Good Morning

Double Penetration

I recently developed an obsession with black on white porn. With my laptop propped on my nightstand, like Pavlov’s dog, I am instantly wet and rub myself into orgasm as I watch big, hard, black cocks plunge into screaming, white girls.

On our recent summer trip down to Myrtle Beach, I confessed this to my current boyfriend, Charles. To my delicious surprise, he reciprocated the secret that he would love to watch me get devoured by a black man. We stopped halfway to spend the night in a hotel right off of the highway that offered a pool, free WiFi, and a continental breakfast. It was here that we started the ritual of formulating these interracial fantasies. As Charles pounded me from behind, he whispered that he wished I were sucking a black cock, making it cum, and then showing him the final result. That sent us both right over the edge.

In the morning, we packed and headed down to breakfast. I immediately notice the large, black man tending the breakfast bar. Our eyes locked over the imitation eggs.

“Good morning,” he greeted, his beautiful mouth stretched out into a smile.

“This is a pretty nice hotel and the breakfast looks amazing,” I purred, not taking my eyes off of his dark face, as Charles collected his frosted flakes and found us a seat.

“We aim to please,” he stated in a tone that Pendik Fetiş Escort lead me to believe that this was in more ways than one.

“Unfortunately we are checking out today,” I pouted.

His gaze travelled down to my t-shirt that housed my braless, c cups and rock hard nipples. My pink panties moistened just imaging his full, ebony mouth latching onto my sensitive areoles. I wanted him inside of me right then and there. He must have read my mind.

“What room are you in?” he inquired, scooping potatoes onto my plate.


“I can help you with your bags, that is if your husband does not mind.”

“He’s not my husband and he definitely will not mind.”

That sent my fantasy-turned-reality chain of events into motion. Butterflies invaded my stomach, forcing me to ignore the food that was dished out to me by those large hands that would momentarily be on my body. Through sips of coffee, I informed Charles what would be taking place.

So up to 312 we went and waited. The knock came twenty minutes later. He apologized for his tardiness, explaining that he had to close up the kitchen first. How conscientious.

Charles took a seat in the corner chair. I sauntered up to this three hundred pound, six foot two black man and snaked my arms around his thick Pendik Gecelik Escort neck. Our lips locked. We devoured each other, groping one another as we hungrily kissed, our tongues flicking in and out of each other’s wanting mouths. Our shirts came off. He moaned as he took each of my already hard, quarter-sized nipples between his teeth. Shorts slid down legs and with one quick yank, my panties were viciously ripped off, exposing my shaved, sopping wet cunt.

Charles stroked his erection as he watched me drop to my knees and lovingly sucked my black lover’s enormous shaft. He pushed his cock into my throat causing me to gag. I approvingly gazed up at him, letting him know that this was alright to do. As I started sucking his balls, he begged me to stop. He did not want to cum just yet.

He picked me up off my knees like a ragdoll, spread me out on the bed, buried his face between my creamy, white thighs and went to town. His strong licks sent shivers up my spine causing me to cry out as he alternated between sucking on my swollen clit and following the trail all the way back to my rosebud. He paid a lot of attention back there, forcing his tongue inside, getting me ready to receive him anally.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he commanded as he slid a magnum condom on.

The Pendik Genç Escort feel of his huge cock sliding inside of me and the sight of his large, black hands anchoring my hips had me pleading for him to fuck my pussy hard. I felt just like those girls in the movies that got me off every night and was greedily wishing that there were at least two more black men to take over when he was finished with me.

“I’m a bad girl, big daddy. Spank me,” I cooed, half turning around so I could see this massive, ebony man using my wet box to make himself explode.

His hand smacked my ass with each thrust, leaving perfectly manicured, red handprints. As I impaled myself onto his thick, black dick, I begged him to tell me what a dirty whore he thought I was. He obliged, hissing this into my ear, after grabbing a handful of hair and pulling me back against him.

I never got the chance to try to fit his humungous dick in my ass because after the sixth thwack and verbalization that I was a filthy whore, we both came. He removed the condom and forced me back on my knees in front of him to clean his semi erect cock off with my tongue. He was just as delicious as I knew he would be. This made Charles finally explode quietly in his voyeuristic corner.

Nobody said a word as clothes were reapplied. I wanted so badly to exchange numbers with my new, dark chocolate-colored acquaintance, but did not know how Charles would feel about that. Little did I know that as the two men loaded our trunk (he really did help us with the bags), they exchanged numbers and promises that we would all see each other again.