Sex with Shonda


I’m a workaholic by nature. I love my job but that’s not why I work so much. I work long hours simply because when I get home I don’t quite have anything productive to do. I just sit down in front of the television or I chat over the internet. Life at home is dull so the best solution seems to be engaged in work.

Often on Friday, after work, I head to the local club with a few friends and I end up bringing a girl home. Women love me and I love women. Of course I’ve also had encounters with the men folk but then to everyone in my social clique I put up a straight mask.

This sexual encounter happened about a couple of months back. It was Friday evening and I went home hurriedly after work to get ready to go to the club. I wore something casual and put on some Hugo Boss to smell great. The club was a great place to meet people (as usual). We went in as a group and my friends and I were together for like half an hour before we spread out in different directions to get us some pussy. As I scouted the club for something real delicious to take home a woman by the bar caught my eye. She looked great, brunette, fair, around 5’5 and slender. I walked up to the bar and sat by a chair that was vacant beside her.

“I have to say I’m quite regular here and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before. You just moved in?” I said that putting on my best smile in an effort to come on friendly.

“Yup, I’m new here. I’m on some work assignment,” she said that appearing quite friendly.”

“You’re on a work assignment at a club? Are you like spying on someone? Or are you working undercover on some top secret assignment like in the movies?” I said that with a cheeky tone that made me sound a mixture of goofy and playful.

“I wish. I’m an accountant. Worked really hard the past few days so I thought I’d just visit here and get social to relax.” She said sounding like she was the CEO of some law firm.

“Isn’t that something now? Two workaholics deciding this very day to get social and relax; I’m pretty sure that’s plain coincidence.”

She smiled and with that I knew I was going home with this lovely lady tonight. We talked for a bit, then we danced, and after an hour or so of dancing I offered her a drive in my Cadillac. “Common, I know this great place, it’ll just soothe you.” That’s all I needed to say to get this beauty in my car.

With the rapport we had going there was no chance she was going to say no. We jumped into my Cadillac and I drove her around a while. We were heading to my apartment. I parked the car and rushed on the other side to open her door.

“So you bring me to your flat?”

“Please, I like to call it a house. It’s got this homely, cozy feel to it, you’ll see.”

“So you bring me to your home?” She said sarcastically.

“Yeah well can you blame Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort me? I promised you a great place that’d soothe you now didn’t I? Just follow me and you’ll thank me for this.” I said that in a cocky tone.

Soon we were outside my apartment, ready to enter. I opened the door and as expected my “house” did wow her. I could see her face light up, like a small kid looking up at stars that shine bright in the sky. The 29th penthouse floor overview was one of the best in town. I made her a blender’s pride drink and dimmed the lights to a bare minimum. I also put on some really classic music, love music. I knew I was getting lucky soon as this routine had never failed.

“Quite a good view isn’t it?”

“It’s great. The apartment’s great. How rich are you?”

“Rich enough to wow you, I guess.” I said that trying to sound a little snobbish yet playful. “Come let’s have a tour of the house.” The “house” was perfect at least that’s what everyone kept saying. When you’re a rich guy and the C.E.O. of a very fast growing company that had just gone public, you can pretty much afford anything you fancy. I had great furniture, great art hanging on the walls, great lighting, a great fireplace and the paint and tiles were great too.

Shonda was clearly impressed with this work of art. After a great tour of the house, we sat on the couch and talked about life in general. After a couple of more drinks I moved in a little closer to “talk”. As Shonda kept talking I just sat quite and looked into her eyes and after a while she knew I was in the mood to kiss her. Shonda stopped talking and after a moment of silence, I placed my hands on her thighs and I leaned in to kiss her. She was quite accepting as she opened her mouth for my tongue to enter. Soon we were kissing passionately on the couch.

I suggested we move to the bed room which had a more sensual feeling. I directed her to the bedroom by her hand. I sat on the edge of the bed and Shonda came up to me, standing in front of me. I pulled her to me and soon she was sitting on my lap with her slender legs by my side. We kissed for sometime and then I lowered my face to her cleavage. I kissed her breasts with her blouse on. She let out a “yeah” that sounded like a “yeah” one would do when your team makes a bucket. She backed up and stood up in front of me and then undid her blouse exposing her amazing tits. She stood semi-nude in front of me and I stood up to suck on her amazing tits. I chewed on her nipples with my hands groping her ass still covered by her skirt. I went back to kissing in between her breasts and then I went back to the neck as we ended up French kissing again. I quickly undressed and then I proceeded to undress this goddess.

“Clint you need to know something,” she said with a shaky voice, Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort resisting me from undressing her further.

“There’s something that’s important enough to say now?”

“Yeah well… You know I’m a, you know…'”

I wasn’t going to listen to her now. I was in the heat of the moment and this wasn’t the time for emotional talk. I pulled down her skirt and to my surprise I saw a bulge in her underwear. “What the hell is this shit?” I said in amusement.

“Well, that’s what I wanted to say. I am a, you know, a shemale, a girl with a cock, a ladyboy, you know…” she said in an awkward tone.

“Holy shit” was all I said and with that I pulled down her underwear in curiosity. Out sprang an erect penis around 6 inches in length, uncircumcised. I was in awe for a moment or two. It looked beautiful. It looked familiar to mine only that mine was darker and half an inch or so bigger. I slowly pushed the foreskin back and exposed the whole head. The urge to suck it came naturally to me.

I gave her penis a few good licks and then took the head in my mouth. I played around the edges of the penis with my tongue, tickling her foreskin as she was letting out soft moans. I slowly but steadily began to furiously suck on her penis. Within a few minutes of furious sucking she blew her load into my mouth without any warning. I felt obligated to swallow her semen which tasted quite tasty compared to mine (thanks to a meat and fish diet).

“Oh Clint, that was awesome. Was that your first time?”

“Well, I’ve been with a few guys before so… but this feels so much better”

“Better? This is mind fucking good. Now it’s my turn to return a favor.”

With that she gently pushed me on my back on the bed and she got to work. Shonda really knew what she was supposed to do. She was electrocuting my sensual nerves into euphoria. She took my penis in her mouth and began to suck on it furiously. I stopped her and sat up towards the edge of the bed. Shonda got down on her knees and took my penis in her mouth. I placed my hands over her head and gently directed her down and up to get her in a rhythm. She seemed quite talented in giving a blow job and she was took my penis in her mouth whole. She was choking her self on the thing and I knew she was enjoying her self. Her saliva dripped onto my penis and it tickled me as it dripped further down to my balls. I warned her before I could blow off my load. Shonda wasn’t going to stop though, and she got just more furious with the sucking and I felt like I was a water hose ready to blow out a fire with the pressure building in my penis. I blew a monster load of sperm right at the back of her throat. She coughed spitting a little out but then she licked it all back like someone who was thirsty for days. I felt Kurtköy Vip Escort truly blessed.

I brought her up to the bed and we kissed again passionately. We exchanged saliva that had a little flavor of our sperms and it felt nice. After what seemed to last for ages I turned her and caressed her ass. I bit gently into her flesh and she liked it. I spread her ass cheeks and spat onto her asshole. It looked beautiful. I spat some more on it and then gave it a good lick. I slowly placed two fingers into her ass and felt her moist insides. Shonda let out a lil moan of sorts and with that I began to move my fingers in and out her ass in a gentle manner.

“Oh Clint, it feels so good, I want you to fuck me right now hard.”

“Like I was going to let go of this ass,” I thought to myself. I removed my fingers out her ass. I then slowly inserted my rock hard penis into her ass and left it there a moment for her to get comfortable. With my rock hard penis inside of her I fondled her penis with my right hand. Then I began to move my penis in and out of her ass very slowly at first. Shonda let out a huge moan and begged me to “give it to her nice.”

In a matter of minutes I was pumping in and out of her ass real hard and she was in ecstasy land. Occasionally I removed out my penis and saw her gaping asshole. It looked like a work of art. After a while of fucking her from the back, I turned her over and we kissed for a while again. I then laid myself on the bed and Shonda climbed on top of me I laid my hands over her hips and I was giving it to Shonda “nice.”

‘Oh fuck. Fucking hell yeah. God yeah…” Shonda wasn’t going to keep low her moans.

After a while of fucking her hard on top of me I moved her into the missionary position. With her legs over my shoulders I entered into her ass for a third round of great pounding. She let out a wild scream that only made me want to fuck her harder. I entered her warm ass and began to quickly bang it. She masturbated with her penis and within a few minutes it spat sperms on her stomach. I felt obliged to lick off her cum. I gave her ass a few more real hard thrusts and then I removed my penis from her asshole and dived in to lick off her drops of cum. I licked it all from her stomach and collected her semen into my mouth as I moved higher towards her breasts. I sucked once again on her erect nipples and then I kissed her again. I delivered in her mouth her semen.

Shonda kept her hands busy giving me a good handjob. She lowered herself to suck my penis once more. I knew I was very close to shooting out cum again. It only took me a couple or so minutes to blow it all once more straight into her mouth. I emptied the tank this time and I knew it. Shonda just looked up at me and swallowed it all with a gulp. I brought her up and we kissed again.

After about an hour and a bit of passionate love making I was exhausted. Shonda was blown out her self. We retired to bed as I switched off the lights. I placed my leg over hers and my right hand cupped her now flaccid penis and testicles. I kissed her on the back of her shoulder and we drifted off to sleep.