Spa Surprise


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Well, it had been his suggestion, although I wasn’t completely sure there hadn’t been some nefarious reason behind it.

“Why don’t you take yourself off to the spa for the day, my darling?” had replaced the usual breakfast banter of “I might have to work late tonight!”

I thought about it; why shouldn’t I have a day to myself, relaxing, being pampered? I threw my swimming costume into my usual bag, called my secretary to cancel any appointments and left the house with his taunting remarks ringing in my ears.

I arrived at the spa and immediately started to relax as I walk into the plush reception area. It was something to do with the aroma; that flowery perfume always made me feel a little light headed.

“Good morning Ruth, we haven’t seen you in a while!” I smiled at Margie, the receptionist. This woman was amazing; it didn’t matter how long I left it between visits, she always remembered me, my name and greeted me with a friendly smile.

“Oh Margie” I sighed, it’s been too long.” I dropped my bag and leant on the desk, “I’m going to need some magic today!”

“Not to worry Ruth, I’m going to leave you in Courtney’s capable hands,” She nodded at the pretty, young, uninterested teenage girl sitting behind the desk “I have to sort out the stock in the shop. Enjoy your ‘magic’.” As Margie walked away, I looked at Courtney. She gave a half smile.

“What do you want to book then?”

“Well, I’m here for the day, so I’m hoping that Louisa and Sandi will be available for a facial and a massage?” I handed over my membership card giving me full access to the spa and a large percentage off the treatments.

Courtney began tapping on the keyboard in front of her, “well, Louisa can do your usual gold level facial at 11am, and…” more tapping, “no, sorry, Sandi’s all booked up for the day.”

“Damn,” I thought, “why did Margie have to go, she always sorted out these problems for me!”

Courtney looked me up and down with a strange look on her face. “We have a new masseur. Andrew is very popular with our… more mature ladies.”

I stared at the child in front of me. I hated this phrase that was being used more in more in my presence these days. At only just over 40, I certainly didn’t feel ‘mature’ and was convinced that not having children meant that my body was still in pretty good shape for my… wait, what had the child said?

“I’m… I’m sorry? Andrew?”

“Yes,” she replied with a patronizing, ‘the poor old dear doesn’t get it’ smile.

I panicked slightly. A male masseur? I’d never had a male masseur. Then, as if on cue, his patronizing, taunting voice echoed in my mind, “At your time of life it’d be good for you take a day off; do nothing, my darling.”

“Ok then,” I found myself blurting out, “that’ll be good!” Courtney handed me the booking confirmation card to sign. “4pm today and a man will rub his hands all over my body!” I smiled to myself as I signed.

I spent the next hour calming my mind as I swam in the large pool, sank into the hot tub and sweated in the steam room. Eventually, I lay out on a lounger in the conservatory and, accompanied by a large glass of cranberry juice, picked up my book. I was part way through Strangers and Attractions by Emily Ivy; the sexual exploits she put her characters through was the only source of titillation and excitement for me these days. The main characters, Hope and Edwin, were just about to indulge in a moment of hot passion and I was excited to read how these lustful, uninhibited individuals would satisfy their desires for each other. Soon I was lost in a world of heaving bodies, juices and raw sex; so much so that I practically jumped out of my skin when an attendant lightly touched my shoulder.

“Oh, sorry Ruth, you wanted to know when it was time for your facial.”

I smiled at Jasmine. “No, no, it’s ok. I was engrossed!”

My facial went well and completed my feeling of rest and relaxation. Louisa wasn’t one of those chatty therapist; just the usually “hi, how are how? Booked a holiday yet?” and then silence as she cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized for an hour. I almost fell asleep, but images from the book kept flashing into my mind. It had taken me a long time to understand the power and joy of erotic literature; I’d had a sheltered upbringing in an all female environment. My first sexual encounters had been clumsy and painful and after many years I had been able to almost forget the incident that had defined my sexual existence. Then I’d met him and although at first he was gentle and understanding, he soon grew tired of his cool, uptight partner. Of course, the money stopped him from leaving, but what was my excuse?

After the facial, I ate a light lunch in the café, took another round of the pool, Jacuzzi and steam room, before returning to my lounger in the conservatory. Hope and Edwin were still at it and my mind started to wonder whether I would ever experience anything so erotic in my life. Certainly not with him… I was so sure that his animal desires were taken care of, and I certainly wanted no part in satisfying ardahan escort his unusual tastes! Something was trying to push its way into my mind, passed the heaving bodies, tugging at the sensible part of me that was not caught up in the sexual frenzy. It succeeded and I sat bolt upright!

“I’ve only got this full swimming costume with me,” I thought in horror. “I’m about to have a massage from a man… usually it’s Sandi and I have no problem stripping off in front of her. If I leave the cosi on, I won’t get any of the massage effects.”

I gathered my belongings and glanced at the large digital clock counting away the seconds. 15.30. Enough time. I hurriedly made my way to the Spa Shop and stepped inside to an unnaturally empty sight.

“Good afternoon madam. May I help you?”

Another child behind the desk.

“Umm, I need a bikini… any bikini?”

“Oh, I’m sorry madam, as you can see, we’re in the middle of a stock take; all clothing has been removed and can’t be sold today.”

My stomach sank. I mumbled a “that’s okay” and walked out. What was I going to do? I pondered for a moment. “He’s bound to be an ugly 50 year old, and the child on the desk did say he was popular, and he’d have to be well practiced in modesty procedures. I’ll be fine.” The thoughts tumbled through my mind as I made my way to the treatment waiting room. It was empty. I sat down and automatically picked up my book again and resumed reading. Hope was in the middle of really enjoying giving Edwin a wonderful blow-job. She was relishing the taste of his large cock and loving the feel of it pushing against the back of her throat. I was enthralled. I had never experienced pleasure when sucking his small excuse and before him… I pushed those thoughts firmly back into their hiding place in the recesses of my mind. As I read, I watched Hope deftly using her hands as well as her mouth and joined with her as she tasted the pre-cum on her tongue.

“Ruth?” I jumped – again! I looked up to see a tall, dark, very handsome, muscular man with piercing eyes looking down at me. I knew I was flushed, and slightly excited from the images in my mind.

“Umm, yes?”

A hand was extended and I automatically took it. The hand firmly grasped mine, but the skin was soft and with a growing sense of dread, I listened as a deep, seductive voice intoned “I’m Andrew. Are you ready for me?” The flirtatious smile that accompanied the words played across his lips and eyes and inwardly I groaned. This was not going as planned.

I dropped Hope and Edwin into my bag and stood up. All I could allow myself to do was smile; anything more and I would reveal my nervousness and apprehension. I followed Andrew and couldn’t help but watch as his tunic and cut-off cargo trousers failed to hide the rippling muscles that lay beneath. No, this was definitely not going to plan.

Andrew closed the door to the treatment room behind me. Gentle music was wafting out of a CD player and the scent of oils and perfumes filled my nostrils. That seductive voice was resonating again. “If you’d like to remove your clothes, lay face down on the couch under the blankets, I’ll be back in a moment to take care of you.” As he spoke, his eyes traced down my body although what he could discern under the bulky dressing gown was anyone’s guess. I smiled and he turned, opened the door and left the room. I realised I was holding my breath. I let it out with a sigh as I quickly removed the dressing gown and had another ‘remove it’, ‘leave it on’ debate with myself. I won and stepped out of my damp costume. I had barely got onto the couch and covered myself with the blankets before the door opened again and Andrew stepped back into the room. I pushed my face into the hole in the couch and willed myself to relax. The lighting was dimmed and the sound of running water as Andrew washed his hands helped. I closed my eyes.

“How much pressure do you like Ruth?” His voice was very sexy.

“Umm, fairly firm Andrew please.” I was amazed that I’d been able to speak at all.

I heard him move and then felt the blankets being removed save the thin sheet covering my naked body. There was a pause as he turned his attention to me. Did I imagine a very faint “mmmm” then? I must have. His hands touched my skin on my shoulders and pressed down. The firmness of his weight mixed with the gentleness of his hands made me gasp.

“Too firm?” his question was laced with humour.

“No, no, that’s perfect. Thank you.” He took hold of the thin sheet and furled it down my back until it barely covered the top of my buttocks.

“Green Tea and Mint oil?” It was barely a question as he had already picked up the bottle of oil. “Lovely, thanks.” I replied.

The warmth of the oil as it drizzled onto my back helped return me to a state of relaxation. Andrew applied his hands to my shoulders and back as he moved the oil to cover my skin. He return to my shoulders and started to massage; the pressure was completely perfect and I sighed. “Oh, I needed this,” I thought. As his experienced fingers worked the muscles of my shoulders, my mind returned unbidden to the images adıyaman escort of Hope and Edwin. How would Edwin pleasure Hope with his strong hands? Would Hope long for more than an innocent massage from such a handsome, virile man? She would be naked and reveling in her nudity? My mind was dragged back to the treatment room as Andrew took hold of my right arm and pulled it at right-angles to my shoulder. His hands smoothed the oil along my arm up to my armpit and I shivered imperceptibly as his fingers lightly touched the mound of my right breast. I smiled to myself as the erotic images playing in my head mixed with the feelings that Andrew’s hands were enticing in my body every time his fingers played along the side of my breast. I’d never known Sandi pay this much attention to my upper arms!

Letting go of my arm, he ran his hands down my right side, over my waist, under the sheet and firmly kneaded my right buttock. His touch on my arse was electric and I found myself entwining the feel of his hands with the erotic scenes in my head. His hands worked their way round my buttock and onto the top of my thigh, firmly grasping the bottom of my arse cheek and the top of my thigh, just as Edwin ran his hands over Hope’s naked flesh.

Suddenly I snapped my eyes open. Was that my imagination, or did his finger just graze my… no, it couldn’t’ve done. I must stop thinking about Hope and Edwin at a time like this.

His hands were moving up my buttock again and I closed my eyes. At my waist his hands stopped and moved back down to my upper thigh. My eyes shot open again; there was no mistaking it this time as his finger lightly, and seemingly accidentally brushed my pussy lips. I almost raised my head, but at the last second decided to stay very still. His hands moved up my arse again and he lightly traced a contour up my side across my shoulders and onto my left side. I smiled at my silliness as I closed my eyes again. “He’s just caught up in the massaging; an accident. It won’t happen again.”

He replenished the oil on his hands and took hold of my left arm. He again moved up my arm to my armpit and lightly grazed the side of my left breast. His touch was sending signals firing all over my body and I desperately tried to will my body to relax and give in to his supple hands. He returned my arm to my side and started working my waist muscles, again running his hands down my side to my left buttock under the sheet. No, not under the sheet; the sheet had slipped and was resting on top of my legs and I realised my arse was completely exposed. I couldn’t move. I knew I ought to say something but with the scenes in my mind and the attention of his hands, I was completely turned on; more than I had been in a very long time. His hands massaged my left buttock and then moved down to the top of my thigh and there again was that light grazing over my pussy lips, twice, and then his hands were gone. That was worse than the grazing! The sheet was moved to cover my back. Andrew ran his hands lightly over my back, over my buttocks as he moved round and down my right side again. The sheet was moved to uncover my right leg, and was left to lightly fall rather than being firmly placed between my legs. I knew that at the right angle my now damp pussy would be exposed. A wicked thought crept into my mind, “thank god I saw Helen at the weekend and everything is neatly waxed!”

Andrew’s hands worked my foot, plying enough pressure to prevent the touch being ticklish, but not so much that it hurt. As his hands worked up to my calf muscles my mind involuntarily took me back to the erotic scenes and I began to see Edwin caressing Hope’s leg and thigh; his hands moving deftly over her skin up to her arse. Edwin smiled as he expertly ran a finger over Hope’s glistening hole. She sighed with pleasure and arched her back slightly to allow better access as his fingers started to probe her. I suddenly realised that not only was this going on in my head, but it was happening to my body. Andrew had one hand still massaging the top of my right thigh; the other was unashamedly massaging my pussy. I realised I was responding to his touch my arching my back and pushing against his hand. I lifted my head and began to speak, but Andrew squeezed my thigh and whispered “shhh”. The sound was a weight that pushed my head back into the gap in the couch. I concentrated on the movement of his hands; the kneading of my thigh muscle and the fondling between my legs. Suddenly, his hands were gone and I felt bereft. I did not want him to stop.

The sheet was pulled over to cover my right leg and his fingers traced my contours as he moved round to my left side. Again, the sheet was wafted off my leg, this time definitely exposing my left arse cheek and pussy. He took hold of my left foot and this time I made sure there was no returning to Hope and Edwin; they would be fine on their own! I was concentrating on the touch and feel of my own erotic scene. His expert hands were massaging my calf muscles and moving up my leg to my thigh. As they got higher my anticipation grew and I realised I couldn’t wait for his touch on my glistening hole. karabük escort I wasn’t disappointed. One hand stayed on my thigh muscles, the other probed me. My back arched and my right leg moved just a little further out as his finger pushed slightly into me. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as the finger pushed further into my body until it was consumed within my wet tunnel. I could feel my pelvic muscles tighten around the finger as it moved inside me. Then it was pulled out only to be joined by a second and they plunged back into my soaking wet cavity. A new sensation hit me as his thumb started to play with my clit, running circles around it. I had never been so aroused. I could feel my muscles start to quiver when suddenly his thumb and fingers were removed. I moaned again as I heard him lick his fingers and this time there was no mistaking the ‘mmmm’ that emanated from him.

The sheet was pulled back over my leg and then lifted to one side. “Turn over for me.” The instruction was clear and I could not refuse. I willed my eyes to stay shut as I knew if I met his, my embarrassment would put paid to this moment and I also knew I did want this massage to end, yet!

Andrew covered me with the sheet and I settled my head back, somewhat uncomfortably in the hole of the couch. He moved behind me and said “lift your head!” A pillow was placed under my head and he started massaging my shoulders. After about a minute, he ran his hands under sheet, down my sides, his thumbs gently moving over my breasts. I realised that the sheet was caught between his fingers and my breasts were now completely exposed. I allowed myself the small, comforting thought that I can still pass the pencil test! As his hands reached my stomach, I realised that he was leaning over me and I could feel something as he pushed against my head. “Wow,” I thought, “he’s REALLY enjoying himself!” I kept my eyes tightly shut as his hands moved up and down the front of my body, not just caressing but still massaging me. I wanted to relax, but his touch was causing my pussy to twinge and spasm.

Andrew moved round to my right side and took hold of my arm, pulling it out from my waist, palm up. He massaged my hand and lower arm before moving in to run his hands up to the top of my arm. My hand stubbed against his thigh, and he moved his body inward. Did I dare? Yes I did! I extended a finger and traced the bulge of his cock standing unsupported in his light cargo trousers. I could tell he was a big boy! By now, one of his hands was skillfully fondling my right breast; the other was massaging my flat stomach but it then moved down until it found my wet slit again. This time is was my clit that received its full attention. I couldn’t help but push my pelvis up and encourage the massaging of my nub! “If he carries this on much longer I’m definitely going to cum,” I thought, and as if he could read my mind, the hand was moved. He pushed my right arm back to my side and traced his hand lightly over my breasts, lingering slightly on each erect nipple and moved round to my left.

There was a slight rustle of material and he took hold of my left arm. He massaged my hand and lower arm before stepping in to progress up to the top. To my surprise, this time my hand did not touch material, but warm skin. I couldn’t help it; I turned my head and opened my eyes and looked down my left arm to the large erect cock in my hand. I closed my eyes and returned my head to its neutral position and slid my hand over his cock. He was very firm, large and fantastic to touch. Andrew’s right hand was firmly manipulating my left breast as his left hand slid back down to my waiting pussy. My hand movements over his cock were having the desired effect and he forcefully inserted two fingers deep into my hole. Andrew turned and moved his other hand down and whilst two fingers played inside me, his other hand picked at my clit. My body moved with his fingers and this time I knew there would be no stopping. I felt the muscles start to contract as the intensity of movement of his fingers increased. The orgasm hit my clit first and I arched my back and rode it as it progressed up my pussy walls, into my stomach and flowed throughout my body. I opened my mouth and let out a low, satisfied, groan as the waves of the orgasm continued to run through my tingling body.

As it started to subside, a new desire crept over me. I turned my head and opened my eyes. “If he would take just one more step…” He seriously must have been a mind reader as he took the step and I moved my head to take his cock into my mouth. He tasted divine. “It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but Hope showed me how!” I used my tongue to probe his hole and trace the outline of his knob in my mouth. I began to suck gently as he stopped playing with my pussy and straightened. I turned on the couch towards him. This meant that I could take more of this beautiful cock into my mouth, until I felt the knob touch the back of my throat. I fought the feelings of rising fear and pulled him back slightly. He responded and rocked back on his heels. He placed his hands lightly on my head and gently began fucking my mouth. I now knew how Hope could enjoy this; it was stimulating to use my tongue and mouth on his cock and to know that he was appreciating the attention. His hands on my head increased their pressure as he fucked my mouth harder and I cupped his balls in my hands and felt them rise. I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue and longed to taste his juice.