Something For Everyone


Josh pulled slowly into the driveway and parked the car. He made as little sound as possible as he closed the car door, and took the same care as he entered the house. He was more excited than he had ever been, but didn’t want to spook the people inside. His wife Penny had called him before he left work, and had dropped a bombshell on him. He and Penny had wanted to try a threesome with another woman for quite a while, and had even went so far s to do a bit of chatting on the Internet. Things just never panned out.

It began a few weeks earlier when Josh met Penny for lunch. Penny had invited a new co-worker to dine with them, and Josh was pleasantly surprised. The woman’s name was Brida, and had been working with Penny for a few weeks. Penny had to laughingly chastise her husband when Brida excused herself to go to the restroom. Josh’s eyes seemed to move with the sway of her ass as she walked away.

“I think you could be a bit less obvious.” Penny said with a laugh.

Josh shook his head with a smile. “Sorry about that, but you didn’t say how much of a cutie she was. I love the black hair, and it goes real well with the tan.” He said.

“Yeah, she is pretty hot. Especially since…” Penny began but stopped. She had a wicked grin on her face, and Josh knew something was going on.

“What? Come on, spill it.” He prodded her.

Penny looked to make sure that Brida was not coming back, and leaned in to talk. “I think she likes to play the field. From little things that she has said, she seems to like both men and women. Moreover, I think she’s been feeling me out.” She said.

“How?” Josh asked. He was already getting excited.

“Well, I notice that she is much more open about herself with me than with anyone else in the office. Normally that wouldn’t raise any alarms, but she also stays physically closer to me. She’s pressed against me a few times, like in the elevator or on the bus. It sounds strange, but it’s like she picks a place where the contact is natural, but I’ve noticed that the area isn’t so crowded that she needs to be so close. But, each time it has happened, I’ve noticed that it’s her breasts touching me, and quite firmly.” She quickly and quietly said.

“Okay, lets say that you are right. What are you going to do about it?” Josh asked.

Penny’s face was already flushed as she smiled at him. “We could invite her for some fun. It’s still going to take some time. I don’t think it’s the right time, and I do need more time to make sure I’m reading things correctly.”

They finished the conversation before Brida returned, and agreed on the course of action. Over the next two weeks, Penny monitored the situation and made note of how Brida acted toward her. She encouraged any conversation about sex and was soon sure that Brida would welcome an advance.

It was now two weeks after their lunch, and Penny had called Josh at work. She quickly told him that she had made a move on Brida, and that she had been very receptive. In fact, Brida had been full of surprises and Penny promised him an evening he wouldn’t forget. She made it very plain that he should come home directly from work, and Josh had done just that.

Josh sat his bag down near the door and dropped his coat on a chair. He silently climbed the stairway and could soon hear sounds coming from his bedroom. It was evident that the women had started without him, and he wanted to get a view of the action before they saw him. The door to the room was wide open and the lights were turned down low. Josh grinned like a cat at what he saw.

Brida was on her hands and knees, stripped down to her bra and panties. Penny had strapped on her favorite dildo, and was kneeling behind Brida, slowly but deeply plowing into her. Penny grunted with the effort, and her voice mixed with Brida’s moans. Josh’s cock responded automatically and he began rubbing it through his pants. He watched for a few seconds more before clearing his throat to announce his presence.

“That’s not fair, you guys started without me.” Josh said.

Brida turned her head to face the door, but a firm thrust from Penny caused her to drop her head and whimper. “Why don’t you come over and introduce that cock to Brida.” Penny said with a smile.

Josh gave his wife a deep kiss as he unbuckled his pants. He quickly stripped them off, along with his shoes and socks before climbing onto the bed. Brida lifted her head as Josh knelt in front of her. Her lips parted in a smile before they slid down over his stiff prick. Brida performed like a pro, and her performance wasn’t wasted on Josh. He gasped as she took the full length of his cock in her mouth. He felt the head nudge the back of her throat before sliding into the tight passage. Her gag reflex kicked in, but Brida didn’t pull away. Her throat convulsed rapidly but she held her ground, and Josh almost came from the extreme sensations.

“Holy shit. This is fucking unbelievable.” Josh panted. He pulled Ümraniye Grup Escort his hips back and dislodged his cock from her throat. He took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down as she sucked on his shaft. He reached down and pulled her thick, black hair from over her face, and she looked directly into his eyes while she continued to suck.

“Why don’t you come back hear and feel how tight her ass is? I’m having a hell of a time moving. It’s like she’s keeping me inside.” Penny told him. Josh’s prick jumped from the statement. He not taken a look, and had no idea that Penny had been driving her cock into Brida’s ass. He reluctantly pulled his cock from her lips and slid off of the bed.

“I want to feel that hard dick buried in my ass baby. I’m going to milk it like a calf at a mothers teat.” Brida moaned. The nasty talk combined with her accent made Josh anxious to plow between her cheeks. He climbed back onto the bed next to Penny, who had slowed her thrusting and was applying a generous squirt of lube into one of her hands. She reached and wrapped the slippery hand around his cock and slowly spread the lube down his shaft.

A large dollop of lube hung from the head of his prick as Penny finished prepping him. She slowly withdrew her rubber cock from Brida’s ass, which caused the woman to shake from the sudden emptiness. She held his cock firmly and pulled him into position, guiding the tip of his cock into Brida’s still open asshole.

Penny released his cock and Josh pushed inside. He adjusted his legs and pushed again, this time, burying his cock until his balls were tightly pressed against her asshole. Her ass was hot and wet, but he understood what Penny meant when he pulled out. Her ass-tunnel clenched as tight as a vagina, and clung to him as he tried to retreat. The sensation was tremendous, and it made Josh shove into her harder when he thrust back inside.

“Do you like that baby?” Penny was crooning to Brida. She had slid onto the bed in front of Brida, and was planting kisses all over Brida’s face. Josh watched as they eventually locked in a deep kiss that had an intensity that he could actually feel. His cock became even harder watching his wife with another woman, and he found himself just as breathless when they finally broke the kiss, their chests heaving from the need of air.

Sweat was pouring down Josh’s face as he pounded Brida’s ass. The woman had unbelievable control, and it seemed like she could tight or loosen or canal at will. She would loosen up every time Josh felt like her were going to come, and would tighten back up once he had backed away from the edge. He was grunting like an animal, and she was taking everything he gave her.

Penny grabbed Brida by the shoulders and hauled her upward, causing Josh to shift back on his knees to keep a good angle. He was eventually sitting back as far as he could, and Brida was now in control of the movement. She didn’t slow down a bit, and in fact, Josh felt his cock hitting all new depths inside of her as she bounced down onto his cock. Now that his hands were free, he was able to reach around and fondle her breasts. They were soft, but firm, and her nipples stood out like erasers.

The moment was perfect. This seemed to be the pinnacle of sex, and Josh was in ecstasy. He felt Penny’s hand close over his, and for a few seconds, they both squeezed and kneaded Brida’s tit-flesh. After that, he felt her hand pulling his, and he let her guide his hand down Brida’s sweat slicked stomach. His wife guiding his hand to another woman’s pussy, what could have been kinkier? Josh found out, and fast. Penny continued to guide his hand downward until he had passed Brida’s waist. His fingers splayed apart, and instead of slipping into a wet cunt, they were quickly wrapped around a very hard and throbbing cock.

Josh was in total shock. His mouth was open in a soundless gasp as Penny pressed his fingers around the hard cock that Brida should not have had. He couldn’t believe what was going on. There was no way that Brida could be or ever had been a man. Her body was too perfect and he had both seen and felt the perfection. He knew that only a genetic trick could create such a creature. He glanced up to find his wife staring at him with a devious look on her face. She kept her eyes locked on his as she began to stroke his hand up and down Brida’s cock. She kept guiding him as the weight of reality slowly settled in.

The shock over the situation soon wore off, and Josh found that his cock was still as hard as ever. He had never been in such a situation before. Brida’s cock was alien to him on many different levels. It was odd feeling a cock in his hand, but not feeling his hand touching it. It was similar to his own, being a cock and all, but that was where it ended. There was a heat and hardness that was so different from his, and the fact that this was coming from such an attractive woman made the experience surreal.

The Ümraniye Manken Escort subject of transsexuals had come up before. Josh and Penny had watched a few she-male movies but had only discussed the subject a little. They tried to be as experimental as possible and only had a few hard rules when it came to sex. Penny wanted to try making it with another woman, but Josh had no interest in another guy. Transsexuals were a gray area for Josh. Cross-dressers and Transvestites were still men, and were off of his list. The subject had come up during a discussion, and Josh had conceded to Penny that he would try sex with a true transsexual. At that time, he had been very confident that the scenario would never happen.

The possibility had become reality, and Josh was not regretting his decision. He thrust upward when Brida came down, and caused her to yelp from the sudden change of pace. Her ass tightened in response and she slowed her bouncing. Josh took the opportunity to wrap his free arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him.

“I want to see you suck her cock.” He said to Penny. “Would you like that Brida?”

Brida was breathing hard, and licked her lips before responding. “Yes, please.” She finally replied breathlessly. Her ass was packed with cock, and was grinding into her with tight circles.

Penny was just as excited as Josh and she quickly slid down onto her stomach. She propped herself up on her elbows and eyed Brida’s cock. Her cunt fluttered from excitement as she watched her husband’s hand wrapped firmly around the base of Brida’s darker prick. The head had a deep red undertone, and was oozing a clear stream of cum. She leaned forward and licked along the bottom of the shaft. She stopped with head resting on her lower lip. She slowly moved her head and painted her lips with Brida’s cream. She finally slipped her now sticky lips over the head and sucked it like a ripe piece of fruit.

“Oh yes..” Brida hissed. She was skewered on Josh’s cock and she didn’t have an inch to move. She could only wait in sweet torture as Penny slowly suckled her cock.

Brida’s cock was the perfect size for sucking, and once Josh moved his hand, Penny was able to suck its entire length into her mouth. Penny sighed contently as she sucked the firm tool. She could feel Brida’s legs shake from the strain, and was anxious to taste her cum. Her cock was already leaking a steady flow of salty cream, and Penny knew that her full load would be tremendous.

Penny pulled her mouth away for a second. “Fuck her ass good baby.” She growled to Josh before swallowing Brida’s cock again. Josh had been watching her as best as he could from behind Brida, and could see the lust in her eyes. He wrapped his other arm around Brida and began to thrust his hips with enough force that she began bouncing once again.

Brida found herself being juggled between Josh’s hard prick plumbing her ass and Penny’s hot mouth massaging her prick. The feeling was unbelievable and she was soon going out of her mind. She twisted her nipples savagely as her orgasm rushed through her. She tried to tell Penny, but her body wouldn’t respond. Brida’s body tensed and she felt the hot rush of pulsing up her shaft. She watched as she gushed into Penny’s mouth and shook more as Penny’s mouth worked to swallow the load.

Penny was prepared for Brida’s orgasm and backed off just a little in order to catch the load on her tongue. The taste of her cream was similar to Josh’s, and the consistency was thick and creamy, which was just how she liked it. She tried not to swallow, but was forced to swallow some, or lose it all. She kept sucking until Brida was spent, and then let her sticky cock slip from her mouth. Penny pulled herself up to her knees and moved closer to Josh. She opened her mouth and revealed to him the pearly puddle. She swirled her tongue around until her entire mouth was coated and then turned her attention to Brida.

Penny closed her mouth and let a drop of semen leak from the corner of her lips. She slipped her tongue out and caught the drop before pressing her mouth to Brida’s. She let Brida’s tongue spread her lips before opening them fully and sharing the load in a sticky kiss. Their tongues twisted together as they squeezed each other’s breasts and it took minutes before they had savored and swallowed the entire load. Penny slumped back on her knees when they finally parted. She hadn’t cum yet, but she was already worn out. She lazily fingers her oozing cunt as she watched her husband.

The position had become to hard too maintain and Josh stopped moving. Brida expected him to pull out and change positions, but he surprised her. He kept his arms locked around her waste, and holding her in place, maneuvered himself onto his back. Brida pulled her legs up to her chest as He planted his feet on the mattress. The position opened her ass up and Josh began driving deep into Brida’s ass. Wet sounds filled the Ümraniye Masöz Escort room and Penny watched in amazement as her husband’s cock plowed into Brida’s ass. His cock came fully out at one point, and Penny quickly lunched forward to grab it. His shaft was sticky and coated with lube and ass grease, while Brida’s ass hung open in a wide circle.

Penny fed his cock back into the red hole and groaned as he sank his shaft in to the balls. The soft moans coming from Brida spurred Josh on. Her ass had lost some of its grip, but it was still more than enough. He held her tightly as his thrusts became more erratic.

“Oh fuck!” he yelled as he felt his stomach tighten. His cock expanded and Brida gripped his legs as he stretched her hole further. Josh felt the first shot of sperm as it burst from his cock, and Brida’s ass was flooded with new wetness. She felt his cum coating the walls of her ass and lay limply against his chest as he filled her. Brida let her legs down and lay still until Penny told her to lift them again.

Penny had taken the opportunity to retrieve a camera from dresser and snapped a few pictures of Josh’s cock buried inside of Brida. She reached forward and pulled his still semi-erect penis free and immediately started taking more pictures. Brida’s ass was stretched open, and she was actually able to see deep inside of the woman.

“Push Brida.” Penny said. Brida complied, and a thick gush of semen and ass cream shot from her ass. Penny giggled as the camera rapidly clicked. “Oh my god, this is unbelievable!” she yelled.

Once she was done, Penny placed the camera on the nightstand. She moved forward and began sucking Brida’s cock once again, while tugging Josh’s tool back to life. Once she was in the company of two hard cocks again, she pulled away and lay on her back.

“Okay, somebody better stick a dick in me or I’m going to explode.” She said, her voice husky with need.

Brida rolled off of Josh and on to her stomach. “I still need a few minutes to catch my breath. I’ll join you guys in a few.” She said.

Josh was not going to wait around. He slid off the bed and grabbed a baby wipe from a container on the nightstand that they kept for just this kind of thing. He wiped his cock clean and tossed the used cloth on the floor. Penny was rubbing her clit at light speed as Josh settled between her legs. He could see a river of cream pouring from her cunt and he didn’t need to take it slow. He plunged into her with one strong thrust that made her catch her breath.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s exactly what I need.” Penny moaned. She arched her hips for the best angle and ran her hands over her husbands back as he fucked her. Her pussy cream was thick and her muscles clenched rapidly around him. Josh had never seen Penny so excited before. He had barely fucked her for a minute when she started to come. Her orgasm ripped through her and her cunt became almost too tight for him to bear, but he slowed his thrusts to give her a moment to recover.

Josh picked up his pace as she calmed down. He made his strokes as long as possible, wanting to feel her sliding down the full length of his prick. He was aware of Brida finally rousing, and was anticipating an unobstructed view of Penny sucking her cock. He was surprised when things did not play out exactly as he hoped. He felt the heat from Brida’s body and then the pressure of her face against his ass. He gasped as she pulled his cheeks apart and pressed her wet tongue against ass hole.

“Shit…” was all he could say as she slowly but firmly wiggled her tongue up his backside. Penny had done the same thing once before, but preferred sliding a finger into his instead. He gasped as her tongue slid deeper into his, and he involuntarily wiggled his ass to help her gain deeper access. He was just getting used to her tongue when Brida pulled away. Before Josh could say a word, he felt her finger probing his hole. He felt the wetness of the lube and then felt her finger slide quickly inside. It was like a jolt of lightning had surged through his body, and his cock jerked inside of Penny.

“Well, well now. I can tell by the look on your face that you’re enjoying this.” Penny said. She pulled Josh down for a kiss that lasted a few seconds. When she broke the kiss, she held him to her and whispered in his ear. “I think this part will blow your mind.”

Josh wasn’t stupid and he knew what this was leading up to. He had already calculated things in his mind. Penny had used a toy on him before, and Brida’s cock was similar in size. He knew that he could take it, and the fact that it was turning Penny on so, made him want to try it all the more. He didn’t have much time to thing it over, as Brida removed her finger. He felt her move between his legs, and he parted them a bit to give her better access. He felt Brida’s breath on his back, then felt the warmth of her breasts pressing against him. Her legs rubbed against his, and then he felt the hot tip of her cock.

Josh stopped moving as he felt her press her cock against his hole, and was surprised when the head slid easily inside. Brida lay against him and flexed her hips, pushing her cock into his ass as deep as possible. It hit the right depth, and Josh gasped into Penny’s ear.