… guys who don’t get much action, you know? So sometimes, even if they weren’t very good the last time, I give `em some time on my cock and balls. They seem to really like it, and it’s hard for me to say no, you know? There are a few guys I’ve met that really do not know how to treat a big cock though. So with them, I usually just fuck `em in the ass and call it good. That usually makes `em happy anyway. So anyway, yeah… it actually is pretty veiny. So if a guy has even a small amount of talent, I figure let him have a go… let him move his tongue all over my shaft if that’s what he wants to do, you know? And I’m not opposed to helping a guy learn, either. Some dudes just need a little practice, and instruction, you know? Depends on the day, and if I have things to do, I guess. Especially if a certain professor has given a lot of homework, heh heh. Plus, if a dude is pretty good at it–and some of those football jocks are actually pretty good–and if they’re able to get me off, and I shoot… well, they seem to like that. It always makes a huge mess, but they never complain about having to lick up everything afterwards. It’s fun to watch. A lot of the time they have to lick up my chest and abs… chin and face sometimes. Legs too. Oh, and I forgot… speaking of chin and face, have you ever had a muscle man use his chest to get you off? I mean, you put your cock between his pecs and he flexes them around your shaft and balls? Right here… see? You lay your penis between the pectorals… of course there’s no clothing or anything… and basically you get masturbated by the pecs squeezing your cock. Holy fuck, no? It’s really a trip. You should definitely try that! Anyway, when I do that with a guy, his semen gets all over my chin and face usually. Clean-up time! Haha. So yeah, anyway, getting back to having guys giving me a blow job… I’d let you suck me off if you wanted to have a go at it. Older, bald men are hot, you know? So I’d definitely give you a chance to make me come if you wanted to try. I don’t know if you’d be interested in something like that, `cuz a few guys aren’t. But you know…. If you wanted, I’d let you give it a shot. You definitely seem interested in my muscles. Am I right? I think that’s awesome, professor. I bet older guys like you really get off on young muscle dudes like me. So I totally understand that I might be making you hard right now. Oh, you don’t have to answer that though. But like I said, a lot of guys get hard when they look at me. You’ve been touching yourself under your desk, ever since I came in here. Just sayin’. I definitely don’t want you to be embarrassed about that. Heck, when I was back in high school, I was talking to the football coach in his office once, and fuck if he didn’t actually have an orgasm under his desk while I was standing right there. I mean, he was totally dressed and everything, but while I was standing at his desk–like I am right now with you–he actually came, just by talking to me. He totally started filling his pants; it was kind of amazing. I guess he was really excited about having me in his office. I tried not to rib him about it, but this was one of the first times I had been aware of a guy doing that over me. At first, he didn’t want to admit what happened, but when I kept prodding him, and telling him it was okay, he finally fessed up to it. He’d totally filled his pants with jizz, just from sitting there and talking to me and looking at my muscles. I even convinced him to let me see, and shit… sure enough, he’d squirted one fucking huge load over me. His pubes were sopping, prof. What was cool though, was, when he got over being embarrassed about it, and admitted to being really turned on by my physique, he let me lick up all of his semen… right off his pubes, his cock, and his balls. Heh heh–he came again while I was doing it, but I was able to get him all cleaned up anyway. And even though that was back when I was in high school, I had pretty big muscles, even back then. But anyway, I dunno…. If I made you come just now, I won’t get all weirded out about it. Some guys get all embarrassed about it, but I figure you can’t help what you like, you know? If my muscles make you come, who am I to make a big deal about it? Happens to a lot of dudes, to be honest. So I’d be kind of a douche if it bothered me, you know? So anyway, I guess I’ve been talking a lot. Sorry. But the way you keep looking at me, and touching yourself, I thought you were kind of interested in having me strip down and flex for you. What do you say? Do you want to feel my muscles? Right now? Maybe I should just start with taking my shirt off. Oh–but I mentioned having you slip your hands up my shirt and feeling out my pecs before I show you my upper body. Do you want that instead? For first? Here, I’ll just untuck my shirt, like this, and…. So how’s that? I dunno, but hell…. The way you keep looking at me, maybe you just want me to unzip my pants and whip it out right here, so you can start licking it. To be honest, I’m already starting to get a bit hard, just thinking about you looking at all of my big muscles. Do you want to see? `Sup to you, prof. I have all afternoon, so which ever way you want to go is fine with me…. __ __ __ Professor Reed was silent for a moment. Then he finally said, “Um… Owen… I just called you in here because I wanted to discuss your doctoral thesis, son.” He straightened his bow tie and wiped his forehead with his handkerchief. “And I can’t imagine, when you become a doctor, what your patients will think of you.”